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Chapter 332

When Xiao Yanglong saw the dragon tiger totem on Qin Yun's body, he was secretly alarmed. Just as he was about to use an Earth-grade martial art, Qin Yun's body suddenly overflowed with black scales.

Those were dragon scales! However, it was not real. It was just an illusion!

As soon as the black dragon scales appeared, they shot out and turned into black short blades that surrounded Xiao Yanglong, crazily slashing at him!

This was the totem martial arts that Qin Yun had just comprehended from the Dragon Tiger totem — Dragon Tiger Wild Scale Slash!

Xiao Yanglong was cut by countless black scales and was caught unprepared, his Great Dao Force becoming weaker and weaker!

Qin Yun had two Martial Spirits and two inner cores. Even against a cultivator of the Martial Dao Realm, it was still far from enough.

However, having two totems was different. Furthermore, he could also use the mysterious martial arts of these two totems.

"It's over!" Qin Yun said coldly as a flash of golden-purple lightning flame appeared on his fist. It transformed into a mighty head of a Heavenly Purple-Gold Lion.

This was Heavenly Lightning Force and also a totem martial art!

Using the Mysterious Star Steps, he flew over and fiercely punched Xiao Yanglong!

The purple gold lion head roared and charged forward!


Two loud sounds, accompanied by a piercing purple gold light, shook the Western Palace Plaza!

Xiao Yanglong was sent flying and crashed into a pillar!

His body was lacerated and covered in bloodstains. He landed on the ground gasping for breath, his eyes filled with resentment and fear.

He was in the Martial Dao Realm and his body was very strong. Even though his Dao core and Martial Spirit were not destroyed, he was heavily injured!

Xiao Yanglong sat paralyzed on the ground, he no longer had the strength to fight back!

Xiao Yanglong, who was in the Martial Dao realm, had actually lost to Qin Yun, who was at the ninth level martial body!

Everyone in the Western Palace's plaza was at a loss for words as they looked at the standing Qin Yun!

The plaza was still extremely quiet. Everyone was quietly looking at Qin Yun!

This was a life and death battle and Xiao Yanglong was not dead yet.

Next, Qin Yun would definitely destroy Xiao Yanglong completely!

"Qin Yun, stop quickly!" Palace Master Yang from the Western Palace shouted anxiously, "Xiao Yang Long has already lost. You have obtained victory, and obtained those prizes, are you still not satisfied?"

Although Xiao Yanglong had lost, he still had a foundation. That Gold Sun Martial Spirit was very rare, he was still a genius!

"This is a life-and-death battle!" Qin Yun's arm turned into a lion's claw as it walked towards Xiao Yanglong.

The Yang family members were the most furious.

This was because Xiao Yanglong had promised them that once he successfully acknowledged Yang Shiyue, the elders of the Yang family would reap a lot of benefits.

But now, Xiao Yanglong had been defeated by Qin Yun and was on the verge of being killed.

Suddenly, a Martial Dao Realm elder of the Yang family took out a water jar from his storage tool.

A pale-faced, absent-minded middle-aged man was soaking in the water.

This middle-aged man was extremely weak and could barely open his eyes!

When Yang Shiyue saw the middle-aged man in the water tank, she couldn't help but cry out in grief: "Daddy!"

The thin elder said with a sneer, "Yang Shiyue, quickly tell Qin Yun to let Xiao Yanglong go before bowing to Xiao Yanglong!"

"You have to know, for all these years, it was Xiao Yanglong who provided the medicinal liquid to extend your father's life!"

Yang Shiyue looked at Qin Yun. She, who was usually strong and proud, had tears in her eyes. She could not help but sob. The sight of her crying caused Qin Yun's heart to shatter.

Suddenly, a skinny old man appeared. It was Wu Xiang.

"I can also concoct that medicinal liquid!"

Wu Xiang rushed over and shouted, "The person in the water tank has been poisoned! Moreover, the medicinal liquid provided also contains a small amount of poison, which is why he's always half dead!"

At this moment, everyone suddenly came to a realization!

The person in the water tank was Yang Shiyue's father and also the family head of the Yang family, Yang Yuanming, who had been in closed door cultivation all year round!

But now, everyone knew that Yang Yuanming did not go into closed-door training. He was soaking in a tank filled with medicinal liquid.

The medicinal liquid was all provided by Xiao Yanglong, so it could be seen that there was a conspiracy behind it.

The few people from the Yang family who wanted to snatch the position of Patriarch also cooperated with Xiao Yanglong and did such a thing.

They did not kill Yang Yuanming because they wanted Yang Shiyue to marry Xiao Yanglong, so they kept threatening her.

Qin Yun clenched his fists tightly. He was infuriated. Such methods were very common.

Previously, Xiao Yanglong had also planned to use Xiao Yuemei to threaten Xiao YueLan but he did not succeed.

The tall and skinny elder from the Yang family saw that the situation was not good and quickly took out a knife, placed it on Yang Yuanming's neck and shouted, "Don't act recklessly, otherwise I will kill Yang Yuanming. Although he is still half alive, he can still be saved. Do you want to kill him?"

Yang Shiyue was furious but there was nothing she could do!

She could only grit her teeth and hold back her tears as she glared angrily at the old men.

"Yang Shiyue, come here quickly!" The tall and skinny old man's face was fierce as he shouted.

Yang Shiyue could only go over and looked at the tall and skinny elder with a face full of killing intent.

The skinny old man's expression suddenly became extremely sinister, he struck a palm towards Yang Shiyue's abdomen, causing an explosive "hong" sound. Yang Shiyue let out a miserable cry, spitting out a large mouthful of blood, her face turning deathly pale.

This scene stunned everyone present!

Yang Shiyue was not prepared for this, she was heavily injured by the power of the great Dao of martial arts. This was a very serious matter, and could very possibly be destroyed!

"Teacher!" Qin Yun bellowed.

Lan Fengjin and Lan Huayu also rushed over to check on Yang Shiyue's injuries.

"Sister Lan, how is she?" Qin Yun asked hurriedly.

"Don't come over here or I'll kill Yang Yuanming!" That tall and skinny old man was also crazy, actually heavily injuring this saint Yang Shiyue.

Palace Master Yang from the Western Palace also hurried over. He said, "Yang Shiyue, quickly tell Qin Yun to let Xiao Yanglong off. Otherwise, you know the consequences!"

The tall and skinny old man smiled coldly and grabbed Yang Yuanming's throat with force.

Yang Shiyue laid in Lan Fengjin's embrace. Lan Huayu, Zhuo Chuan and the Palace Master of the Eastern Palace were also working together to comb through her injuries.

Wu Xiang also came over to check Yang Shiyue's pulse and said with a serious face: "It's not very optimistic, although it's stable but the dao core and martial spirit, they are extremely injured, I'm afraid... I'm afraid that it will be difficult to recover in the future and it will affect your entire life!"

Qin Yun was unable to walk out of the massive array on the battling platform. He could only stare blankly at the haggard Yang Shiyue.

Xiao Yanglong said with a low chuckle, "Qin Yun, if I can't obtain it, I'll destroy it! Yang Shiyue is already crippled, hahaha!!"

"Xiao Yanglong, you beast! The reason why you want to marry Yang laoshi is so that you can cultivate your devil art with her and use her as a furnace!" Qin Yun cursed as he took out a jade pendant.

That jade pendant was Xiao Yanglong's disciple, Zhang Hang!

"You!! Zhang Hang was killed by you!" when Xiao Yanglong saw the jade pendant, he suddenly thought of many things. The oil from the beasts in the Beastman Mountain Range had also been ignited by Qin Yun.

When Palace Head Yang from the Western Palace found out about this, he became even more furious!

Beast oil was something that would allow the Western Palace to rule Blue Spirit Star Palace. And this plan had been ruined by Qin Yun.

"Qin Yun, release Xiao Yanglong or Yang Yuanming will die!" Asgard Master Yang was infuriated.

Suddenly, Yang Yuanming, who was half-dead, laughed out loud, "Hahaha... I'll die right now, and see what you guys can do!"

With that, Yang Yuanming screamed and spat out a large mouthful of blood, dying in the water tank.


The weakened Yang Shiyue cried miserably, her eyes were filled with tears!

She had endured so much humiliation in the Yang family because she wanted her father to recover.

But now, her father was dead!

Everyone quietly watched and only Yang Shiyue's crying voice reverberated in the square, full of misery and pain.

Qin Yun's mind suddenly went blank. He clenched his fists as he blamed himself in his heart!

"Teacher, I'm sorry!"

Qin Yun roared and suddenly grabbed Xiao Yanglong. He placed his hand on Xiao Yanglong's abdomen!

He had used the Soul Refining Art on Xiao Yanglong!

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Xiao Yanglong instantly let out a heart-wrenching scream.

Everyone immediately looked towards the stage, they saw Xiao Yanglong's abdomen, was glowing with a golden light!

Qin Yun slowly extracted the Golden Sun Martial Spirit out!

Soul extracting technique, this was a demonic technique!

"Lan Huayu, what are you waiting for? Quickly remove the array formation and capture Qin Yun!" Palace Head Yang of the Western Palace shouted with bloodshot eyes, "He is currently casting the Art of Soul Extraction!"

There had been rumours before.

After Qin Yun fell into the Forbidden Area, it was highly likely that he would be able to learn the Soul Refining Art from the Soul Refiner Fiend.

Everyone was now very sure that the rumors were true!

When the weakened Yang Shiyue saw this frightening scene, she hurriedly said to Lan Fengjin, "Sister Lan, quickly help Qin Yun. He will be killed if he uses this demonic art!"

Xie Wufeng said expressionlessly, "Don't worry. Even if I die, I will help Qin Yun escape Blue Spirit Star Palace!"

"Qin Yun, you fiend!"

Palace Master Yang came to the side of the battling platform, crazily attacking the great formation.

It had to be said that Lan Huayu's formation was extremely powerful and could withstand the power of Palace Master Yang.

Qin Yun drew out Xiao Yanglong's martial spirit and allowed his Nether sun martial spirit to devour it.

As for his body, a burst of black qi suddenly flowed out!

The arm of the Heavenly Lion shined with a purple light.

Xiao Yanglong was in incomparable pain and despair. He screamed in pain and cursed at Qin Yun.

Qin Yun closed his eyes. He also saw clear lines appearing on the surface of the Vibration Inner Core, Nether Sun Inner core and Thunder Flame Inner Core!

The life marks of the Great Dao completely appeared on the surface of the three inner cores!


A tremor ran through his body and an incredibly violent power of the great Dao erupted from within him!

That shock wave and the purple gold thunder fire qi broke through the great array formation and swept through the Western Palace Plaza!

This was the power of a great Dao!

Qin Yun had unleashed the power of the Great Dao, meaning that he had stepped into the Martial Dao Realm!

Not only was he not even 20 years of age but he had two Martial Spirits, two cores and two totems.

Such talent could only be described as heaven-defying!

The experts outside the dueling platform were stunned. Like stone sculptures, they looked at Qin Yun, whose body was surging with black smoke!

Lan Huayu was the closest to the martial stage, so he could feel just how terrifying that great Dao was!

He was very certain that Qin Yun had stepped into the martial dao realm!

"The power of the great Dao! He has stepped into the Martial Dao Realm!"

"Qin Yun is a Martial Dao Realm cultivator. This.... this must be a fake!"

"That great Dao's power can only be released by cultivators of the Martial Dao Realm!"

"He's really in the Martial Dao Realm. He's not even twenty years old yet and he's already in the Martial Dao Realm! This guy is too terrifying!"

The square in the Western Palace was enveloped by waves of exclamations and was boiling with excitement!

Everyone present had personally witnessed the birth of a Martial Dao Realm cultivator!

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