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Chapter 208

Yin Sheng had already known that there was a pack of wolves here. Like Qin Yun's group, he had guessed that the wolves had been chased out, so he immediately returned to report it. At that time, he was praised by a Martial Dao Realm expert. Now, he had also come here with the seniors.

They were all very strong and their sneak attacks and concealment techniques were much better than Qin Yun's. However, they found out that many of the level eight demon wolves were dead and had their magic cores taken out by someone!

"It's life force powder! Dammit, there are others here, we have to be careful!" The Martial Dao Realm elder was extremely angry and transmitted his voice to the others.

"It should be those bastards from the Star Xuan Wu Academy! However, they are not very strong and would not dare to touch the Wolf King. The eighth or ninth stage Demon Wolves here have probably all been killed by them." Yin Sheng transmitted his voice, extremely infuriated.

"Alright!" The old martial artist nodded.

Just as they were about to leave, they suddenly heard a loud explosion. Lightning shot in all directions from a tall building, releasing a dense aura of thunder and lightning before it slowly collapsed.

Such a huge commotion had alarmed the entire pack of wolves!


A loud wolf howl resounded through the pitch black night sky as a strong killing intent from the demonic beasts filled the area, enveloping everything within a radius of thousands of meters.

This was the howl of the Wolf King!

"Those bastards of the Star Xuan Wu Academy!! this must be done by them. Let's retreat quickly!" Yin Sheng shouted angrily.

"Did you clash with that group of people? Why didn't you tell us this? Otherwise, we would definitely be on our guard!" The old martial artist was also furious. He glared at Yin Sheng and leaped up.

They had just jumped up when one of the demon wolves jumped into the air. While roaring, it shot out a purple light beam from it's mouth, hitting a middle-aged man in black and shattering him into several pieces.


Wolf howls rang out incessantly as they madly attacked the people flying in the air. The enraged Wolf King released waves of terrifying pressure and locked onto the people in the air with his aura. A purple beam shot out from his eyes and hit three middle-aged men!

The three burly men were instantly torn apart by the purple beam of light. When Yin Sheng saw them, he became incomparably terrified. He increased his speed and left the range of the Wolf King's senses.

Qin Yun and company saw this scene from afar and were extremely happy.

"These bastards, who let them act so arrogantly and they even attacked our sister-in-law." Meng FeiLing laughed.

"The debt has not been settled yet!" Qin Yun said with a sneer, "Unless that fellow named Yin Sheng dies!"

Brother Li nodded. They had a rich harvest tonight and now that they saw Yin Sheng and the rest fleeing, they were extremely happy.

"Let's go, we need to get away from the territory of the wolves first." Brother Li laughed and began to retreat from the rooftop.

Out of the dozen or so people in Yan Sheng's group, only six managed to successfully retreat. They were in a forest and all of them had ugly expressions on their faces.

"Yin Sheng, it's all your fault! If not, we wouldn't have lost three of our the ninth level martial body realm and three of our eighth level martial body realm! Not only were we unable to kill the Wolf King, we even lost so many experts, causing heavy losses!" The old man of the Martial Dao Realm looked at Yin Sheng and said angrily.

Yan Sheng was also filled with rage. If everything went smoothly, he would have been able to obtain the appreciation of this senior in the Dao Realm. But now, he had suffered such heavy losses because of this mess.

He gritted his teeth and said, "Senior, this is all my fault. I will chop off the heads of those four fellows and bring them back to the Tian Ling Empire."

"This is unnecessary! The specific reason why our six comrades died is not allowed to be spread out. Just say that we were attacked by a group of magical beasts and they sacrificed themselves." The Martial Dao Realm elder said.

Half of the people he led out of the city had died. If he told them the real reason, it would only make his reputation worse.

Dawn came and Qin Yun and company went to a safe zone. They were hiding in a stone building built of thick stone bricks.

"There are four ninth level magic cores, five million Xuan Points each. That can be exchanged for twenty million Xuan Points! Twenty-six magic cores of the eighth step could be exchanged for twenty-six million Xuan Points. In total, it was worth forty-six million! After these magical beasts appeared, the speed at which we earned our Xuan Points became faster and faster." Brother Li sighed.

The couple did not want the cores because they had promised Qin Yun that they would help him obtain a hundred million Xuan Points each. Of course, Meng FeiLing would not take them either. She had promised Qin Yun that she would repay him with her body!!!

"Let's take a stroll outside. If we don't meet any magical beasts, we'll enter a deeper area." Brother Li said.

Qin Yun nodded. With the help of a small team, hunting demon beasts was much easier and quicker. Otherwise, who knew how much time he would need to acquire so many magic cores.

Those two storage bags were casually made by him when he was bored. Now that he gave them out, he felt that it was worth it.

"In the future, I'll find a good trading channel and exchange them for magic cores!" Qin Yun suddenly had a strange thought. If that was the case, he only needed a few inferior storage pouches to exchange for quite a number of magic cores.

Now, he didn't know how to execute it and he didn't want his own storage spirit items to fall into the hands of evil people, so he needed to find a good buyer.

For the next few days, Qin Yun's group of four was very annoyed as they wandered around the outer regions. They could not find any traces of magical beasts, so they decided to go deeper in.

The closer they got to the center of the first town, the more exquisite stone towers were built. The streets also became much wider and the buildings were arranged in neat rows.

However, the once bustling district was now empty. The exquisite stone buildings were now in tatters due to magical beasts and only a few of them could be preserved in perfect condition.

"We are only in the fourth district of the first town. We were in the fifth district earlier and fourth district can be considered the beginning of middle region!" Brother Li said, "If there are no magical beasts in the fourth district, we can leave. It'll be dangerous if we go further."

"I heard that in the first and second district, there is a very dense amount of spirit energy flow. Many people want to stay there and rest! The people who are living in these two areas would definitely not want to leave. There might even be people living inside who are fighting with the magical beasts."

The first town was very big and it was also a good place for many people to avoid being hunted down. The stronger the person was, the more likely they would be located in the middle area.

If the humans joined forces, they would still be able to fight against the magical beasts.

"If possible, I would like to enter the first district to see if there are any humans inside!" Brother Li laughed, "If there is, I wish to join them and fight against the magical beasts together."

Meng FeiLing laughed: "Big brother Li, even if there is, they will definitely hide somewhere! This kind of life is not easy!"

After she finished speaking, she flew high into the sky and hid in the clouds.

Meng FeiLing's Eagle Martial Spirit allowed her flying speed to be faster, faster than Qin Yun and Brother Li and it also consumed less internal energy. Furthermore, her eyes were as sharp as an eagle's as she could fly high in the sky and discover prey on the ground.

As long as the magical beast wasn't hiding in the house, she would be able to see it.

A moment later, Meng FeiLing descended with a joyous expression and said, "I've discovered a lone Iron-armored Giant Alligator.

"Sister FeiLing, you're really amazing. You flew so high, yet you could still see so clearly." Qin Yun said with a smile.

"Of course! In terms of flying ability, even a martial artist at the 9th level Martial Body may not be as nimble as me." Meng FeiLing was very confident as she laughed tenderly.

While flying in the air, she had a lot of risks. If she encountered a strong magical beast that could fly, it would be very dangerous.

After Big brother Li obtained a detailed location from Meng FeiLing, he immediately set off.

Moments later, they discovered that the giant Iron Armor Crocodile was covered in black armor, the tip of it's claws were covered in blood and it's teeth were adorned with human clothing. It seemed that it had just eaten a full meal and it was swaggering about as it broke through the walls of many houses.

"This aura is indeed that of a Class 9 Magical Beast! I just don't know what this guy's methods of attack are." Brother Li whispered as he looked at the Armored Giant Alligator a few hundred meters away.

Magical beasts had many attacking methods, many could be long range attack method. For example, the demonic wolf from before could spit out purple light beams from it's mouth. If hit, body would be torn apart.

"There should be other magical beasts nearby but they're not very strong, so they're hiding in houses, worried that they'll be eaten by this Class 9 Magical Beast." Brother Li said, "Let's wait a bit and be careful!"

He nodded to Sister Li, indicating that she could make her move.

Their method of combat was for Madam Li to shoot an arrow from afar. Immediately, Brother Li and Qin Yun would rush over. As they ran, they would shoot another arrow or two at the demonic beasts.

At that time, it would be much easier for Qin Yun and Brother Li to attack the demonic beasts.

On the other hand, Meng FeiLing was in charge of observing the surroundings while protecting the godly archer, sister Li, to prevent her from being attacked.

Sister Li's arrows were not real arrows and she was not worried about being blocked by the steel armor of the Armored Giant Alligator. The arrows she condensed from the Vajra inner strength had a special kind of power and when they hit the target, a very violent explosion would occur.

If a magical beast was hit in the head, they would be stunned!


The crocodile was hit by three arrows in a row. It was in pain as it rolled on the ground.

Qin Yun and Brother Li arrived in time to give the giant crocodile a good beating!

The steel armor of the Armored Giant Alligator was extremely strong. Furthermore, it was a Class 9 Magical Beast. Qin Yun used the Forging Dragon on the head of the giant crocodile but was unable to penetrate it's armor.

Brother Li's three part staves fiercely hit the steel armor, causing sparks to fly everywhere.

The giant crocodile swung it's tail with force and unleashed a terrifying force. Qin Yun and Brother Li avoided it silently in horror. As for the force, it swept across the buildings in the surroundings like a gust of wind!

Rumbling sounds could be heard as dozens of buildings collapsed into rubble and dust!

In the smoke and dust, Qin Yun and Brother Li engaged in violent attacks as they coordinated with each other. They were secretly anxious because the commotion caused by attacking the gigantic crocodile was too great.

If the battle didn't end soon, it might attract even more magical beasts.

(TL NOTE : oh yes let's start fighting a very powerful magic beast right after we completely pissed off a group of powerful cultivators but did not finish them off. what could go wrong??)

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