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Chapter 325

Ji Xuanzhao stared at the big hole!

His grandson, Ji Kailin, had been burnt to ashes by Qin Yun's punch. He had died to the point that not even the dregs could be seen.

Everyone looked at Ji Xuanzhao, gradually feeling that terrifying aura of the martial dao realm!

"Qin Yun has used a demonic art to kill Ji Kailin!"

"He's really cultivating a demonic art! This is too scary!"

"He cultivates a demonic art, no one can protect him now. If anyone wants to protect him, they will have to be in the company of evil spirits!"

Zhuo Chuan and Lan HuaYu Lan Feng Jin, hurriedly rushed over. However, they were stopped by a few old men from the Saint Palace.

"If you are going to help Qin Yun, we will stop you no matter what!"

Xie Wufeng also ferociously performed his movement technique, flying over but was blocked by Xiao Yanglong!

"Xie Wufeng, are you going to stop Elder Ji from killing the evil demon?" Xiao Yanglong coldly replied, "I will stop you from going over!"

"Hurry up and get out of the way. For Qin Yun, I can risk my life! Do you dare to gamble your life to stop me?" Xie Wufeng said expressionlessly.

Xie Wufeng was also in the martial dao realm and he was also a sword cultivator. Everyone was very clear on his terrifying strength.

Xiao Yanglong hesitated. Clearly, he knew that Xie Wufeng was not easy to deal with!

The palace master of the Western Palace suddenly flew over and said with a sneer, "Xie Wufeng, what about now? Even if you were to put your life on the line, you would not be able to save Qin Yun! See the reality clearly. This is Blue Spirit Star Palace. Qin Yun will not be able to escape!"

Many of the elders from the Blue Spirit Star Palace that were in the Martial Dao Realm moved out to stop Qin Yun's rescuers.

Yang Shiyue was in the distance and the Palace Master of the Eastern Palace was right beside her. It seemed like she didn't want her to interfere!

"Qin Yun, you train in demonic arts and can only be judged! You, go to hell with Ah Lin!" said Ji Xueyan angrily.

Yang Shiyue clenched her fist and the world began to tremble!

The sky was suddenly covered in dark clouds, which then started to shine with a purplish-gold radiance!

Everyone looked up and saw a purple gold moon hanging under the dark clouds!

It was the Moon Martial Spirit! It was the Violet Gold Moon Martial Spirit!

Everyone looked at Yang Shiyue fiercely. She had a cold expression on her face as she shouted to Ji Xuanzhao, "Step back! Otherwise, I will use my Moon Martial Spirit to bury you!"

The purple gold Moon Spirit floating in the air released a terrifying energy that caused the entire Blue Spirit Star Palace to faintly tremble!

This was the terror of a martial spirit bestowed by heaven!

Everyone knew that Yang ShiYue had a divine martial spirit but they only knew that it was Platinum-ranked!

And now, it had actually turned into a purplish-gold color. This meant that her Martial Spirit had evolved!

Only Qin Yun knew that Yang Shiyue's Moon Martial Spirit had successfully evolved after absorbing the power of the spirit soaring stone.

"Yang Shiyue, Qin Yun has used a demonic art. Did you not see that? You will be punished if you shield the demon!" Ji Xuanzhao yelled in anger.

Yang Shiyue coldly said: "To think that you are all from the Blue Spirit Star Palace's martial dao realm, are you all blind? Qin Yun had just used his second martial spirit, Vibration Martial Spirit!"

In the quiet ruins, Yang ShiYue's cold voice echoed. Everyone was dumbfounded like a wooden chicken!

Qin Yun's Purple Gold Thunder martial spirit was extremely terrifying! However, he had a second martial spirit, the Vibration Martial Spirit!

This was dual martial spirits!

Moreover, it was two extremely terrifying martial spirits!

Lan Huayu, Zhuo Chuan and Lan Fengjin, who were at the Martial Dao Realm, looked at Qin Yun with a look of disbelief!

At that moment, everyone recalled that the power Qin Yun had used was indeed filled with vibration!

"This... This is impossible!"

Ji Xuanzhao was already half-convinced, which made him want to kill Qin Yun even more. However, above his head was Yang Shiyue's martial spirit.

If he were to make a move, even if the Moon Martial Spirit were to fall down, it would take his life!

"Qin Yun, he....he actually had dual martial spirits! Doesn't that mean that he cultivates two inner cores?"

"No wonder his strength is so unbelievable. So it turns out he has dual Martial Spirits. This kind of martial artist is very rare!"

"Yang Shiyue knew about this a long time ago, that's why she values him so much!"

"Vibration Martial Spirit, this is a legendary martial spirit!"

Both Martial Spirits were unbelievable! Moreover, both martial spirits were extremely formidable martial spirits, which made people very envious of them.

Ji Xuanzhao said loudly: "His entire body is covered with a black inner force aura, this is not the Vibration Martial Spirit! Only cultivating demonic arts is like this! Yang Shiyue, don't think you can lying to me!"

Qin Yun snorted coldly as his body trembled. A black aura leaked out as the ground immediately shook. He held the Giant King Spirit Hammer in one hand and the Body Securing Talisman in the other as he said coldly, "Then, you want to kill me, right?"

"Qin Yun, you used demonic arts to kill my grandson, I'll definitely execute you!" Ji Xuanzhao remembered Ji Kailin's death and his anger rose to the heavens. He looked at the purple gold moon in the sky, accumulating outrageous power of her Dao core.

The wind and clouds surged, the earth shook and thunder rumbled in the sky!

The purple gold moon radiated a cold purple light, filling the Blue Spirit Star Palace with a solemn and murderous aura!

"Everyone stop!"

Suddenly, a cold shout rang out!

The dense clouds in the sky suddenly rose up and the quaking earth also calmed down.

Yang Shiyue's purple gold moon also gradually shrank. When that pressure came, she had no choice but to retract her Moon Martial Spirit.

The Blue Spirit Star Palace immediately calmed down!

As the thick clouds in the sky dispersed, the light of the nine suns shined on the ruins!

After a moment of silence, a terrifying pressure came crashing over!

The martial arts cultivators floating in the air all landed on the ground!

As long as a martial artist was not in the Martial Dao Realm, they would not be able to stand up straight and could only kneel on one knee!

"Welcome, Grand Palace Master!" Several of the Saint Palace's Martial Dao Realm experts quickly bent their bodies and looked at the middle-aged man in blue who was slowly descending from the sky.

Afterwards, Lan Huayu, the Palace Masters of the four palaces and Ji Xuanzhao immediately bent their bodies and saluted the blue-clothed middle-aged man.

The Grand Palace Master of Blue Spirit Star Palace, was actually this middle-aged man!

Qin Yun had heard from Lan Fengjin that the Palace Master was called Lan Chen!

Lan Chen looked like a middle-aged man but he had lived for many years.

It seemed that he was a bald middle-aged man with an ordinary appearance. However, his terrifying aura forced many ninth level Martial Body cultivators to kneel down on one knee.

Although Qin Yun was at the ninth level Martial Body realm, he was able to withstand the pressure and stand.

At this moment, he was also carefully sizing up Lan Chen.

What shocked him was that there were totem tatoos on Lan Chen's bald head! Those were actually totem inscriptions!

"The Spiritual Martial Palace was built a thousand years ago, how was it destroyed?" Lan Chen looked at Ji Xuanzhao and asked with a dignified tone.

"Grand Palace Master, please make the decision! This guy because his skills were inferior to my grandson Ji Kailin's, he used a devil art and killed my grandson!" Ji Xuanzhao's face was filled with anger and grief.

Lan Chen looked at Qin Yun and said loudly, "You used a demonic art?"

"Not at all!" Qin Yun immediately said, "It's just that his experience is shallow, so he mistakenly thinks that I used a demonic art!"

Lan Chen could not help but squint his eyes when he saw the Heavenly Lion totem on Qin Yun's left arm.

Then, he looked at Xie Wufeng and said, "Wufeng, is this the brother you mentioned to me before? Tell me what happened!"

It was rumored that Lan Chen wanted to take Xie Wufeng as his last disciple!

From the looks of it, it was most likely true!

Xiao Yanglong was secretly jealous in his heart because Xie Wufeng being able to receive Lan Chen's recognition was the dream of Western Palace's disciples.

Xie Wufeng walked over and told Lan Chen everything!

"First Palace Master, what Qin Yun is using is black colored internal energy. It's definitely not some Vibration Martial Spirit!" Ji Xuanzhao hurriedly stepped forward and shouted.

After listening to Xie Wufeng's narration, Lan Chen's face gradually darkened.

Especially when they heard that Xiao Yuelan's cultivation went berserk, the aura couldn't help but to increase, causing all of the Martial Dao Realm cultivators to feel incomparable fear.

Lan Chen looked at Ji Xuanzhao and said angrily, "You people are really going all out for the totem tatoos!"

"It looks like our Blue Spirit Star Palace is like a stray dog. We deserve to have fled to such a place!"

"Grand Palace Master, I know that I was wrong and I am willing to bear all of the responsibilities! However, with Qin Yun using demonic arts, he definitely can not be forgiven. It does not matter if I die but I definitely cannot allow a fiendish demon like him to harm the common people!" Ji Xuanzhao's tone was passionate and full of righteousness.

At that moment, Western Palace's Palace Master came over as well. "Although Qin Yun has joined Western Palace, I wish for Great Palace Master to execute him on the spot and exterminate the fiendish demons!"

Protector Zhang and a few other elders from the Saint Palace came over as well, begging Lan Chen to kill Qin Yun.

Lan Chen closed his eyes and heaved a long sigh, as if he was very angry. He could only hold in his anger as he said, "Ji Xuanzhao, take out your Tranquil Heart Pill!"

Ji Xuanzhao hesitated but still took it out and handed it to Lan Chen.

Lan Chen took it over and said, "I'll go investigate Qin Yun's situation now. If he really cultivates a demonic art, I'll definitely kill him!"

Ji Xuanzhao was delighted as he looked complacently at Qin Yun.

Yang Shiyue's expression was indifferent, as if she was not worried at all.

Xie Wufeng and the others did not say anything when they saw her calm appearance.

The others also stood up. They did not dare to breathe as they watched Lan Chen walk towards Qin Yun.

Lan Chen came in front of Qin Yun and said, "Qin Yun, can you let me check your Vibration Inner Core?"

Before, Qin Yun did not believe Lan Fengjin because she had said that Lan Chen was a pretty good person. He was one of the friendlier ones. From the looks of it, she was indeed right.

"My Vibration Martial Spirit and inner core are both in my heart!" Qin Yun nodded and said.

Everyone was shocked again. The inner core could actually reach the heart!

Even Yang Shiyue did not know about this!

"No wonder Xiao Yanglong almost broke his finger while stabbing Brother Yun's heart. So that's how it is!" Murong Daren said with a smile.

Xiao Yanglong's finger was hurting a bit as he silently cursed out loud.

Lan Chen's face was filled with surprise as he pointed at Qin Yun's throbbing heart.

Just as he was about to touch Qin Yun's heart, his expression changed slightly. It was because he had detected the dragon-tiger totem in Qin Yun's heart!

"Qin Yun has indeed cultivated demonic arts. Great Palace Master, quickly execute him!" Ji Xuanzhao shouted in delight when he saw Lan Chen's expression change.

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