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Chapter 323

Everyone's eyes were focused on the Thunder Pulse Sword in the middle of the battling platform.

The fight only happened for an instant!

A martial artist at the ninth level Martial Body realm was extremely fast.

"Qin Yun, when you are snatching it away, you cannot use Mental Energy!" Protector Zhang said, "Alright, one, two, three. Begin!"

Just as he finished his words, a golden-white Qilin appeared on Ji Kailin's side!

The Qilin was like thunder and lightning in a flash. It roared and instantly came into contact with the Thunder Pulse Blade. It then bit the Thunder Blade and brought it back with it!

Furthermore, Qin Yun's speed was extremely fast. He used the Mysterious Star Steps, as fast as purple gold lightning!

However, he was still a bit slow. Just as he passed by, the Thunder Pulse Sword was already in Ji Kailin's hands.

Those martial practitioners who had their eyes on Ji Kailin immediately let out cheers!

"Ji Kailin has won. All of you who are optimistic about Qin Yun are dumb!"

"Truly powerful. Letting out the Thunder Qilin martial spirit as fast as lightning and snatching the Thunder Pulse Sword, this is truly unexpected!"

"That's right. Ji Kailin is truly worthy of being called the number one Saint under the Martial Dao realm!"

"We won, we don't need to fight anymore!"

The cultivators who were optimistic about Qin Yun were not to be outdone. They shouted, "Qin Yun, don't give up! Isn't it just a Xuan artifacts? You can still win against Ji Kailin! "

"If Qin Yun were to defeat Ji Kailin with his bare hands, Ji Kailin would lose face. Haha!"

"Qin Yun's mental force is unfathomable as well. Furthermore, his martial arts perception is extremely high. To be able to cultivate the Primordial Spirit Vein and cultivate the inner cultivation technique to great perfection means that he will not lose even without a Xuan Artifact!"

There were also many people encouraging Qin Yun.

Qin Yun was displeased. He never expected that Ji Kailin would use such a method to seize the Thunder Pulse Sword.

He did not have a Xuan weapon, so he was indeed at a disadvantage!

"Qin Yun! I admit that in the previous rounds, you were one step ahead of me. This made me very unconvinced. Now, we finally have the chance to have a fair and square duel!" Ji Kailin said loudly as he clenched his Thunder Pulse Blade.

When Murong Daren heard this, he immediately shouted out, "Ji Kailin, your asshole has a long mouth! You're holding the Thunder Pulse Blade and you're saying that it's a fair duel!"

"Shut up! I relied on my own strength to obtain the Thunder Pulse Sword. What's wrong with that?" Ji Kailin was infuriated and he glared fiercely at Murong Daren.

"Hehe, I will shut my mouth if I want to! Then what are you screaming for? Something crawled up your ass?" Murong Daren laughed loudly.

Laughter instantly erupted from the Spiritual Martial Palace.

Ji Kailin's face was twitching. He wanted to fly over and stab Mu Rong Chen to death.

Qin Yun looked at Ji Kailin calmly. Although he did not have a Xuan Artifact, he did not feel any fear. He was still filled with confidence!

"Qin Yun, let us settle this duel! I want to have a life-and-death battle with you! In Blue Spirit Star Palace, it's either you or me that can live!"

Ji Kailin's expression was ferocious as he pointed the Thunder Pulse Sword at Qin Yun. His arrogant words were filled with hostility.

A battle of life or death meant that even if the opponent was killed, the opponent would not be punished!

"I refuse!"

Qin Yun said indifferently, "This is only a martial arts sparring. It is not a good thing for the entire Blue Spirit Star Palace if there are deaths or injuries! It was not easy for both of us to come to this point!"

In comparison, Qin Yun's calm demeanor and mental state was much higher than Ji Kailin's.

"You must be afraid of death!" Ji Kailin grinned. "I have a Xuan Artifact but you don't. It's normal for you to be scared. Why do you have to sound so nice?"

"If you're afraid of death, then you're afraid of death!"

Qin Yun turned around and retreated to a spot where he waited for the match to begin. He did not want to say much. He only wanted to compete quickly and win.

In his heart, he was even more concerned about Xiao Yanglong's and Yang Shiyue's big wedding after this gathering ended.

"Qin Yun, let's make a bet! You and I will fight to the death and promise to let me obtain your Heavenly Lion Totem Tatoo after you die!" Ji Kailin laughed coldly.

Everyone immediately understood. This was Ji Kailin's true goal, to obtain the totem tattoos!

Lan Huayu immediately clenched his fists. He didn't think that Ji Kailin and his men would still not give up on the idea of seizing the Heavenly Lion's totem.

And clearly, the reason why he had arranged to seize the Thunder Soul Sword was to make things easier for Ji Kailin to defeat Qin Yun!

Qin Yun was slightly infuriated. He finally understood that Ji Kailin's goal was to obtain the Heavenly Lion Totem!

If he agreed, then after his death, Ji Kailin and the others would take his totem tattoos.

"I definitely won't agree to it. You should give up on it. Let's fight faster!" Qin Yun looked at Protector Zhang and said, "Protector Zhang, you can call for the start of the battle!"

Protector Zhang didn't shout but pretended not to hear anything.

At that moment, a yellow-haired elder beneath the stage said loudly, "Qin Yun, I just heard a piece of news. Your wife, Xiao Yuelan, went berserk while in closed-door training during her breakthrough. The situation is critical and you need a Tranquil Heart Pill in order to help her escape!"

"As for me, I just so happen to have a Tranquil Heart Pill. If you agree to a life-and-death battle and defeat Ah Lin, I'll hand the Tranquil Heart Xuan Core over to you!"

This tall, thin, yellow-haired old man was Ji Kailin's grandfather, Ji Xuanji.

His words caused the entire audience to be extremely shocked!

The daughter of heaven, Xiao Yuelan, actually had a Qi deviation during her breakthrough and entered a crisis.

"Is this true?" The composed Qin Yun hurriedly walked down from the dueling platform and shouted anxiously.

Lan Huayu walked over and sighed, "It's true. This happened last night. There aren't many people who know about it, so her condition is temporarily stabilized. I intend to tell you about it after you finish battling! "

Last night, Lan Huayu and Zhuo Chuan were not in the small forest. They obviously went to deal with this matter.

Ji Xuanzhao said, "Qin Yun, the Tranquil Heart Pill is very precious and useful! If Xiao Yuelan does not take it in time, she would become a cripple!"

"Although there are people who can get it out of the palace, it will still take some time. I have a Tranquil Heart Pill that can solve the urgent need for it!"

Xiao Yuelan was Qin Yun's wife. He naturally had to save his own wife at all costs!

"In that case, why didn't you directly ask me to exchange the totem tattoos?" Qin Yun's expression darkened. He felt that the matter of Xiao Yuelan's cultivation going berserk was not that simple.

"We are people that know what's good for us, so we'll give you a chance! If you can defeat Ah Lin, not only will you not lose any of your totem tattoos, you will also be able to obtain a Tranquil Heart Pill!"

"Fine, I agree to a life-and-death battle with Ji Kailin! If I die, my Heavenly Lion Totem will be taken by you!" Qin Yun returned to the dueling platform and looked coldly at Ji Kailin.

Lan Huayu said, "Ji Xuanji, I want to see your Tranquil Heart Pill!"

At this point, no one could stop this anymore.

Lan Huayu and Zhuo Chuan could only ensure that this matter would be kept at the very least and not cheated by a traitor.

Ji Xuanji took out a box containing a red pill.

Lan HuaYu and Zhuo Chuan recognized it at a glance and nodded.

"Ji Xuanzhao, aren't you worried that your grandson will die?" Lan Huayu said, "You're too confident!"

"If Qin Yun isn't afraid of death, what should i be afraid of? I, Ji Xuanzhao, am not a coward!" Ji Xuan let out a loud laugh, "You can begin now!"

Protector Zhang waved his hand and opened up the array formation for the array pillar!

He stood on a bead and shouted, "Let the competition begin!"

Everyone was watching with rapt attention as the battle of life and death began!

Holding the Thunder Pulse Sword in his hand, Ji Kailin was full of confidence. He was the first to attack and his body turned into a bolt of lightning!

With a whoosh, he appeared by Qin Yun's side as the Thunder Pulse Sword thrust forward like a bolt of lightning!

The Thunder Pulse Sword was a Xuan Artifact. It could create shocking lightning bolts!

Ji Kailin thrust out his sword and the flashing sword beam shot out like a bolt of lightning, striking Qin Yun's shoulder!


The sword qi vibrated, thunder and lightning flashed!

On Qin Yun's right shoulder, his clothes were torn apart as his flesh was charred black and cracked!

Qin Yun never expected that the might of the Xuan Artifact would be so terrifying.

In addition, the lightning was also very fast. They were struck before they could dodge.

"This is the power of a Xuan Artifact!"

Ji Kailin could sense the strength of the Xuan Artifact. He was overjoyed, as though he had gone mad. He laughed maniacally as he thrust his sword at Qin Yun.

Qin Yun used the Mysterious Star Steps and dodged like a violent meteor. At the same time, the power of thunder and fire roared out, blasting away the sword beams that came flying at him from the Thunder Pulse Sword.

Previously, Qin Yun had been stabbed but it was only a flesh wound to him.

With the Nether Sun and Vibration power protecting his body, it would not be so easy to pierce through his body.

As for many people, they felt that the sword attack from before had dealt a great deal of damage to Qin Yun!

After dodging more than ten strikes, Qin Yun's fist suddenly shook. The power of lightning and fire surged out like the waves of the ocean. It was Tsunami Technique, the Nine Shock Waves!

"The full mastery of Tsunami Skill, this is the power of the complete mastery of the Xuan Level Martial Arts!"

"Qin Yun is truly powerful. Even some Martial Dao Realm experts are unable to master a Black Level Martial Arts to the great perfection stage!"

"There is no one with such high martial talent!"

Beneath the battling platform, a burst of envious exclamations could be heard.

The shock wave moved forward and spread across the entire battling platform!

The fierce thunder and fire inner strength, one wave after another, surged forward mightily, continuously pushing Ji Kailin back.


The Lightning Sword in Ji Kailin's hand howled as it slashed forward. Lightning shot out, accompanying the shock wave with it, chopping apart the incoming shock wave of thunder and fire.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh!

Ji Kailin broke through the powerful shockwave and sent it in all directions. It brought up a wave of heat waves made from real thunder and fire, bringing with it fiery bolts of lightning that danced about in a magnetic manner, enveloping the entire battling platform.

"It's just a last ditch struggle!"

Ji Kailin was also astounded by Qin Yun's proficient martial arts. He was secretly envious of him because there was no way for him to master a martial arts to such a degree.

Jealousy ignited the anger in his heart. With a hideous expression, he brandished his sword and charged at Qin Yun. His body was wrapped in lightning threads as he produced the roar of a qilin.


Ji Kailin swept out with his sword and the Thunder Pulse Sword swung out!

Countless sword shadows accompanied the flashes of lightning as they flew in all directions. Overlapping each other, they came at Qin Yun.

"Thunder Shadow Sword Art! Inferior Earth class martial art!" Yang Shiyue exclaimed, "Qin Yun, be careful!"

Qin Yun fiercely urged his Internal Supreme Force and circulated his Tsunami Technique. He created shockwaves that were like the roar of the sea as he blocked the descending lightning sword shadows!

However, this was an Earth Realm martial art and it was performed through a Xuan Artifact!

The power was extremely terrifying. Despite using all his strength to fend it off, Qin Yun was still unable to block the layers of lightning sword shadows that came crashing down.

When Ji Kailin attacked earlier, he had also used the Internal Supreme Force!

The thunderous sword shadows and thunderfire shockwaves violently clashed.

Thunderfire and sword shadows covered the entire battling platform.

Sword whistling sounds and thunderous roars mixed together like a storm approaching!

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