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Chapter 220

"This is a legend, my teacher told me." Pan Dawei picked up a mouthful of food and ate it in a very gentle manner. It was hard to tell that he was a fat man who was so gentle at the table.

Du Gui finally swallowed the food in his mouth and replied, "I also heard my teacher mention a legend. He said that there was some treasure hidden within the Starsun Treasure Tree."

Pan Dawei sighed and said: "These are all legends and there is no way to prove it! Even we cannot enter the deepest part of the Myriad Star Lake but I heard from the old Principal that the Myriad Star Lake used to be a city and because of some reasons, it fell into the depths. That dragon bull is the guardian beast of the Myriad Star Lake."

"I wonder if those old bastards were lying to us." Du Gui said with a look of disdain, "I've lived in the Starsun Treasure Tree for so many years but I've never found any treasure. Other than Leaves and Leaves, there's nothing else."

Pan Dawei frowned: "I actually think that the legend of the Dragon bull is true because there aren't many powerful magical beasts that dare to approach the Myriad Star Lake and none of them have even came close to it."

Qin Yun said with a smile, "Our Star Xuan Wu Academy has powerful defenses. It's normal for magical beasts to not come."

Pan DaWei shook his head: "No! Do you know how many times Tian Xuan Martial School and Ling Xuan Wu Academy have suffered attacks? All of the great powers have been attacked many times and even the Blue Spirit Star Palace have had a hard time surviving."

"As for our Star Xuan Wu Academy, the demon beast horde was approaching full speed and then suddenly there were no longer any demon beasts that approached us. Currently, both the Tian Xuan Martial School and Ling Xuan Wu Academy are very envious of the peace and quiet here."

After eating, Qin Yun and Du Gui returned to the Starsun Treasure Tree.

On the way, he found out that Meng FeiLing and the rest had already headed towards the imperial city to join the Demon King's army to wipe out the Demon Beasts in the Tian Qin Empire.

Back in the Starsun Treasure Tree, Du Gui guided Qin Yun in his cultivation of Imperial Spirit Arts and Spirit Concentration Kill. He hoped that Qin Yun could become a powerful Spirit Killing Master in the future.

After two days of study, Qin Yun had learned a lot.

Du Gui knew that he was in a hurry to use the Vajra Spirit Marrow, so he didn't waste any more time.

In a secret chamber in the depths of a tree hole, Qin Yun took out a large vat and placed it in the middle of the secret chamber. Then, he took out a large piece of beast skin and placed it under the large vat.

There were spirit marks on the beast skin and they formed a formation that could absorb the special spirit energy within the Starsun Treasure Tree to form the spirit liquid.

After he activated the beast skin formation, a cyclone gathered on top of the water vat. It was like a cloud of mist. After churning for a while, a lot of sparkling and translucent spirit liquid dripped down.

Not long after, the vat was full.

Qin Yun took out the Vajra Spirit Marrow and poured it into the large vat. He jumped in and began soaking in the Vajra Spirit Marrow.

The Vajra Spirit Marrow was golden, like burning gold. Upon entering the vat, it would dye the entire vat of clear spirit liquid gold.

As Qin Yun immersed himself in the vat, he felt a great deal of pain. He could endure it well. He had suffered too much pain before, he could endure it just by gritting his teeth.

Soaking in the Vajra Spirit Marrow could quickly refine the body and the process was very painful. After all, this was a way of cultivating quickly and one had to pay a price.

At the seventh level Martial Body realm, one needed to temper the Vajra Bone even more. Only then could the Golden Bone Qi transform into a liquid state, which was to say, the Vajra Marrow. This was mainly used to nurture a martial spirit, turning it into a Vajra martial spirit!

Once the Martial Spirit became a Vajra Martial Spirit, one would reach the eighth level Martial Body. This would allow the Martial Spirit to strengthen the inner force related to that martial spirit!

Qin Yun immersed himself in the vat. Although his body was in pain, he could feel the Vajra bones rapidly strengthening. The golden bone aura he released was especially intense.

"Is it because I have the Nine Yang Divine Spirit? So I absorbed more of the medicinal power from the Vajra Spirit Marrow?" Qin Yun was secretly delighted. If that was the case, his improvement speed would be even faster.

Five days later, the golden liquid in the vat turned into ordinary water, meaning that the medicinal strength had been absorbed.

Qin Yun came out of the vat and poured the water out before continuing to condense the spirit liquid. He was prepared for the next time.

"One more bottle of Vajra Spirit Marrow and I will be able to refine the Vajra Bone to it's peak!" He did not expect the results to be so good.

Sure enough, it was as he had expected. After immersing the Vajra Spirit Marrow once more, he would be able to condense the Vajra bone marrow inside the bones.

Because he had cultivated the Black Yellow Heart Sutra, the Vajra Bone also contained the Black Yellow Qi, which made it even more solid.

"I have three Martial Spirits. This is not easy to cultivate! First, I will convert the Vibration Martial Spirit into the Vajra form." In order to condense the Vajra bone marrow quickly, Qin Yun continued soaking in the vat.

He still had three bottles of Vajra Spirit Marrow in his hands!

Now, he only needed three days to absorb one bottle.

"I've reached a bottleneck. After the Martial Spirit absorbed a large amount of Vajra Marrow, it reached a saturated state. I can't continue to absorb it but it hasn't evolved into a Vajra Martial Spirit yet." Qin Yun came out of the vat and muttered to himself.

Right now, he could only refine the Nethersun Martial Spirit in his dantian and the Thunder Flame Martial Spirit in his arm.

Qin Yun used a few days to use up the remaining two bottles of Vajra Spirit Marrow.

The three Martial Spirits in his body were all at a bottleneck, unable to evolve to become Vajra Martial Spirit. He didn't know what the problem was.

"Just a little bit more and I'll be at the eighth level Martial Body realm!" Although Qin Yun had yet to achieve a breakthrough, he could not help but feel excited.

His Martial Spirits were all of a very high level. Once Vajra Transformation was achieved, it meant that his Martial Spirit's inner force would be very strong, much stronger than a Martial Body Level 8 cultivator of the same level!

Qin Yun came out of closed door cultivation and went to look for Du Gui.

Du Gui was wearing a set of coarse linen clothes as he stood under the Starsun Treasure Tree with his eyes closed. It was unknown as to what he was doing. When he sensed Qin Yun coming out of the tree hole, he opened his eyes.

"Teacher, I have reached a bottleneck. My Martial Spirit can no longer absorb Vajra Marrow and it can no longer evolve into a Vajra Martial Spirit." Qin Yun asked hurriedly when he saw Du Gui.

Du Gui knew that there was no problem with Qin Yun's martial spirit. His mental power was strong, so he could more or less sense the undulations from Qin Yun's martial soul. Therefore, he did not find it strange.

"You have reached a critical moment. You need to comprehend the essence of your martial spirit and integrate your soul with your martial spirit's essence, to achieve a spiritual resonance. Only then can your martial spirit recognize you and your martial spirit evolve into a Vajra Martial Spirit."

"Because, once a Martial Spirit evolves, it means it can leave your body and be exposed. It means there is a great risk. Martial Spirits have their own intelligence, so you have to guide your Martial Spirit to make a decision."

After hearing what Du Gui said, Qin Yun fell into deep thought. It was not as easy as he thought it would be to break through to the eighth level Martial Body realm. However, there was still a direction for him.

"Don't be too hasty! You just entered the 7th level Martial Body not too long ago and now, you've reached the peak of the 7th level. You are extremely quick and you are only sixteen right now." Du Gui smiled and said, "It's better if it can be safely upgraded."

Qin Yun nodded.

Du Gui said, "There is one thing that you might not be interested in but I still have to tell you! The three of us, the Xuan Level Martial Academies, will join hands with the Blue Spirit Star Palace to establish a Heaven's Pride Academy. We will mainly focus on nurturing talented students."

"I'm quite interested. Can I go?" Qin Yun's eyes lit up as he hurriedly said with a smile.

Du Gui did not expect Qin Yun to be so energetic and said, "This Heaven's Pride Academy, instructors would be sent from the three Xuan Martial Academies and Blue Spirit Star Palace. These instructors are all in the Martial Dao Realm! Among them, Tian Xuan Martial School, Ling Xuan Wu Martial Academy and Blue Spirit Star Palace all have conflicts with you."

"Of course. Because our Star Xuan Wu Academy's environment is good, the Heaven's Pride Academy will be located here. We have already built a courtyard. The other disciples of the Martial Arts Academy and Blue Spirit Star Palace will arrive one after another."

Qin Yun was even more interested as he said with a smile, "Are there any martial arts competitions or anything? I'm really looking forward to it and would like to see how strong I am now."

Du Gui shook his head and said, "I don't know how the Heaven's Pride Academy will operate. If the situation is not right, you can leave. I heard that if you get good results in the Heaven's Pride Academy, you will be rewarded with Xuan Points. Also, you will need to go out with Instructor to kill Magical Beasts. It will be very dangerous."

Qin Yun decided to go. After inquiring about the location of the Heaven's Pride Academy, he returned and changed into a set of white clothes. He then headed to the western side of the Star Xuan Wu Academy. There, a deserted compound was located.

The compound was on the other side of a river, visible from across the bridge.

The courtyard had been deserted for many years but after renovating it, it had become completely new. At the entrance, there was a signboard with the words "Heaven's Pride Academy" written on it.

To enter the Heaven's Pride Academy, one had to meet certain requirements. First of all, he had to be at least a seventh level martial body cultivation. He had to be under twenty-five years of age. Qin Yun fully met the requirements.

The Heaven's Pride Academy was very large. There were many pavilions and a hundred meter wide martial arts training field in the center. In the middle of the field, there were groups of students conversing loudly.

Once Qin Yun entered, he saw Xiao Yanglong, dressed in dazzling blue armor!

Xiao Yanglong was of the Martial Dao Realm and he was also the head disciple of the Blue Spirit West Palace. Xiao Yanglong had also seen Qin Yun come in!

"Brother Yun, you've finally come." Huo Zhong ran over while laughing loudly. He was wearing a full body of black armor and looked very energetic and imposing.

Murong Daren was dressed in the luxurious blue robes of the Blue Spirit Star Palace. With a folding fan in his hand, he walked towards Qin Yun with a smile.

Qin Yun's arrival silenced the other students and Blue Spirit Star Palace disciples. Many of them had never met Qin Yun but they had heard of the astounding things that he had done.

"Third Brother Huo, Second Brother Murong you guys came too! Where's Eldest Brother Xie? Won't he come?" Qin Yun asked with a smile. He could tell that the two of them had broken through to the seventh level Martial Body realm.

Huo Zhong smiled. "big boss is now too strong. Now that he is a Saint of Blue Spirit Saint Palace, he has gone out to kill spirit beasts."

"Brother Yun, that Xiao Yang Long is also here. There are also people from the Ling Xuan Wu Academy who view you as an enemy!"

Qin Yun had killed the crown prince of the Tian Ling Empire. As the grandfather of the crown prince was the vice-principal of the Ling Xuanwu Academy, he had a high status within the academy. Therefore, it was not strange for the Ling Xuanwu Academy to hate him.

When Xiao Yanglong saw Qin Yun, his expression turned ice-cold. Killing intent flashed in his eyes and he did not say a word. Here, the person who hated Qin Yun the most was him.

For the next two days, Qin Yun stayed with Huo Zhong and Murong Daren. They were waiting for the Heaven's Pride Academy to officially open.

More and more students arrived. In total, there were two hundred people, all at the 7th level Martial Body realm or above and ten at the 8th level Martial Body realm.

However, there were actually fifty instructors. All of them were in the Martial Dao Realm. From this, it could be seen that the Institution was highly valued!

What surprised Qin Yun the most was that the youngest of the group of martial arts instructors was not Xiao Yanglong. Instead, it was Lan Fengjin. She had also come.

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