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Chapter 281

Meng FeiLing simply changed into a set of clothes and led Qin Yun out of the building. Just as they left, they saw Meng Tao flying over.

"Crown Prince, magical beasts have arrived but not many. Just a few of them are Class 9 Magical Beasts!" Meng Tao said, "We can easily deal with them."

Qin Yun had guessed that it wouldn't be long before the magical beasts would attack. In less than a day, the magical beasts had arrived.

"These magical beasts are here to scout out the path! It seems like Xia Yusen and the rest are really the culprits!" Qin Yun said with a sneer, "When the magical beasts attack the city, the first thing they have to do is to send an Inscription Master to the heart of the array. This way, it'll be more convenient for them to tamper with the array!"

Meng Tao looked to the sky. Although Xia Yusen and the others had been captured, he still felt terrified just thinking about it.

"Old Meng, I'll go to the core of the formation and stand guard there. A large group of magical beasts might arrive in the next two to three days. The Great Elder of the Divine Inscription Palace wouldn't be able to arrive so quickly. Before they come, the most important thing is for us to guard the city well!" Qin Yun said.

"Alright, leave the outside to us!" Meng Tao nodded and said to Meng Fei Ling, "FeiLing, bring the crown prince along and accompany him there. That way, he won't feel so bored!"

"En!" Meng Fei said with a smile before pulling Qin Yun to a large mountain in the middle of the manor.

Qin Yun followed Meng FeiLing into a cave. Through a passageway in the cave, they came to a spacious stone room on the ground.

The circular stone room was about two hundred meters wide. There were many special crystals on the ground that formed many patterns.

In the middle, there was a large box, which was used to store crystal coins.

In normal times, the large array could absorb the spirit energy from the spirit spring on the ground and turn it into energy, maintaining the operation of the large array.

If the barrier released by the array was attacked by a strong power, the array would absorb the energy from the crystal coins in the box to make the barrier stronger.

The tax collected by Demon Imperial City was mainly used to maintain the operation of the great formation.

"As long as these formations aren't damaged, I don't need much energy to maintain them." Qin Yun looked at the array seriously and said, "One thing I need to note is that when the array is in operation, there cannot be any energy blockages. The moment it is clogged, I need to clear it in time. Otherwise, it will cause problems throughout the entire array!"

"Then is there a problem with this array now? Even though Xia Yusen and the rest have been at the King's Manor for a few days, we haven't allowed them to enter!" Meng FeiLing said.

"It's a good thing that you didn't let them in, otherwise they might have endangered the city!" Qin Yun heaved a sigh of relief. "If they had done something, it would be impossible to tell for a short period of time!"

"Who sent them? Did they ally with the beastmen? I feel that they are not qualified enough to do this kind of thing. There should be a huge force backing them!" Meng FeiLing was puzzled. "The scariest thing is that they can ally with the beastmen!"

Qin Yun often thought of this question as well. He frowned and said with a sigh, "I don't know either, so this matter is extremely important. If there are so many people like Xia Yusen who can blend into a city, it would be too scary!"

"We can only wait for the Great Elder of the Divine Inscription Palace to come here and interrogate Xia Yusen. They should have a way to interrogate him!" Meng FeiLing said as she followed behind Qin Yun.

As Qin Yun walked, he released his mental force to check on the situation. This allowed him to discover the blockage in advance and deal with it as soon as possible. It would not damage the array.

More than two hours later, Qin Yun did not discover any major problems. Instead, there were some minor problems, such as where the spirit marks intersected, the energies were too chaotic and clashed with each other.

"Nothing much to do now! If the formation is activated, I will pay more attention!" Qin Yun smiled and sat on a stone chair beside the stone room.

Meng FeiLing took out the high grade spirit whip and pouted, "Xiao Yun, even if a magical beast comes, I still have to stay here and accompany you. I can't go out and fight a magical beast. I really want to try this whip!"

"We will have a chance in the future!" Qin Yun said with a smile, "By the way, don't go around saying that I'm a high-ranked Inscription Master. I don't want to advertise it for the time being!"

Meng FeiLing quickly nodded and laughed: "Little Yun, you are worried that a lot of people will come to you for help in refining right? This is what my great-uncle and the others planned to do, they were just too embarrassed to speak out!"

"Don't worry, when I have time, I will help your Meng Family refine a few spirit artifacts!" Qin Yun said.

"You don't need to refine a high-grade spirit artifact. A middle-grade spirit artifact is enough. At that time, our Meng Family will not treat you unfairly. We will use the magical beast crystal eggs as compensation!" Meng Fei Ling grinned as she touched Qin Yun's face.

Qin Yun looked around and found the environment wasn't bad. He said, "Sister FeiLing, why don't I forge artifacts here!? What kind of spirit weapon does your Meng Family want, can you make the decision?"

Meng FeiLing quickly nodded, "Of course I can! Besides, no matter what type of spirit artifact you forge, your great-uncle and the others will accept it with a smile! You must know that in these days of chaos and disorder, the Inscription Masters have become even more popular!"

Before refining, Qin Yun had to forge a furnace for himself.

As long as he had the opportunity, he would collect materials for artifact forging, such as animal bones and spirit iron. Therefore, his materials were quite abundant, allowing him to refine many spirit artifacts.

Especially rank 8 or 9 Magical Beast bones, which could be refined into high quality talismans without the need of adding bone steel. If one didn't want to pursue the ultimate perfection, then one would not need bone steel at all.

Qin Yun mixed the remaining top-grade bone steel into a small amount of Royal Grade bone steel before fusing it with a large amount of animal bones. He used it to forge a furnace.

The most important thing about a furnace was that it could withstand high temperatures, so it was necessary to carve the alchemy inscriptions inside.

With the Alchemy Inscription, it would be able to withstand very high temperatures and wouldn't be melted.

In addition, a good furnace also required a very strong melting power. It could quickly melt and absorb flames, strengthen the flames and quickly melt anything that entered the furnace.

Other than the Alchemy Marks, he also needed the Fire Marks.

And in order to maintain his stability, Qin Yun had even carved a solid mark. Of course, the most important thing is the alchemy inscription. He carved three groups to guarantee a strong enough smelting ability.

Meng FeiLing watched from the side and did not feel bored. That was because while she was watching, if she asked a question, Qin Yun answered her patiently. This could help her increase her knowledge.

"I've finally finished refining this big fellow!" Qin Yun knocked on the brass furnace, producing a "dang dang dang" sound.

Meng FeiLing wiped the sweat off his face and said with a smile, "Little Brother Yun, the spirit tools you refined are very precious! If you were to sell it, wouldn't you be able to get rich?"

"I can't sell my spirit weapon so easily. If I sell it to my enemies, wouldn't that help my enemies?" Qin Yun chuckled and said, "Therefore, I'm only selling to acquaintances!"

The furnace that Qin Yun had forged looked very simple. It had no fancy carvings and was just a very tall barrel with a lid. No matter how one looked at it, it did not look like a high-grade spirit artifact.

"I'm free right now, so I might as well start refining a Middle Grade Spirit Weapon!" Qin Yun took out a lot of beast bones and threw them into the furnace before putting in a certain amount of middle-grade bone steel.

The smelting speed of this new furnace was extremely fast, especially after absorbing the Nethersun Purple Flame. It only took a few seconds to melt the mid-grade bone steel and the Class 8 Magical Beast bone.

Qin Yun took out a bone steel barrel and took out the molten liquid in the furnace. Then, he placed some special ice crystal powder in it to solidify the liquid in the barrel.

After solidifying, it became a very hard material. After going through Qin Yun's forging, it transformed into extremely exquisite sword and saber.

In just four hours, Qin Yun was able to forge a middle-grade spirit artifact. In two days, he had refined six middle-grade spirit artifacts, sabers, swords and spears.

Meng FeiLing was very happy. She took the weapons and quickly left the underground stone room.

"If I step into the Martial Dao Realm, I might be able to refine a top-grade spirit tool!" Qin Yun felt that his mental energy had also encountered a bottleneck.

Of course, his biggest bottleneck was that he did not know how to step into the Martial Dao Realm!

This stage could be said to be extremely difficult. One needed to reach the peak of the 9th level Martial Body, then encounter an opportunity before being able to cross over.

Qin Yun did not know much about the Martial Dao Realm. In fact, there were not many people in the periphery who knew much about it.

Only the Blue Spirit Star Palace knew the key to stepping into the martial dao realm.(TL NOTE : NONSENSE!! then how do so many martial dao realm cultivator exist in this wasteland? terrible writing!!)

"Cultivation in the martial dao realm is the opposite of cultivation in the martial body realm." Qin Yun muttered to himself as he recalled what Lan Fengjin had told him.

If one had a 9th layer Martial Body and wanted to step into the Martial Dao Realm, they would have to cultivate their Vajra inner Core into a Vajra Dao Core!

With the Vajra Dao Core and the powerful Vajra Martial Body, he would be able to bear the brunt of the powerful force.

In the Martial Body Stage, one could draw energy into the body, refine the Vajra Martial Body and finally condense a Vajra core in the body.

In the martial dao realm, one could first form the Vajra Dao Core and then practice powerful martial arts to refine a Dao Body.

Qin Yun looked at his three Vajra inner cores and shook his head. He no longer wanted to think about breaking through. He had just stepped into the ninth level Martial Body. If he was too anxious to think about the matter of the Martial Dao Realm, he would most likely go berserk.

"There is still about a year's time. We'll talk about it when the time comes! If I am unable to break through, just with the power of my three Vajra inner cores, I should be able to fight against Xiao Yanglong!"

Qin Yun looked at the massive array in the stone chamber and thought of the beastmen. He had initially planned on releasing Mo Mo to meet the beastmen to see if she understood them.

Now that he had a magical beast outside the city, he had to guard the great formation so that it could operate smoothly and not move even half a step away from it.

While he was waiting for Meng FeiLing to come back, he took out the tools to make the Body Securing Talisman.

The Demon Imperial City was huge. If the magical beasts attacked, they would definitely send out a large number of beasts. Therefore, Qin Yun began preparing the Body Securing Talismans.

(TL NOTE : I am sure you guys have noticed that in one line author wrote Alchemy Mark and then next line he wrote Alchemy Inscription. I will try to clarify why i translated them as they are.

First of all, the words mark; pattern; lines are represented by same chinese symbol. Just as inscription, rune and talisman are represented by same chinese symbol. When you see Alchemy Mark, know that i really wanted to write them Alchemy rune instead because that would be more fitting but after some though i decided to go with the meaning of author's written symbol.

2nd, the real reason why we are here, one line it is wriiten mark next line it is inscription. To put it simply, what author is trying to imply : when marks are inscribed and become available to be activated they become inscription. For example : Qin Yun knows Alchemy Mark, once he inscribe them on an item and it is ready to be activated, it becomes alchemy inscription. Hope this explanation helps.)

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