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Chapter 173

At this moment, the reputation of the entire West Blue Spirit Palace had plummeted. Xiao Yanglong, who was in charge of mining, was pushed out to deal with this matter, causing him to hate Xiao Yue Mei even more.

Qin Yun was the one who did this. He was still in the Cloud Dragon Mountain Range and he was heading towards the northern part of the area to find Star Soul Guiding Peak.

For the next few days, Qin Yun continuously delved into the northern mountains. Finally, he arrived at a marsh. There were dozens of steep mountain peaks that rose from the ground, each reaching a height of thousands to tens of thousands of meters.

On his way there, he encountered a few Rank 8 Demonic Beasts but he was able to avoid them. Later on, he encountered a group of ghost beasts, which he killed with the Evil Suppression Talisman.

Qiao Ruiwen had said that at night, if one stood in the south and waited for Darknorth to appear, they would be able to recognize the Star Soul Guiding Peak.

It was evening, so Qin Yun could only wait patiently in the marsh.

The nine suns gradually disappeared into the horizon and night came. The stars quietly appeared in the night sky.

Qin Yun stood in the south and looked up into the northern sky. He noticed that Darknorth Star had appeared on top of a mountain.

"This is the mountain!" He was secretly delighted and hastily stepped onto the Flame Cloud Steps. Flying in the air, he rushed towards the Star Soul Guiding Peak.

The Star Soul Guiding Peak wasn't the tallest here, only around three to four thousand meters tall. It's shape didn't look that special and normally, no one would run up there.

Qin Yun quickly arrived at the top of the mountain. He saw many columns that were half a meter tall at the peak.

He counted ninety-nine of these stocky columns, covered with weeds and dust.

"These pillars should be array pillars. There must be a very large formation here but because no one has cleaned it for so many years, it's been covered with dust and all sorts of weeds."

Qin Yun forcefully pulled at the grass vines and began cleaning the mountain peak. He had to exert great strength in order to break the grass. From this, it could be seen that the grass here was extremely tough and durable.

After several hours of cleaning, a circular plaza with a width of one hundred meters appeared on top of the mountain. The short and thick columns were regularly arranged on the plaza.

Qin Yun looked carefully at the ground and realized that many of the lines were very complex.

"I don't know what kind of inscription it is, also i only see the bright lines.... What a pity."

Qin Yun hovered in the air and looked down at the circular plaza. He could see many tiny engravings converging into a large diagram.

This was a spiral inscription, just like a spiral galaxy. The short and thick stone pillars were also arranged in an orderly manner along the spiral arms.

"How long did Lan Xiao actually take to set up this formation?" Qin Yun was extremely astonished because there were tens of thousands of inscriptions beneath it that could not be counted. They were all meticulously carved.

He landed in the middle of the array and sat cross-legged on the ground. He used his spiritual force to seep into the array and was quickly able to sense that the array was slowly revolving.

"The great formation is frantically absorbing the power of the stars!" Qin Yun was alarmed as he looked around. He noticed that a mass of light was gradually congealing on the ninety-nine pillars.

The great formation seemed to be lit up as well, as if it were a galaxy filled with stars.

"Unbelievable!" Qin Yun sighed repeatedly.

The great formation was successfully activated. It was madly absorbing the star power for the operation of the great formation.

Qin Yun sat in the array and closed his eyes. He cultivated the Star Yang Heart Scripture silently and began circulating his Primordial Spirit.

Unknowingly, he felt like he was in a vast sea of stars, slowly approaching a blue fireball.

When he got closer, he was greatly alarmed because it was not a blue fireball. Instead, it was a blue sun that was releasing a very strong heat!

The most terrifying thing was that this blue sun was incomparably huge. In front of this blue sun, he was as small as a grain of sand.

His consciousness continued to move forward and then entered the blue sun. He discovered that there was actually an incomparably large wolf sleeping inside. He tried to use his consciousness to awaken this wolf but to no avail.

After his failure, his consciousness immediately left the blue sun and quickly roamed around in the sea of stars. What frightened him was that in the universe, there were many of these huge suns, each of which had a different color.

Most of the suns were empty and lifeless. The souls contained within them had either left or died.

"There are many sun-like existences in the night sky but because they were too far away from us, all we can see are specks of light.... I wonder what's in the nine suns in our world?"

As Qin Yun roamed the vast galaxies, he realized that there were at least two 'suns' in each specific area. There were even three or four of them, they were less of them than the other five or six dual sun areas and they revolved around each other.

However, the nine suns that he was familiar with were extremely rare. Furthermore, they rose up at the same time and fell down and did not circle around each other.

"It seems that the great formation of the Star Soul Guiding Peak can allow people to enter the Stellar River to find a suitable Martial Spirit."

Qin Yun wandered the endless rivers of stars. He was filled with emotions, making him yearn for great power. Only by grasping the powerful experience, would he be able to explore the mysteries of the sea of stars.

He did not know how long he had been wandering in the sea of stars. He only knew that he had been inside a lot of giant stars.

"Could it be that they don't approve of me?" Qin Yun sighed in his heart. He could only continue drifting towards the center of the spiral galaxy. That was because the light there was the brightest. It meant that there were more great suns of that sort.

He also did not know why his consciousness could float so fast. In a flash, he arrived at the center of the spiral. There were many giant "suns" here and they were also much hotter and scarier, many times bigger than the ones he had encountered before.

What alarmed Qin Yun the most was that in the middle of the spiral galaxy was a black ball. The black ball was terrifyingly black, making it difficult to see.

The reason why he could see them was because the huge suns were revolving around the black sphere. Many suns would emit intense rays of light but none of them were able to illuminate the pitch-black sphere.

Qin Yun's body trembled as his consciousness gradually turned unstable. An unprecedented feeling of fear filled his body and filled his soul. It was as though he was about to be completely devoured.

"My heart is firm. My heart must not be shaken by fear! The more frightening something is to me, the more I will have to conquer it!"

At this moment, he thought back to the moment when he was deprived of his spirit vein when he was young. He thought back to Yang Shiyue's helpless expression towards fate. A wave of resolute will surged over, gradually allowing him to calm down.

He regained his consciousness, looked at the huge and dark sphere and then quickly rushed forward.

The entire gigantic spiral of the galaxy revolved around the sphere of darkness, one could see how terrifying the power of this black sphere was!

Although the black sphere was very large, it seemed very small compared to the entire spiral galaxy. It was only a small dot in the middle of the spiral galaxy but it was able to pull the galaxy around it.

Qin Yun's consciousness entered the black sphere and did not see anything. He only felt that his consciousness was being rapidly devoured.

"Not good. If my consciousness is devoured, it means I will forever lose consciousness!" He was secretly shocked in his heart and quickly circulated the Star Yang Heart Sutra to stabilize his mind.

In addition, he controlled the fusion of his soul and primordial spirit to strengthen his own consciousness.

"I absolutely cannot lose. No matter what you are, I will conquer you!" Qin Yun shouted in his heart as his will was extremely firm.

Gradually, his consciousness that had been engulfed by the gravitational pull was being separated from it bit by bit.


After Qin Yun felt his consciousness leave the black sphere, his mind suddenly felt as though it was exploding as an incomparable pain hit him.

The headache did not last long.

When he opened his eyes, the sky was already bright and the pillars around him were all broken. Many cracks also appeared on the circular plaza and the spirit marks all exploded.

"What happened?" When Qin Yun saw the array, he was alarmed. He immediately took out a crystal ball. There were more than thirty dots of light flickering inside it.

This was a device used to calculate the number of days. As long as one shook it vigorously, the number of days would begin to be calculated. After a day, a speck of light would light up.

When Qin Yun entered the array, he began counting. More than thirty beams of light lit up, meaning a month had passed!

"I actually sat inside the formation for a month but I feel like only two hours have passed!" He was astonished. He recalled that his consciousness was wandering in the galaxy. It was like a dream.

Especially when he thought of that terrifying dark sphere, he could not help but shiver.

"Right, did I get my Star Martial Spirit?" He immediately looked into his own body. When he saw a small black ball in his dantian, he couldn't help but be stunned.

His Vibration inner yuan from before was also a black sphere but it's surface had a glossy reflection, not as black as this one!

"What is this?" Qin Yun did not even understand what had happened. He immediately looked at his left arm and saw that the sleeping Fire Martial Spirit was still in it.

"Could this be my third martial spirit?" He didn't know if it was a good thing or a bad thing.

He closed his eyes and tried to use the power of the new inner yuan.

"This is a very strange power, I need to use my mental power and inner force together to activate it! If I use my inner force alone or my primordial spirit power alone, I will not be able to activate the power of this new martial spirit."

After Qin Yun released his inner strength, he quickly realized what made this power unique was that it could make things lighter and heavier. For example, a stone weighing a hundred kilograms could weigh a thousand kilograms or even a pound with the addition of this power.

The changes in the degree of one's strength would increase as one's cultivation increased.

In addition, this power wasn't only used to make things lighter and heavier. It also had other attributes. If it was used on the surface of the body, as long as the force was within the range, it would be devoured like a stone sinking into the ocean.

"If the outside is covered with another layer of vibration internal energy, it would be equivalent to having two layers of barriers protecting myself." After feeling delighted in his heart, Qin Yun continued analyzing the mysterious Martial Spirit's unique strength.

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