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Chapter 190

The Emperor of Tian Xiao, Xiao Rongchen, had long since stepped into the martial dao realm. If he were to act here without regard for his life, the consequences would be dire.

And now, Qin Yun had completely offended Blue Spirit West Palace, Empress Ye and the Tian Qi. If Xiao Rongchen were to act, only Duan Qian and Zhuo Chuan would be able to withstand it.

If they were to fight, both of them might suffer!

"Qin Yun doesn't deserve me. Are the others worthy of me? They can't even beat me, so what's great about them?" Xiao Yue Lan's eyes were filled with arrogance as she looked disdainfully at Qi Yu and Qin Zheng Feng's group.

Qin Zhengfeng and Qi Yu were both at the eighth level Martial Body realm. The four young elites from the Blue Spirit Palace were also at the seventh or eighth level Martial Body realm.

However, Xiao Yuelan's talent was much higher than theirs. She possessed an extremely terrifying martial spirit : Purple Gold Dragon. If she were to fight those young elites one on one, she would definitely be victorious.

Qi Yu's face was filled with dissatisfaction. He was Crown Prince of the Tian Qi was at the eighth level Martial Body before the age of twenty. He naturally had his own pride.

Therefore, he believed that he could defeat Xiao Yue Lan and confidently said: "Yue Lan, if I can defeat you, why don't you marry me?"

"If you can defeat me and then defeat Qin Zhengfeng and those few guys from the four palaces, I can marry you!" Xiao Yueran sneered: "But can you?"

Qi Yu smiled proudly, "You said that! You said it yourself before, you are a person who keeps her word. If I can really do it, you better not go back on your word!"

"I will never go back on my word. Let's fight now!" Xiao Yue Lan clenched her jade fists tightly, her eyes full of fighting spirit.

The other four young elites of the other four palaces also walked out. Being looked down upon by Qi Yu and Xiao Yuelan, they were also very angry. Naturally, they also wanted to show their strength through this competition.

Everyone stood up and quickly moved their tables to the sides, creating a very spacious space in the middle of the hall.

Zhuo Chuan chuckled and said, "Since you want to fight, then let me be responsible for protecting the arena."

He took out many array flags and placed them in the middle of the space.

Soon, the formation flags formed a square. During the martial arts competition, the air currents would not leak out, as they would not cause any damage to the main hall.

After the competition field was set up, Zhuo Chuan smiled and said, "Let me be the judge!"

Here, his status was the highest and he could do justice.

Qi Yu smiled confidently as he took off his gorgeous clothes. He was wearing a golden colored tight suit, which made it easier for them to fight.

Xiao Yuelan was originally wearing a blue tight suit suitable for battle. It could be seen that she had long since made her preparations for battle.

When Qin Yun saw that she was about to enter the martial arts arena, he immediately said, "Yue Lan, wait! Let me compete in this competition. You can watch from the side! "

Xiao Yuelan said in surprise: "You'll do it? He is in the eighth level Martial Body realm!"

Everyone felt it was strange. That was because everyone knew that Qin Yun was only at the sixth level Martial Body realm. Furthermore, his inner yuan was damaged.

Qi Yu sneered and said, "Qin Yun, you can compete with me. If I kill you, I'll be able to marry Xiao Yuelan!"

Xiao Yue Lan coldly snorted and said: "Even if Qin Yun dies, I will still be his wife. No matter if he dies or not, I will not marry you! Even if you can defeat Qin Yun, you can't defeat me! You are still not worthy of me!"

Seeing how Xiao Yuelan was so determined to marry Qin Yun, everyone was secretly surprised.

Xiao Yanglong bellowed, "Qin Yun, don't cause any trouble. Let them fight!"

"I didn't cause any trouble! Yue Lan can be considered my wife. Although my strength is not as good as hers, I feel that I must be a little stronger than your group of trash! If you want to challenge her, you have to get through me first! "

Qin Yun said with a smile, "Furthermore, I'm a seventh level martial body cultivator. It shouldn't be a problem to fight him, who has just stepped into the eighth level martial body!"

"What? You're already at the seventh level Martial Body realm? " Xiao Yuelan looked at Qin Yun with disbelief.

As for the hall, there were waves of incredulous exclamations because a metallic bone aura was emanating from Qin Yun's body!

The most astonishing thing was that Qin Yun was able to conceal the metallic bone aura within his body!

Even Xiao Yanglong, who was at the Martial Dao Realm, could not feel it at such a close distance.

Qin Zhengfeng could feel Qin Yun's pure metal bone aura and gritted his teeth in anger.

Zhuo Chuan frowned and sensed Qin Yun's aura. He said with a sigh, "This metal bone energy is extraordinary. It's black gold bone energy. It seems that after you have cultivated the Black Yellow Heart Sutra, you will be very proficient in all aspects in the future."

Qi Yu shouted, "Qin Yun, didn't Yue Kai destroy your inner yuan? You don't even have a martial spirit? How did you manage to achieve a breakthrough?"

Qin Yun laughed, "You ignorant fellow, don't you know that Xie Wufeng does not have a martial spirit? But he is still a powerful sword cultivator!"

Xie Wufeng did not have a Martial Spirit and he only had two spirit vein. But right now, he was also a very terrifying sword cultivator. Using his Origin Sword, his strength could compare to a martial body level eight or even a level nine, mysterious and terrifying.

Qin Yun had already stepped into the arena. He said, "If you defeat me, you can fight Yue Lan again. If you are half-dead after fighting me, you can forget about marrying Yue Lan. You are not worthy of her!"

"Weapons, spirit runes and puppets are not allowed!" Qi Yu shouted.

"Alright!" Qin Yun said with a confident smile.

Everyone felt that Qin Yun was a little arrogant. He had only just stepped into the seventh level Martial Body realm, yet he was so arrogant in front of Qi Yu.

The Duke of Yan was also beside the martial arts arena. He said with a sneer, "Qi Yu is Crown Prince of Tianqi. he is also one of the top experts among the three Xuan Level Martial Academies in his twenties and has obtained one of the best Xuan Points. How can a rookie like Qin Yun defeat him? Moreover, he doesn't have any Inner Qi right now, so he's not a match for Qi Yu in any aspect!"

"Even if he had just stepped into the eighth level Martial Body realm, he still might not be able to defeat Yu'er." A short fat middle-aged man from Tian Qi said with a confident smile. He was Emperor of Tianqi, Qi Hai!

In the martial arts arena, Qi Yu looked at Qin Yun with eyes filled with disdain. he said loudly, "Qin Yun, I really suspect that you have mastered some demonic art that has bewitched Qi Meilian. Not only have you bewitched her, you have even bewitched her to the core. Of course, I'm not surprised that you could confuse her. After all, she was born of a lowly servant, so she must have a lustful nature. Although she looks innocent on the surface, hehe..."

This caused the people in the palace to make all sorts of noises. Most of them were mocking Qi Meilian because most of the people here had status, and they also didn't like the children born of the servant girls.

Qi Yu saw Qin Yun's gloomy expression and laughed loudly. "Who knows, she might be a little slut. Furthermore, she was fooling around in the Star Xuan Wu Academy."

Qin Yun's clenched fist issued a crisp sound as it exuded a faint golden bone aura. Qi Meilian had grown up being bullied and she could also maintain a constant state of mind but she had always been injured by people like Qi Yu!

When he thought of that innocent and cute smile of Qi Meilan's, he couldn't help but let out a furious roar in his heart. He swore to himself that he would make Qi Yu pay a heavy price for what he had just said!

Qin Yun stared coldly at Qi Yu as his eyes were filled with ice-cold killing intent. He said solemnly, "Say a few more words. Perhaps you will never have the chance to say them again!"

The corner of Qi Yu's mouth curved into a smirk. Suddenly, a pair of golden carads appeared in his hands!

"Qi Yu's martial spirit is a golden trump card. I didn't expect him to have two, so he was able to use two trump cards. This is a twin martial spirit!"

"Correct, trump cards are usually made in pairs, so this is a twin martial spirit!"

"This is a very rare Martial Spirit!"

"Qi Yu's martial spirit talent is truly terrifying. he is far stronger than Qin Yun's previous martial spirit, the Purple Gold Fire. he is far stronger than the legendary martial spirits, so much so that he's almost at the Divine Martial Spirit!"

Everyone exclaimed in admiration. Emperor Tian Qi was also smiling and sitting on a chair, drinking wine.

Qin Yun watched on expressionlessly.

The trump card that Qi Yu took out wasn't a weapon but his martial spirit!

Cultivating the Martial Spirit into the Vajra Martial Spirit would mean the cultivator achieved eighth level Martial Body!

After the Martial Spirit Transformed, it would become stronger and would not be destroyed that easily. Moreover, it could also be released from the body. If the Martial Spirit's Vajra Qi was strong enough, it could even form a Martial Spirit weapon or item or beast.

Amongst them, the weapon martial spirits were the easiest to form with the Vajra Qi and the beast martial spirits were the hardest. Even martial dao realm might not be able to condense a true weapon like the weapon martial spirits.

As such, everyone was shocked by the Martial Spirit. This was the equivalent of possessing a very terrifying weapon martial spirit.

If he could get a Xuan Artifact level weapon in the future and use it with this Martial Spirit, the power would be even more terrifying!

Qin Yun found Xiao Yue Mei's martial spirit rather strange. It was a mirror that belonged to a weapon class. She had released it long ago.

Qi Yu looked at Qin Yun and said proudly, "This is not a weapon but my martial spirit! Now, you should clearly understand whether or not I'm worthy of Xiao Yuelan! This is my talent. This talent was bestowed by the heavens."

Everyone nodded their heads. Qi Yu had a pair of weapon martial spirits but Qin Yun did not. That was the difference!

Xiao Yuelan's bright eyes flashed with worry as she said anxiously, "Qin Yun, come down quickly. Let me teach him how to conduct himself!"

Hou Xingfeng had studied the weapon martial spirit for many years, so he also shouted, "Stop trying to be brave. He has a weapon martial spirit, so he's not someone you can deal with!"

Yang Shiyue signaled Qin Yun to come down because it was fine if he did not fight. There was also Xiao Yuelan.

Qi Yu saw that Zhuo Chuan had yet to start shouting and was worried that Qin Yun would leave. He smiled sinisterly and said, "Qin Yun, that slut, Qi Meili, has suffered greatly because of you. In order to get her to return to the Tian Qi Empire, I dug out her mother's rotten corpse to threaten her."

Qi Yu saw Qin Yun's body sway slightly and his eyelids trembled. he knew that he had fallen into incomparable rage. In addition, his rage had made him lose his mind for an instant.

After all, you were the one who saved her cheap life, so she cherished you very much. She also thinks that you are still alive and she is worried that once you go back, you will save her no matter what. So, she would rather have her mother's corpse trampled on.

Qin Yun panted heavily. After experiencing so many things, he had also become much calmer. However, at this time, his blood was boiling with anger from Qi Yu's words and he had almost lost all sense of reason!

At this moment, his mind was completely blank. His vision had blurred and he was overwhelmed by endless anger!

Gradually, the image of Qi Meilan's pretty face appeared in his mind, her innocent face full of sweet and cute smiles.

However, it was such an innocent girl who was suffering such great grief. Even though she knew her mother's body had been exhumed, there was nothing she could do!

Qin Yun's eyes suddenly turned completely red!

"Qin Yun, calm down and cripple him!" Xiao Yuelan's sudden cold shout made Qin Yun's howl subside.

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