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Chapter 204

"Qin Yun... Passed the examination and obtained a pass." The old man in charge of adjudication said in surprise.

However, there was no joy on Qin Yun's face!

"Teacher, I... I accidentally broke this clock, do you want me to compensate? I'm very poor, I can't afford it!" Qin Yun asked with a worried expression.

To be able to smash the large bell used in strength testing by accident, the crowd was at a loss of whether to laugh or cry!

Of course, everyone secretly looked down on him. Everyone knew that he had cheated over 400 million crystal coins in the Tian Qin Palace. The crystal coins of all the students in the Star Xuan Wu Academy were probably not as much as his.

"No need for compensation because similar events have occurred in the past, we have a backup clock!" The old man said, "But they were all broken by students at the eighth level Martial Body realm. This is the first time that such a large bell has been broken by a seventh level martial body student."

Qin Yun heaved a sigh of relief before heading over to retrieve the passage token. After dripping blood on it, he completed the assessment.

Meng Feiling said with a smile, "Brother Xiao Yun, you really did not disappoint me. Quickly let me pinch you, hehe..."

This seductive succubus gently flew over and stretched out her smooth, jade-like hands to rub Qin Yun's handsome face. Everyone was envious as they looked at her... Of course, they envied Qin Yun!! To be able to be pinched in the face by a succubus like Meng Feiling showed how close their relationship was.

An elder asked, "Qin Yun, you unleashed a powerful strike of the Purple Gold Lightning Fire earlier! Didn't you lose your martial spirit? Furthermore, you have the Heavenly Lion's Arm which is fire attributed and the Heavenly Lion's Totem Mark, so how did you manage to unleash such a powerful lightning attribute inner strength?"

"Well, now that the Heavenly Lion's Arm has changed, I don't know what's going on but it suddenly has the power of lightning!" Qin Yun said with a smile.

Many people did not know much about the Heavenly Lion's totem, so they could not understand the situation. Even those old men from Blue Spirit Star Palace did not know much about totem tattoos. If not, they would not have recklessly concluded that Qin Yun's totem tattoo was dead.

The students were not envious when they saw Qin Yun use the Heavenly Lion's Arm to unleash a powerful attack. This was because everyone believed that Qin Yun would be dragged down by the Heavenly Lion's arm in the future.

The Heavenly Lion Totem did not have a soul but once it became strong, it would devour the host's soul, turning the host into a soulless husk!

"Yes. Since Du Gui is your teacher, he should be able to grasp your situation and there's no need for us to worry. You must be careful when you're out." The elder said. His attitude towards Qin Yun was also very good, causing many people to feel displeased. That was because the elder was cold to them and extremely strict.

Meng Fei Ling pulled Qin Yun's hand and left the square with a tender smile. She and Brother Li headed for the Xuan Point Store.

Yu Zhen was with a group of students who could not pass the assessment. His eyes were filled with jealousy as he looked at Qin Yun's back. He secretly clenched his teeth. What infuriated him the most was that Qin Yun did not even look at him. He felt a sense of contempt.

"Brother Yu, let's go drink. If we can't get through, we'll come back next year. It's not a big deal."

"Let's go, let's drink, let's drink!"

Just like this, Yu Zhen and his group of dog friends consoled themselves as they headed towards the restaurant, getting drunk!

Brother Li asked on the way, "Brother Yun, can you forge a storage spirit artifact for us? We can earn Xuan points as your reward. Feiling just said that you are in need of Xuan points."

Brother Li and Sister Li were both over thirty years old but they still didn't have any storage spirit artifacts.

"Xiao Yun... Did I make things difficult for you? After all, there's a problem with your inner yuan energy. Rumor has it that you're unable to forge any artifacts." sister Li stared at Brother Li reproachfully.

"There's a problem with this but it's not that I'm unable to forge a weapon. It's just that refining it is a little difficult and I need the help of external flames." Qin Yun smiled and said, "Since big brother and big sister are people that big sister Fei Ling trusts, I'll give you two of my storage pouches first."

He took out two extremely exquisite white storage pouches. They were made using beast skins and the process was very simple as well. He could store a total of a hundred elephants.

Brother Li and Madam Li did not expect Qin Yun to be so straightforward. He had first given them the Spirit Treasures and in public at that.

When they saw the spacious interior after dripping blood, they were extremely excited. They thanked Qin Yun profusely.

Qin Yun said with a smile, "Brother, sister-in-law, how many Xuan points do you plan on earning for me? We will discuss a number that will satisfy both sides!"

"200 million! However, it will definitely not be possible in a short period of time. We must first take a look at the Xuan Points Mission issued by the Xuan Point Store before we know the specific time." Brother Li's cultivation is also close to the eighth level Martial Body. He often goes out to hunt evil beasts and has a lot of experience.

Meng Fei Ling said, "Big Brother and sister-in-law has accumulated three hundred million Xuan Points but they are all earned for others. They are mainly used to exchange for spirit artifacts or pills."

There were some things that the Xuan Point Store did not have, so this method of exchanging was also permitted. Actually, they helped the employer complete the task and then let the employer report the task completion.

Qin Yun nodded. "Let's go to the Xuan Point Store first. I'll take a look at the catalog along the way!"

The Xuan Point Shop was very large. There was only one floor in the store and it was a huge stone brick building with a width and length of over a hundred meters.

After entering, there was a very spacious mission hall. There were many large square pillars and around each square pillar were four counters. There were old men sitting at the counters, in charge of handling the tasks.

There weren't any goods displayed in the Xuan Point Store. Instead, there was a row of bookshelves by the wall with many catalogues placed on them.

Qin Yun picked up a book and flipped through it. He saw many things that surprised him.

"To think that there would be Xuan Core for sale. One billion Xuan Points and one hundred million crystal coins!" Qin Yun could not help but ask in surprise.

"There are also storage spirit artifacts for sale, they need five hundred million Xuan Points and five million crystal coins!" Brother Li smiled bitterly and said, "It doesn't matter if it's crystal coins or Xuan points, it's very hard to get them!"

To draw it, the husband and wife pair required one billion Xuan Points in order to obtain a storage spirit artifact! They were pleasantly surprised to see Qin Yun give them his storage bag.

Qin Yun flipped through the catalog of Xuan Points and realized that there were many precious pills that required a large number of Xuan Points to obtain. As for the crystal coins, they were secondary.

If he wanted to obtain Xuan Points, he would have to help the Star Xuan Wu Academy to complete many chores. He would also have to constantly improve his strength so that he could take on more tasks to obtain Xuan Points.

In this process, only geniuses with good aptitude could solo obtain a large number of Xuan Points, otherwise they would have to rely on the power backing them.

Qin Yun had also discovered that many rare pills were not for sale. He needed to use Xuan Points to obtain them. This would make many students to accomplish many tasks for the Martial Arts Academy and would indirectly earn a lot of crystal coins to maintain the Martial Arts Academy's operations.

In this hall, a white robed old man suddenly walked in. His short white hair made him look very lively. His eyes were cold and he was a very strict old man.

"This is our Martial Arts Academy's new Vice Principal, Xia Yuan!" Brother Li said, "He probably has something important to announce."

Everyone in the hall immediately quieted down as they watched Xia Yuan walk to the middle of the mission hall.

Xia Yuan said loudly, "According to the discussions at the conference, our Star Xuan Wu Academy has decided to purchase a large amount of magic cores from magical beasts for research!"

"Amongst them, the magic cores of a magical beast of the seventh step can be exchanged for a hundred thousand Xuan Points, the magic core of the eighth step can be exchanged for a million Xuan Points and the magic core of the ninth step can be exchanged for five million Xuan Points. Spirit beasts are equivalent to martial dao realm demon beasts. This kind of spirit beast's magic cores can be exchanged for fifty million Xuan Points."

"In addition, any magical beast crystal egg can be exchanged for 50 million Xuan Points!"

The students in the mission hall who had already gathered to receive their passage tokens all began to discuss amongst themselves after they heard the announcement, causing the hall to become extremely noisy.

"We only accept cores. We won't accept any other parts of the magical beast's body." Xia Yuan added loudly, and the hall quieted down.

He glanced at the excited students and said, "When you go out, be careful. Spirit beasts are usually the commanders of the beasts and they all have their own territory. In the territory, there are many different kinds of rank 7 or 8 beasts but the rest of the rank 5 or 6 beasts don't have magic cores, so it's of no value to us."

"You need to be careful, try your best not to enter the territory of the magical beasts. If you enter the outskirts, there will be a large number of low-level magical beasts, so you must immediately retreat."

The core of the territory was a powerful Spirit Beast. Even a Martial Dao Realm cultivator might not be able to defeat it.

After that, Xia Yuan told them a lot about the magic beasts and everyone remembered it in their hearts.

Because the academy had purchased a large amount of items, there was no need for him to receive any missions. All he needed to do was to go hunting for magical beasts and obtain the magic cores.

After discussing with each other, Qin Yun's group of four decided to set off.

Like many other students, they all rushed towards the main gate.

The doors were tightly shut, leaving only a small door for the students to exit through.

After Qin Yun and company left, they looked at the dark and calm surface of the lake and felt that the beautiful lake in the night had suddenly become extremely terrifying.

No one knew if there were any demonic beasts in the lake but it was fortunate that there were a few martial dao realm teachers who used flying spirit artifacts to carry their students from the center of the island to the shore of the lake.

The magical beasts on the lakeshore had all been cleaned up by the teachers of the Star Xuan Wu School, causing the magical beasts to not dare to approach. In the Star Martial Academy, there were also many elderly and retired old men. Because of the appearance of the magical beast horde, they all came out and were responsible for patrolling the surroundings of the Myriad Star Lake.

It was only now that Qin Yun realized the power of the Xuan Level Martial Arts Academy. There were many martial arts practitioners! He also understood why these academies were not afraid of any empire.

"There are a lot of resources in the Cloud Dragon Mountain Range. Any resources that haven't been discovered by humans will become their territory if discovered by the magical beast horde, so it's best if we don't enter the Cloud Dragon Mountain Range." After Big Brother Li arrived at the shore, he looked in the direction of the Cloud Dragon Mountain Range and said.

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