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Chapter 333

Xiao Yanglong did not cry out as well. He was stunned by the terrifying power of the Great Dao on Qin Yun's body!

He looked at Qin Yun with incomparable fear!

Qin Yun, who was at the ninth level Martial Body, was extremely terrifying. His life was on the line against a martial artist at the first level of the Martial Dao Realm!

As for Qin Yun, who had stepped into the martial dao realm, one could imagine how powerful he was!

"You!!! You evil demon, devouring my Martial Spirit to breakthrough!" The terrified Xiao Yanglong screamed as his voice trembled.

"Xiao Yanglong, you have committed many evil deeds. You must be satisfied to be able to live until now!" Qin Yun looked at Xiao Yanglong and said coldly.

The Heavenly Lion's arm turned into a lion claw. Once the six style Wind Slayer Technique were executed, it brought with it a violent purplish-gold thunderfire that enveloped the area!

"Ah...Don't kill me..."

Xiao Yanglong, who was engulfed in the violent purple gold lightning fire, screamed out miserably. His body was finally chopped into pieces and turned into dust by the violent lightning fire!

The noisy West Palace Plaza suddenly quietened down and then another wave of shouts erupted!

Xiao Yanglong died!

Prince of Tianxiao, the young chief disciple of the Western Palace in the martial dao realm who possessed a divine martial spirit, the Gold Sun, was killed by Qin Yun, who was less than twenty years old!

Lan Huayu also rushed to close the great array. The situation had progressed to this point and it had already surpassed his expectations!

When Nangong's palace master sensed Qin Yun's terrifying Great Dao Force, he hurriedly retreated.

It was the same for the Palace Master of the Northern Palace!

Their hatred for Qin Yun was not as great as that of Palace Master Yang. Qin Yun had exposed his Soul Refining art in order to take his life.

Although Qin Yun had just stepped into the martial dao realm, the power of the two totems was extremely terrifying and unfathomable!

If they were to recklessly fight Qin Yun, it was extremely likely that they would be severely injured.

Lan Huayu had finally closed the array!

Only Palace Head Yang of the Western Palace rushed in, holding a long sword in his hand!

"You and Xiao Yanglong colluded together and you also know that he wants to treat Teacher Yang as his cultivation furnace. Then, you can go and die!" Qin Yun threw out a few Body Securing Talismans and stopped Palace Chief Yang.

As Palace Master Yang was too infuriated, he momentarily forgot that Qin Yun had Body Securing Talisman. The instant he was locked in place, Qin Yun came flying over to destroy him!

Qin Yun's heavenly lion arm suddenly transformed into a lion's claw. With a fierce swipe, it swept out a burst of Purple Gold Lightning Flames. They whizzed through the air and slashed Palace Chief Yang into several pieces!


Qin Yun aimed at the fragments on the ground and used his Thunderfire inner force to burn the pieces to ashes!

Everyone swallowed their saliva when they saw this scene. They were nervous, excited and afraid.

Qin Yun had actually killed a palace master!

Now that things had progressed to this point, it was extremely shocking and surprising!

Palace Master Yang from the West Palace was normally high and mighty, an existence many disciples could only look up to!

But at this moment, he had been killed by Qin Yun, cut into several pieces and burned to ashes!

After Qin Yun had stepped into the Martial Dao Realm, his strength had become even more terrifying!

Everyone was alarmed as they looked at Qin Yun with eyes filled with fear!

With a whoosh, Qin Yun used the Flame Cloud Steps and flew out of the dueling platform.

In the blink of an eye, he was already near the elders of the Yang family.

"Ah... Save me!" Although the tall and skinny elder who had injured Yang Shiyue was also in the Martial Dao Realm, he was extremely terrified of Qin Yun.

Qin Yun leaped forward like lightning and punched the elder in the abdomen!

"Ahhhhhhhh!" That tall and skinny old man screamed miserably. His Dao-Core had been shattered by the attack and had suffered heavy losses.


Qin Yun's Heaven Lion Fighting Dragon Claw was filled with thunderous fury. With a few swipes, it tore the elders from the Yang family into pieces!

More cultivators of the Martial Dao Realm had died!

A martial dao cultivator could not even withstand a single blow from Qin Yun!

Here, only Zhuo Chuan and Lan Huayu had sufficient strength to deal with Qin Yun.

However, they were all Qin Yun's friends. Furthermore, they resented the fact that Palace Master Yang and the few people from the Yang family had yet to make a move.

"Teacher, I'm sorry!" Qin Yun looked at Yang Shiyue, who was in Lan FengJin's arms and said with a sense of remorse.

"Don't say anymore. Let's go, quickly leave Blue Spirit Star Palace!" She saw that Qin Yun had stepped into the Martial Dao Realm and was very happy in her heart.

Lan Huayu was also by Qin Yun's side. He handed a box to Qin Yun. Inside, there was a blue spirit robe, a sun and moon profound bowl, a sun flame liquid, star marks and Xuan Artifact blueprints.

Qin Yun had defeated Xiao Yanglong. This was a reward he had won!

Here, there were a few elders from the Saint Palace. Their duties were also to maintain order. At this moment, they had flown over and surrounded Qin Yun.

"Grand palace Master will be here soon! Qin Yun, surrender yourself!" An old man said.

"Palace Master Yang, he allowed Xiao Yanglong to cultivate the devilish art, then his death is well-deserved. As for the fact that you killed the people from the Yang family, that is only a matter of grudges between you and them, we do not care. But, if you use a demonic art to extract a martial spirit, you must be punished!"

"Qin Yun, your strength is indeed terrifying. We do not wish to clash with you. If you truly regret it in your heart, then stand there obediently and wait for the Grand Palace Master to deal with you!"

Yang Shiyue shouted softly, "Qin Yun, ignore them and charge out."

Wu Xiang and Old Tan hurriedly came to Qin Yun's side.

"Ah Yun, leave this place to us. Leave!" Old Tan said in a low voice and took out his Royal Spirit Cannon.

"Brat, if Grand Palace Master comes, there won't be any more chances! That guy was at the Spirit Martial Realm! He can kill a large number of cultivators with a single slap. We are like ants in front of him!" Wu Xiang also quickly tried to persuade him.

Those several Saint Palace Elders also felt a great pressure!

If Qin Yun's friends were to intervene, a battle was inevitable.

Xie Wufeng stood beside Qin Yun and whispered, "Brother Yun, let's leave quickly!"

Nangong's Palace Lord suddenly said, "Qin Yun has grasped the Soul Refining Technique. We must cooperate to capture him. If not, all of us will bear the responsibility when Great Palace Master blames us!"

"Zhuo Chuan, Lan Hua Yu, you are the strongest martial artists here. Are you trying to cover for the evil demon? Because he's your friend? Humph!"

The North Palace Master also hurriedly stood forward and shouted, "Qin Yun is a demon. If we were to shield him, the Great Palace Master will definitely not let us off!"

Qin Yun looked at his friends who wanted to help him and felt extremely touched.

Back when he was in the Imperial Palace with his spirit vein extracted, he was still alone, with no one to help him.

But now, there were actually so many people who trusted him and didn't see him as an evil demon!

"Everyone, thank you. To be able to make friends with all of you, I, Qin Yun, will die with no regrets!" Qin Yun's eyes were somewhat moist as he clasped his hands at Xie Wufeng and company.

Finally, he looked at Yang Shiyue and nodded at Lan Fengjin, indicating that she should take care of Yang Shiyue.

"Brother Yun, what are you trying to do!" Xie Wufeng hurriedly asked. Just as he said that, the ground shook as Qin Yun sent a missile flying straight into the sky.

Qin Yun used the Mysterious Star Steps and flew high into the sky before he headed east of Blue Spirit Star Palace!

"Quickly chase!" A few of the Saint Palace's Elders hastily shouted.

At the same time, Lan Chen's powerful aura of the Spirit realm also surged over from the Saint Palace!

"The Great Palace Master is here! Qin Yun, don't you dare escape!" An old man shouted.

Zhuo Chuan, Lan Huayu and Xie Wufeng, who were in the martial dao realm, also flew in the sky and chased after Qin Yun!

If Lan Chen were to capture Qin Yun, they would be able to plead for Qin Yun.

Qin Yun sensed Lan Chen's powerful aura and was secretly alarmed.

He also knew that the few elders and palace masters of the Star Palace could use their spirit artifacts to send messages to Lan Chen, which was why he was here so quickly.

"Qin Yun is flying towards our East Palace!"

An old lady said. She was the Palace Master of the Eastern Palace and followed behind with Shui YiHui.

They did not plan to interfere in this matter. They merely planned to watch from the sidelines.

But now, Qin Yun was flying towards their east palace.

Shui Yihui asked curiously, "Why is Qin Yun going to our Eastern Palace?"

Qin Yun's speed was extremely fast. Many old martial arts cultivators were unable to catch up to him!

Just as everyone was puzzled, they saw a mountain up ahead!

That mountain was a thousand meters high, it was a mountain that went straight up!

The rocks on the whole mountain were silver in color, making it look very strange.

When they saw the silver-white mountain, the Martial Dao Realm cultivators that were chasing behind all took in a breath of cold air!

This mountain was located in the East Palace. It was very famous in Blue Spirit Star Palace!

It was because that terrifying Inscription Gate was in this mountain.

"Qin Yun, don't enter the Inscription Gate!" Lan Huayu shouted, "Once you enter, you're done for!"

"Brother Yun, quickly stop!" Xie Wufeng hurriedly shouted as he sped up.

At this moment, everyone knew that Qin Yun's goal in going to the East Palace was to enter the Inscription Gate!

Lan Chen's aura neared as well. His speed was extremely fast. In an instant, he had surpassed Lan HuaYu and company as he chased after Qin Yun.

"Grand Palace Master, you must stop him!" Lan HuaYu shouted anxiously.

"I will!" Hearing Lan Chen's voice, Xie Wufeng and Lan HuaYu relaxed a lot.

Qin Yun sensed Lan Chen's aura approaching and gritted his teeth. He combined Fire Cloud Step's Meteor Steps with the Mysterious Star Steps!

He was like a meteor as he charged towards that silver-white mountain!

Soon, Qin Yun arrived at the foot of the mountain. He charged into a cave shrouded in black gas!

Just as he entered, Lan Chen released a powerful force that enveloped the cave. He wanted to drag Qin Yun out but it was too late.

Lan Chen sighed and patted his bald head in annoyance. He then stomped his foot hard, causing his Eastern Palace to shake violently.

Soon after, Lan Huayu, the three palace masters and a group of elders also slowly landed in front of the cave.

"Grand Palace Master... where's Qin Yun?" Lan Huayu asked hastily.

"He went in! This guy ran with all his might and suddenly increased his speed by a lot!" Lan Chen sighed, "What a pity! What a pity!"

"Master, you...don't you plan to not punish Brother Yun?" Xie Wufeng quickly asked.

The complexion of the other Saint Palace Elders and the three Palace Masters also changed slightly.

Nangong's Palace Lord hurriedly said, "Palace Lord, that Qin Yun used the Soul Dvouring Demonic Technique to devour Xiao Yanglong's Sun martial spirit and killed Xiao Yanglong and Palace Master Yang!"

"In this life-and-death battle between Xiao Yanglong and him, it is understandable for him to be killed. Qin Yun was only extracting his martial spirit along the way. It's no big deal!" Lan Chen's words left the Martial Dao cultivators speechless.

Extracting a martial spirit was not a big deal!

They all wondered if they had misheard!

"You are all ignorant!" Lan Chen looked at Zhuo Chuan and asked, "Your excellency is the Great Elder of the Divine Inscription Palace. You should know that this kind of matter is nothing, right?"

Zhuo Chuan nodded his head: "In the Martial Desolate Realm, to extract a spirit and refine it, it is a strange technique. Anyone who understands this technique is called a Soul Refiner! Just like alchemists and inscriptionists, they are all highly respected!"

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