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Chapter 280

After Qin Yun finished inscribing the lightning marks, he rested for a moment before he continued inscribing the second set of spirit marks.

He spent a total of six hours to finally finish refining Meng Fei Ling's whip. By now, the sky had turned dark.

For many high-grade Inscription Masters, refining a high-grade spirit weapon was extremely difficult, requiring at least a few days of time.

As for Qin Yun, he had only spent more than half a day to finish the forging.

"Sister FeiLing, I carved lightning mark, poison mark, Body Securing mark, berserk mark, fire marks and power efficiency mark! You need to be proficient in using these inscriptions!"

Qin Yun wiped his sweat and continued saying, "The whip is not as domineering as the saber and hammer. It is mainly biased towards flexibility. If you whip them out, you can use different spirit inscriptions depending on your opponent's situation or you can also change the power of various spirit inscriptions and catch them off guard!"

Meng FeiLing gave him a charming smile and said, "Little Brother Yun, if you give me such a good thing, I really don't know how to thank you for it! The last time you gave me a storage bracelet, I still haven't paid you enough!"

"We're friends for a long time, so it's not a big deal! Furthermore, you helped me take care of little MeiLian!" Qin Yun said with a smile.

Meng Tao said, "Crown Prince, we cannot take your things for free! We can't afford such a precious item!"

The other old men all nodded.

For Qin Yun to be able to forge a high-grade spirit artifact in such a short period of time, they were able to obtain it very quickly and they did not even have to wait for a very long time.

Therefore, the few elders of the Meng family wanted to build a good relationship with Qin Yun. In the future, if the Meng family wanted a spirit artifact or something, they did not need to be like their predecessors and seek help from other inscriptionists.

Qin Yun was both the crown prince and an Inscription Master but he did not put on any airs. He called Meng FeiLing big sister, so the elders from the Meng family had a very good impression of Qin Yun.

They suddenly felt that there was nothing wrong with marrying Meng FeiLing to Qin Yun as his concubine.

Qin Yun thought of Mo Mo in his storage space and said, "Alright then. I'm lacking a magical beast crystal egg. If you have one or two, give it to me!"

Meng Tao hurriedly took out three magical beast crystal eggs and handed them to Qin Yun.

When Qin Yun saw the three magical beast crystal eggs, he revealed a happy smile. He immediately thanked them courteously before putting them into his storage space.

When Mo Mo saw that there were now three more magical beast crystal eggs, she felt like she was dying with happiness, bouncing around on top of those crystal eggs while laughing non-stop.

"Old Meng, we should be able to capture them now!" Qin Yun looked at Xia Yusen and company and asked.

Meng Tao quickly nodded his head and signaled the few elders behind him to catch Xia Yusen and the others.

"We are the Inscription Masters!" Xia Yu Sen immediately said angrily: "Even if you don't welcome us, you can't capture us. We are under the protection of the Divine Inscription Palace!"

Xia YuSen's face was full of panic. He released the aura of a martial dao realm, preparing to fight back.

"Qin Yun, I admit that you are a high-ranked Inscription Master but for you to sell out your peers is a taboo. If this matter were to spread, you would definitely be scorned by the other Inscriptionists."

Xia Yusen said angrily at Qin Yun, "We only had a small grudge. You actually used your authority as the crown prince to oppress me, you shameless villain!"

Xia Yusen's flustered look made Qin Yun laugh.

"Old Meng, it doesn't matter if you injure them while capturing them! If questioned by the outside world, say that they took liberties with the maids of the estate!" Qin Yun said.

Several elders of the Meng Clan had already made their moves.

They used chains that specialized in tying up powerful beasts to tie up Xia Yusen and the others.

Xia Yusen and the rest couldn't resist at all. Those elders were simply too strong.

"Old Meng, send the order to seal off the entire capital, people can only enter, people can't leave! If anyone who enters is a cultivator of the martial dao realm, they must be closely watched." Qin Yun said with a serious expression.

"Good! I'll go and arrange it right now!" Meng Tao sent an old man to pass the order. Then, he looked at Xia Yusen and the rest and asked, "Crown Prince, can you tell us why you're doing this? Now that these guys have been arrested, you can speak your mind at ease!"

The other three elders looked at Qin Yun with puzzled looks.

"Seniors, you should already know that Mystique Wind City has been invaded by the magical beast horde, right?" Qin Yun looked at Xia Yusen and said with a sneer, "These fellows have come here with ulterior motives!"

Meng FeiLing asked, "The Mystique Wind City is protected by the Divine Inscription Palace, yet it was actually broken through by the magical beasts. This is unbelievable!"

"There was a spy in the City, someone opened the city gate from the inside and the defensive formation was also closed before it was attacked by the magical beasts!" When Qin Yun said this, Xia Yusen's eyes shimmered as though he was dodging something. There was a tinge of fear in his eyes.

Qin Yun continued saying, "These few fellows had been defending the great array in Mystique Wind City before. Thus, it is highly likely that they were the culprits! There was also an Inscription Master protecting the great array within Mystique Wind City. I presume they must have used some tricks to enter into the center of the great array!"

Hearing this, Meng Tao became furious. His eyes were full of murderous intent. He glared at Xia Yusen and coldly asked, "The matter in the Mystique Wind City, was it you guys who did it?"

"Don't listen to Qin Yun's nonsense! He's framing me!"

"I will send a message to Zhuo Chuan. He is very angry at the destruction of Mystique Wind City. He must find out everything. I believe that he will find out something from you!" Qin Yun sneered coldly.

Xia YuSen's body shuddered, the fear in his eyes became even more obvious.

"Take them away. We'll talk about it when the Great Elder of the Divine Inscription Palace arrives!" said Meng Tao. At this moment, he felt a lingering fear. If what Qin Yun said was true, the Demon King City might very well become a depot for magical beasts.

The thought of this made Meng FeiLing shudder.

"Little brother Yun, did you come here to find me for this matter?" asked Meng feiling.

"Encountering Xia YuSen is an accident! I came here to tell you that the Beastmen have a special ability to control powerful magical beasts!"

Qin Yun brought up the matter and recalled the scene of the Magical Beasts attacking Mystique Wind City. With a deep sigh, he recounted how Mystique Wind City had been besieged by the Magical Beasts.

"Father and the others are dealing with the beastmen, they haven't come back yet! I wonder how the situation is over there!" She gripped the whip tightly.

Meng Tao also realized the seriousness of the situation because they didn't know about such a thing.

Qin Yun had come all the way here alone to tell them about this matter and to make them prepare. He also made them secretly feel grateful and acknowledge the crown prince even more.

"That's right, if Xia Yusen's group really came to destroy the formation, then it might not be long before a large group of magical beasts will attack the city!" Qin Yun suddenly thought of this and said, "I've sent a message to Great Elder. Telling him to bring some people with him when he comes!"

"Good! At that time, as long as the city walls are not broken, we will be able to defend!" Meng Tao nodded his head repeatedly, "Crown Prince, it's all thanks to you this time. Otherwise, this entire city would have been destroyed by me!"

"I am the Prince of Tianqin, it is my responsibility to protect the city!" Qin Yun smiled and asked, "Old Meng, do you have any living beastmen? Give me a few and let me study them. I want to know how they control the magical beasts!"

"You go and rest first. I'll send a few beastmen over to you tomorrow morning!" Meng Tao said, "FeiLing, hurry up and bring the crown prince to rest!"

"Little Brother Yun, follow me!" Meng FeiLing giggled and pulled Qin Yun along as they flew lightly.

Normally, Meng Feiling wouldn't dare to fly around but now she was taking the crown prince to rest, so she wasn't afraid of being scolded by Meng Tao.

Meng FeiLing pulled Qin Yun as they flew past the large pond and came to a shore on the other side.

There was a small building here, the residence of Meng family.

"Little Brother Yun, you're really amazing! Since we last met, I haven't seen you but you've changed so much!" Meng FeiLing tidied up a room and sighed with emotion.

Qin Yun sat by the window and said with a smile, "There's no other way. I was forced as well!"

"Rest assured, I believe in you. You will definitely be able to defeat Xiao Yanglong!" Meng FeiLing smiled charmingly and asked, "What's going on with the Star Xuan Wu Academy? Why did they expel you? Don't they know that you're a high-level Inscription Master?"

"They really didn't know but when they found out later on, their intestines turned green with regret!" Qin Yun said with a chuckle, "In any case, I've already pretty much learned all i could at Star Xuan Wu Academy. After that, as long as I defeat Xiao Yanglong, I will be the head disciple of the Blue Spirit West Palace!"

Meng FeiLing pouted and said with a sigh "Elder sister was much stronger than you back then. But not long after, I was left far behind by you."

"Sister FeiLing, why don't you join Blue Spirit Star Palace? I recommend you to join the Blue Spirit Palace's Beast Martial Palace. You have the Eagle Martial Spirit, which is very suitable for training there!" Qin Yun said "I know people from the Blue Spirit Palace. I can help you arrange it!"

"Is that really possible? I heard that it is very difficult to enter the Blue Spirit Palace but once you enter, you will be able to advance by leaps and bounds!" Meng feiling also wanted to become strong but now that the battle was in full chaos mode and she was a woman, she didn't have much resources.

Qin Yun said, "But in the end, you still have to pass the assessment before you can enter the Beast Martial Palace! I believe that Sister FeiLing will definitely pass those exams!"

"Mm, I will seize this opportunity of little brother Yun and fight for it!" Meng FeiLing walked over and pinched Qin Yun's handsome face with a chuckle. "Rest! If you can't sleep in the middle of the night, come knock on my door and sleep with me. I'll coax you to sleep!"

"I'm not a child, no need to coax me!" Qin Yun laughed somewhat unenthusiastically.

Meng FeiLing pouted coquettishly and walked out of the room.

Qin Yun stretched his body and went to rest.

In the middle of the night, Qin Yun was awoken by a series of roars from beasts. He jumped up from his bed and walked out of his room. He also saw Meng Feiling rushing out.

Meng FeiLing was wearing a loose white sleeping suit and her hair was messy. He asked with concern, "Did a group of magical beasts attack the city?"

"Isn't this way too fast! Quick, bring me to the core of the great formation!" Qin Yun said.

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