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Chapter 304

Qin Yun, who was lying on the ground, suddenly felt a tenacious life force erupt from his Nether Sun inner core!

This life force was like the rapid growth of the roots, spreading to every part of his body!

In just a short moment, this strong life force pierced deep into his body like the roots of an old tree. It fused with his three great scriptures and connected with three Vajra Inner Cores!

The incomparably vigorous life force rapidly nourished Qin Yun's body, instantly healing the fatigue and wounds on his body.

Finally, he stood up once more!

He was pleasantly surprised to the extreme. The tree totem he had obtained from the Starsun Treasure Tree had finally awakened!

The spirit of the tree is indomitable, tenacious and upward tenacious.

As for Qin Yun, he already had these qualities at an initial stage. Only then did he connect with the tree totem, causing it to suddenly awaken and bestow him with the power of the tree!

At first, everyone thought that Qin Yun had completely collapsed. As long as the time was up, he would be eliminated and because of the severe injuries on his body, he wouldn't be able to participate.

However, Qin Yun miraculously stood up!

His eyes became clear and bright and they shone with determination.

He was full of fighting spirit and his blood seemed to be boiling!

He gripped the two iron lumps tightly and let out a dragon-like explosive roar. Then, he used fire cloud step and began to madly run!

An uproar burst out within the great hall!

Just now, many people had secretly hoped that Qin Yun would be able to create a miracle.

But now, when they saw Qin Yun continue running and succeed in creating a miracle, they were stunned and could not believe it!

"This...." Lan Huanyu looked at Zhuo Chuan in shock. "He's at the Martial Dao Realm?"

Zhuo Chuan shook his head: "He did not break through but somehow, he suddenly came back to life!"

Xie Wufeng's surprised eyes flashed with a hint of a smile, which also eased up a lot.

Huo Zhong smiled and said, "Brother Yun has really survived!"

"This guy is too terrifying. Fortunately, I am not his enemy!" Murong Daren exclaimed.

The incense stick had nearly burnt through in an instant and at the last moment, Qin Yun had completed a hundred laps with two iron weights!

Ji Kailin was beside the runway. He stared at Qin Yun in a daze and fear suddenly arose in his heart. However, it was quickly repressed by his jealousy and hatred!

"Qin Yun has passed this round of competition!" The old man announced in surprise.

Now, the astonished crowd quietened down as they stared at Qin Yun's proud and strong back!

Qin Yun clenched his fist tightly and looked at Ji Kailin. He said coldly, "I will never lower my head to evil. Especially those despicable and sinister fellows. No matter how despicable they are, they will not be able to stop me!"

His determination was truly worthy of respect. Those who had been prejudiced against him had gradually changed their opinion of him!

Elder Du smiled lightly and nodded his head inwardly.

Lan Huayu smiled and said to Zhuo Chuan, "That Qin Yun is indeed a good one. It looks like he still has many secrets on him!"

"I already said I didn't misjudge him! You should know that now. This afternoon will be the second round of the inscription competition. I really look forward to his performance!" Zhuo Chuan laughed.

There was still some time until the afternoon.

There were two hundred people who'd passed this round and all of them would be able to enter the Blue Spirit Saint Palace's Mysterious Pool and soak in it for two hours.

It was said that the Mysterious Pool contained the power of the great dao and was of great help to others in cultivating the great dao life mark.

Those who passed the second round followed an old man in a blue robe into the basement of the Spiritual Martial Palace.

The Mysterious Pool was huge. In the dark basement, it seemed ice-cold.

Two hundred fighters that passed the second round entered the pool wearing their clothes!

In the pool, they could not feel any water but they felt as if their body was being blown by a breeze and it felt very comfortable.

There was no water in the Mysterious Pool. Instead, it was a unique type of energy that was like the wind, drifting about in an incredibly strange manner.

The moment Qin Yun entered the Mysterious Pool, he felt the three Vajra Inner Cores tremble slightly.

"The energy of the Mysterious Pool is indeed useful for cultivating the life marks of the Great Dao! No wonder there are so many martial dao practitioners in the Blue Spirit Saint Palace. It seems it's all thanks to this Mysterious Pool!"

Soaking himself within the Mysterious Pool, he soon felt the benefits it brought him. This was of great help to his cultivating the life mark of the Great Dao.

(TL NOTE : yet he will still not be able to reach next level. because...word count!!!"

When he was pleasantly surprised, he secretly used the Nine Yang Divine Spirit to absorb the energy from the Mysterious Pool.

"I can absorb nine different types of energy!" Qin Yun was delighted as he closed his eyes. He began circulating his cultivation technique and quietly cultivated, absorbing the energy within.

For many martial body level 9 martial artists, the energy of the Mysterious Pool was too helpful to break through!

There wasn't much of that peculiar energy flowing within the Mysterious Pool to begin with. Because there was only two hours of time, everyone was desperately absorbing the spiritual energy.

And the person who absorbed it the fastest was Qin Yun. He had three Vajra Inner Cores and Nine Yang Divine Spirit. Furthermore, he was able to release his primordial spirit!

After the primordial spirit leaves the body, the reaction time for energy becomes clearer. This can increase the absorption speed!

At this moment, everyone was chasing after him, greedily absorbing this strange energy. They all wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to step into the Martial Dao Realm in one go.

However, time did not wait for anyone. Two hours had passed quickly!

"Please leave the Mysterious Pool!" An old man shouted.

Everyone opened their eyes and sighed. Their faces were filled with reluctance as they walked out of the Mysterious Pool.

Even the disciples of the Saint Palace and the other four palaces reluctantly left.

It could be seen that for an outstanding disciple from the Blue Spirit Star palace to enter the sacred pond, they'd have to meet certain conditions.

Those from all walks of life yearned even more to enter the Blue Spirit Star Palace. They all felt that they'd be able to break through if they entered the pool a few more times.

Qin Yun's mood was the same as everyone else. He wanted to stay in the Mysterious Pool for a period of time.

Everyone walked out of the Mysterious Pool and left the Spiritual Martial Palace. They then headed to the nearby Inscription Palace, where the second round of the Inscription Competition was going to be held.

As Qin Yun was the victor of the first round of the weave competition, everyone was looking forward to the results in the second round.

They wanted to see if Qin Yun could successfully pass through the second round!

Just like yesterday, there was a large empty space in the center of the Hall, which was used for the competition between the Inscription Masters.

The number of spectators outside the arena also gradually increased.

Qin Yun and Lan Fengjin had long entered the arena and were waiting for the other Inscription Masters.

"Qin Yun, your performance this morning is truly astonishing! However, does this have any effect on your body?" Lan Fengjin, who was sitting beside Qin Yun, asked out of concern.

"Nothing serious!" Qin Yun smiled. However, he felt somewhat dejected. This was because he could not control the tree totem as he wished. He did not know how he could unleash the power of the tree totem.

The awakened tree totem seemed to have gone silent. There was no movement, nor he could cause it to move.

Lan Fengjin humphed softly, "I wonder if Ji Kailin will do something to you next. The competition this morning was obviously aimed at you!"

"It's fine, they are too evil so i will be righteous!" Qin Yun's expression was indifferent. He did not fear those petty tricks.

All of the Inscriptionists were very punctual and arrived very quickly before the match began.

There were two hundred Inscription Masters participating in this second round.

In the first round, most of those eliminated were only intermediate level Inscriptionists.

The further one went, the higher the level of the Inscriptionists would be.

Before the match began, Lan Huayu explained the rules of the match.

"The second round of the inscription competition is mainly to test the level of your extremely limited talismans! You need to use low rank water spirit marks to make a low rank water gathering talisman within four hours. You could make paper talismans, bone talismans, armor talismans, beast skin talismans. Materials are unlimited. In this round of the tournament, 100 Inscription Masters will be eliminated!"

"All Inscription Masters who can enter the next round will receive a common reward, which is one drop of Star Flame Liquid!"

"The assessment criteria for advancement are based on the weight of the spirit water that is condensed by the Water Gathering Talisman. Only the top 100 Inscription Masters will be able to rank up!"

The second round of the inscription competition was also a group reward.

"Sister Lan, what is Star Flame Liquid?" Qin Yun asked in a low voice. He had also seen many high-ranked inscriptionists being very satisfied with the reward.

"Drip it into the eyeball. It will allow the eyeball to shoot out a strong flame and the flame will not only be able to easily pass through the eye, it will also be strong. When your hands are not very nimble, using your eyes to make a flame, it is also not bad." Lan Fengjin replied in a low voice, "However, this is a very high risk. If we mess up, our eyes might get damaged. Therefore, most people only drip it on their fingers, so that their fingers are not burnt by the raging flames."

"Your Blue Spirit Star Palace truly has many strange things like this!" Qin Yun was secretly impressed. Star Flame Liquid was indeed a pretty good item.

Lan Huayu said in a loud voice, "Everyone, is there anything you don't understand?"

A middle-aged Inscription Master asked, "I am only at the ninth level Martial Body realm. The talismans I craft are definitely inferior to those Inscription Masters at the Martial Dao Realm without the support of the internal energy of the Martial Dao Realm. This seems to be unfair to us ninth level Martial Body cultivators!"

Most of the intermediate level Inscriptionists were at the 9th level Martial Body realm. They all joined in as they felt that this would not be fair to them.

Qin Yun suddenly recalled the matter and began to worry secretly.

"If a high level Inscription Master has a high level of precision in inscribing inscriptions and is skilled in making talisman crafting materials, they can also make up for the quality of talisman creation in various aspects." Lan Huayu said.

Intermediate and high-level Inscriptionists did not have the advantage to begin with. Therefore, those Martial Body Level 9 Intermediate Inscriptionists could only accept this.

"Talisman crafting materials, do I have to produce them on the spot too?" An old man asked.

"Yes! We must produce them on the spot. After all, this is a test of an Inscription Master!" Lan Huayu nodded.

"There's no limit to the materials. Is it okay to use any materials?" Qin Yun asked.

Lan Huayu smiled and said, "As long as you have the ability, you can even make it with a piece of stone!"

At this moment, everyone could tell that the pressure on Qin Yun was immense. He was also at the ninth level Martial Body realm. The power of his inner core was definitely far inferior to that of a Martial Dao cultivator.

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