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Chapter 303

As they ran, they would collide with each other.

The Saints of the Blue Spirit did this kind of training frequently and were adept at collision techniques as well. This match was in their favor!

Sure enough, Ji Kailin and the other saints released an air shield to protect their own bodies and knocked away many martial artists.

The martial artist that was struck away fell to the ground and was stepped on again. If they weren't careful, they would be injured!

It had to be known that this time, the warrior was carrying twenty thousand pounds of iron in each hand. The weight of his body could be imagined. After being stepped on, his injuries were extremely severe.

Qin Yun stood at the starting line. His two iron lumps had already become heavier. Just thinking about how difficult it would be for him to run a hundred laps with an 80,000 jin weight!

Originally, Qin Yun had a high chance of winning the round.

But now, he had encountered such an incident. It made people secretly suspect that the Blue Spirit Saint Palace had secretly set a hand on Qin Yun in order to obstruct him from entering the second round!

Xie Wufeng sighed with regret, "There's no hope for Brother Yun to win now. Thankfully he participated in the Inscription Competition, so he can now focus on it too!"

Lan Fengjin cursed in a low voice, "Ji Kailin and his group are really treacherous. Let me seize this opportunity and teach them a good lesson!"

Murong Daren said helplessly, "The reason for this convention was to let Blue Spirit Saint Palace show their power. And the appearance of Brother Yun had stolen their limelight. If the final victor was not Saint palace, then there would be no meaning in this convention of the Blue Spirit Saint Palace!"

There was a trace of hope in Huo Zhong's eyes as he whispered, "Who knows, maybe Brother Yun can create a miracle?"

"Impossible! That is close to a hundred thousand jin. If he was given the time of an incense stick, it might be possible. But now, with only half an incense's time left, it is clear that this kind of punishment does not want him to pass this round's competition!" Lan Fengjin shook her head and sighed.

Originally, there were four or five hundred martial artists running up there but now there were only three hundred people left. Nearly two hundred people were injured in the collision and had to withdraw from the competition.

Most of the people running on the field were a lot slower.

The few Saints and disciples from the four palaces were running fast and steady. They were just panting.

Thirty percent of the incense stick had been burnt.

After 50 laps of running, the disciples of the four palaces and Saint palace were almost half done!

It had to be said that in all aspects, they were stronger than the Xuan Level Martial Academies and the ninth level martial artists from all walks of life.

Everyone looked at the many exhausted warriors on the road and sighed.

Especially those who were only at the seventh or eighth level Martial Body. They were all asking themselves if they would be able to pass this trial if they stepped into the ninth level Martial Body realm!

Half an incense stick of time was almost up. The disciples of Blue Spirit Star Palace had run around 80 to 90 laps. Xue Ziye also managed to last until here but she ran slower!

There were also many martial artists that could last until this stage. There were more than 200 of them. However, at the beginning, there were five hundred people, with less than half remaining.

After half an incense stick of time had passed, Ji Kailin had run a hundred laps. He was the first person to complete the test.

He stood at the starting line proudly and looked at Qin Yun, who was waiting to start running!

"Qin Yun, you should give up. And honestly participate in the Inscription Competition!" Ji Kailin's sneer was filled with arrogance and pride.

At this time, the other saints had also finished their work.

The saint that framed Qin Yun had successfully completed a hundred laps. It was clear that he had not been stepped on!

Qin Yun looked at them and felt even more incensed. In order to make these people who used dirty tricks feel proud, he would never give up. He would never admit defeat. He would never be afraid!

"Even if I have to crawl, I will not lower my head to you dregs after a hundred laps!" His tone was filled with determination and his eyes were filled with stubbornness and determination. He was unwilling to admit defeat.

"Qin Yun, begin!" the old man shouted.

The bystanders immediately jolted and looked at Qin Yun!

Qin Yun immediately carried two iron weights of forty thousand Jin each. Gritting his teeth, he began running.

He did not have much time left, so he had to run a hundred laps in one go.

He could not conserve any strength from the very beginning!

While running, he used the inner strength of three vajra inner cores and even used his mental force to lift the two lumps of iron to reduce their weight!

From the very beginning, his speed had been extremely fast, which had surprised many people!

"He is betting everything on this one throw, using all his strength to run. This is igniting the energy in his body, he won't be able to last much longer!" Lan Fengjin felt her heart ache as she stared at Qin Yun, who refused to admit defeat. That determination had deeply infected her.

Xie Wufeng watched on expressionlessly, his eyes filled with rage. He could deeply feel that Qin Yun was infuriated because of the injustice he had suffered. It was all planned by Ji Kailin and company!

Ji Kailin and the others did not dare to look towards Xie Wufeng's direction but they could feel Xie Wufeng's sharp sword intent enveloping them!

Xue Ziye had completed a hundred laps as well. She was sweating profusely as she sat to the side panting. She saw Qin Yun walk past her and shouted softly, "Qin Yun, I believe that you will succeed. You must believe in yourself as well! If you lose, it will be Ji Kailin's victory."

Qin Yun, who was running, looked at her and nodded!

Xue Ziye smiled gently at him, her sincere smile full of encouragement.

Although her smile was a bit stiff, it was the purest, simplest, most sincere and incomparably beautiful that it was hard to believe she didn't like to show emotion!

Half of the incense was burnt and only Qin Yun was left on the track!

He ran 80 laps in one breath. This had shocked everyone!

One must know that if he had only carried an ordinary iron weight, he would have completed a hundred laps with this kind of strength and speed!

This power had already surpassed the likes of Ji Kailin and the other saints!

Qin Yun pushed his potential to it's limits as he gritted his teeth. Carrying the weights, he ran. He could feel his footsteps getting heavier and heavier, and his body getting heavier.

"His potential is too terrifying! Is he finally tired?"

"To be able to achieve such a feat, even if I were to lose, I will still feel honored!"

"If the iron weight in his hands were the same as the others, he would definitely complete a hundred rounds early!"


Qin Yun's legs were sore as he suddenly fell forward. He was lying on the ground! He was still short of fifteen laps!

However, both his physical strength and time were completely insufficient!

"I must stand up, I must not lose to those bastards!" Qin Yun gritted his teeth and bellowed. His powerful willpower caused the three Vajra Inner Core to revolve frantically.

His primordial spirit fused with Vajra inner cores and went out of his and the three strands of his primordial spirit flew out of his body to crazily absorb the nine suns' spiritual energy!

Qin Yun felt the energies enter his body as he slowly stood up. However, his body was still extremely heavy. He felt as though he was shouldering a gigantic mountain. He could not move at all.

"There are still fifteen laps!" He looked at the stick of incense. There wasn't much left.


Qin Yun bellowed. It was unknown where the energy came from but it allowed him to once again run!

"He can still run! Where did this power come from?"

"I have no choice but to admire him. He knows full well that it's impossible but he still has to complete this part of the journey!"

"Sigh, if he didn't meet with that kind of situation at the beginning, he would have definitely passed through it easily!"

The onlookers in the hall were infected by Qin Yun's unyielding mind. They sighed with regret.

Although Zhuo Chuan had followed Qin Yun here, he had only sent him to the entrance before going to the Inscription hall. Therefore, he was not here. When he and Lan Huanyu learned of Qin Yun's situation, they immediately rushed over.

The moment Zhuo Chuan arrived, he shouted at Qin Yun, "Qin Yun, you are overdrawing your own life. If this carried on, it will have a great impact on your foundation. It might even affect your cultivation to the Martial Dao Realm!"

Stepping into the Martial Dao Realm was the pursuit of a Martial Body Level 9 cultivator. If it really had a huge impact, then he should give up to avoid trouble in the future!

"Qin Yun, you've lost here. You still have the Inscription Competition! With your strength, you'll definitely be able to get a good result in the tournament!" Lan Fengjin quickly persuaded.

Qin Yun had gone mad from surpassing his limits. His body had been tormented to a sorry state as blood began gushing out from his skin.

Even so, he still wanted to carry the two iron weights and continue running forward.

"Not good, this is the sign of Qi deviation!" Lan Huayu hastily said, "His thoughts right now are too extreme. This is very disadvantageous to him!"

Qin Yun's eyes were bloodshot. His body was covered in blood and looked extremely terrifying. The most frightening thing was, even with his appearance, he was still able to carry the iron weights and continue running!

"Grandfather, what should we do?" Lan Fengjin was very anxious, "Quickly go and stop him!"

Xie Wufeng looked at Qin Yun and sighed. "This can only depend on him. I hope that he will suddenly come to his senses. If we try to forcefully save him, it will only make his situation worse."

Lan Huayu nodded and said, "That's right. This will all depend on him!"

Soon, Qin Yun ran another ten laps. There were still five laps left!

"Oh god, it's too scary! Is he even human? With a cultivation at the 9th level Martial Body realm, he is able to carry an 80,000 jin iron weight and quickly ran 95 laps!"

"He can give up now that he's done it. Even if he loses, no one will laugh at him!"

"Brother Yun, you've done well!" Huo Zhong shouted, "Stop it right now. If you continue like this, you will really be destroyed!"

Lan Fengjin, Xie Wufeng, Murong Daren, Qin Yun's friends were trying to persuade him to give up. This was because if he continued persisting, his bones would scatter.


Qin Yun was so tired that he crawled to the ground. He half opened his eyes and looked at the incense that was only half an inch away. He could not burn it for much longer.

"Have I really lost? To lose again to injustice, to lose to these powerful figures?" He sighed to himself as he looked at his friends and suddenly realized that he wasn't alone anymore.

The current him, with friends to encourage him, friends to care for him, teachers to guide him, all of this was very bright!

"I must win!" A heroic spirit suddenly rose in his heart, surging with vigor.

The tree totem that had been attached to the nether sun inner core suddenly awakened.

(TL NOTE : "NAKAMA NO THAMENI THATAKHAOU!!!! ORE TACHI WA FAIRY TAIL DAAAAAA!!!!" yeah......i see what you did there author....)

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