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Chapter 214

Although magical beasts were powerful, they weren't dangerous enough, so they were easy to deal with. Human squads are different. If you meet a team that specializes in killing people and looting their goods, it won't be easy for you to escape even if you can't beat them.

Old Tan took out his Royal Spirit Cannon and reloaded it, preparing to start the battle.

Elder Zhou said, "They have sensed us. With their strength, we cannot escape."

Old Tan nodded his head and said in a heavy voice, "Everyone, if this team is full of hostility, I will drag them down and have you all retreat."

As a captain, he had to be responsible for his own team members. If they encountered any danger, he definitely wouldn't run away.

This moved Old Man Zhou and the others greatly.

Qin Yun took out his high-grade Body Securing Talisman and prepared to do battle!

Just like them, there were only five people in that team. However, there was a Martial Dao Realm cultivator among them!

The five flew over, immediately entering the sixth floor of the stone tower.

Most of them were young. There were two young men, two middle-aged men and a woman!

And what was most shocking was that the Martial Dao Realm cultivator was actually that young woman.

Qin Yun and company's gazes were first focused on that woman. Not only was she eye-catching because she was in the Martial Dao Realm, her attractive appearance also attracted gazes.

The woman had an oval face. Although her appearance was not absolutely stunning, it was still very pleasant to look at. Her hair was tied up at random, and she had a healthy, wheat-colored skin. She wore a pair of leather shorts, revealing a pair of long, slender, well-built legs. The upper half of her body was only wearing a short leather jacket, which wrapped around her full chest, revealing her navel and a few protruding muscles.

With her tall and slender figure, she appeared valiant and wild in her beauty. She had an extraordinary temperament and could be said to be an extremely charming woman.

Qin Yun had seen many beauties. As for the swarthy woman in front of him, although she could not be considered the most beautiful, she exuded a unique charm that made his heart palpitate.

"We're a team of hunters, The Dragon Squad!" A round-faced middle-aged man said with a dry cough.

It was at this moment that Qin Yun and company noticed the person beside the woman.

"What have you all come here for?" Old Tan said, his heart filled with doubt and surprise.

The opposing team had a young and strong woman but she didn't seem to be the captain.

The round-faced middle-aged man smiled, "There was a pack of Demonic Horse-Wolves earlier. I presume it was you guys who killed them? From this, it can be seen that your strength is not bad. We have come here to join your forces and destroy a very strong magical beast horde. That horde of magical beasts has two spirit beasts, as well as a magical beast crystal egg!"

A magical beast crystal egg could be exchanged for fifty million Xuan Points each. It was the same value as a spirit beast's magic core!

When the round-faced man saw Old Tan and the others, he said, "There are at least five magical beast crystal eggs. We don't know the specifics but once we take down this magical beast horde, you should be aware of the benefits, right?"

Even if the two teams split evenly, it would still be very impressive!

Old Tan said, "The pack of horse-wolves and magical beasts were indeed killed by us! But why do you think we are qualified to join you? You have a martial dao cultivator, we don't!"

The round faced middle-aged man laughed: "If I'm not wrong, you should be Old Tan the Cannon King, right? Just the Royal Spirit Cannon in your hands is enough!"

Old Tan smiled. He put down the Royal Spirit Cannon in his hand. If this party really had any enmity towards them, they would have already started attacking them. Thus, he was relieved.

Qin Yun quietly glanced at the sturdy woman and realized that she was also looking at him.

The woman crossed her arms in front of her chest. She had a faint smile on her face. Although she looked bold and powerful, her eyes were filled with a myriad of flirtatious expressions. It was extremely seductive.

"Don't think that just because you have a little beard, I can't tell that you're a little kid? How old are you?" The woman laughed and asked.

Her voice was crisp and pleasant, like the gentle breeze blowing. However, there was a trace of power in her tone.

"Sixteen!" This was the first time Qin Yun felt vexed because he was young. He was especially disliked by such a strong woman.

The round-faced man frowned: "Old Tan, is this kid your grandson?"

Old Tan shook his head. "No, he was separated from his team. I found out that he was hiding in the basement, so I let him join my team. His cultivation is only at the 7th level Martial Body but his Mental power is very strong."

A young man in a black shirt said anxiously, "You can join our team but not this kid! He will drag us down! "

The other young man from the Dragon Squad also said, "That's right. He is only at the seventh level Martial Body realm. If we were to split the spoils of war, we would be at a great disadvantage."

Old Tan hastened to say, "My royal Spirit Cannon needs someone with good enough mental strength to control it. That way, we can put myself into the battle and have a good control over it! Previously, the Wolf Horse King was killed by him using the Cannon."

"That won't do. He is only at the seventh level Martial Body realm, yet he wants to take away someone's spoils of war! Aren't we, who are at the ninth level Martial Body realm, at a disadvantage? Unless he doesn't want the spoils of war!" The black clothed youth said.

Old Tan's voice became colder: "You said that Ah Yun is not qualified to take a share of the spoils of war? If he can control the Royal Spirit Cannon, it is equivalent to having the power of a Martial Dao Realm cultivator. If he can deal with a Spirit Demon Beast, why can't he split the profits equally?"

Elder Zhou said coldly: "Since that's the case, then we won't join you! You look down on people with your dog eyes!"

The round faced middle-aged man said: "Old Tan, we would rather you not go on stage and instead control the Cannon, so that we can be at ease! We can't be at ease at all when a kid at the seventh level martial body goes to control the Cannon! You have to consider this carefully. If you don't join us, it's extremely likely that you'll lose some of the benefits from the demon beast crystal eggs."

The young man in a black shirt said coldly, "Even if you don't join, we can still find other teams to work with."

Qin Yun looked at the woman and said softly, "Sister, you are in the Martial Dao Realm. Whether or not you want me to join is up to you."

The lady smiled, "I am not the team leader, I cannot make a decision. I don't care, as long as I can take down the magical beast horde in the end!"

The round-faced middle-aged man was the captain. He lowered his head in thought, seemingly wavering. As for the two youths, they were extremely opposed to Qin Yun joining them. They constantly tried to persuade their captain to reject him.

"Old Tan, if you let this little brother leave, you can join us! Once we join forces and succeed in taking down that horde of magical beasts, we'll be able to acquire many magical beast crystal eggs, as well as many magic cores." The round-faced middle-aged man finally made his decision.

Old Tan's face was filled with displeasure and his tone was cold. "What a pity then, why don't you find another team to join! Ah Yun's strength has been acknowledged by me, he is my teammate. If you look down on him, it means you look down on me, Old Tan."

Qin Yun had just joined the team but he had been valued so highly. This made him feel moved.

In fact, he really wanted to cooperate with the dragon squad. If he could get the magical beast crystal egg, then he could reap quite a bit of benefits.

"Old Tan, you guys can join the dragon squad! I'll stay here and wait for you to come back!" He did not want Old Tan to give up such a good opportunity.

Old Tan's face darkened. "A Yun, you're one of us. We won't let you stay here alone. It's too dangerous."

The woman leaned against the wall and looked out the window. She said faintly, "How about this? This little brat seems to have some skill but on the surface, we can't see his true strength."

Qin Yun nodded. "That's right. It is normal for you to look down on me. After all, I am only at the seventh level Martial Body realm! Fine, I won't hide it from you. I'm actually an Inscription Master and I know how to make talismans. I can refine a mid-grade Body Securing Talisman that can lock down Class 8 Magical Beasts. As for whether or not a Class 9 Magical Beast can be locked down, I don't know."

"For a large group of magical beasts, there must be many Class 7 or 8 Magical Beasts. This is a huge obstacle. With just your ninth level martial body, it won't be that easy to destroy them. Moreover, there are still Class 9 Magical Beasts to deal with. In addition, there are still two Spirit Magical Beast bosses. It won't be that easy to take them down."

"If you had my Body Securing Talisman, it would be much easier to stop a Class 7 and 8 Magical Beast!"

Old Tan and the members of the dragon squad were all struck dumb by these words. They couldn't believe the young man in front of them was an Inscription Master!

In the environment of the first town, an Inscription Master was even more precious. In particular, those that could create talismans were even rarer!

Only such a large team would have a single Inscription Master. That was the core of a team.

"Is this true? How do you prove it?" The sturdy girl squinted her eyes and asked with a smile.

"That's easy. Can't I just refine a Body Securing Bone Symbol on the spot?" As Qin Yun spoke, he took out a furnace, a platform, the Giant King Spirit Hammer and a carving knife.

Seeing that he was fully equipped, everyone believed him halfway!

Old Tan suddenly thought of something and said: "There are very few young Inscriptionists to begin with and there is only one in the seventh level Martial Body realm! The crown prince of the Tian Qin Empire, Qin Yun, is an Inscription Master. Furthermore, he is at the seventh level Martial Body realm."

Qin Yun grinned. "I'm Qin Yun!"

The crowd was shocked again. The legendary youth that was moving in all directions was actually right in front of them!

"What are you doing here instead of staying at the Star Xuan Wu Academy? A genius like you should be able to stay in the Martial Arts Academy to cultivate peacefully. It's too risky to come to a place like this." Elder Zhou took a deep breath and said.

If he hadn't seen it with his own eyes, he wouldn't have believed that this legendary young Inscription Master would have run to such a dangerous place!

Making a medium-grade talisman required a great deal of time but to a martial artist who didn't know a single thing about talismans, it was far too interesting. Therefore, they opened their eyes wide and patiently watched Qin Yun create the talismans.

Qin Yun placed the Class 6 or 7 beast bones into the furnace to burn. After burning it until it turned red and soft, he placed it on the table to beat it. It looked like a thin sheet of paper.

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