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Chapter 202

When Du Gui saw how Qin Yun was about to make a move, he chuckled and said, "Don't be in such a hurry to leave. When we teachers go out and investigate the situation, you youngsters should find your own team here and familiarize yourselves with the various tactics. It will be beneficial before you leave."

"Alright, I'll go look for my teammates now!"

Qin Yun suddenly felt somewhat regretful. Xie Wufeng and company had just left. If they were here, they would have formed a very powerful team.

"Sister FeiLing is also very strong. I'll go find her first."

After he left the Treasure Forest, he rushed towards the central area of the Star Xuan Wu Academy. In the middle of this area, many students had already gathered in groups of three to five and formed small teams.

Meng FeiLing had previously left her contact information for Qin Yun and said that she was staying in a restaurant in the center district of the academy. The restaurant was called "Starfall Restaurant". It was dozens of stories high and decorated extravagantly both internally and externally.

Qin Yun came to a room and knocked lightly on the door. He said, "Sister FeiLing, I'm Qin Yun!"

Not long after, someone opened the door.

"Little Brother Yun, you finally came to find me!" Meng Fei Ling said with a coquettish smile while wearing a loose purple robe. She then quickly pulled Qin Yun inside.

After Qin Yun was pulled in, he saw that it was a relatively small room. It was only fit for one person and was extremely tidy. The things that were placed were very appropriate and looked very exquisite and elegant.

"Sister Fei Ling, you live in such a small place!" Qin Yun sat on a soft bed as he looked around and said with a smile.

Meng Fei Ling sighed, "How can I be like you in the Starsun Treasure Tree? For poor students like us, we all eat and live on our own. What's more is that the beast tide has arrived, so the academy has spent even more crystal coins to activate the barrier. In the future, our school fees will also be much more expensive."

As she spoke, she took off the loose purple robe on her body, revealing a fiery white figure. Her beautiful, jade-like body only had a few pieces of cloth wrapped around important areas.

"Does it look good?" Meng Fei Ling noticed Qin Yun blushing as she giggled.

"Sister Fei Ling, you're too bold!" Qin Yun gave an embarrassed smile before turning his head away.

Meng Fei Ling walked up to him and picked up a light green suit of armor from the bed. She slowly put it on and said with a smile, "I was just casually wearing it in front of you because I know you won't dare to do anything to me!"

She put on her armor, tied her hair and changed into a pair of leather boots. This made her look even more charming and valiant and even a bit more handsome.

"Elder sister Fei Ling, your Meng family is also very mysterious. It seems that you are hiding a very powerful force." Qin Yun said out of curiosity. Meng Fei Ling had only entered the academy for a short while and she had already broken through to the seventh level Martial Body realm. This definitely had the backing of the Meng family.

Moreover, the Demon King of the Meng family actually knew the person who refined the Soulshake Powder!

"I'm not bragging. Our Meng Family is an even older family than your Qin Family. It's just that we don't fight for power, so we keep a low profile!" Meng Fei Ling shook the storage bracelet on her wrist and laughed: "But you are still stronger than me. You can give me a storage bracelet that easily! In order to repay you, I promised to repay you with my own body!"

Qin Yun said, "About that...Big Sister Fei Ling, your Meng Family should be very experienced in dealing with demon beasts and devil beasts! I need to gather a lot of Xuan Points and I need your help right now. We will form a small team and go out to hunt Magical Beasts, how about it?"

Meng Fei Ling looked in the mirror and touched her charming jade face and laughed, "I knew that you came to find me for this reason! Let's go and meet up with the other members. They are all seventh level Martial Body cultivators and their strength is passable. Among them, there is a couple who are also disciples of our Meng Family."

Meng Fei Ling opened the door and led Qin Yun out of the restaurant. They walked on the street and headed towards the west side of the central region. There was a large plaza there.

The plaza was filled with students. No one was allowed to enter, it was meant for the assessment.

On the way, Meng Fei Ling said to Qin Yun, "I have already found three other teammates. One of them is a couple in their thirties. Just call them Brother Li and Sister Li. They are about to enter the eighth level Martial Body! They are old students here, too and they have been through many wars. The other teammate was a young man of about twenty years of age called Yu Zhen, the son of a friend of Big Brother Li and Big Sis Li.

Qin Yun nodded. He now had a certain understanding of his teammates. Among them, Big Brother Li and Big Sis Li were trustworthy because they were from the Meng Family's branch family.

Arriving outside the plaza, Meng Fei Ling quickly found Brother Li and sister Li. They are dressed in gray light armor and has ordinary appearance. They looked very simple and they greeted Qin Yun with good-natured smiles.

They were all descendants of the Meng family, so in their eyes, Qin Yun, the crown prince, had a very high status.

"Old Li, Aunt Li, what is Yu Zhen's background? How strong is he?" asked Meng fei ling.

"We don't know either. We'll only know when we see him." Big Brother Li has a square face and looks very honest.

"He's over there!" sister Li pointed to a big tree outside the square. Under the tree stood a luxuriously dressed young man.

This youth was Yu Zhen. He had a long, thin face and was quite handsome. He held a long sword in his hand and had a proud expression on his face. He was looking around and didn't walk over when he saw Meng Fei Ling and the others.

"Let's go! He doesn't seem to like being in a crowded place like this!" Then he walked over.

Meng Fei Ling snorted lightly and followed him.

"This junior greets elder brother Li and elder sister-in-law Li. This must be Miss Meng from Demon King's Manor!" Although Yu Zhen looked very polite, his respectful greeting sounded very awkward.

Big Brother Li and the others nodded.

Yu Zhen looked at Qin Yun and said with a frown, "Why is there a child in our team? Who is he?"

Qin Yun was wearing white, coarse beast skin clothing. It looked cheap but it was very expensive with light inscriptions on the inside.

"I'm Qin Yun!"

Yu Zhen was taken aback. He had never seen Qin Yun before but he had heard of his name. There were very few people here who had never heard of Qin Yun.

There were positive and negative rumors about Qin Yun and negative rumors spread mostly. If one is prejudiced against a person and is full of jealousy, then one must believe the negative rumors about that person.

Yu Zhen frowned: "Can you bring him along? Although his strength is not bad, we are dealing with magical beasts, so we need to steadily display our abilities. Furthermore, he is using some unorthodox methods, so I am worried that he may be dragging us down."

"What do you say? My little brother Yun has defeated two martial body level 8 martial artists, Qi Yu and Qin Zhengfeng. If he can't deal with the magical beasts, you will only die fighting them." Meng Fei Ling snorted in displeasure.

Yu Zhen looked at Qin Yun disdainfully and snorted. "It's only because Qi Yu and Qin Zhengfeng did not guard against his tricks that he managed to take advantage of them. It's useless against powerful magical beasts!"

Sister-in-Law Li said, "Let's wait until we all pass the assessment and obtain our passes before talking about it again! During the assessment, all aspects of strength must be tested. If he is able to obtain a pass, then it will definitely not be a problem."

Yu Zhen looked at the center of the examination plaza and laughed, "That's right, maybe even he won't be able to pass the test! Isn't the reason why he was able to get the title of crown prince from Qin Zengfeng was all because of his father's sudden appearance?"

Qin Yun guessed that Yu Zhen had a good relationship with Qi Yu and company in the past. That was why he had such prejudice against him.

If it weren't for Big Brother Li and Aunt Li, Meng Fei Ling would have gone crazy. She had also decided that after the exam, she would force Yu Zhen out of this team no matter what.

Qin Yun did not say much because he knew nothing about magical beasts. Furthermore, the environment outside was extremely vile. It was not a bad thing to have more people outside.

After he familiarized himself with the environment outside, it would be much easier for him to go out by himself.

Qin Yun, Meng Feiling and company began lining up in preparation for the assessment.

The process of the assessment was very short but it was not simple at all! First was the speed test, which required one to reach a hundred meters per second. Then, it required one to be able to dodge the hundred stones shot out by a teacher. During the process of dodging, one's body could not touch the rocks.

Apart from this, it was also a test of strength. One had to ring a large bell that was ten meters tall with one's fist.

Amongst the students who took the test, there were many who were at the seventh level Martial Body realm. However, there were also some who were unable to pass the first round of examination!

Qin Yun did not relax because the examination was not easy for him either. Not long ago, his speed was only about seventy to eighty meters per second.

Luckily, he had been practicing his movement skill a few days ago.

"I should be able to pass the first round! The second and third round should not be a problem! Let's focus on first round now." Qin Yun thought to himself.

The reason why they placed speed in the first round of the examination was to assess the student's ability to escape. During the process of escaping, speed was extremely important! With an explosive burst of speed that was at least a hundred meters per second, even if they encountered a powerful magical beast, they would still be able to run past it.

Soon, it was Big Brother Li's turn! During the speed test, he covered a hundred meters in an instant and successfully passed the first round of the exam.

In the second round of the evasion ability test, he could similarly avoid the rocks that were thrown at him! As for the third round of the examination, his expression was relaxed as he struck the huge bell with his fist.

He was able to pass the three rounds very easily. Amongst the students who were at the 7th level Martial Body realm, they could be counted as very outstanding. Only those who were at the 8th level Martial Body were as easy as him.

When Qin Yun saw Brother Li's strength, he was secretly impressed.

After that came sister-in-law Li. She was like Big Brother Li, she appeared very good on the surface and easily passed the exam to obtain a pass.

Qin Yun had only seen their strength during the assessment and had not displayed their true strength.

Next was Meng Fei Ling!

Her strongest point was her movement skill, so there was no suspense for the first round!

"The witch Meng is indeed powerful. She has just entered the 7th level Martial Body realm. Her speed is even faster than some of the older students at the 8th level Martial Body realm!"

"Her speed is fast, so avoiding the test is naturally not a problem."

"I guess the only thing that can stop her is the final test!"

As everyone was discussing, someone suddenly noticed that Qin Yun was queuing up as well. He whispered, "Isn't that Qin Yun? He is standing behind the Demon Witch, could it be that he wants to form a team with the Demon Witch?"

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