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Chapter 222

"For the time being, I don't have any more!" Qin Yun was reluctant to give the storage bracelet to Lan Fengjin. After all, he was not too familiar with her. Furthermore, a bracelet of holding was extremely precious.

Lan Fengjin laughed, "Is there really nothing else? Then when will it be available?"

The other coaches could tell from Lan Fengjin's tone that she was threatening Qin Yun and wanted him to take out a storage bracelet. If he succeeded, it would be enough to make them jealous to death.

"You'll have to wait until my fire martial spirit is fully recovered, then I'll definitely give you a storage bracelet." Qin Yun said with a smile.

"Alright then! You are my student. Don't forget this matter. If you dare to lie to me, I will teach you a lesson." Lan Fengjin did not continue to force the matter of storage bracelet. She had only done so to let the others understand why she had accepted Qin Yun as her student.

Qin Yun heaved a sigh of relief and nodded. Then, he walked past Lan Fengjin.

Lan Fengjin had actually accepted Qin Yun as a student. This made the other students extremely jealous. They did not think highly of Qin Yun but Lan Fengjin had accepted him because of a storage bracelet.

Qin Yun and Lan Fengjin's relationship was very good. They knew each other's secrets but the others did not.(TL NOTE : Just 4 lines ago author said Qin Yun is not too familiar with her!!! amazing isn't it??)

Lan Fengjin had already chosen four students. No matter how talented the other students were, she would not be able to choose again.

The crowd did not understand why she was not like Xiao Yanglong, who would choose a few who were at the eighth level Martial Body Realm. With her abilities, those at the eighth level would definitely be willing to follow him.

Xiao Yanglong gritted his teeth as he saw this. He also knew how powerful Lan Fengjin was, something he couldn't afford to provoke. Now that Qin Yun had become Lan Fengjin's student, Xiao Yanglong was extremely unhappy. He was also worried that Lan Fengjin's group would surpass them.

After the coaches finished selecting their students, they divided themselves into groups. Each of the coaches began to choose their own captain.

"Which one of you is interested in becoming captain?" Lan Fengjin looked at Xue Ziye and indicated for her to be the team leader. However, she did not make a sound and only looked at Qin Yun and company.

"Miss Xue, your cultivation is the highest, you should do it." Although he loved women, Murong Daren didn't dare to provoke Xue Ziye. Besides, there was also Lan Fengjin.

Qin Yun could tell that he had a lecherous heart but did not have the guts to be open. He would usually only dare to seduce mediocre girls. If he were to meet someone as ruthless as Meng FeiLing, he would hide far away.

"I'm not interested!" Xue Zi Ye said indifferently.

Qin Yun said, "Then I'll be the team leader!"

Xue Ziye was not interested in being the team leader. Murong Daren and Huo Zhong were acquaintances of Qin Yun, so they had no objections. Therefore, Qin Yun had become the team leader.

"Captains, come and receive your Monster Core Xuan Beads!" Dean Bai said, "The Xuan Bead can absorb the energy from the Magic Beast Cores, the first thing you guys do is go somewhere and kill the Magic Beasts to obtain the Magic Beast Cores. Only the Magic Beast Cores that you take out within an hour can be absorbed by the Xuan Bead, so it's useless even if someone else provides you with the Magic Beast Cores."

The competition was about to begin, which made many students secretly excited.

When Sun Jinhao went to collect the monster core Xuan bead, he said to Dean Bai, "Dean, please chase Qin Yun out of the Heaven's Pride Courtyard. He is a very vicious person. I'm worried that he will harm the students of our Heaven's Pride Academy."

Another student at the eighth level Martial Body said, "Over the past year, Qin Yun has destroyed quite a number of geniuses. He seems to be fond of killing geniuses, so I would like to ask the Headmaster to kick him out of the Heaven's Pride Academy."

This person who was at the eighth level martial body was also Xiao Yanglong's student. It was clear that Xiao Yanglong had asked them to say this.

Qin Yun said with a disgruntled laugh, "Is there something wrong with all of you? If the crown prince of the Tian Ling Empire wants to kill me and make a name for himself, how can it not be possible for me to do the same to him? Am I not going to resist and let him kill me? This is absurd!"

"Qi Yu and Qin Zheng Feng, they competed with me in martial arts and were also ruthless towards me. Do you think I should be merciful towards them? In your opinion, do you still want to thank me for slapping you?"

"Speaking of viciousness, your mentor, Xiao Yanglong, is the unforgivable villain. Who doesn't know that he turned his own father into a zombie? If you guys hang out with him for a period of time, you guys will definitely be treated like dogs and kept in his captivity."

Xiao Yang Long was furious and shouted, "Jin Hao, go over and slap his mouth. This man is full of nonsense, slandering me, humiliating me, he deserves a beating! Don't worry, with me here, you can just give him ten slaps."

After Sun Jinhao heard this, he took a few big steps forward and this speed made many students exclaim in praise.

Huo Zhong and Murong Daren wanted to go over, but they were pulled by Lan Fengjin. She knew that Qin Yun would definitely not suffer a loss.

Everyone saw Sun Jinhao go over like a ghost. Just as he was about to slap him, he suddenly cried out in pain.

"Scram!" Qin Yun shouted coldly as he waved the Heavenly Lion's arm. It flickered with lightning bolts as he slapped Sun Jinhao's face, releasing a dull roar of anger.

Sun Jinhao was sent flying dozens of meters away. He lay on the ground like a dead dog, spitting out blood and teeth, his face deformed.

Xiao Yanglong had already discovered that something was amiss earlier but he didn't have enough time to stop it.

"Qin Yun, you are indeed vicious. See how I'll deal with you!" Xiao Yang Long rushed over in anger.

Slapping Sun Jinhao was like slapping Xiao Yanglong in the face. Just as he rushed over, he saw Lan Fengjin standing in front of Qin Yun.

Lan Fengjin's speed was unbelievably fast, it was as if she had teleported!

"Xiao Yanglong, if you don't want to be like your student who is beaten up like this and looking for your teeth. You better leave." Lan Fengjin sneered, his voice full of threat.

The corner of Xiao Yang Long's eyes twitched in anger, he turned around and ran towards Sun Jinhao to treat his injuries.

"Instructor, I was careless when Qin Yun attacked me with mental power." Sun Jinhao had previously heard of how strong Qin Yun's mental power was but he had disapproved. He believed that Qin Yun's mental power was unable to affect him, so he had been caught off guard.

What he did not know was that Qin Yun had just received in-depth guidance from Du Gui not long ago. He had made great progress in the Spirit Concentration Kill, a mental force martial art.

Xiao Yanglong looked at Dean Bai and said, "Dean, did you see that as well? Qin Yun did not hold back at all. This will pose a great threat to the entire Heaven's Pride Academy. I hope that you can make a decision to chase him out of the Heaven's Pride Academy."

Dean Bai laughed lightly, "Xiao Yanglong, don't think that just because you're the head disciple of the Blue Spirit West Palace, you can be so shameless. I saw it clearly just now. It was you who made Sun Jinhao make the first move! You didn't even put me in your eyes and now you want me to kick Qin Yun out of the Heaven's Pride Academy? You are so capable yourself, you must throw him out!"

As a dean, he stood there but Xiao Yanglong looked down on him. That is why he had Sun Jinhao attack Qin Yun. However, he did not expect Sun Jinhao to be attacked with Qin Yun's Mental Energy before being ruthlessly slapped in the face.

Sun Jinhao was able to stand up now as he covered his face and cursed at Qin Yun.

Xiao Yanglong gritted his teeth and looked at the others. "Instructors, all of you know Qin Yun's character. If you wish for him to leave Heaven's Pride Academy, stand behind me. If more than half of the coaches support me, Qin Yun will have to scram."

Very soon, instructors and students came one after another to stand behind Xiao Yanglong. These were people that Xiao Yanglong knew. There were a total of twenty-three people who supported Qin Yun's departure. Nearly half of them did.

When Xiao Yanglong saw that there were less than half of the coaches supporting him, he felt somewhat embarrassed. However, he insisted, "Dean Bai, have a look. With so many coaches and students supporting Qin Yun's departure, I ask that you respect their opinions and ask Qin Yun to leave."

"There are still twenty-seven coaches who have yet to express their opinions. Didn't they say that the minority would obey the majority?" Lan Fengjin sneered, "You can represent the other 27 coaches?"

"If they do not declare their stance, it is equivalent to abstaining. Unless they support Qin Yun's stay." Xiao Yanglong knew that these instructors did not want to offend others, so he remained silent.

Sun Jinhao walked in front of Qin Yun and said with a sneer, "Qin Yun, if you know what's good for you, scram yourself! As you have seen, there are not many people who would welcome you here. Your presence here will only affect the atmosphere of the entire Heaven's Pride Academy."

One of the instructors supporting Xiao Yanglong also said, "Qin Yun has over one hundred million profound points. For the sake of Xuan Points, he will do anything. With him here in the Heaven's Pride Academy, we can't be at ease."

More than ten students and coaches also shouted as well. "Qin Yun, get out! Qin Yun, get out!!"

Qin Yun frowned and said, "My one hundred million Xuan Points were exchanged for Magic Cores with my storage bag and exchanged for Xuan Points. I got them myself. Is there a problem?"

If that was true, then what Qin Yun said was true. That was because many people were willing to exchange their magic cores for storage pouches.

Xue Ziye's purple eyes flickered as she hurriedly asked, "Qin Yun, do you still have a storage spirit artifact? How do I exchange it?"

Qin Yun thought for a moment and said, "The bracelets are gone. There is still a storage bag. When my Martial Spirit was safe, I refined some storage bags and now I still have some left! Since you and I are from the same squad, I'll give you a discount. Five Class 9 Monster Cores, how about it?"

"So expensive? Five Level 9 Magic Crystals can be sold for fifty million crystals and your storage bag is worth fifty million?" Xue Ziye frowned slightly.

"My storage bag has a large capacity, several times larger than those broken storage bags. It also has the ability to be bound with blood and it's design is very exquisite!"

Qin Yun took out a small bag that shimmered with purple light. It was indeed very exquisite and it was also purple in color.

Xue Ziye was dressed in purple and it was obvious that she liked purple. It just so happened that Qin Yun had refined a purple storage bag.

"I... I only have three magic cores of the ninth rank." Xue Ziye's purple eyes shone brilliantly and it was obvious that she was very moved.

It wasn't just her heart that was moved. Most of the students here were extremely moved, wanting nothing more than to snatch them away.

"Since you and I are in the same team, I can owe you those two." Qin Yun said with a smile as he straightforwardly threw the storage bag to her.

Xue Ziye took the bag and looked at it. She was overjoyed but her expression didn't change at all. Instead, the color of the pair of light violet eyes became slightly darker.

Following that, she took out three Class 9 Monster Crystals and handed them to Qin Yun.

Just as Qin Yun kept the magic cores, an elderly mentor ran over and said with a smile, "Qin Yun, do you still have a storage bag on you? Can you give me one?"

"If you don't belong to our squad, you'll need ten magic cores of the ninth step." Qin Yun said with a smile, "Old Senior, you are also a knowledgeable person. You must know very well that if you want to obtain a good storage spirit artifact, it all depends on fate. You can only hope to find it by chance!"

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