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Chapter 216

The more than a hundred magical beasts suddenly roared in unison, causing the ground to tremble. The aura of the demon beast became a strong gust of wind that whistled out from the manor and blew away the rocks and bricks, causing dust to fly into the sky.

Old Tan and Mountain, who were in the front, threw out several high-quality storm talismans to blow away the dust and ensure a clear view.

On top of the building, through the Royal Spirit Cannon, Qin Yun saw red figures shooting out from inside the manor's compound walls. The magical beasts were quick and agile.

When he took a closer look, he was secretly shocked. Those were all gorillas with a height of two meters!

The gorilla had red fur all over, a 6-inch long horn on it's head, a mouth full of sharp teeth, a belly full of stiff red scales and two arms very large and very long.

"These demon beasts are really scary, it seems like they are close combat type, their physical defense is very strong." Qin Yun no longer looked at the gorillas. Instead, he focused his attention on Lan Fengjin.

While Lan Fengjin was sprinting, she would occasionally throw out a throwing knife. The energy of the Martial Dao Realm was gathered on the knife, so it was very easy for it to pierce into the body of the savage bloody Gorillas.


A terrifying roar suddenly came from inside the villa. The gorilla's roars were as terrifying as those of a vicious beast.

When Old Tan and the others were dealing with a group of magical beasts, Class 7 and 8 Magical Beasts were quite easy to deal with. Only when a Class 9 Magical Beast approached them would they be able to use the Body Securing Talisman.

Lan Fengjin flew and quickly entered the villa!

Suddenly, a pitch-black gorilla climbed to the top of the short mountain. It was hitting it's chest loudly with both of it's large hands.

"Is this a spirit beast? It seems like I have to seriously injure it!" Qin Yun immediately controlled the Royal Spirit Cannon and aimed it at the gorilla that was a few meters tall.


The Cannon trembled slightly and two artillery shells flew out. They instantly landed on the gorilla's head and exploded into a wave of air waves. The gorilla flew down the mountain and landed heavily on the ground.

At the same time, another huge gorilla appeared. it's body was blood-red and it looked even more ferocious.

When Lan Fengjin saw that the gorilla had been sent flying, she let out a sigh of relief in her heart. One of the spirit beasts had already been killed and the remaining one was hers.

After the big red gorilla appeared, it rushed towards Lan Fengjin!

Lan Fengjin leapt up and floated in the air. She took out a massive axe!

Her giant axe shone with a blue light. The sharp blade of the axe was half a meter long, while the handle of the axe was more than a meter long.

Just as Qin Yun was planning on watching the battle carefully, he suddenly realized that the black gorilla he had sent flying had climbed to the top of the mountain!

A piece of the head of the black gorilla was blown off, leaving behind fresh blood. However, it did not die!

The gorilla cried out angrily. That infuriating aura had caused Lan Fengjin, Old Tan and the others to secretly panic!

Especially Old Tan and Big Mountain, they thought that the Royal Spirit Cannon had killed off that black gorilla but they didn't expect it to actually come back to life!

"This guy actually didn't die!" Qin Yun still had two artillery shells. Immediately, he aimed the Cannon and fired once again.


The head of the black gorilla immediately exploded upon being struck and his body tumbled down from the short mountain peak. This time, he was completely dead.

Everyone let out a sigh of relief. Lan Fengjin also felt relieved. She had to fight against just this one blood-red gorilla!

After the death of the black gorilla, the red gorilla became even more furious. He attacked ferociously like a madman. Rays of red light suddenly shot out from the long horn of his head, striking towards Lan Fengjin!

Lan Fengjin narrowly avoided the red beam of light. If she was hit by it, she would definitely be severely injured!


The red light from the gorilla's head struck the ground, creating a huge crater of more than ten meters in size. It was extremely terrifying.

Lan Fengjin also landed a few blows on the gorilla's body, all of them were very deep but the gorilla did not fall down.

Qin Yun was also feeling anxious as he watched. He was somewhat worried that the other demonic beast horde would come over. With such a large commotion, it was highly likely that the distant demonic beast horde would be alarmed.

The villa was already in a mess and now that an intense battle had broken out, the walls had all collapsed. The buildings that were in ruins in the surroundings were blown away by the waves of Qi.

The area where the fierce battle was taking place was covered by the sound of explosions. It was extremely terrifying!

From afar, Qin Yun watched Lan Fengjin's battle and felt that he should have blasted the red gorilla away. That was because the red gorilla was just too powerful. Even after being struck so many times, it was filled with energy.

"The bones are very hard! Sister Lan's axe cannot cut through the bones." When Qin Yun realized this, he secretly worried about Lan Fengjin's safety.


The sudden muffled sound shocked everyone!

A short mountain in the manor suddenly split open. A black gorilla broke out of the mountain and rushed towards Lan Fengjin!

When Old Tan saw them, he quickly shouted, "Big Mountain, didn't you say that there were only two spirit beasts? Why are there three now?"

"I'm sorry, we didn't investigate it thoroughly!" Mountain felt a bit guilty. The Class 8 and 9 Magical Beasts they were facing were far more than they had expected.

Old Tan and the others were currently battling a large group of gorillas at the eighth or ninth step. They had no way of separating themselves and no way of retreating. For a time, they were caught in a bitter battle.

Qin Yun saw the situation turn grim and acted on his own. Stepping onto the fire cloud, he rushed at Old Tan.

"Old Tan, are there any more cannonballs?" Qin Yun asked.

"No more!" When Old Tan saw Qin Yun, he was extremely anxious. "What are you doing here?"

Qin Yun gritted his teeth and took out two bone talismans. He threw it at Old Tan and Mountain and stopped the violent blood gorillas that were attacking them. This would buy them time to severely injure the two gorillas.

There were more than twenty ninth stage gorillas. This was also something that the dragon squad didn't expect.

Old Tan and Big Mountain felt the pressure lessened a lot and they could go and help the other members. With the current situation, even if they wanted to retreat, it wouldn't be that difficult anymore.

They suddenly realized that not only was Qin Yun able to craft talismans, he was also pretty good in terms of strength. Since his teammates were in danger, he didn't cower away from them. Instead, he bravely ran over to rescue them.

"I'm going to go get the magical beast crystal eggs. Once we get them, we'll immediately retreat!" After saying that, Qin Yun quickly rushed to the manor.

If he didn't hurry up, Lan Fengjin wouldn't be able to hold on. She was currently facing two spirit beasts!

Previously, Qin Yun had observed the manor from a building far away. He had guessed that the demon beast crystal egg was in that short mountain. Otherwise, there would not have been a spirit level demon beast coming out of it.

The gorilla that had been killed had also climbed up to the top of the mountain to protect the short mountain.

When Qin Yun rushed into the manor, Lan Fengjin immediately knew what he was planning. She shouted at him, "Qin Yun, it's up to you!"

"Sister Lan, hold on a little longer!" Qin Yun traversed the air and sprinted towards the short mountain. He was extremely nervous.

Soon, he arrived above the short mountain with a high-grade Body Securing Talisman in his hand. Then, he jumped down from the large hole.

After reaching the bottom, a dangerous aura suddenly enveloped him!

It was two magical beasts of the ninth rank!

Although Qin Yun was extremely alarmed, he remained extremely calm. Hurriedly, he threw out the Body Securing Talisman in his hand to stop the two Class 9 Magical Beasts!

After the Class 9 Magical Beast was locked down, he took out the Giant King Spirit Hammer and activated the Giant Martial Spirit inside, causing the Hammer to become larger and the berserk marks inside it caused the power of the hammer to become berserk.

He gripped the Hammer tightly with his Heavenly Lion arm and combined it with the power of the nether sun inner force and the vibration inner force, he performed the Meteor Shower of the Six Style Forging Dragon!


The sledgehammer landed on the head of a blood-red gorilla, blasting it into flames!


Lifting up the Giant Spirit King hammer, it landed on the head of another gorilla, smashing it into a sea of flames!

After the two Class 9 Magical Beasts were immobilized, they were killed in a matter of seconds.

At this time, he saw that in the belly of the mountain, there were a large number of human corpses piled up on the walls.

After Qin Yun killed the two Stage Nine gorillas, he had drained eighty percent of his internal energy. Thankfully, his mind was still in good condition.

As soon as he released his mental force, it covered the belly of the mountain and locked onto a place where energy was concentrated.

He gathered the corpses of the two gorillas and rushed towards the place where the energy was gathered. There, he saw more than ten half meter tall giant red eggs, which were like red crystal balls!

"Is this the demon beast crystal egg? There are sixteen of them!" Qin Yun was pleasantly surprised. Just as he was about to go to retrieve them, he was suddenly pulled forward by a whirlwind.

He looked back and saw that a large portion of the mountain rocks had been sucked away. Behind him was emptiness. He could clearly see the black gorilla opening it's huge mouth and swallowing.

Qin Yun immediately used Imperial Spirit Technique and controlled the magical beast crystal eggs to fly over.

After the magical beast crystal eggs approached, they were kept in his storage space.

Hu hu hu hu!

Lan Fengjin suddenly swooped down from the sky. She used her great strength to chop down on the head of the black gorilla, stopping him from swallowing.

Qin Yun hurriedly used Fire Cloud Steps and shouted, "I've succeeded!"

Then, he used his mental energy to envelop the corpse of a Spirit Level gorilla, floating it closer, before putting it into a large storage bag.

Arriving in the air, he saw that the red gorilla had been killed by Lan Fengjin.

Lan Fengjin quickly retreated and took away the body of the red gorilla.

There were still twenty to thirty other ninth stage gorillas that had not been killed. It wasn't easy for Old Tan and the others as they decisively retreated, leaving the battlefield.

After four hours of running, they finally stopped and rested in a shop on the main street.

Qin Yun took out the ten demon beast crystal eggs and the corpse of the Spirit level gorilla. The things in his hands were the most expensive.

"There are actually ten magical beast crystal eggs!" Mountain was pleasantly surprised.

"Do you know now? Without Ah Yun, we wouldn't have gotten the demon beast crystal egg!" Old Tan laughed.

Mountain's two sons didn't say anything. They knew this very well. Based on the previous situation, without Qin Yun's help from the bone talisman they might not even be able to obtain the Class 9 Magical Beast corpse and now he even found so many magical beast crystal eggs.

"How should we divide it?" Lan Fengjin said before casting a glance at Qin Yun. There was a profound look in her eyes.

Qin Yun's heart palpitated slightly. He had kept six of the eggs. It was as though Lan Fengjin had discovered it. He remembered that at that time, it was Lan Fengjin who had swooped down to hack at the gorilla. It was extremely likely that she had seen the exact number of demon beast crystal eggs.

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