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Chapter 207

Brother Li and his wife did not say anything either. They knew better than Qin Yun that if they fought Yin Sheng and company, they would definitely suffer a loss. They might even be seriously injured.

"Wait for me to go back and investigate their situation. We can't let them off lightly." Qin Yun said coldly.

"Hm! These guys are too arrogant!" Brother Li nodded.

Soon, they were far away from the pack of wolves.

They didn't go deep into the town but continued to linger outside the first town, searching for magical beasts.

The five demon wolves from earlier were on patrol. Therefore, Qin Yun determined that there were wolves nearby and released his mental force to alert the nearby wolves. Furthermore, when they had killed the five demon wolves, there had been a lot of commotion. It had alarmed the wolves as well. Qin Yun had only accelerated their arrival.

In the evening, they were hiding in a spacious room on the dozen or so floors of a tall building.

Brother Li took out the flag array and inserted it into the walls of the room. It could conceal their presence.

Today's harvest was not bad. He had acquired five magic cores of the eighth rank, which was five million Xuan Points.

It is a very long process to gather two hundred million Xuan Points. Even if Qin Yun was in a hurry, it would be useless.

At night, it was safer for them to fly high in the sky. The higher they flew, the further they could see.

"The wolves we encountered before should be fairly weak." After Meng FeiLing returned, she said, "I just flew out for a round. There aren't any other magical beasts in this area."

Qin Yun and Brother Li understood what she meant.

There were very few magical beasts outside, meaning that the magical beasts were all concentrated in a deeper part of the first town. The wolves must have been injured after losing the fight, so they ran outside.

Brother Li frowned, "That General Yin Sheng, after they go back and report, the Tian Ling Empire might send some powerful warriors to deal with the wolves. They must also know that the demon wolves are very weak."

Sister-in-law Li sighed. "What a pity! If there was a Martial Dao Realm cultivator amongst us, we might not need to fear that group of Demonic Wolves!"

"Why don't we wait until daybreak and sneak back!" said Qin Yun, "If we can get one demon wolf through sneak attack, we can get another." He was very confident in his ability to move stealthily, especially at night.

With their strength, entering the area filled with magical beasts would be a dead end.

In the first town's central group, there must have been many people who had died and were being used as food. That was why there were so many magical beasts hiding inside.

"Alright, we'll carefully get closer tomorrow! All of us have pretty good concealment abilities, so the wolves shouldn't be able to find out." Brother Li agreed with Qin Yun.

"Sister-in-law, next time, just hide inside the building and shoot your arrows! We have your excellent archery skills to protect us, so we'll be very safe." Meng Feiling said with a charming smile, "I also want to learn this kind of archery from you!"

"Great! I was just worried that no one would practice archery with me. You have the golden-white eagle martial spirit, which allows you to see very well. This will allow you to shoot more accurately from further away."

As they chatted, they didn't need to rest. As long as they relaxed their entire bodies, they would be able to recover from their fatigue. Sleeping and resting outside in such a dangerous place was extremely dangerous.

Dawn came and Qin Yun's group immediately set off for the region where the wolves roamed.

The buildings in this area were all very dense and were all over a few stories high. They carefully climbed over the rooftops and slowly approached the territory of the wolves.

"If the Demon Wolf's Lord is really injured, then taking down a Spirit Beast level Demon Wolf would be 50 million Xuan Points!" He then gently jumped from the roof of a building that was eight stories high to the top of a building that was ten stories high.

Brother Li laughed and said: "Thinking about it is not bad but fighting isn't that easy! Unless we clearly investigate the strength of the entire wolf pack, if there are still a few ninth stage demon wolves in the pack, then don't even think about it."

They felt that if they worked together well, they could easily kill a ninth step demon wolf and deal with a group of them.

Half a day later, they finally returned to the area where the wolves roamed. They were in a twenty-story building and they looked out of the windows to observe the distance ahead.

"Did you see that? Those wolves are inside the building, they just went into the store on the first floor and hid there. I don't think there are any upstairs." Brother Li pointed at the circular building in the distance and said.

Qin Yun hurriedly nodded.

After a period of observation, they discovered that there was a demon wolf hidden in the first floor of the buildings in that area.

"The buildings are separated by quite a bit of distance, so they are sparsely distributed. If we can kill them in one hit and prevent the demon wolves from making any sound, we might be able to sneak an attack." Brother Li said.

Qin Yun thought for a moment and said, "Brother Li, I will go over tonight! If I attack with my mental power, it should be able to make the demon wolf faint in an instant. I don't know the specifics but I have yet to test out a magical beasts. But I think magical beasts are similar to humans."

Brother Li nodded, and said: "Okay! Wife, you and FeiLing are in charge of scouting while hiding in the building. If anything happens, you are in charge of supporting! If our actions startle the beasts, my wife, you will shoot arrows to repel the attacking wolves. FengLing will fly in the air and attract the attention of the other wolves, easing the pressure on us."

Following that, they discussed the various tactics in detail. If anything else happened, they discussed how to deal with it.

Nightfall. There were many clouds in the sky and from time to time, a large patch of clouds would float by, causing the sky to darken and brighten.

Qin Yun and Brother Li began their operation. They went to a building block a few hundred meters away from each other with two different routes before entering through the windows. They went through the building's internal staircase and carefully made their way to the first floor.

Qin Yun let Brother Li stay up there while he used Nether Sun martial spirit's power to hide in the darkness. It was a very smooth journey to the first floor!

"From this aura, it should be a ninth step demon wolf. Should we make a move?" When Qin Yun approached, he realized that the sleeping demonic wolf's aura was extremely terrifying. It was stronger than all the Class 8 Magical Beasts he had encountered previously, even though it's body was about two to three meters long.

Therefore, he concluded that this was a ninth stage demon wolf.

While he was hesitating, he suddenly saw many scratches on the body of the demon wolf. It must have fought with other demon beasts and had been seriously injured.

"Alright, let's do it!" Qin Yun executed the Spirit Concentration Kill Technique as he gathered a powerful amount of mental energy and struck the demon wolf's head from a distance.

The demon wolf's body shook. It knew that it had been attacked but it's brain had been severely damaged, causing it to enter a dazed state. It was unable to control it's body, nor could it make a sound.

When Brother Li saw that Qin Yun had succeeded, he immediately rushed over and produced a transparent powder to envelop the destroyed shop. Then, he took out a knife and quickly chopped off the wolf's head.

The transparent powder that he sprinkled could eliminate the smell of blood while at the same time, it could give birth to a kind of life force. Otherwise, if this demon wolf died, the nearby demon wolves would also be able to sense it's life force disappearing.

Big brother Li took out a piece of pure, translucent magic core. He was secretly surprised because this magic core was even heavier than the one he had obtained from the magical beast of the eighth rank.

Qin Yun did not take the corpse of the demonic beast with him. In order to simulate the aura of life, he remained here so that the other Infernal Wolves would not discover him. Only then could they continue killing the other Infernal Wolves.

Qin Yun rested for a moment before continuing with Brother Li after he had recovered his mental energy. He wanted to maintain his mental energy at all times in order to leave some backup plans for himself.

Their plan was extremely successful. They could easily acquire yet another magic core of the eighth rank!

The powder Brother Li scattered was very useful. Not only could it remove the smell of blood, it could also keep the magical beast's corpse alive for a while. It could be seen that he is used to killing beasts quite frequently.

If there was no such powder, they could have just killed one demon wolf and been found out. These demon wolves were very sensitive to the smell of blood. As long as a drop of blood appeared, they would immediately awaken.

After more than two hours, they had already killed ten demon wolves of the eighth step and two of the ninth step. In such a short period of time, their luck could be said to be very good.

If they hadn't encountered a defeated wolf pack, they simply wouldn't have had the chance to do so.

What shocked them was that the demon wolves they killed all had terrifying scratches on their bodies. It could be seen that the wolves only fled when they encountered a group of beasts even more terrifying than themselves.

They had been in the wolf pack territory for four hours, killing four ninth stage and twenty eighth stage demon wolves.

What made Qin Yun and company depressed was that they had used up the powder. Otherwise, they could continue killing.

Qin Yun and Brother Li were on the rooftop and just as they were about to leave, they suddenly sensed a stream of air sweeping past them. It was a person flying in the sky.

There was only Meng FeiLing and Sister Li in the vicinity and they wouldn't come here!

Qin Yun and company were dressed in black and hid their auras. The world was pitch-black, so the people flying in the sky did not notice them.

Brother Li pulled Qin Yun and retreated back into the building because a few gusts of wind appeared one after another.

"It should be those guys, Yin Sheng and the others. Are they planning to ambush the wolves as well?" Then, he took out a Lightning Symbol from his storage space and stuck it to the wall. He infused his mind into it, allowing him to activate the Lightning Symbol in the distance.

"Let's go!" Brother Li knew that Qin Yun wanted to destroy Yin Sheng's group of people.

Qin Yun and Brother Li carefully returned from the rooftop in the middle of the night. Soon, they came back to the place where Meng FeiLing and company were at.

Sister Li and Meng FeiLing had been keeping an eye on the rooftop. If there was any movement from Qin Yun or Brother Li, they would immediately act.

Meng FeiLing said in a low voice, "We saw other people coming in. One of them was of the Martial Dao Realm!"

Sister Li nodded. "There are a total of ten people. There are even those who are at the ninth or eighth level Martial Body realm. They should be from the Tian Ling Empire!"

"Alright, we'll leave now!" Qin Yun smirked. "We should wake up the pack of wolves!"

In a building where the demonic wolves rested, Qin Yun placed a mid-grade Lightning Symbol. If he were to activate this Lightning Symbol, it would create a huge commotion.

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