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Chapter 203

Everyone only knew that Qin Yun had a cultivation base at the seventh level Martial Body realm and did not know his true strength. After all, they had never seen Qin Yun defeat Qi Yu and Qin Zhengfeng with their own eyes.

There were many rumors of Qin Yun's strength outside. Some said that he had the strength to defeat an eighth level martial body while others said that he had won by luck but there were also rumors that he had won by relying on unexposed demonic techniques.

There were people who believed all three rumors. Now that Qin Yun was taking the examination here, the students could personally witness the true strength of this influential figure!

Ever since the incident in the main hall of the Tian Qin Palace, Qin Yun's reputation had grown. No matter what, he had defeated Qi Yu and Qin Zhengfeng, the two geniuses at the eighth level martial body.

Not only that, he even possessed a terrifying Heavenly Lion's arm!

Qi Yu had once been a celebrity in the Star Xuan Wu Academy and there were many friends here. Now that Qi Yu had been crippled, his friends could no longer spend time with him. Thus, they all hated Qin Yun very much.

"This assessment will definitely reveal Qin Yun's true colors! For him to be so powerful, it must be because his father gave him a pill to temporarily raise his power. He was only able to display it for a short period of time in the main hall of the Tian Qin Palace."

"Prince Qi Yu is so pitiful. He was set up by this kind of guy!"

"He's only sixteen years old and doesn't have the talent like Xiao Yue Mei. He doesn't even have any Martial Spirit, so how can he defeat Qin Zheng Feng and Qi Yu, who are both at the eighth level Martial Body? Just by thinking about it, you can tell that he must have used some sort of underhanded method."

Those who were on good terms with Qi Yu were all people with power and influence. No one dared to refute them while they were speaking loudly.

Yu Zhen, who was beside Qin Yun, said with a sneer, "Did you hear that? It's not that I'm prejudiced against you but your strength did not gain the recognition of everyone in the first place!"

Qin Yun looked indifferent. He could tell that most people were jealous of him. This was because he had been able to marry Xiao Yuelan. Furthermore, he had Meng Fei Ling, this peerless enchantress, to protect him in the Star Xuan Wu Academy.


As the bell tolled, Meng Feiling's bell rang. She had passed the third round of the examination and obtained a pass to enter and leave the Star Xuan Wu Academy freely!

Earlier, she had heard many rumors and slander about Qin Yun. She was secretly infuriated and hoped that Qin Yun would perform well.

It was Yu Zhen's turn to test!

The appearance of Yu Zhen and his gaudy clothes, as well as his beautiful sword scabbard, attracted the attention of many.

"Isn't this Yu Zhen of the Yu Family? The heavens are with the Yu Family and it is the Tiger Soul Aristocrat Clan. It is said that every direct descendant of the Yu Family possesses a decent Tiger Martial Spirit!"

"His martial spirit is Wind Tiger, I think it's Platinum-ranked!"

"From the looks of it, his speed must be pretty good!"

Everyone started to exclaim in admiration. After all, it was a rare Platinum Beast Martial Spirit. For most people, they would only be envious of it.

In the middle of the open square, a few people were standing in front of a line. An old man shouted, "Begin!"

In just a short moment, Yu Zhen and another middle-aged man were standing on a stall a hundred meters away, indicating that they had passed the examination.

During the evasion test, the old man who was fifty meters away from Yu Zhen took out a fist-sized stone from his basket and threw it like crazy. Sometimes he would throw a stone, sometimes he would throw a few, sometimes even a dozen.

With a proud expression, Yu Zhen easily avoided the attack. When the hundred stones in the old man's basket were completely thrown, he also smoothly passed through the second round!

He'd won the applause of everyone in both rounds of the examination, making him even more proud.

In the third round, the square was quiet as everyone stared at Yu Zhen.

Yu Zhen lightly jumped to the middle of the bell and threw a punch towards it. However, he didn't make any ringing sound but only a very light clashing sound.

Yu Zhen was unable to ring the bell!

This shocked everyone speechless!

However, in the eyes of the crowd, that could be considered to be a normal thing because of the number of people in the 7th level Martial Body realm who were going to be tested, five out of ten were unable to sound the big bell.

This large bell was also a spirit artifact. It could absorb a martial artist's very strong attacks. If one's inner strength wasn't strong enough, then it would be impossible to strike.

"Teacher... Can you give me another chance? I didn't use my full strength just now!" Yu Zhen was so embarrassed that he was sweating profusely because the surrounding students were constantly praising him. But now, he was unable to pass the exam.

The old man said coldly, "If you were to fight against the demonic beasts, if you didn't use your full strength, the only outcome would be death! There's no second chance, you fail!"

When Yu Zhen saw the crowd look at him with contempt, he was infuriated. He walked out of the examination grounds with a flushed face but did not leave. He wanted to see Qin Yun's test!

After Qin Yun entered the arena, he did the same thing as Yu Zhen. It attracted the attention of many people as they watched intently.

"Begin!" After the elder shouted that the match would begin, Qin Yun and a few other students suddenly flew out.

Qin Yun's speed did not appear to be fast but he was still able to reach a distance of a hundred meters in a second. Amongst these students, only he was able to reach it.

The teacher in charge of adjudication possessed incredible discernment ability. Even if someone was just a tiny bit off from qualification, he was able to see through it.

"Qin Yun has passed the speed test!" the teacher shouted.

Qin Yun heaved a sigh of relief. In the three rounds of the assessment, he was most worried that he would be unable to pass the speed test. That was because his speed was not considered too fast.

Previously, there were many people who had sworn that Qin Yun would not be able to pass the first round of examinations. Now, they were all silent!

One had to know that only half of the seventh level martial body students were able to pass the exam. Most of them were eliminated during the test of speed.

Following that, Qin Yun was in the second round of examinations. He was dodging a stone thrown by a teacher. It was extremely easy for him.

The ability to dodge test was equivalent to the ability to sense and react. if one could determine the path from which those stones had come, their body would be able to coordinate quickly.

His mental strength was very strong, so he could quickly sense the path the stone had taken to fly over and he was able to dodge it in time.

A hundred rocks were consecutively thrown at him. Qin Yun dodged left and right, easily dodging them all!

He had passed the second round of examinations!

These two rounds of the exam also tested one's foundation greatly. If one did not have a certain level of strength, then they would definitely be eliminated.

The third round was also the one that Yu Zhen had failed!

Yu Zhen gritted his teeth as he watched. If Qin Yun managed to pass the first round of the examination, he would be utterly humiliated. Previously, he had looked down on Qin Yun and said that Qin Yun would not be able to pass the examination!

"Qin Yun, use all your strength! This kind of examination only has one chance every year. If you are unable to pass this time, you'll have to wait until next year! If you don't get your pass, that means you won't be able to leave the Star Xuan Wu Academy for one year unless you are expelled." Meng FeiLing shouted from the side.

This was because she was worried that Qin Yun would miss the opportunity in order to conceal his strength!

Everyone secretly nodded their heads. If they were unable to pass the exam, they would have to stay in the Martial Arts Academy for a year. They could not go out and could not obtain resources. Their cultivation speed would become very slow.

The Star Xuan Wu Academy was doing this for the sake of their students. Magical beasts ran rampant outside. If one did not have a certain level of strength, they would not be able to run away. The only path left for them was death.

Right now, the area where humans were active had been occupied by a large number of magical beasts. This meant that the number of humans would be fewer and the number of geniuses would be fewer as well. Thus, all the martial academies, including Blue Spirit Star Palace, restricted the students from going out unless they had a certain level of strength to pass the exam.

Qin Yun took a deep breath and clenched his left fist. He wanted to use the power of the Heavenly Lion's arm!

"If I want to quickly obtain Xuan points, then I must get a pass to allow me to leave this place without a hitch. Otherwise, I cannot step into the 8th level Martial Body in such a short period of time."

When everyone saw Qin Yun's serious expression, they perked up!

Next, it was up to Qin Yun to test his strength, whether or not the rumors were true is about to be revealed.

This sort of test was the best test of a martial artist's true strength. This was because no one knew just how much strength the great bell had to withstand before it would ring. Thus, when striking the great bell, one had to display the entirety of their strength!

Yu Zhen said: "Hmph, putting on an act, since even I am unable to pass the examination, he is definitely not going to pass either! Within the 7th level Martial Body realm, those who passed the exam mostly cultivated for a very long time. Those who just broke through like me had weak foundations, so naturally, they could not ring the bell."

"Brother Yu is correct. That is precisely the reason. Young seventh level Martial Body geniuses are, after all, a minority. So, everyone, there is no need to be discouraged since they cannot pass the exam. After we train in the golden bones for a period of time, we will definitely pass."

"Heroes think alike!"

The other seventh level martial bodies that couldn't pass the exam all agreed with Yu Zhen's words. They were also trying to find a way out for themselves.

Qin Yun controlled the Heavenly Lion's Arm's Purple Gold Thunder Martial Spirit and absorbed netherfalme inner yuan energy. Quickly, it transformed into vajra inner strength. Then, he rushed out and jumped up, throwing a punch towards the large bell.

When he jumped up, the Heavenly Lion's Arm would bulge and emit purple electric currents. The howling wind from his fist was like the roar of a Heavenly Lion!

This was a lightning Heavenly Lion! It was the same terrifying scene that Qin Yun had when he was competing against Qin Zhengfeng!

As his fist landed on the large bell, thunder and fire violently danced about. Lightning snakes chaotically danced about; it was sinister and terrifying!


Qin Yun's punch had actually blasted the bell apart. After an explosive sound was produced, it produced the unique hum of a great bell!

Everyone was so shocked that their ears rumbled. They looked with astonishment at the large bell's crack overflowing with flames!

The great bell, which many people were unable to shake, was cracked apart by Qin Yun's punch. Such strength, even a student at the eighth level martial body might not be able to strike it with!

The students had finally personally witnessed Qin Yun's terrifying strength. Immediately, they felt that the Qin Yun in front of their eyes was much more terrifying than the magical beasts outside!

The strength of Qin Yun's punch had deeply shaken all the teachers and students present. Especially Yu Zhen, who had mocked Qin Yun earlier. He was so shocked that his mouth hung wide open!

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