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Chapter 221

There are two hundred students and each teacher will take four students with him. A martial arts teacher had to guide four students and even bring them out to hunt magical beasts. This made many students secretly feel excited.

It had to be known that many students in the Martial Arts Academy were told by their teachers to recruit one to two hundred students or at least a few dozen students. Moreover, the teacher themselves also needed to cultivate in seclusion, so most of the time, students didn't receive much guidance from the teacher.

As for Qin Yun, the situation of a student and a teacher he enjoyed is extremely rare.

"I am the Principal of the Heaven's Pride Academy!" The one who spoke was Dean Bai of the Three Xuan Academy. He stood in the middle of the Martial Arts Practice Grounds and shouted, "Let me first talk about the rules of the Heaven's Pride Academy, as well as the reason why we are setting it up."

Dean Bai briefly explained to the students and coaches about the rules of the competition in the Heaven's Pride Academy.

The main purpose of the Heaven's Pride Academy was, of course, to nurture outstanding students. In addition, they would also share the cultivation techniques of the three Martial Academies and the Blue Spirit West Palace.

In addition, the students of the Heaven's Pride Academy could use their crystal cards to exchange for pills and other resources in other martial academies or Blue Spirit Star Palace.

For example, the students of the other martial academies could exchange for the Vajra Spirit Marrow at the Star Xuan Wu Academy's Xuan Point Store.

This was also not bad because the other martial academies and Blue Spirit Star Palace had their own unique pills. This way, they could go to the other martial academies to exchange for rare pills and all sorts of things.

The thing that excited the students the most was that they had a chance to obtain an Earth Level Martial Art!

"Alright, you guys line up and walk to the center of the training field one by one to display your abilities. If the instructors have their eyes on the students, they can compete to get the students they want. The students themselves also have the right to choose instructors. If the students perform outstandingly in the future examinations, the instructors will receive generous rewards."

Dean Bai said loudly, "Instructors, please choose your own students and nurture them to grow."

Dean Bai did not say what the bountiful rewards were but the teachers' eyes were all shining, as if they already knew what it was.

One could imagine that something that even a martial dao practitioner wanted to obtain must be extremely precious.

The first person to go up is a sturdy twenty-two year old man. His name is Mo Yong and he came from the Lin Xuan Wu Academy. He has four spirit veins and was at the seventh level martial body. He is good at fighting in the water and could also use the water elemental energy. The cultivation technique he trained in could allow him to wield the crocodile steel armor with a strong defense.

This kind of talent was indeed not bad.

"Mo Yong, I also have a Beast Martial Spirit. I specialize in water cultivation. Are you willing to be my student?" An old man shouted. He is from the Tian Xuan Martial School.

A middle-aged man wearing a blue robe smiled and said: "Little Brother Mo Yong, although I don't have a beast martial spirit, I have a platinum water martial spirit and five spirit veins. I also know an Inscription Master and he can customize the best spirit artifact for you."

Judging from his blue robe, he was from the Blue Spirit Star Palace.

Mo Yong immediately made his decision and walked over to the blue-robed middle-aged man. This made the elder of the Tian Xuan Martial School feel somewhat awkward.

When it was the turn of the next student, a fight broke out as well. In the end, the student followed the instructors of the Ling Xuan Wu Academy.

The rest of the twenty to thirty students were successively fought for by the instructors. All of them possessed excellent aptitudes.

Another one came up, his face is like a sharp jade and his brows are filled with arrogance. He raised his head, stuck out his chest and spoke with a slightly haughty tone, "I am Sun Jinhao. I am twenty years old."

The training field fell into a short period of silence. Everyone was astonished at this person's talent but soon after, the other instructors started fighting amongst themselves over it.

"Sun Jinhao, I'll give you a million crystal coins, follow me!"

"I bid 1.2 million!"

"I bid 2 million!"

The price of the martial arts instructors kept increasing.

"I bid 10 million crystal coins!" Xiao Yanglong suddenly shouted with a loud voice that shook the earth, calming the other teachers down.

The instructors were all of the Martial Dao Realm and most of them were middle-aged. Xiao Yanglong being born with such arrogance and power already made them feel uncomfortable but they did not say anything.

Xiao Yanglong was able to step into the Martial Dao realm at the age of thirty.

"Alright, you will be my mentor from now on." Sun Jinhao smiled and walked over to Xiao Yang Long's side.

Xiao Yang Long laughed, took out his crystal card and passed 10 million crystal coins to Sun Jin Hao.

If all of his students were outstanding, they would definitely be able to make him achieve good results. Then, the generous reward of being a teacher would also belong to him. Therefore, this crystal coin expense was very profitable.

Following that, students with high aptitude began to appear one after another. Currently, the instructors were giving them crystal coins to steal them. The students were realistic too, whoever gave them more crystal coins would choose whoever had the ability to do so.

Most of the students at the eighth level Martial Body were taken. Two of the females were left with only one person.

In the middle of the martial stage was a woman dressed in purple. Her short hair was shoulder-length and her eyes were a faint purple. It was a very rare sight. She had a pretty and flirtatious oval face with a hint of cold arrogance. It seemed that she was in a bad mood.

"I am Xue Ziye. Eighteen years old, eighth level Martial Body. As for Spirit Veins and Martial Spirit I have nothing to say!" She was petite, only 1.6 meters tall but her voice was clear and melodious, neither servile nor overbearing.

Although the instructors did not know Xue Ziye's Martial Spirit and Spirit Veins, an eighteen year old Martial Body Level 8 would definitely be snatched away first.

Many instructors frantically made their bids. Xiao Yanglong also participated and even raised the bid to 15 million crystal coins.

Lan Fengjin's lazy voice suddenly came from the intense battle.

She said, "Xue Ziye, just follow me. I entered the Martial Dao Realm around the age of twenty. Crystal coins are all vulgar, so I won't use vulgar crystal coins to fool you. Oh right, I am a high-level inscription master."

"Instructor, please advise me." Xue Ziye's pale purple eyes flashed as she spoke urgently. Then, she walked over to Lan Fengjin's side.

The crowd was stunned. It wasn't because of Xue Ziye's choice but because of Lan Fengjin.

It turned out to be a young woman of the Martial Dao Realm and she was also a High Rank Inscription Master!

This was simply a heaven-defying talent and it caused many students to covet it. Forget about crystal coins, even if she asked for several million crystal coins, they would still want to become her student!

Before this, she hadn't spoken out loud to snatch any of the students. Moreover, she was from the Blue Spirit Saint Palace, so her identity was quite mysterious. Now that she had finally opened her mouth to recruit students, this made everyone aware of her ability!

Qin Yun knew some things about Lan Fengjin but he did not know that she was a high-ranked inscriptionist. He cursed silently in his heart. Lan Fengjin had previously kept it a secret from him but now she had said it so generously.

Next, it was Huo Zhong's turn. Seeing how tall he was and how he looked in a daze, the other instructors were not interested. This was because there were still over a hundred students behind him. No matter how they looked at it, they were better than Huo Zhong.

However, there were still a few elders who wanted him. Just as Huo Zhong was about to make his decision, Lan Fengjin suddenly shouted, "Huo Zhong, come here!"

Although Huo Zhong looked dazed, he wasn't stupid. Although he didn't understand why Lan Fengjin had chosen him, he still walked over quickly. He rubbed his head and smiled as he thanked Lan Fengjin.

The other students were stunned. They did not understand what Lan Fengjin was thinking. Previously, when she saw all the eighth level Martial Body realm, she did not make a sound. Now, she had chosen Huo Zhong, this simple and honest big man at the seventh level Martial Body realm.

Very soon, it was Murong Daren's turn. As soon as he got on the stage, many people started talking about him. They even said that he talked back to someone.

"I am Murong Daren. Martial Spirit is confidential. Age is confidential. 7th level Martial Body. I am a disciple of the Blue Spirit Saint Palace's Beast Martial Palace. I am a quasi-saint."

Seeing that he was wearing a blue robe that was covered with spirit marks that belonged to beasts, everyone knew that he was speaking the truth. Even the old men from Blue Spirit Star Palace knew about this as well.

"Murong Daren, you and Huo Zhong are good friends, are you coming to my place?" Lan Fengjin shouted.

"Respected Mentor, you are truly an insightful person! To be honest, Old third Huo is also from the Beast Martial Palace, if someone wants to use crystal coins to fight over us, they would need at least ten or twenty million crystal coins, no?" Murong Daren said with a smile on his face as he ran over.

Everyone understood why Lan Fengjin accepted Huo Zhong and Murong Daren. They were all disciples of the Beast Martial Palace, so there must be a special place for them to enter.

Qin Yun was standing behind Murong Daren. When he walked on stage, the other instructors looked at him with disdain. That was because they knew about him. Although he had strength, there was a huge problem with his Heavenly Lion Arm.

According to the elders from Blue Spirit Star Palace who understood the totems, Qin Yun could go insane because of the Heavenly Lion's arm. He could go on a rampage to kill people.

"I am Qin Yun. Seventh Stage Martial Body. I only have a One Spirit Vein. My martial spirit... something went wrong and it's temporarily unavailable. However, I'm very strong, and I defeated Qin Zhengfeng and Qi Yu, who were both at the 8th Martial Body Layer." Qin Yun said.

Xiao Yanglong mocked, "Qin Yun, you were only able to defeat them because of a trick. Do you really think you have the strength to defeat an eighth level martial body? Isn't it because you took the risk of going crazy and forcefully borrowed the Heavenly Lion's arm?"

The other instructors discussed and agreed with Xiao Yanglong's words.

"Dean Bai, if no one accepts Qin Yun, what will happen to him?" Sun Jinhao asked.

Dean Bai thought for a moment and replied, "If no one wants him, then he can only leave the Heaven's Pride Academy."

The coaches looked at each other. From the looks of it, no one wanted Qin Yun.

Qin Yun cursed the coquettish demoness, Lan Fengjin, in his heart. Why didn't she accept him? Clearly, she wanted to delay him for a period of time to make him anxious.

"Qin Yun, can you still forge artifacts now?" Lan Fengjin suddenly asked.

"Now... There's something wrong with my Martial Spirit. It's temporarily out of the question." Qin Yun said.

Lan Fengjin knew best whether Qin Yun could forge artifacts or not. She had witnessed Qin Yun forge a large number of bone talismans as well as a top-grade spirit talisman.

"When I was in Blue Spirit Star Palace, I saw that you gave Xiao YueLan a storage bracelet. It's very beautiful! Do you have any left?" Lan Fengjin's face revealed a mischievous smile as he asked with a smile.

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