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Chapter 191

Everyone had heard Qi Yu's words just now. Although doing so was unworthy of respect, most of the people here did not think much of it. This was because Qi Meilan's mother was just a maid and even if she lived, she would still be a lowly servant, let alone when she is dead!

Xie Wufeng's eyes flashed with a cold light, a sword aura slowly seeped out, he was clearly very angry. He had seen Qi Meilian before and he knew that she was an extremely pure and innocent young lady. However, her pure and innocent heart had been ravaged by Qi Yu's sinister methods!

Zhuo Chuan saw that something was wrong and hastily shouted, "Let the match begin!"

If it did not begin, Qin Yun would be thoroughly infuriated. He might even lose his reason and go berserk. Hence, there was a great risk of him getting angry before the martial arts competition.

"Qin Yun, I will make you kneel with three strikes!" Qi Yu laughed arrogantly. he held two golden trump cards and flew over like a fierce cheetah. he brandished two trump cards and forcefully threw them down.

Many people stood up and looked at Qi Yu who was about to rush out.

Qin Yun had remained motionless just now. He did not even blink as though he was immersed in endless rage!

After Qi Yu rushed over, he raised two trump cards and was about to slam them down, when suddenly, an extremely strong spiritual force fluctuation surged out!


Qi Yu let out a miserable shriek. The golden trump cards in his hands trembled violently and then, with a "hua la" sound, two dazzling golden lights burst apart!

Everyone cried out in alarm!

Qi Yu's martial spirit suddenly exploded!

Qi Yu's originally swift and fierce attack instantly disappeared and his martial spirit exploded, causing blood to flow out of his head!

"This punch is for little Mei Lian!"

Qin Yun growled with a deep tone as he clenched his fist. A golden bone aura emanated from it as he charged heavily at Qi Yu's mouth!


Emperor Qi, who was drinking wine, stood up from his chair and hurried to the side of the training field that was surrounded by flags!

"This punch is for little Mei's mother!" Qin Yun growled and punched Qi Yu's nose, causing it to cave in.

"Ahhhhhhh!" Qi Yu screamed miserably, like the wailing of an evil spirit.

"What's left is that I beat you for the humiliation that little Meilian suffered in the Empire of Tianqi all these years!" Qin Yun shouted angrily.

His pair of fists, which were brimming with a golden bone energy, crazily smashed against Qi Yu's body. The wind in his fists roared like the roar of a furious beast!

Qin Yun's fists seemed to be venting his endless rage as they rumbled crazily. They produced explosive booms one after another!

"What's going on!? Qin Yun, what demonic arts did you use? Quickly pull the flag array apart!" Emperor Tianqi roared at Zhuo Chuan. He was also unable to break through this terrifying array of flags.

"The martial arts competition is not over yet. I can't remove the flag array. We'll have to wait until after they're done fighting!" Zhuo Chuan said indifferently.

Because Qi Yu had acted so viciously towards Mei Lian's mother, Zhuo Chuan had no sympathy for him. He even felt that Qin Yun had fought beautifully!

Emperor Tianqi's eyes turned red with anxiety. He had no idea what was happening.

Qi Yu, who originally had victory in his hands, was now being violently beaten.

Not only him, even Xiao Yanglong, Qin Zhengfeng, Duke of Yan, Yang Shiyue and Xiao Yuelan who were outside the martial arts arena were stunned by Qin Yun.

The hall was also filled with shocked discussions as they discussed what had just happened!

Qin Yun did not use any internal energy. However, what he had cultivated was the Black Gold Bone. It already contained a terrifying amount of power.

His explosive fist mercilessly landed on every bone in Qi Yu's body, causing a loud "bang bang" sound to ring out.

"I let you bully Little Mei Lian!" Qin Yun roared in his heart as he punched up and down at a rapid speed. In everyone's eyes, it was like countless fists were constantly hitting Qi Yu's body.

Qi Yu's bones were shattered in many places and the sound of bones breaking could be heard. There was nothing left in his body!

Everyone looked at Qin Yun's fist, which did not contain any internal energy, as they secretly drew in a cold breath. Their scalps turned numb!

Qin Yun did not use any internal energy to defeat Qi Yu, who was at the eighth level martial body. This was too inconceivable and too strange!

"I....Admit defeat!" Qi Yu screamed with great difficulty, his voice weak.

Qin Yun immediately retracted his hand as well. However, his final punch was extremely powerful. It sent Qi Yu flying in the direction of the Emperor of Tianqi before crashing to the ground.

Zhuo Chuan hurriedly withdrew his flag array and stood beside Qin Yun.

"Father... Royal father, my twin Martial Spirits are gone, my elemental energy is gone. I'm finished, wuuuuuuuuuu..." Qi Yu's mouth was full of blood as she sobbed in frustration.

"Qin Yun, what demonic arts did you use? I'll kill you!" Emperor Tian Qi was so angry that his fat face turned red and his eyes turned ferocious.

Losing martial spirit meant that he is a cripple!

Du Gui said indifferently: "He used a strong mental energy attack! This is the Mastery Stage of the Spirit Concentrating Kill, the Qi Transformation via the telepathic thoughts, using the mind energy to condense and attack the soul body!"

"Qi Yu released his martial spirit and also defended against the mental force attack. His martial spirit had just become Vajra and it's still very weak but he actually revealed his weak martial spirit in front of a Spirit Killing Master. It's really stupid! Although Qin Yun's inner yuan has been destroyed, his mental force is extremely strong. It's a well-known fact."

Everyone immediately recalled how Qin Yun had displayed a terrifying mental perception when he tested his mental power in the Three Xuan Academy!

Du Gui sneered, "Martial Spirits are the foundation of the internal energy. When he exposed his weak and fragile martial spirit, it was destroyed by someone's mental power. His internal energy died because of that."

Emperor Qi was trembling as he hugged Qi Yu, who was on his last gasp. Then, he glared at Qin Yun. His killing intent surged like a tidal wave as it enveloped Qin Yun.

Murong Daren laughed and said, "Qi Yu is too pretentious. I really want to let everyone know that he has Twin Martial Spirits. Who asked him to be so arrogant, exposing his martial spirit to attack a Spirit Killing Master, that's simply using an egg to strike a stone. Truly stupid, to be able to live till now, the heavens have truly done us a great kindness!"

Emperor Qi was filled with killing intent in the quiet hall, yet he could hear the laughter of Murong Daren!

Everyone couldn't help but admire him in their hearts.

Murong Daren, Huo Zhong and the others were very clear on how strong Qin Yun's mental force was. Therefore, they had been watching very calmly from the beginning.

Emperor Qi was furious. He looked at Murong Daren with killing intent as sharp as knives!

Qin Yun knew that Murong Daren was extremely daring but he never expected that he would still say with a smile, "Emperor Tianqi, why are you looking at me? Quickly carry your son and go heal him. Perhaps it will allow him to live for a few more years! He actually wants to fight over a woman with my Brother Yun with just this bit of skill? Does he really not know his limits? That's right, after he dies, it would be best to burn his body because after doing so many evil deeds, people would be willing to found the body and whip it!"

With that, he picked up a mouthful of the dish and began to chew it with relish.

Everyone felt that if there was a "Martial Spirit of Courage", then this was definitely his Martial Spirit.

"What's your name? I will remember you!" There was one more person Emperor Tian Qi wanted to kill the most.

"Listen up, my name is Murong Daren, a benevolent and righteous man!" Murong Daren laughed recklessly.

"Okay, big boss Murong, right? I'll remember it!" As soon as Emperor Tianqi finished speaking, he felt that something was wrong.

Murong Daren started laughing out loud. Because Emperor Qi had called him "big boss", he had cheated another big guy, which was more than enough for him to boast for a long time.

The crowd wanted to laugh but they held back. This was Emperor Tianqi, a cultivator of the martial dao realm. They couldn't afford to offend him, nor did they have the courage to do so.

Emperor Tian Qi had his men carry Qi Yu away while he stayed behind because he wanted to see if there was anyone who could defeat Qin Yun in the future!

When Xiao Yuelan saw Qin Yun win, she was filled with pride. She looked at Xiao Yanglong and mocked, "Prince Tian Xiao, do you still think that Qin Yun is unworthy of me? If Yue Kai, the dog, was still alive, he would only be a dead dog against Qin Yun! I have to say, you are really a despicable person!"

The reason she said this was because she and Xiao Yanglong had completely fallen out with each other and the crowd was not surprised. From Xiao Yuelan's behavior just now, it could be seen that she really hated Xiao Yanglong.

Xiao Yanglong wanted to sell Xiao Yuelan and her mother's corpses. If she did not hate Xiao Yanglong, that would be strange!

"Don't be complacent!" Xiao Yang Long said in a deep voice.

He looked at Qin Zheng Feng and asked: "Prince Tianqin, do you want to compete with Qin Yun?"

Xiao yanglong was worried that Qing Zengfeng would think that he would end up like Qi Yu and become a useless dog and not make a move against Qin Yu! He and his mother had done so many wicked things to become the crown prince and the empress. Furthermore, he is about to ascend the throne.

Even if Qin Zheng Feng didn't want to go up, he would be provoked by Murong Daren.

Furthermore, he had always wanted to compete against Qin Yun!

That was because he had suffered too many losses because of Qin Yun. Furthermore, if he defeated Qin Yun, his prestige in the Tian Qin Empire would rise as well. Those old retainers would definitely support him even more.

Qin Yun's current limelight had completely overshadowed Qin Zhengfeng's. He was the focus of today's engagement party, so he had to defeat Qin Yun.

"I must make him understand that I am destined to become the emperor of Tian Qin. Not only will I defeat him, I will also complete my engagement with Princess Yue Lan today." Qin Zheng Feng slowly took off his golden robe, his expression cold.

Today, his wedding was being held in the main hall of the Tian Qin Palace, yet there were so many things happening that caused him to feel extremely humiliated!

Now, he could only use his own strength to regain his lost dignity!

Qin Zhengfeng entered the battle arena and looked at Qin Yun proudly. "You will definitely lose to me. I will let you understand that you are not worthy of Xiao Yuelan, much less the Crown Prince of Tianqin!"

"He doesn't deserve to marry me? It doesn't matter what you say, as long as I do! You are older than Qin Yun, so what if you can defeat him? But can you defeat me?" Xiao Yue Lan laughed coldly, her eyes full of disdain.

Qin Zhengfeng was infuriated in his heart. He could only vent his anger at Qin Yun!

Qin Yun looked to be very calm but in his heart, he placed great importance on the match. Only by defeating Qin Zhengfeng would he be able to fully stand proud!

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