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Chapter 282

After Qin Yun produced two high-grade Body Securing Talismans, Meng FeiLing returned.

"Sister FeiLing, what's the situation outside? Have the ten or so Magic Beasts been repelled?" Qin Yun asked hurriedly.

"They're all dead! Uncle and the others have added manpower and are mainly guarding the several city gates. Each of the city gates is guarded by a Martial Dao Realm elder, they will absolutely not be opened from the inside!"

As Meng FeiLing spoke, she took out two magical beast crystal eggs and placed them on the ground. She laughed, "Uncle and the others were very happy when they saw the spirit weapons you refined. So, he told me to give you two magical beast crystal eggs!"

"This... Actually, one demon beast crystal egg is enough. This is a bit too much!" Qin Yun said in embarrassment.

"Even great-uncle is worried that the reward is not enough! He said that the middle grade spirit weapons that you refined are comparable in strength to many high grade spirit weapons. They are extremely outstanding middle grade spirit weapons!" Meng FeiLing touched Qin Yun's face and gave him a coquettish smile "Little Brother Yun, there's no need to be courteous to our Meng family. Take it!"

Qin Yun was no longer courteous. Although he already had a few magical beast crystal eggs, he had enough for Mo Mo to eat for a period of time.

However, Mo Mo had once said that if she wanted to see through and memorize inscriptions, she would need a lot of energy to do so.

The higher the grade of inscription, then the more energy it consumed, the more magical beast crystal eggs it would need to sustain.

Qin Yun continued forging talismans while Meng FeiLing accompanied him by the side. She did not allow him to feel bored.

Half a day later, the door to the stone room suddenly opened. Meng Tao walked in with a smile along with a few elders.

"Crown Prince, the Great Elder of the Divine Inscription Palace has arrived. This is the team of Inscription Masters he brought with him. You can leave the maintenance of the array to them!" Meng Tao was now increasingly impressed by Qin Yun's capabilities.

Not everyone could invite an outstanding team of Inscription Masters from the Main Branch Hall. Qin Yun had only sent a pigeon, yet they had come.

"Where's the Great Elder?" Qin Yun asked. He finally no longer needed to guard this place.

"He's up there, ready to interrogate Xia Yusen and the rest. Let's go together!" Meng Tao said.

After arranging for the Inscription Master team to enter, Qin Yun and company came to the top.

Meng Tao brought Qin Yun and Meng Feiling to a short mountain not far away. It was a dungeon.

Xia Yusen and the others were all being held separately in separate cells. Furthermore, they were all being tied up and soaked in a special liquid to prevent themselves from committing suicide.

Zhuo Chuan was in Xia Yusen's cell. He wore a set of black leather armor and looked at him sternly.

When Qin Yun arrived, he asked, "Great Elder, do you know this person?"

"Of course I know him. I just didn't expect him to do such a thing!" Zhuo Chuan looked coldly at Xia Yusen.

"The Mystique Wind City Great Formation had been closed from inside, is it really done by Xia YuSen? Are you sure?" Qin Yun originally had a trace of doubt regarding this. He never expected Zhuo Chuan to confirm it so quickly.

Zhuo Chuan placed his hand on Xia Yusen's head and said solemnly: "It can't be wrong! Now, we have to find out from him who ordered him to do this! The power behind him is the most terrifying. To be able to unite with the beastmen, I wonder what kind of deal they have with the beastmen?"

"Great Elder, what does this guy know? Can you ask?" Qin Yun asked.

"I'll give it a try first!" Zhuo Chuan took out a talisman and placed it on Xia YuSen's forehead. Then, he activated the talisman, only to see Xia Yu Sen's expression instantly becoming sluggish.

Zhuo Chuan asked, "Who told you to go to Mystique Wind City and destroy the Great City Barrier Formation?"

The paper talisman flashed and a ray of red light appeared. Xia Yusen slowly opened his mouth and said, "It's a man in black. He promised me that he would give me a set of high-grade spirit marks as long as I'm done."

"Did he give you a spirit mark?" Zhuo Chuan asked again.

"No, he said, after I destroy the grand formation of Demon Imperial City, he'll give it to me together." As Xia Yueshen finished speaking, the talisman turned to ash. It didn't last long.

Zhuo Chuan frowned and said, "Black clothed man? It seemed like the other party was very secretive! This guy did not know many things! However, since the other party's offer is not bad, that person must be a very powerful force!"

Meng Tao said solemnly, "Blue Spirit Star Palace? Other than the Divine Inscription palace, only they are able to take out high-grade spirit marks!"

"I'm not sure yet! The most important thing right now is to warn all the big cities to take extra precautions and protect the great formation!" Zhuo Chuan looked preoccupied.

Meng FeiLing asked in a low voice, "If it's the Blue Spirit Star Palace, what are their intentions?"

Zhuo Chuan said, "Blue Spirit Star Palace has a total of five palaces with the greatest power. The Blue Spirit Saint Palace is not the one in charge! As everyone knows, the ones who like to meddle in the affairs of the various empires the most are the people from Blue Spirit West Palace and the Nangong Palace.

"The reason they did this is probably because they want to borrow the power of the Beastmen to weaken the Tian Qin Empire and the Inscription Palace! Ever since Qin Long came back and took control of the Tian Qin Empire, the Blue Spirit Star Palace was unable to interfere and could not control the empire."

"On the other hand, we, the Inscription Palace, have always been obstructing them, preventing them from capturing others to become slaves, preventing them from gaining too much power and authority. It's impossible for them not to hate us!"

Qin Yun said, "It's also possible that they are expanding their strength! If they could join hands with the beastmen, then their overall strength would also become very strong. If they were to attack a city, the Beastmen and Magical Beasts would be able to obtain a large amount of food and their strength would be able to increase greatly!"

"I still can't be sure. I hope they didn't do it. If they did, then it would be too scary!" Zhuo Chuan's face was full of worry and seriousness.

If the Beastmen could get help from humans and obtain many weapons or learn human techniques, their strength would definitely increase by a lot. This was truly terrifying.


A loud noise suddenly shook the ground, causing it to shake slightly.

"The magical beasts are attacking!" Meng Tao shouted, "Let's go out and take a look!"

Zhuo Chuan nodded his head, "I want to see if the magical beasts that are attacking this time also understand how to form a formation. If they really are, then we can be sure that there are humans helping them!"

"Beastmen can control magical beasts. Humans can provide strategies to the beastmen. If they join forces, it will be a great threat to us!"

Qin Yun followed Meng Tao and company out of the dungeon and flew towards the city gates.

Arriving at the city walls, they saw hundreds of different colored magical beasts, some big and some small.

In the evening, one magical beast after another was enveloped by the setting sun. They seemed somewhat terrifying, as if they were going to dominate the dark night where the sun was setting!

The group of demonic beasts suddenly let out an explosive roar, shaking the world!

The gigantic demonic beast in front began to sprint towards the city gate!

The big magical beasts were charging at the city gates, while the smaller ones were in the distance, forming groups and waiting for the city to open up.

The several tens of elite guards Zhuo Chuan had brought with him were already waiting on the city wall.

The large magical beasts outside the city were like rhinoceroses, with huge horns the size of a water tank, constantly charging at the city gates.

Because of the grand defensive formation, they weren't able to injure the city gates. Otherwise, it wouldn't be long before the city gates would be destroyed.

"Let's do it! These magical beasts are only at the ninth rank, while the seventh or eighth rank took up the most magical beasts. They aren't too powerful! Of course, if the city gates were to be opened wide, it would be difficult to deal with them!" Zhuo Chuan said.

Meng Tao nodded. With a loud shout, he flew down from the city wall. At the same time, Zhuo Chuan also led the elite guards of the Inscription palace and jumped down from the city wall.

Although there was a grand formation, they could leave from the inside, while unable to enter from the outside.

The warriors guarding the city also jumped down.

Qin Yun stood on top of the city wall as he controlled his spirit essence saber to slash at the small demonic beasts in the distance.

He had already learned the Imperial Spirit Art to the great perfection stage. He could control a weapon to fly thousands of meters away and kill a magical beast!

Any magical beast within a thousand meters could be killed by him with absolute precision.

From the start of the battle, there were waves of mournful beast roars. Magical beasts were not the intelligent type, so they were constantly being beaten.

"Look over there!" He pointed directly in front of him.

"More magical beasts have arrived!" Qin Yun shouted, "Be careful!"

In the distance, another batch of magical beasts appeared. From the aura they gave off, their strength was no weaker than the first batch.

Zhuo Chuan and the others who were at the Martial Dao Realm immediately charged towards the horde of magical beasts.

"There is a Spirit rank Beast!" Zhuo Chuan shouted in shock.

Qin Yun was also alarmed. They had actually sent a spirit beast.

He had always thought that beastmen could only control Class 9 Magical Beasts and he hadn't thought that they could also control spirit beasts. This was truly terrifying.

"Great Elder, can you deal with it?" Qin Yun asked.

"No problem!" Zhuo Chuan took out a red-gold staff. The staff was engraved with a dragon mark, emitting a red-gold glow. Under the dusk, it was extremely bright.

Zhuo Chuan, who was in the air, brandished his staff and sent out a stream of flames. The flames roared and crashed into the ground, slamming into the horde of beasts that were charging madly at him.

When the fire dragons collided with the demonic beasts, they exploded with a "boom" and burst into a dazzling golden red light. The beasts were also shattered!

The bones of the exploded magical beasts spread to the surroundings and pierced the bodies of the other magical beasts, causing a large number of them to be seriously injured.

After exterminating a large group of magical beasts, Zhuo Chuan charged towards the largest magical beast. It was a large, light-gold wolf covered in spikes. It had three eyes and looked very strong.

"Great Elder's strength is truly terrifying!" Qin Yun exclaimed.

"Mm, Great Uncle and the others are far inferior to Great Elder!" Meng FeiLing nodded in shock as well.

The sky was gradually getting dark but outside the city gate, flames were blazing through the sky. The Dragon Staff in Zhuo Chuan's hand flickered with light, illuminating a wide open area outside the city gates.

"This Dragon Staff should have Dragon Totem engraved on it!" Qin Yun looked very carefully and said in surprise, "I never expected that totem marks could be carved on weapons. Furthermore, they are very powerful!"

On the city wall, Qin Yun would occasionally throw down the Body Securing Talisman to help the people beneath him.

Of course, his saber wasn't idle at all. It constantly chopped down and killed magical beasts. This caused Meng FeiLing to look at it with a bit of envy.

She wanted to go down to fight the demonic beasts but Meng Tao and the rest did not allow her to. Therefore, she could only watch from the city wall as Qin Yun played with his saber.

"Little Yun, look over there. Is there a flying magical beast?" There was nothing for her to do, so she was looking around.

Qin Yun looked in the direction that Meng FeiLing had pointed. Indeed, there was something black flying around. Furthermore, there was a glimmer in it's eyes from time to time.

"This guy might be a beastman, he should be here to monitor the situation! I'll follow it and take a look!" Qin Yun said, "If the Great Elder and the others inquire about my situation, tell them that I have gone to track the beastmen and tell them not to worry!"

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