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Chapter 209

Meng FeiLing and Sister Li were extremely anxious because several buildings in that region had collapsed. They were shrouded in a cloud of dust, making it impossible for them to see Qin Yun and Brother Li.

Qin Yun sensed the Armored Giant Alligator in the dust and immediately executed Spirit Concentration Kill Technique. He frantically struck the head of the crocodile.

"This beast's defense is too strong!" Brother Li shouted. Through his mind energy, he could sense that the Giant Armored Snapping Crocodile was not struggling. He knew that Qin Yun had used his mind energy attack. Then, he combined the three part staves into a long rod and stabbed fiercely into the Giant Alligator's gaping mouth.

After the stick went through the crocodile's mouth and entered it's body, Big Brother Li channeled his Vajra inner strength and inserted it into the inside of the giant crocodile's body through the long rod!


The crocodile crazily waved it's tail as it felt the pain. It swept out waves of terrifying force. The ruins in the surrounding were repeatedly broken as a large amount of dust was collected.

Even more houses collapsed, the surrounding hundred meters of houses collapsed from the force of the giant crocodile's tail. The scene was extremely shocking!

"It's over!" Brother Li was very happy. He had stabbed the long rod into the crocodile's body, continuously pouring the Vajra inner strength into it, destroying the crocodile's internal organs from the inside and had even tracked the crocodile down and killed it.

"The Giant Alligator's armor is very durable and is a good material for refining weapons." Qin Yun placed the Armored Giant Alligator into his storage space before flying out together with Brother Li.

Their bodies were covered in dust as well but they were extremely happy. After successfully killing a Class 9 Magical Beast, they had a rough understanding of the strength of a Class 9 Magical Beast.

Of course, if they were alone, they wouldn't dare to go up against a Class 8 Magical Beast. It would be dangerous, and they might even lose their lives.

Just as Qin Yun and Brother Li flew over, a beam of light suddenly shot over from afar and landed in the building where Meng Feiling and Sister Li were!


A violent explosion resounded as the building was smashed into smithereens, sending rocks flying everywhere!

"My wife!" Brother Li froze for a moment before roaring in rage.

It was Yin Sheng!

(TL NOTE : ohhh look!! what a surprise!)

He had also previously attacked Sister Li in this manner!

When Qin Yun saw the building being destroyed, he thought of the possibility of the death of Meng Feiling and Sister Li inside. His heart was filled with grief and rage. The arm of the Heavenly Lion had swelled up, as though it could erupt at any moment!

"Sister FeiLing, sister-in-law Li!" Qin Yun gritted his teeth as he screamed in his heart. His eyes were bloodshot.

He took a few deep breaths and tried his best to stay calm. Then, he sped up and flew over, shouting, "Brother Li, let's go over first! Maybe they are still alive!"

Qin Yun entered the dust cloud and quickly sensed two living auras. He was delighted. After locking onto Meng Feiling and Sister Li, he used his mental energy to lift them up and quickly moved them to his side.

He carried the two women and quickly flew away from the place. A beam of light suddenly shot out from afar!


Another intense explosion sounded but Qin Yun had already left!

"Brother Li, quickly retreat!" While Qin Yun was hugging Meng Feiling and Sister Li, he imbued the two of them with vigorous inner energy to comb through their injuries and clear the meridians and blood vessels that was blocked due to their injuries.

Even though Brother Li was angry, he knew that the current situation was very dangerous. Moreover, he didn't see where the enemy was. Rushing forward would only end his own life and he wouldn't be able to take revenge.

When Brother Li flew towards Qin Yun, he released waves of Vajra inner strength along the way. It destroyed all the buildings around him, causing a large cloud of smoke and dust to appear.

When Qin Yun saw Brother Li enter, he hurriedly led him into an abandoned restaurant. Quickly, they entered a stone room deep beneath the restaurant.


Muffled sounds could be heard from above. It was the sound of Yin Sheng and the others continuously destroying the surrounding buildings because they had lost their target!

Qin Yun took out an animal skin robe and handed it to Brother Li. He said, "This animal skin robe has light inscriptions that can quickly treat Sister Li's injuries."

Brother Li hurriedly helped put on the clothes of his unconscious wife. Seeing his wife's breathing gradually become even, he heaved a sigh of relief.

Qin Yun had also given Meng FeiLing a suit of light inscription equipment. He looked at the seductive beauty in his arms that was extremely haggard. While feeling pity for her, he felt even more incensed.

"That bastard Yin Sheng, we can't let him off!" If not for Yin Sheng attacking them first, so many things would not have happened.

Seeing the injured and unconscious Meng Feiling, Qin Yun could not suppress the anger in his heart.

Brother Li was able to control his emotions, because he still had to heal Aunt Li's injuries.

"Lil' Yun, I'm fine. Don't be angry, it's not good for you!" Meng FeiLing opened her beautiful eyes slightly and looked tenderly at Qin Yun as she said softly.

"Un, I'm not angry anymore! Sister FeiLing, you have to get better quickly!" Qin Yun held her tightly and revealed a faint smile. Then, he gently picked up her jade-like hand and placed it against his cheek.

Meng FeiLing gently smiled, then closed her eyes and let the light inscriptions heal her wounds.

Yin Sheng and a few black-armored men hovered in the air, looking at the collapsed buildings on the ground, "None of them had died! Even if they all die, it will not be worth the six of us who died!"

"General Yin, if it weren't for them, none of us would have died that night and we would have been able to obtain a large amount of Magic Cores, as well as the Magic Core of the Wolf King. This is a huge loss, if we were to hand it over to the crown prince, he would be able to exchange for at least three hundred million Xuan Points in the Ling Xuan Wu Academy." One of them said.

"I know! You guys are in charge of attacking the buildings in this area, they might be hiding somewhere." Yan Sheng was even more infuriated as he recalled the incident from before.

Just as they were about to attack, a beast roar sounded.

"General Yin, the magical beast has arrived!" A large man exclaimed, "It's highly likely to be a Class 9 Magical Beast or a spirit magical beast. The commotion here is so great, it must have attracted a lot of magical beasts. Two of those guys from the Star Xuan Wu Academy were injured, they will be surrounded and attacked by the magical beasts, so they will not be able to escape for long."

"Alright, then let's retreat quickly." Yan Sheng was also very afraid of death. That night, he had almost been killed by the Wolf King, so he hastily flew away from this place.

Qin Yun was in the underground wine storage room. He released his mental force out and heard the voices of Yin Sheng and company.

"These guys, Yin Sheng, hunted the Magic Beast to give it to the crown prince. They wanted to let him obtain more Xuan Points at the Ling Xuan Wu Academy." Qin Yun said with a sneer, "The crown prince of this new empire has such a subordinate. He's definitely not much of a person. It's best if he doesn't run into me!"

Qi Yu and Qin Zheng Feng, two princes, had been beaten to a pulp by him. He wasn't afraid of any crown prince.

The speed at which the light inscription equipment healed was extremely fast. As long as there was beast hide, Qin Yun would be able to easily refine it. He would give it to Brother Li and his wife when he gets the chance.

Meng FeiLing's pale face had returned to it's former gorgeous and flirtatious state. However, she pretended to lack strength and remained in Qin Yun's embrace.

How could Qin Yun not see through it? However, there was no other way. He could only allow the demoness to take advantage of him.

"It was really dangerous just now!" When Brother Li saw that his wife had recovered, a smile appeared on his face.

"I'm fine now. It's a good thing that I have Xiao Yun's light inscription equipment. Otherwise, I wouldn't even know when I would be able to recover!"

Brother Li laughed, "Xiao Yun is an Inscription Master and his Spirit Storage item and the light inscription healing equipment are all very valuable."

Meng FeiLing laughed tenderly, "That's right, so there are some bastards who keep thinking about the precious spirit marks on his possession. They won't have a good ending! When I become stronger, I will definitely torture them to death!"

Brother Li said, "Why don't we go back first! This time, we've reaped a lot of rewards. Go back and gather more people. In the situation before, we don't have to worry about anything anymore."

Sister Li and Meng FeiLing both nodded.

Qin Yun thought for a moment and said, "You can go back first! I will stay! "

Meng FeiLing hastily jumped up from his bosom. "No way, no way! You have to come back with us as well! It's too dangerous for you to be outside!"

Brother Li and his wife hurriedly advised Qin Yun not to take the risk.

"Don't worry, I'm only moving in the night. In the night, I can blend into the darkness, Brother Li should know!" Qin Yun said.

Brother Li nodded. Indeed, he knew of Qin Yun's mysterious ability. Back then, he was secretly astonished. "Xiao Yun, why do you want to stay?" asked sister Li

Qin Yun said, "I want to enter the first district to see if there are people there. I feel like I can infiltrate! If it's really not possible, then I will retreat after looking at the second and third disctrict!"

Meng Feiling grunted tenderly and secretly pinched Qin Yun's thigh. She said coquettishly, "Brother Xiao Yun, you really make people worry! You will make Sister FeiLing worried to death by acting like this!"

Qin Yun gently rubbed her thigh and said with a smile, "Don't worry! You all thought I was dead but didn't I live after that? I am an Inscription Master and have refined many defensive and light inscription equipment for myself, so you can rest assured!"

Meng FeiLing said that she could not win against Qin Yun, so she could only allow him to stay.

Qin Yun constantly probed the situation above and waited for three days before the powerful Class 9 Magical Beasts left.

Upon reaching the surface, Meng FeiLing repeatedly warned Qin Yun before she reluctantly left with Brother Li and his wife, filled with worry.

Qin Yun closed his eyes and caught a large amount of the rich and powerful aura. After that, he absorbed it into his body and condensed the power of his Blood Soul. He began inscribing spirit marks on a piece of paper.

What he was inscribing was called the Soul Chasing Mark. It was an extremely unique type of spirit mark and as long as one was able to gather enough of another person's aura into their Blood Soul power, they would be able to create one.

The Soul Chasing Mark would then be able to track the person whose aura was used to create it!

Qin Yun was in no hurry to head to District one. He planned to head out first to face a rich victory before deciding anything.

Yin Sheng was a martial body level 8 martial artist and Qin Yun was confident that he could defeat his opponent. Even if he could not kill him, he could heavily injure him!

"As long as he's alone, I'll immediately make my move!" Qin Yun was determined to spend some time to track and kill Yin Sheng.

He used a carving knife to carve the Soul Chasing Mark on the paper.

There weren't any related records on the Soul Chasing Marks in many books because it was a very, very rare and complex type of spirit mark.

Even many of the great Inscription Masters might not have heard of it.

Many of the thirty-six spirit marks that Qin Yun had obtained were of this kind, very hard, very rare and very complex.

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