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Chapter 305

The amount of energy a talisman could contain was limited. If it could contain the energy of a Martial Dao Realm cultivator, then it would be much stronger than a 9th layer Martial Body cultivator.

It was not only Qin Yun. The other Inscriptionists who were at the ninth level Martial Body also had heavy hearts.

They felt that they would be satisfied if they could make it through the second round. They didn't want to be washed out here.

"Qin Yun, are you confident?" Lan Fengjin asked softly. She also hoped that Qin Yun would be able to reach the end.

Qin Yun was a high-ranked Inscription Master but he had the foundation of the ninth level Martial Body!

Forget about the others, even he himself knew that he wouldn't be able to make it through this round if he didn't have a countermeasure.

At this moment, he was thinking of a way to deal with it!

"I don't know either. I can only give it a try!" Qin Yun sighed softly.

The tools he used to create materials and inscribe spirit inscriptions were all provided by others.

It was only when he was using the Mental Resonance Xuan Pen that he could raise the level of detail!

A 9th level Martial Body inscription master, if they wanted to make up for their weakness, they could only put effort into the degree of detail as well as the materials.

Someone came up and began distributing the carving knives. The furnace and the hammer were the same as the day before, they were always placed on the stage.

"There shouldn't be any other problems!" After Lan Huayu finished speaking, he paused for a moment. No one asked any more questions, so he shouted, "Then let's begin!"

He flipped over a large hourglass and began to count.

At first, the Inscription Masters were busy.

The materials they used were all things they brought with them.

Some people used the beast skins of spirit beasts, while others used the armor or bones of beasts.

Most of them used these three materials.

These materials were all very tough and could contain a great deal of energy.

Those who were watching the competition felt that it was a complete waste of natural resources.

It was because it was too much of a waste to use such good materials to carve low quality water talisman!

"Now, Qin Yun has no other choice! The other Inscription Masters who are at the ninth level Martial Body have faces of despair. They should not be able to enter the next round!"

"Qin Yun has just entered the ninth level Martial Body realm. His internal energy is definitely weaker than those of the middle-aged and elderly who are at the ninth level of the Martial Body realm. He will definitely not be able to enter the next round!"

"That might not be the case. Qin Yun is still very strong. Furthermore, his flame is purple gold and he possesses the Heavenly Lion Totem Arm!"

"That's right, the Heavenly Lion Totem might be of great help to him!"

Everyone had different opinions on whether Qin Yun would be able to enter the next round.

In the arena, Qin Yun took out a Spirit Beast Bone and placed it in the furnace.

Then, he took out the blue Royal Grade Bone Steel.

"Isn't that Royal Grade Bone Steel? What is he doing!?"

"Where did he get the Royal Grade Bone Steel? This sort of thing is extremely precious. It's impossible to refine it with a high level Inscription Master!"

"He's really going all out just to get a promotion!"

This caused many Inscription Masters to be surprised!

Royal Grade Bone Steel was something that Qin Yun had refined himself. He had been able to forge it long ago!

Lan Huayu was also very surprised. He didn't expect that someone would actually take out the Royal Grade Bone Steel as the base material! He looked at Zhuo Chuan at the side of the field and assumed that it was Zhuo Chuan who had given it to him.

Zhuo Chuan spread out his hands and smiled, indicating that he wasn't the one who gave it to him.

Lan Fengjin knew that Qin Yun could forge Royal grade bone steel but she never expected that Qin Yun would use it to craft talismans!

When making spirit talismans, adding a little bit of bone steel was also possible. This allowed the spirit talisman to contain more energy.

Of course, even if Qin Yun were to add the Royal grade bone steel, the talismans he refined would still be lacking compared to those of the Martial Dao Realm.

After all, those Martial Dao Realm Inscriptionists were also trying their best to limit the talisman crafting process.

Qin Yun had no other options. All he could do was raise the precision of the materials and spirit marks.

The materials needed to increase the crafting of talismans were relatively easy. As for the degree of fineness, that was much more difficult!

Qin Yun was not the only one worried about the details. The other high-ranked inscriptionists were equally worried.

This was because the inscriptions they were using were all very ordinary and low grade spirit artifacts.

The carving knives they used in the past had all been used for a long time and they were already very familiar with them.

In this way, the level of detail of a high ranked Inscription Master would decrease greatly when they inscribed spirit inscriptions.

"It seems like during normal times, one can't rely too much on a good carving knife to inscribe spirit marks. One also has to have a very solid foundation!" Qin Yun suddenly thought of this.

If he had a solid foundation and used a good carving knife, then the precision would also increase!

Qin Yun also planned to spend more time in the future to use ordinary carving knives to inscribe spirit marks and practice on them.

He was a bit nervous and didn't know if he could make it into the third round.

He really wanted to enter the final round and see if there was anything good there.

Right now, he was stuck at the bottleneck of the 9th level Martial Body. He didn't know how he could break through this bottleneck, hence he wanted to see whether the final reward would help him step into the Martial Dao Realm.

Although Qin Yun was at the ninth level martial body, his flames were extremely special and powerful. They were released through the mysterious Nethersun martial spirit.

The Nether Sun Martial Spirit was also a martial spirit bestowed by the heavens and it was the most mysterious kind!

Not only could he use the Nether Sun Martial Spirit to release fire, he could also use the Purple Thunder Martial Spirit to release purple fire. Then, he could merge the two together to conceal the special aura of the Nether Sun.

Using the Nethersun Purple Flame to burn the material can be done quickly.

As such, the first person to open the furnace to retrieve the materials was Qin Yun.

"Royal Grade Bone Steel is that easy to forge?"

Many of the Inscription Masters were surprised by this!

However, when they recalled that Qin Yun had the Heavenly Lion Totem as well as the Purple Gold Fire Martial Spirit, they did not say much.

After Qin Yun melted some Royal grade bone steel and a piece of spirit beast bone, he placed it on the forging platform and began forging.

He used the Six Style Forging Hammer but this time it was not as fierce as before.

This was because he needed to conserve enough energy to inscribe spirit marks.

Royal Grade Bone Steel and a large piece of spirit beast bone turned into a thin hard bone board under Qin Yun's rapid forging.

It looked like a blue crystal and was very beautiful.

"What is drawn here is a low rank water mark. This kind of spirit mark is very simple. You only need to inscribe it on both sides of the bone talisman! If it is performed well, it might be able to increase the degree of fineness!"

Qin Yun picked up the carving knife and infused the power of his Blood Soul.

He suddenly felt that this carving knife wasn't as bad as he had imagined. It was quite easy to use.

"Although this carving knife is very low-end, it is not that difficult to use. What is going on?"

Qin Yun infused more Blood Soul Power into it and surprisingly, it felt extremely smooth.

"Could it be that I'm already used to using the Xuan Pen, so it can even give me an even more carefree feeling?"

He closed his eyes and began to rest.

Previously, when he was making the materials, his speed was very fast. This gave him some time to rest, which allowed him to adjust his condition even better.

When inscribing spirit inscriptions, the mental state has a great influence on the degree of fineness.

If a person's mind was exhausted and then went to inscribe spirit marks, then the spirit marks would also be tired, which also meant that the degree of finesse would be extremely poor.

The aura it exuded would also give off a feeling of lifelessness.

The hourglass was already half empty. Two hours had passed!

The other Inscription Masters had only just finished making the materials!

As for Qin Yun, he had dozed off for a short period of time and was filled with energy!

Upon seeing this, many Inscription Masters gnashed their teeth. They were especially envious of Qin Yun's skill in producing materials.

They all thought that he had reached the level of a high-level inscriptionist and even surpassed the level of a high-level inscriptionist.

Of course, Qin Yun was now a high-ranked Inscription Master. However, many people did not know about it!

"I want to focus all of my mental power on the carving knife! I will wholeheartedly use the Imperial Spirit Technique and control the carving knife to make minute movements!"

Qin Yun focused his mind and used Imperial Spirit Art to control the carving knife.

It was a good thing that the low rank water marks did not require too much blood soul power. Otherwise, he would not be able to withstand it!

Low-grade water marks were common spirit marks and would not be covered up when drawing.

At this moment, many people were also able to personally witness the process of carving the Dark lines.

When Qin Yun is inscribing the spirit mark, he is extremely serious.

Everyone could tell at a glance that he seemed to have thrown everything into it!

This was Qin Yun's first time using the Imperial Spirit Technique in conjunction with his hand movements.

Then, he would control the carving knife and begin inscribing spirit marks.

As a result, he was able to control the tip of the blade very precisely, allowing it to slide slightly.

Zhuo Chuan watched from the side and said, "To improve precision, you not only need to control the carving knife well, you also need to have a deep understanding of the spirit marks."

"That's because the rough lines of spirit marks are all about the same but it's impossible to see how precise the most precise spirit inscriptions are when they're imprinted on paper. It's all due to the comprehension ability of an Inscription Master."

"The deeper your understanding of spirit marks, the more you will be able to clearly understand how to be precise."

"Sometimes, when two groups of spirit inscriptions are compared, it looks the same but the degree of detail is greatly different. This is because the spirit marks are very, very minute lines that can't be seen with the human eye."

When everyone heard this, they didn't understand what was going on. They felt even more admiration for the Inscription Masters and also understood why they were unable to become an Inscription Master.

This was because it required innate talent and a keen perception of the mysterious inscriptions.

Qin Yun was the fastest at creating materials but he was extremely slow at inscribing spirit marks.

He held the carving knife in his hand and gathered the power of the Blood Soul onto the tip of the blade!

After a long while, it was only on that bone board that he drew a very small arc.

As for the other Inscription Masters, they were about to complete one of their spirit marks!

Qin Yun also wanted to be fast but he just could not be fast.

This was because when he was using the Imperial Spirit Art and the Carving Knife to carve the low rank water marks in his mind, the tip of the knife would move without him realizing it. It was a very strange feeling.

He felt as if his spirit and the carving knife had fused together as he consciously followed the lines of the water mark.

The process of walking was very slow, as if there was a specific path. If one was not careful, it would derail itself.

"No, I have to speed up or else I won't be able to finish it!"

Qin Yun also knew that the state he was in was very good. He would definitely be able to increase its precision but it would take a lot of time.

Helpless, he could only weaken the Imperial Spirit Technique, allowing the carving knife to move a bit faster.

Not long after, many Inscription Masters completed the creation of the Water Gathering Talisman.

Only Qin Yun and a few intermediate level Inscription Masters had not completed it. As for Qin Yun, he was the slowest.

At the scene, Lan Huayu had already begun inspecting the water talismans of the other Inscription Masters.

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