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Chapter 302

Qin Yun also looked at Lan Huayu in surprise. He did not know that he had forged top-grade bone steel!

"Elder Lan, are you sure this is true?" someone asked, full of doubt.

"It's true but this is a lowest quality top grade bone steel. However, this is much better than high grade bone steel!" Lan Huayu was very sure that with his experience, he wouldn't be wrong.

At this moment, many Inscription Masters walked over and one by one took the piece of top-grade bone steel that weighed several hundred jin. After they came into contact with each other, they were speechless and could only return to their seats in embarrassment.

They, these proud old Inscriptionists, were actually surpassed by a little imp!

"Humph!" Ji Kailin also grunted in jealousy. He also wanted to become an Inscription Master but he didn't have that kind of talent.

Learning the inscriptions was something he envious of!

Lan Huayu quickly finished weighing the other High Grade Bone Steels.

Below Qin Yun, the heaviest was only a little more than three hundred jins. Without Qin Yun, his standards would be considered very high.

The High Grade Bone Steel forged by Lan Fengjin weighed 260 jins and was also quite good. It was ranked seventh!

"This round's competition is over. Qin Yun has obtained first place. He has received the reward of the Blue Spirit Saint Palace's medium-grade Spirit Inscriptions, Wind Controlling Inscription!" Lan Huayu announced loudly, causing many of the Inscription Masters to be stunned as they looked enviously at Qin Yun.

Wind Controlling Inscription was a very practical inscription.

If he were to carve on some equipment, he would be able to fly. If he combined it with the flying beast totem inscriptions on same equipment, he would be able to fly faster and better.

For many Inscription Masters, even obtaining a low-grade Wind Controlling inscription was not bad, much less a mid-grade one!

Everyone was secretly amazed at how generous the Blue Spirit Saint Palace was. If the Wind Controlling Inscription was rewarded in the first round, what would happen in the second round?

Qin Yun took the beast skin and kept it without even looking at it. Then, he immediately thanked him.

After the first round ended, the crowd left the main hall, all sorts of shocked expressions on their faces.

Qin Yun was very tired. He followed Zhuo Chuan to the forest of Lan Huayu.

After returning to a small house, Qin Yun hurriedly entered his room and quickly fell asleep.

When Lan Huayu and Lan Fengjin returned, they saw Zhuo Chuan sitting on a stone chair by the entrance. He was looking at the top-grade bone steel forged by Qin Yun.

"Old Zhuo, if it was you, would you be able to forge top-grade bone steel out of high-grade materials in such a short period of time?" Lan Huayu asked with a trace of surprise on his face.

Zhuo Chuan shook his head. "I don't know. I have never focused on such things. Even if it's possible, I might not be able to match up to Qin Yun!"

Lan Fengjin was surprised, "You can't even do that? I thought this would be an easy task for you!"

Lan Huayu said with a frown, "I can do it but at most, I can only forge out six hundred pounds of top-grade bone steel. I'm not much stronger than Qin Yun. Because I am stronger than him to begin with. If he had my cultivation, he would have definitely surpassed me!"

"Grandfather, is the matter of forging materials really that important to an Inscription Master? When the match ended, I also heard many old inscriptionists say that being able to forge the materials well doesn't necessarily mean that you're an exceptional inscriptionist. The most important thing is to inscribe the spirit marks!" Lan Fengjin asked in a low voice.

Lan Huanyu smiled. "Are you not convinced with Qin Yun? That was why you had such a thought? Do you think that the materials forged by Qin Yun are of no great use?"

Lan Fengjin's face puffed up as she nodded slightly. She also knew that Qin Yun being able to forge a Royal grade bone steel was a very shocking thing!

"This kid, he's already so terrifying before the age of twenty! It makes me feel like I've lived for nothing!" Lan Fengjin pouted and snorted.

It was only in front of her own grandfather that she looked like a little girl.

Lan Huayu said with a stern face, "Little Jin, you must know that crafting materials is the most basic part of an Inscription Master. Now, all of you think that you can buy high-grade bone steel, top-grade bone steel and even royal grade bone steel directly but what about after that? Some Royal Grade spirit artifacts or Xuan Artifacts will need to be strictly refined according to the blueprints."

"For example, some Royal Grade spirit weapon blueprints require the use of Royal Grade Bone Steel Brick that weighs over a thousand pounds to be refined. If you do not meet the requirements and are inscribing spirit inscriptions or use them in the future, it is very easy for problems to arise."

Zhuo Chuan nodded and said, "Also, there are some spirit artifacts that require special materials to refine. If you don't find the materials to buy, you can only refine them yourself!"

Lan Huayu sighed, "In the periphery, there are many Inscription Masters that do not value refining materials because they are too short-sighted. As for the Martial Desolate, if you don't pass in terms of refining materials, there's no way you can become a Spirit Inscription Master!"

"In the Spirit level Inscription master exam, there are materials to be refined!" Zhuo Chuan smiled and said, "Little girl, if you want to become a Spirit Level Inscriptionist, then you have to put in a bit more effort in this area!"

Lan Huayu asked doubtfully, "It's impossible for Qin Yun to have self-taught in the Dao of Inscriptions, right? There must be a great master guiding him, otherwise he wouldn't have paid so much attention to the forging of the ingredients. Even if it was me, I would sometimes neglect to make up for my lack of guidance in the forging of the ingredients!"

At this time, Lan Fengjin clearly understood the importance of refining materials.

Qin Yun was resting inside his room. He did not know that they were talking about him outside and was sleeping soundly.

The next morning, his door was knocked. After he got up and opened the door, he saw Zhuo Chuan.

"The second round of the martial arts competition has begun!" Zhuo Chuan chuckled and said: "One round a day, you will participate in two matches. One in the morning, one in the afternoon, you will be tired!"

Qin Yun said with a wry smile, "There's no other way. Since I've already participated, I can only try my best to reach the end!"

He changed into a clean set of white clothes and followed Zhuo Chuan to the Spiritual Martial Palace.

Currently, no one knew what the second round would be. All the warriors who entered the Spiritual Martial Palace were looking forward to it.

Everyone only knew that entering the fifth round was the real martial arts competition. That was the most interesting part!

After Qin Yun arrived, he came into contact with various kinds of gazes. There was jealousy, respect, envy, disdain and mockery.

This was different from yesterday because yesterday, many people did not think well of him.

But today, many people had a change in their opinion of him, especially his performance in the inscription competition, which was hard to forget.

A lot of people had been eliminated yesterday, so the number of people participating today was much fewer.

An old man was responsible for presiding over the second round of the competition. He said in a clear voice, "Today's martial arts competition will be a test of your speed and endurance. Each of you will carry twenty thousand jin of iron weights and run around the hall."

"In the time it takes to burn an incense stick, one must run at least a hundred laps. The ones who can last until the end will then enter the next round with an unidentified number of people. Those who can make it into the next round will be able to soak in our Spirit Saint Palace's Mystical pool for two hours!"

This was a reward everyone could earn and this made all the candidates secretly excited.

It could be seen that iron weights were meant for the disciples to train with. Each of them was only the size of a bucket but they weighed twenty thousand jin. There were spirit marks on them to increase the weight and as long as there was energy inside, they would be heavy.

Five hundred warriors, each holding two iron weights, stood orderly on the track, ready to run!

In the middle of the runway of the Spiritual Martial Palace, there was a large group of people. It was extremely crowded and there were even collisions!

"In the process of running, collisions are inevitable. As long as there are no battles, collisions are allowed! " The old man said.

Many martial practitioners began to complain because it was very disadvantageous to them.

The disciples of the Blue Spirit Saint Palace had been training like this often and had definitely mastered a variety of methods to collide with each other.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Suddenly, someone shouted. It was a youth dressed in a golden-blue outfit. It was a Blue Spirit Saint. He was standing beside Qin Yun.

"Qin Yun is deliberately stepping on my foot!" the saint shouted with an angry look on his face.

Qin Yun was slightly infuriated as he said, "I did not. He is framing me!"

He really did not step on it!

"Carrying two iron weights is more than 40,000 pounds, stepping on them would be too painful!" Ji Kailin said angrily with a cold voice, "Qin Yun, you definitely did it on purpose! Elder, please punish him!"

"Elder, please punish Qin Yun!" The other saints also made a sound.

Qin Yun held the two iron lumps tightly and wanted to throw them backwards!

This group of saints actually joined together to frame him!

Because everyone was gathered together, waiting to start running, it was hard to see if it was true!

Xie Wufeng, Lan Fengjin and company, who were outside the arena, were secretly infuriated. They obviously knew that Qin Yun had been framed!

"Qin Yun, although collisions and trampling are possible, this is only limited to running. It has not begun yet!" The elder that was the host of the competition walked over and said with a cold expression.

As soon as the old man came over, the Blue Spirit Saint quickly took off his shoes and socks. He saw that his feet were swollen and deeply sunken down. It was obvious that he had been stepped on!

"I didn't step on his feet!" Qin Yun looked angrily at the Blue Spirit Saint and said with gritted teeth.

"The facts speak louder than the truth. If you didn't step on me, then why was my foot injured so badly?" the saint asked angrily.

Qin Yun did not know what was going on but he was certain that it had been premeditated. Otherwise, these saints wouldn't have come so close to him.

"Alright, stop it! Qin Yun, I'll take it that you did it unintentionally but I still have to punish you. You wait till the time it takes for you to burn half an incense stick before you start running." After the old man finished speaking, he turned around and walked back and shouted, "Prepare to start!"

Qin Yun was taken aback as the anger in his heart burned crazily.

The group of saints had succeeded!

He looked at Ji Kailin and the others' complacent smiles and the rage in his heart almost rose!


Other than Qin Yun, the other martial artists began running. They were running madly on the track!

To martial artists at the ninth level Martial Body realm, it was extremely difficult to run with a twenty thousand jin iron weights in their hands. Especially in an incense stick, running a hundred laps was a test of endurance and perseverance!

As for Qin Yun, he was going to run a hundred laps with two forty thousand jin weights in half an incense stick of time. This was impossible!

(TL NOTE : who wants to bet that these retards pulled this crap against a power they could not afford to offend and then got crushed by them? is it any wonder they had to run like defeated dogs and come to border region?)

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