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Chapter 324

There were many Martial Dao Realm cultivators present, including the Palace Masters of the four palaces.

Even they were a bit surprised at the huge commotion that had erupted out of the sparring.

After the clash between Qin Yun and Ji Kailin, both of them retreated!

The battling platform gradually calmed down.

Although Ji Kailin used his Xuan Artifact in battle, it consumed a lot of energy to use the Earth-rank martial arts. After all, he was only at the ninth level Martial Body realm.

However, he had the upper hand.

In the clash just now, although Ji Kailin had been forced back, he had managed to suppress Qin Yun. This was because he could still stand while Qin Yun was lying flat on the ground!

With his Xuan Artifact, Ji Kailin's Earth-ranked sword techniques had improved greatly in every aspect. In terms of strength, he had completely suppressed Qin Yun!

Qin Yun, who was lying on the ground, had his flesh ripped open. He had been injured by the sword beams.

That kind of injury was shocking to the eye, and one couldn't bear to look at it directly.

"Hmph, that's all you can do! In the first few rounds, your willpower was indeed astonishing and you had a strong will to fight! However, in the face of absolute power, you can only lose to me!" Ji Kailin said coldly.

He was also slightly out of breath. That move just now was all his effort!

If this was in the past, Xie Wufeng, Zhuo Chuan, Lan Fengjin and Yang Shiyue would definitely have let Qin Yun off.

But now, Qin Yun had lost meant his death, which meant that Xiao Yuelan could not be treated with the Tranquil Heart Pill!

Qin Yun definitely could not lose!

But in the current situation, he had been utterly defeated!

"What about your willpower and your unyielding spirit? Where are they?" Ji Kailin paused for a moment, sneered and walked over.

Qin Yun did not have any light inscription equipment and could not quickly heal his injuries. He could only control the wounds on his body and prevent them from bleeding. He could only use his primordial spirit vein along with the Nine Yang Divine Spirit to absorb spiritual energy to heal himself.

However, this would take some time!

As for Ji Kailin, he wouldn't give him any time to recover at all!

"Your totem tattoo is mine now!" Ji Kailin took out a pearl. It was the Totem Pearl.

Upon seeing this scene, many people sighed in regret.

"Qin Yun has really lost!" When Ji Kailin used the Xuan Artifact and performed the Earth Realm sword technique, he was invincible!"

"Xuan Artifacts are really scary. No wonder they are so precious!"Right, Qin Yun's father, Qin Long, also had a Xuan Artifact. That is the Dragon King Spear!"

"Unfortunately, he is not here. Otherwise, he would have been able to save Qin Yun!"

Yang Shiyue gritted her teeth and suddenly walked over but was stopped by Ji Xuanji.

"Miss Yang, please don't interfere in the competition!"

Ji Xuanzhao was quite pleased with himself at the moment. He had already met with such an outcome when the competition had started.

"Qin Yun!" Yang Shiyue shouted, "Are you really going to lose like this? With your talent, you definitely can't lose to this place and even more so, you can't lose to that kind of person! This competition is full of injustice and is a trap set for you! "

"Yuelan suddenly going berserk, she definitely was a sabotaged!"

Qin Yun, who was lying on the stage, could not help but move his hand when he heard Yang Shiyue's words!

He could also feel the totem tattoo on his arm being slowly pulled away.

"Yuelan's Qi deviation, does it really have anything to do with you?" Qin Yun raised his head and asked softly as he looked at Ji Kailin.

Ji Kailin smiled proudly. "Since Xiao Yuelan has such talent and I can't obtain it, you can forget about getting it!"

"You guys did it!" Qin Yun was infuriated as his eyes suddenly turned completely black. There was no whites left in his eyes.

When Ji Kailin saw Qin Yun's appearance, he took a few steps back in fright. He held the Thunder Pulse Sword tightly, as though he was facing a great enemy.

The Heavenly Lion bloodline in Qin Yun's body began to blaze as it began to boil!

The vibration martial spirit in his heart was like a violent, giant beast that was constantly struggling, jumping and releasing waves of vibrating internal energy that roared as it rushed into his entire body!

The tree totem in the Nethersun Inner core also released strands of life force at that moment. Accompanied by the shaking force, it attacked every part of Qin Yun's body and healed his injuries!

Qin Yun, who was half-dead on the ground, suddenly jumped up. He had turned into a dragon tiger!

The thousands of people in the Spiritual Martial Palace could not help but burst out into exclamations!

Yang Shiyue and the others were also overjoyed!

Yang Shiyue could also tell that Qin Yun was going to use his Vibration Martial Spirit at full strength!

Zhuo Chuan and Lan Huayu felt extremely uneasy when they saw the pitch-black Qin Yun!

Ji Xuanzhao and the other Palace Masters also revealed looks of shock!

"What's wrong with Brother Yun?" Murong Daren shouted in a low voice.

"His appearance right now is very scary!" Huo Zhong was also worried on the inside.

Qin Yun's current appearance was indeed very frightening!

He suddenly stood up. The sword wounds on his body were rapidly healing at a speed that could be seen with the naked eye!

What was going on? Everyone was filled with questions and shock!

"You.....kneel down!" When Ji Kailin saw Qin Yun's completely black eyes, he was alarmed. He quickly brandished his sword and executed the Thunder shadow Sword Technique!

The sword beams formed by the Lightning Shadow were layered as they filled the sky, enveloping Qin Yun!

The sword shadows struck over as Qin Yun clenched his fists. His robust body shook as the clothes on his upper body immediately tore apart!

His body that was filled with muscles emitted waves of black qi!

Black meant evil!

At that moment, Qin Yun, whose body was overflowing with black gas, was truly terrifying. Many people believed that he had cultivated demonic arts!


Qin Yun roared as the black gas on his body scattered violently!

The surging force caused the entire stage to shake violently!

The sword shadows that Ji Kailin shot out were completely dispersed by the shock waves, turning into a wave of air that filled the entire battling platform's formation.


Qin Yun released the power of vibration!

At the same time as he rushed forward, the bronze pillar on the martial stage shattered. His speed was also very fast!

In the blink of an eye, he was in front of Ji Kailin!

Although Ji Kailin was frightened by Qin Yun's terrifying strength, he still struck back with his sword, slashing at Qin Yun!

Xuan Artifacts were the most terrifying in close combat!

Qin Yun did not have a Xuan Artifact but his vibration power was extremely terrifying!

He punched out at the lightning swords that came slashing at him and the shock wave of force roared out with incomparable ferocity.

Before the Thunder Pulse Sword could strike Qin Yun, it was sent flying!

As for Ji Kailin's clothes, they were torn to shreds by the shockwave and the inner Qi in his inner core was also in chaos, unable to condense.


After Ji Kailin was sent flying, he spat out a large mouthful of blood. His eyes were wide open from the shock and his injuries were extremely severe!

"Demon, stop!" Ji Xuanzhao yelled and dashed out.

The three palace masters and several other elders followed behind him.

"Hurry and get him out of the array!"

Ji Xuanzhao shouted at Protector Zhang. Anxiously, he turned red and glared at Zhang on the battling platform.

Qin Yun looked at Ji Xuanzhao and sneered. "This is a life-and-death battle. Either I die or he dies!"


Ji Xuanzhao had no other choice but to shout.

The onlookers all retreated.

Qin Yun, who was standing on the battling platform, was enveloped in a black aura. His eyes were completely black without any whites in them. He looked like a fiendish demon!

A long time ago, many people suspected that Qin Yun cultivated a demonic art but there was no strong evidence!

Now, when everyone saw him like this, they all believed it without a doubt!

Many people agreed that Qin Yun cultivated a demonic art. Furthermore, it was an extremely terrifying demonic art!

"Ji Kailin, you were the one who wanted to have a life-and-death battle with me. It's not like I didn't give you a chance. You didn't cherish it properly!"

Qin Yun's voice was calm and composed, without the slightest fluctuation of emotions.

He was already in such a state, yet he was still able to remain so calm. This made everyone even more terrified!

Protector Zhang was sweating profusely and was controlling the movement of the spirit patterns. Closing the large formation required some time.

"Qin Yun, I know my wrongs! Please let this dog of a life of mine go!" Ji Kailin spat out a mouthful of blood as he pleaded.

He could feel death before him.

"Let me ask you again, did you guys do it? Answer honestly!" Qin Yun asked coldly.

"Yes, yes, yes... We did it! " Ji Kailin was extremely afraid of death.

When everyone heard this, they all secretly despised Ji Xuanzhao and his people for their despicable acts!

Yang Shiyue was even angrier, she knew that this would not be easy, she didn't expect it to be Ji Xuanji and his men!

Lan Huayu's face darkened, "There are scum like them in the Saint Palace. This is such a disgrace to us!"

"Qin Yun, if you kill Ah Lin, you will not be able to obtain the Tranquil Heart Pill!" Ji Xuan shouted.

When Qin Yun heard the threat, he was infuriated. He leaped up and clenched his fists tightly as black gas surged out.

"Ji Kailin, die!"

Qin Yun's angry roar was accompanied by monstrous killing intent that shook the entire Spiritual Martial Palace.

He punched out with both fists, creating a shockwave like thunder!

This was the Tsunami Technique and the Forging Dragon's sixth form — Heaven Smiting Tsunami!

The power generated by those fists were terrifying to the extreme, as though doomsday had arrived!

Black energy waves descended from the sky and landed on Ji Kailin's body!

At the same time, the great array formation of the martial stage was closed!


That wild and violent vibration came crashing down and engulfed Ji Kailin. It penetrated through the battling platform and poured into the depths of the Spiritual Martial Palace, causing an incomparably intense earthquake!

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!...

The majestic Spiritual Martial Palace shook violently and collapsed continuously!

Within the collapse, waves of energy exploded, creating shockwaves that blew many pieces in all directions!

In an instant, all sorts of enraged roars, exclamations, shouts and exclamations of terror ceaselessly sounded out.

The huge Spiritual Martial Palace collapsed. Dust billowed like waves in all directions!

The powerful Martial Dao Realm cultivators immediately used their own strength to blow away the dust.

Many people were able to float in the sky and watch as the Spiritual Martial Palace turned into ruins!

The most frightening thing was that the surrounding area of the Spiritual Martial Palace had cracks that were a hundred meters deep.

That terrifying power poured into the earth and exploded, causing the tremors to become even more terrifying.

Many people had their faces covered in dirt because of this. Fortunately, they were all warriors, so it wasn't too bad. They climbed out of the ruins and looked in the direction of the battling platform.

Qin Yun was still standing there. His head was slightly raised and his expression was cold. He straightened his back and looked at Ji Xuanzhao, who was a short distance away!

"Ji Xuanzhao, I've won, hand over the Tranquil Heart Pill!"

He spoke indifferently. The black Qi had disappeared and his eyes had gone white. He had returned to normal.

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