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Chapter 189

Qin Yun stared at Xiao Yuelan. She was very beautiful but also very cold. Furthermore, she was very domineering and filled with killing intent!

he could not marry this kind of woman, otherwise he would not be able to happily chase after teacher Yang Shi Yue.

Qin Yun picked up the pen and no longer looked at Xiao Yuelan. Just as the tip of the pen touched the paper, a cold beam flashed. Following a slight sword hum, a chilling aura assaulted him.

Qin Yun felt that his neck was being pierced by waves of piercing coldness. Xiao Yuelan's sword was already low at his throat. With just a tiny bit forward, it could pierce his throat!

Du Gui and the other experts by the side did not dare to act rashly. Xiao Yuelan's sword technique was extremely brilliant; she could decapitate Qin Yun in an instant!

"We can talk if you want to!!! we can talk if you want to!!!" Qin Yun trembled in fear as a strong sense of impending doom enveloped his heart.

"If you decide to sign the annulment certificate, tell me and I will kill you before you sign it! Because you signed the letter to humiliate me. I will kill you before you insult me."

Xiao Yuelan's tone was slow and flat as though she was chatting. Her sword was still at Qin Yun's neck.

"Princess Yue Lan, you might as well kill me with one strike. This way, you won't have to marry a trash like me." Qin Yun mustered his courage and shouted.

"No, I won't kill people for no reason at all! If you insult me, then I have a reason to do it. If you want to die, then tell me. This way, I can chop off your head as fast as I can after you sign your name. As for whether your head will die if it is chopped off, I am not sure. Perhaps you will see your blood gushing out like a spring... Actually, I'm also very curious."

Xiao Yuelan was a young lady. When she spoke such words, a trace of a smile actually appeared on her ice-cold jade face. The ice-cold her looked extremely charming, yet her killing intent overflowed.

Qin Yun could feel Xiao Yue Lan's intense killing intent, he did not dare to doubt her words in the slightest!

If he really decided to sign it, there might be a bloody hole in his throat and then his head would be chopped off.

Everyone was watching and did not know what to say!

They could not understand why Xiao Yuelan would want to marry that trash, Qin Yun. She should divorce Qin Yun and humiliate him herself. That would be the normal course of action.

Everyone could only believe that she wanted to use Qin Yun to escape!

They similarly did not understand why Qin Yun did not want a girl as delicate as Xiao Yuelan.

He was already willing to marry! This was something that many geniuses yearned for in their dreams!

Qin Yun did not want Xiao Yuelan because he wanted to happily pursue the person he liked. If he agreed to marry her here, he would have to take responsibility!

"Princess Yue Lan, actually.... I have fallen in love with other girls!" Qin Yun came to a realization as he suddenly said.

Everyone praised Qin Yun's tact. If that was the case, Xiao Yuelan would definitely mind. The marriage contract could be destroyed without a hitch.

"I don't care!" Xiao Yuelan's words made Qin Yun feel as though he had eaten a fly. He was momentarily rendered speechless.

Qin Yun was puzzled as he thought to himself, "Princess Yue Lan, you have to play according to the rules. Otherwise, you won't be able to continue playing this game!"

Xiao Yuelan also felt that Qin Yun was unreasonable. She had decided to give herself up to him but Qin Yun refused to do so, forcing her to be so domineering.

Qin Yun said again, "I'm not only in love with just one girl....."

Xiao Yue Lan indifferently replied: "It doesn't matter!"

Qin Yun chuckled dryly before he continued, "Actually, I have fallen in love with five women. I'm a playboy but they are all willing to be with me." "Therefore, I cannot marry you, because this means that I must give up on them. I am a loyal person who does not hold back."

Qin Yun spoke righteously but everyone secretly despised him. He had already stepped on five ships, yet he was still acting loyal and deceiving!

Xiao Yuelan's willow-shaped eyebrows jumped and she coldly said: "I don't care!"

It did not matter. Not only was it difficult for Qin Yun to understand them, it was the same for everyone else!

"Fine, to be honest, aside from those five women, I've also fallen in love with ten other women." When Qin Yun saw that Xiao Yuelan had hardened her heart to marry him, he gave it his all.

"It doesn't matter!" Xiao Yuelan's tone became gloomy, as if she was holding in a great deal of anger.

"Other than those fifteen women, I'm also in relationship with a hundred women...."

"Enough! Are you a pig farmer?" How could Xiao Yuelan not see through Qin Yun's thoughts?

Qin Yun said seriously, "No, I'm a stud horse!"

His answer made Xiao Yuelan's killing intent grow even more intense!

In fact, he did this because he wanted to smoothly eliminate Xiao Yuelan and swindle Xiao Yanglong of his crystal coins. As for what happened next, he naturally had a backup plan to stop Xiao Yuelan from being married off.

Xiao Yuelan looked at Qin Yun and said with a sneer, "Can you call out those hundred or so women? If it is possible, I will accept it as well! "

When she saw that Qin Yun was silent, she asked coldly, "Tell me honestly, how many women do you have outside?!"

The sword in her hand seemed like it could pierce Qin Yun's throat at any moment!

"Ten!!!! Can you accept that?" Actually, Qin Yun did not have a single one....

"Sure!" Xiao Yuelan only wanted to quickly resolve this matter.

When everyone heard this, they all let out surprised cries.

Xiao Yuelan, this daughter of heaven, had actually accepted that Qin Yun had ten women!

Everyone did not understand what was so good about Qin Yun. Did he give Xiao Yuelan a bewitching soup!?

"Amongst them... There are sisters, cousins, twins...."

"If you keep talking, I'll castrate you!" It was unknown when Xiao Yuelan had taken out another sword and aimed it at Qin Yun's waist.

This caused cold winds to blow in Qin Yun's legs.

Everyone urged in their hearts, "Quickly castrate him! Castrate him!"

"If I castrate you, you will still have to marry me. No matter if you live or die, you will still have to marry me." The sword in Xiao Yuelan's hand trembled; she was enduring an enormous amount of anger.

"Calm down, calm down!" Qin Yun felt a chill at his crotch. That was something more important than his life. He forced a smile and said, "Princess Yuelan, you have to consider it carefully. It's not worth it for you to marry me!"

"Un, I've changed my mind!" Xiao Yuelan suddenly said, her expression becoming much warmer.

This made Qin Yun rejoice. Xiao Yanglong and the others also looked delighted.

Xiao Yanglong let out a long sigh of relief once he relaxed. Seeing Qin Yun succeed in making Xiao Yuelan change her mind, he suddenly felt that Qin Yun, this piece of trash, was much more pleasing to the eye.

"That's good!" Qin Yun was about to write his signature on the letter when Xiao Yuelan's sword blade overflowed with inner strength.

The icy aura caused Qin Yun to shudder violently.

"Big Sis Xiao, didn't you change your mind?" Qin Yun asked with a trembling voice, "Why are you...."

Xiao Yue Lan laughed coldly: "Yes, I changed my mind! If you decide to divorce me, I won't kill you immediately. I'll first castrate you and then kill you."

A thousand horses galloped in Qin Yun's heart. He wanted to cry but no tears came out.

Xiao Yuelan slowly said: "Now, you have two paths to walk. First, you decide to divorce me. Second, you decide to marry me."

Qin Yun asked helplessly, "Is there a third path?"

Xiao Yue Lan said: "Yes, kill me! I'm not retaliating! "

How would Qin Yun dare? If he had killed Xiao Yuelan, so he would definitely not be able to leave. Furthermore, he would not be able to kill her.

After all, Xiao Yuelan's good intentions in marrying him had saved a lot of face for this bunch of people. Other than her ice-cold attitude, she was still a very beautiful girl.

"What about the fourth path?"

"You kill yourself!"

Qin Yun sighed helplessly. "I just feel that if you were to be together with me, it would affect your future prospects."

"I don't mind, why do you mind?" Xiao Yue Lan said with an indifferent expression.

"Do you really not mind if I'm a playboy?" Qin Yun asked seriously.

"I already said I don't mind, how many times do you want me to say it? If you continue with your nonsense, I'll cut your tongue off right now! "

"Hurry up and decide whether to divorce me or marry me! You only have these two choices, one more word and I'll cut your tongue off!"

Xiao Yuelan had never seen such a dilly-dallying man.

Qin Yun felt that it was a loss as he said, "Originally, Xiao Yanglong promised to give me 450 million crystal coins after I divorce you. Can you make it up to me? Compensate and I will agree!"

Everyone cursed inwardly. This was truly a shameless person. He got what he wanted, yet he keeps asking for more and more, he had no morals at all.

Xiao Yuelan's jade-like face almost turned green from anger. Qin Yun was actually tangled in this matter! Was her, Xiao Yuelan, not worth as much as 450 million crystal coins?

"I'll count to two. After that, if you don't make a decision, I'll send you on your way immediately. My patience is limited! Rest assured, if I kill you, I will also commit suicide!" Xiao Yuelan's ice-cold killing intent had already been released to the limit.

"One …"

"I've decided to take Xiao Yuelan as my wife. I won't give up!" Qin Yun hurriedly shouted and tore the letter of annulment apart.

Xiao Yanglong, Elder Luo and the others didn't know whether to laugh or cry!

Just as Qin Yun was about to successfully divorce Xiao Yuelan, he was forced to marry her!

Xiao Yanglong hurriedly said, "Qin Yun, she is only using you. She is not really marrying you! You don't deserve her at all and you won't be able to keep her here in the future. You should know this better than me!"

Xiao Yue Lan's face was filled with anger, and shouted: "Xiao Yang Long, don't think that everyone is as shameless as you who wants to make use of everything! Do you remember when I was young in the palace, I was bullied by the powerful princes of your mother. My body was weak at that time and I was bullied by all of you every single day."

"Later on, the emperor and empress of Tianqin brought the young Qin Yun and his Grand Preceptor over as guests. At that moment, Qin Yun had forced back all the people who had bullied me."

Qin Yun was secretly alarmed as he looked confused. His memories of the passage were extremely vague. She only remembered that Xiao Yuelan was a very delicate little girl at that time.

Xiao Yuelan continued, "It was because Qin Yun had saved me when I was young that I had respected him from a young age. I admired him.... I liked him.... It was also her Grand Preceptor who improved my physique later on, allowing me to practice martial arts normally and achieve my current achievements!

"Later on, when I found out that he was my future husband, I didn't have any objections and promised my mother that I would be his good wife in the future!"

Everyone listened attentively to Xiao Yue Lan's words, and all of them were secretly shocked in their hearts. They never expected that she would have such feelings for Qin Yun since she was very young!

When Xiao Yanglong heard this, he clenched his fists and did not say a word.

He could not continue using Qin Yun because she seemed to have deep feelings for him!

Qin Zheng Feng was equally furious. He and Xiao Yue Lan had been called a perfect match for a long time!

But now, Xiao Yuelan had said that she had deep feelings for Qin Yun. This was fucking embarrassing!

She continued: "Also, the Immortal Graveyard Diagram that I have with me was obtained by my mother. It has nothing to do with the Tian Xiao Imperial Family, so don't think to use the Immortal Graveyard Diagram on me to obtain the most benefits."

The Immortal Graveyard Diagram was one of the most valuable posession on Xiao Yuelan. That was why the Blue Spirit West Palace was willing to pay four hundred and fifty million crystal coins for the contract paper. However, Qin Yun made a scene out of them.

"Yue Lan, you must not marry Qin Yun! With his strength, he's not even worthy of you! If you insist on marrying, don't blame royal father for not recognizing you! With royal father's strength, it will not be difficult for him to completely cripple you and Qin Yun." Xiao Yanglong's tone was filled with threat.

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