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Chapter 215

Qin Yun rarely made bone talismans but he often made beast-scale talismans. In making Bone talismans, the process was mainly crucial when processing the materials well. The materials needed to be compatible with the spirit marks and one also needed to save energy to activate the power of the spirit marks.

After he finished making the "spirit bone cardboard" needed for the bone talisman, he took out his carving knife and began to draw. The process was extremely time-consuming.

He was very familiar with Body Securing Marks. During the process of carving, the carving knife was like flowing water, smoothly sliding.

Even though Old Tan and the members of the dragon squad did not know the Dao of Inscription, they could tell that Qin Yun was talented in that aspect. Especially those skillful inscriptions. They were completed in one go, naturally and smoothly, with the demeanor of a great master.

"Alright, now I need to infuse more energy. The stronger the internal force, the better!" Qin Yun smiled at the woman and said, "Sister, you're in the Martial Dao Realm. It would be best if you used your inner strength."

The woman lightly smiled, showing her pure white teeth. She took the bone talisman and poured her inner force into it.

The moment her inner force was released, Old Tan, Old Zhou, and the others were all secretly shocked. Even the round-faced middle-aged man had an expression of surprise and envy on his face.

This woman looked very young but she was in the martial dao realm.

Not long after, the woman found that she could no longer continue to inject inner Qi. She asked, "Can you do it now?"

Qin Yun nodded. "That's enough! Now we could test the might of the Body Securing Talisman. Just use it on these two friends of yours! "

He looked at the two youths in the dragon squad and smiled faintly.

The intrepid beauty smiled lightly and used her mind power to activate the mid-grade bone talisman and threw it towards the two young men.

The two young men refused in their hearts but there was nothing they could do because the bone talismans had already been activated.

The bone talisman was thrown over and after a "hu" sound, it exploded into an invisible air wave. The air wave spread out for over ten meters, enveloping the entire room.

Qin Yun never expected that the woman's internal energy would be so terrifying. It could increase the power of the bone talismans by so much. This resulted in the bone talismans stabilizing the body, covering an area of more than ten meters.

The people here were all enveloped by the power of this talisman.

The expressions of Old Tan and the other martial artists of the ninth level all changed, revealing a hint of fear. They were unable to move at that moment.

At a critical moment, if you suddenly became immobile for a moment, it would be very easy to lose your life!

What was terrifying was that even after a moment, they were still unable to move!

Only the woman who was at the Martial Dao Realm was not frozen and no one else was able to move.

"What a terrifying Body Securing Talisman!" After Old Tan could move, he sighed in fear.

All the ninth level martial body could now move. Only Qin Yun was still locked in place.

Qin Yun smiled wryly in his heart. It was hilarious for him to be frozen in place by the bone talisman he had forged.

After about 10 seconds, he could finally move!

Just now, he had noticed that martial artists at the ninth level Martial Body would be frozen for around three seconds. It was mainly because of the internal energy of the Martial Dao Realm that the bone talismans had become so strong.

"It should be able to stop the Class 9 Magical Beast for a second or two!" Old Tan looked at the round-faced man and the others, saying, "Now, you can let A Yun join, right?"

The round-faced man nodded his head and said: "Yes but he has to refine the kind of Body Securing Talismans that we need. We want two each, is that a problem?"

Qin Yun said with a nod, "No problem. However, I will need the help of your sister to inject her internal energy. Her internal energy is strong enough, so the effect is the best. Otherwise, you will not be able to lock down a Class 9 Magical Beast? Oh yeah, what's your name, sister?"

"Lan Fengjin!" Although the woman looked intrepid and domineering, she was very cordial. Otherwise, as a Martial Dao Realm cultivator, she would not have chatted with Qin Yun with a smile on her face.

Qin Yun had never heard of her name. However, he could investigate her in the future. Such a woman definitely had a great background.

Afterwards, the two squads began to get to know each other. Of the two teams, only Qin Yun and Lan Fengjin had mentioned their full names. Everyone else had hidden their names.

The round-faced man's nickname was Mountain and he was also a famous figure in the first town but he rarely showed his face. Therefore, Old Tan had only heard of his name and had never seen it before.

The two young men were his sons and the other middle-aged man was Mountain's cousin.

Qin Yun came to a quiet room where he was busy producing talismans.

Old Tan and the members of the dragon squad were outside discussing tactics. When Lan Fengjin heard this, she turned a little impatient. She seemed to be interested in talisman crafting, so she headed for Qin Yun's room.

Qin Yun, who was producing talismans, could not help but be given a fright when he saw the strange charisma emanating from her body, the valiant exterior, as well as the gentle beauty. He suddenly felt nervous. After all, a man and a woman alone in a room...

Lan Fengjin didn't say anything after she entered. She just sat down at a table, swinging her wheat colored long legs. There was a faint smile on her face.

"Sister Lan, what's the matter?" Qin Yun was smelting a large amount of beast bones but he was not inscribing them. Therefore, he was able to divert his attention to admire the mysterious and valiant beauty.

"I just came here to see you craft talismans. I won't speak, that way I won't affect your attention." Lan Fengjin smiled gently. That beautiful and moving smile made Qin Yun somewhat dumbfounded.

Qin Yun turned his head with great difficulty as he muttered to himself. With Lan Fengjin here, it was a great test of his mental fortitude. Even though she didn't say anything, her pair of long and beautiful wheat colored legs were simply too eye-catching.

"Sister Lan, you're so amazing. You're already in the Martial Dao Realm at such a young age. How old are you this year?" Qin Yun asked.

The valiant and sexy Lan Fengjin smiled sweetly and said mischievously, "The age of a girl is very secret! Seeing that you're so adorable, I can tell you that I'm twenty-six this year and ten years older than you!"

Qin Yun could not help but be taken aback. It was the first time a woman had said he was cute. It made him want to take out a mirror to look after himself. How was a handsome and brave him cute?

"You carefully make the bone talismans, they are extremely useful to us!" Lan Fengjin reminded her softly.

Qin Yun did not speak any further. He took out the refined beast bone and began seriously hammering at it. He spent a day forging twenty pieces of bone talisman board.

After that, he began to draw the Body Securing Talisman.

Lan Fengjin had always been in the room with Qin Yun. From time to time, she would ask Qin Yun a few questions about the materials and the spirit marks.

Qin Yun was extremely generous and told her everything he knew. Previously, the members of the dragon squad looked down on him but Fengjin wasn't one of them, so he had a very good impression of her.

"Sister Lan, how did you join the dragon squad?" Qin Yun was puzzled because Lan Fengjin did not fit in with those people. Furthermore, she was in the Martial Dao Realm.

"I ran into them on the way here. They said that they found a magical beast horde and they found a magical beast egg, So I joined them." As Lan Fengjin said that, she took out a bone talisman Qin Yun had just finished carving and began infusing her inner force into it.

After spending two days with Lan Fengjin, Qin Yun realized that she was extremely interested in the inscriptions and knew of many profound questions about the inscriptions. Some of them were questions that Qin Yun could not answer.

"Qin Yun, you better leave the first town as soon as possible. This place is too dangerous for you!" Lan Fengjin was now somewhat familiar with Qin Yun as she spoke with a slightly stern tone.

"Hm! After I have successfully obtained the magical beast crystal egg, I will return to the Star Xuan Wu Academy." Qin Yun also knew that it was very dangerous for him to be alone in the second district.

When Lan Fengjin saw Qin Yun agree to leave, she smiled in satisfaction and said, "You do not look like something went wrong with your martial spirit! Rumor has it that your martial spirit is crippled and you can only rely on your Heavenly Lion's arm to obtain power. Now, it seems that you are still hiding a powerful force."

Qin Yun raised his left arm and said with a smile, "My arm of the Heavenly Lion has many variables! Since Sister Lan has told me about your age, I'll tell you a secret. My Heavenly Lion's Arm accidentally awakened a Martial Spirit."

The Heavenly Lion's Purple Gold Thunder Flame Martial Spirit was extremely violent. In an intense battle, it was impossible for it to be hidden. Sooner or later, this matter would be exposed, so he dared to tell Lan Fengjin about it.

Lan Fengjin was extremely astonished as she pinched Qin Yun's arm. Her beautiful and mature face changed color slightly as she exclaimed softly, "Little fellow, you really are a little monster."

Qin Yun chuckled and continued inscribing.

He spent a total of five to six days to create twenty middle-grade Body Securing Talismans.

Qin Yun gave the bone talismans to the two teams. He also kept two for himself.

"Alright, let's head out. If we are successful, we will soon be able to obtain the magical beast crystal egg." Big Mountain was very confident. His round face was full of smiles.

Noon was the time when the sun was at it's hottest. The earth was baked like a steamer and the ruins of the first town were incomparably hot, shrouded in scorching waves of air.

Qin Yun felt very comfortable absorbing the energy from the hot sunlight through the Nine Yang Divine Spirit.

He was in the same group as a Martial Dao cultivator, so he did not need to be on guard against magical beasts as he could focus on absorbing spiritual energy.

On the morning two days later, the dragon squad walking in front suddenly stopped their footsteps.

Big Mountain said solemnly, "Everyone, prepare yourselves. That group of magical beasts is just ahead, about two thousand meters away from us!"

Everyone immediately gathered their energy and restrained their auras as they carefully proceeded forward.

In front of them was a relatively large villa. It was surrounded by walls and there were a few short mountains. Originally, the scenery was beautiful but after the invasion of the magical beasts, the mountain turned into ruins and the short mountain became barren.

As he neared the horde of magical beasts, Qin Yun sensed a strong aura from them. In the past, when he encountered such a large magical beast horde, he could only avoid them. This was his first time coming so close to them.

He took the Royal Spirit Cannon from Old Tan and the four cannon shells. He climbed up to the 20th floor of a building.

This building was around seven to eight hundred meters away from the magical beasts and could be used as vantage point to accurately hit with the Spirit Cannon.

Qin Yun's mission was very difficult. Amongst the horde of magical beasts, there were two spirit beasts. He needed to heavily injure one of them with the Cannon and leave the other one to Lan Fengjin.

Big Mountain and Old Tan were discovered by the Magic Beasts right near the territory of the Magic Beasts!

"Charge!" Big Mountain shouted.

They had already discussed tactics in detail before and they knew how to coordinate.

The two squads used their fastest speeds and charged into the midst of the magical beasts.

At the same time, a deafening roar exploded from the village occupied by the magical beasts!

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