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Chapter 174

"What will happen if I make this martial Spirit work?" The moment Qin Yun thought of this, he immediately went to do it. He also wanted to see if this new inner yuan energy would be able to come out.

He channeled the Black Sun Art, causing the black martial spirit to breathe and spin at high speeds.

Very soon, he felt the mysterious black inner Qi in his dantian and he was able to smoothly circulate this energy.

"It seems that the mysterious inner yuan energy is already under my control." Qin Yun thought to himself. Just as he planned on having the inner yuan release it's maximum energy, he suddenly felt the sleeping fire martial spirit in his left arm move!

Qin Yun was shocked. Because it was the mysterious black Martial Spirit, it had released an attractive force that sucked in the sleeping martial spirit into his dantian.

The Martial Spirit sleeping on his left arm was forcefully moved, causing him to feel pain.

This kind of pain was the same as when Qiao Ruiwen helped him move his inner yuan!

He immediately relaxed his body and stopped resisting the movement of this inner yuan. Otherwise, he would be in even more pain.

Moments later, Qin Yun panted heavily. Looking into his Dantian, he discovered that the black surface of his inner yuan was spewing out intense flames. It emitted black beams of light that were like the sun's rays of light.

However, these rays were all black in color!

"Did my Purple Gold Fire Martial Spirit awaken successfully?" Qin Yun was astounded as he continued observing the situation in his dantian.

He was sure that the black mysterious Martial Spirit and the sleeping fire Martial Spirit had fused into one and his inner strength had increased by a huge amount!

"Black Martial Spirit! It's like the sun, could it be the Black Sun Martial Spirit?" Qin Yun suddenly guessed that if that was the case, this was a martial spirit bestowed by the heavens!

And it was the Black Sun Martial Spirit of the highest grade!

"Could it be that the black sphere that I saw with my consciousness earlier was a black sun? It's really mysterious!"

He opened his palm and let out flame!

The incomparably black flames seemed to be able to swallow everything and the heat was also extremely terrifying.

"Looks like it really is the Black Sun Martial Spirit! The black sphere that I saw in the spiral galaxy only has a very strong suction force. Even light can't escape from it!"

"Now, after fusing with my sleeping Flame Martial Spirit, black flames have appeared!"

Qin Yun relied on his own experience to deduce. He tried circulating Black Sun inner force on the surface of his body. At that moment, there was no need for him to deliberately absorb the spirit energy. The spirit energy would rush in on it's own.

Combined with the Nine Yang Spirit, it could crazily absorb the Nine Yang Energy!

"The speed at which spiritual energy is being absorbed is half of the speed in the Nine Yang Spirit Convergence Array! Although it is only half, it is still very powerful. Because, at this rate, I can absorb the Nine Yang Energy at any time, which is much more convenient than setting up the formation."

The Black Sun Martial Spirit had given him a great surprise!

"Let me try refining with it!" Qin Yun took out the furnace and placed the top grade spirit iron ore he had obtained into the furnace before using black flames to burn it.

The burning speed was very fast, causing him to be wild with joy!

If he were to use his previous flames to refine it, it would take at least a few days to refine all of those top grade spirit iron ores.

And now, in just half a day's time, he had refined 30,000 jins of top grade spirit iron ore into 300 jins of top grade spirit iron!

"I want to use top grade spirit iron to forge a new Giant King Spirit Hammer!" Qin Yun felt that he already had the conditions to forge a mid grade spirit artifact.

Mental strength was strong enough and flames were strong enough. The only thing that wasn't enough was the strength of one's inner force!

"I need to break through!"

Qin Yun took a deep breath and sat cross-legged on the ground. He looked up into the sky and noticed that it was noon.

"Let's see if my bones can be strengthened with the black flames!" He planned to refine the Vajra Bone here.

On the peak, Qin Yun could quickly absorb the nine suns' spiritual energy into his body. It could provide endless energy to Black Sun inner yuan and release a black yang flame. Through the bone meridian, it would be injected into the skeleton to temper it.

Previously, when he was in the Bone Refining Formation, he had refined most of his bones and was now very close to the Vajra Bone.

In the blink of an eye, a month had passed!

When Qin Yun opened his eyes, a faint golden mist emanated from his body. It was the aura of metal bones!

"I have finally entered the seventh level Martial Body. My sixteenth birthday has also just passed." His heart was filled with emotion. Nearly a year ago, he was almost assigned to join the army. At that time, he was only at the second level Martial Body realm.

Currently, in less than a year, he had reached the seventh level Martial Body realm!

"Around two months, their engagement ceremony will almost begin!" Qin Yun clenched his fist. He felt that he had sufficient strength to participate in the engagement ceremony between Xiao Yuelan and Qin Zhengfeng.

He took out the three hundred pounds of top grade spirit iron, then took out the three hundred kilograms of dragon bone and placed it in the furnace to refine.

"Just top grade spirit iron is not enough. The best is top grade bone steel!" He had successfully stepped into the seventh level Martial Body realm because of his ambition and confidence in his own strength.

7th level Martial Body, although it was only at the initial stage of the golden bone, after the golden bone absorbed the vajra inner strength, the strength of the body was two times stronger than before. When the inner strength or vajra inner strength was circulated through the muscles and meridians, the strength would be even more terrifying.

As for Qin Yun's inner strength, it was refined from his top-grade black martial spirit. It was much stronger than an ordinary person's. Coupled with the absorption of the nine suns' spiritual energy, it was much stronger.

The dragon bone and top grade spirit iron were quickly burnt red by the Black Sun Flames.

Qin Yun opened the furnace and used Flaming Fist to grab it's contents!

Spirit iron and beast bones were heated up very hot while Qin Yun easily grabbed them out of the furnace with his bare hands. He used both hands to knead them together before placing them on the forging platform.

He habitually used his left hand to grip the hammer but for some reason, he suddenly felt that the Heavenly Lion's arm was somewhat empty. It no longer had the strength from before!

"I need a strong Martial Spirit for my Heavenly Lion Arm!" Qin Yun had mastered a soul refining technique and could infuse his martial soul into his arm. It was not difficult for him but the most difficult thing was to find a good martial soul.


The Giant King Spirit hammer smashed down, causing a large amount of sparks to fly.

With ten sets of the Six Styles Forging Dragon, he forged a hundred Jin of spirit iron and a hundred Jin of the flood dragon's bones into top-grade bone steel. After that, he continued forging the spirit iron and beast bones.

It only took him an hour to create enough top-grade bone steel!

300 jins of top grade spirit iron and 300 jins of flood dragon bones. After he refined them, they were still 300 jins but the strength had increased by a great deal. Moreover, he even fused heavy spirit jade into the forging process.

"With my current flame, I can make the Heavy Spirit Jade even heavier!" Qin Yun looked at the black top-grade bone steel and smiled in satisfaction.

In the following ten days, he had forged that piece of top-grade bone steel into the exquisite design of the Giant King Spirit hammer. Now, he was only one step away.

"A middle grade spirit weapon requires three or four spirit marks." Qin Yun took out his carving knife and turned serious as he began inscribing.

Although three spirit marks were required to be middle grade spirit artifacts, he felt that he would need at least four spirit marks in order to make the hammer even more powerful.

Inscribing four spirit marks was even more complicated. Moreover, of these four spirit inscriptions, some required carving two or three groups.

For example, a solid mark would need to carve two sets of patterns on the hammer and carve one set on the handle. The two sides of hammer required a set of Alchemy Inscriptions.

Next up were the Giant Spirit Marks. These were the Essence Spirit Marks of the Giant King Spirit Hammer and also the most important thing in the blueprints.

Previously, Qin Yun's strength was limited, so he did not carve such a spirit mark. This was because the giant spirit mark needed to be carved inside the body of the hammer. He had to use extremely powerful mind energy, vajra internal energy and blood energy to condense his blood soul power and use his mind energy to go deeper into the hammer to carve.

Right now, he was using the immortal soul jade to release mental energy. It was much stronger than mental energy, so it wasn't that difficult for him to carve a Giant Spirit Mark.

The spirit marks he carved were all high-grade spirit marks. They were extremely complicated, so they required a lot of time. It took him about twenty days to finish carving the three sets of inscriptions, the two sets of alchemy inscriptions and the Giant Spirit Inscriptions.

This new Giant King Spirit Hammer could be considered to be a Middle Grade item but he still planned to carve a Berserk Mark on the inside of the hammer.

The Berserk Mark could make one's power become very violent, instantly increasing multiple times. However, it consumed a lot of internal energy, so it was only suitable for occasionally using.

When carving Berserk Marks, one had to carve them into the body of the hammer just like carving a giant spirit pattern. Because there was a giant spirit pattern within the hammer, carving the second type of spirit pattern was even more difficult.

It was a good thing that he had the blueprint and it detailed how to avoid interfering with the Giant Spirit Marks.

He carefully carved according to the blueprint. After about ten days, he finally finished the carving.

"Very well!" Qin Yun looked at the hammer that took more than a month to finish. He was filled with emotions.

Actually, what he didn't know was that this Giant King Spirit Hammer could already be considered a high-grade spirit artifact because his spirit marks were extremely complicated. Adding on the top-grade bone steel, this Giant King Spirit Hammer wasn't any weaker than a high-grade spirit artifact.

He had used a month's time to refine it and it seemed to be very long. However, when ordinary Inscription Masters refined a Middle Grade Spirit Weapon, they would take at least two to three months, some even a year or so.

If he only carved low grade spirit tattoos, he would be able to refine spirit artifacts faster.

After successfully forging the mid-grade Giant King Spirit Hammer, Qin Yun hurriedly left the Star Soul Guiding Peak. He had to leave as soon as possible to understand the situation outside. Furthermore, he was worried about Xiao Yue Mei.

While he was running in the Cloud Dragon Mountain Range, avoiding all kinds of beasts, he found out that the Black Sun Martial Spirit's other magical use was to release the black Qi at night. It could allow him to blend into the darkness and not leak out any aura.

It was just like the huge black ball he saw in the spiral galaxy. If it wasn't for the large amount of energy being devoured by the black ball from around, he had no idea where he would be.

The inner strength of the 7th level Martial Body was stronger and when he used the Fire Cloud Steps, his speed was also faster.

He was able to blend into the darkness at night, so when night came, he would rush through the air, greatly reducing the time to return.

Qin Yun made a trip to the cave where Qiao Ruiwen was healing herself. When he got there, he saw that the sealed cave had been blasted open. There was still a strong internal force remaining.

"Grandma Qiao's injuries are almost healed. The inner Qi is so strong!" Qin Yun calmed down and looked into the depths of the Cloud Dragon Mountain Range. He secretly wished Qiao Ruiwen a safe passage through the Cloud Dragon Mountain Range and a smooth journey to the martial desolate land.

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