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Chapter 175

After a few days of traveling, Qin Yun headed straight for Tianqin Imperial City!

The Tian Qin Empire was the closest empire to Blue Spirit Star Palace. The relationship between Tian Qin Palace and Blue Spirit Star Palace's Nangong was very good. Furthermore, the crown prince Qin Zheng Feng was in league with the West Palace's Xiao Yanglong.

Therefore, during the engagement ceremony between Qin Zheng Feng and Xiao Yue Lan, the four palaces of Blue Spirit Star Palace would be present. The Eastern Palace disciples that rarely moved usually also attended, mainly because Xiao Yuelan was a disciple of the Eastern Palace.

At the main gate of the Tian Qin Imperial City, two iron gates that were dozens of meters tall opened. In the past, the imperial city was being opened up to a height of more than ten meters and entering and exiting would require questioning by the guards. Sometimes, it would even be charged to enter the city but now, there was no need.

Qin Yun was still a few hundred meters away from the imperial city. His bright and deep eyes stared at the people that came in and out of the imperial city.

Many people walked past him, only glancing at him casually.

The current Qin Yun was even taller and more robust than before. After being exposed to the sun for many days on the Star Soul Guiding Peak, his skin was tanned and he looked handsome and sturdy. After experiencing so many life and death battles, his handsome face had become somewhat angular, appearing even more mature and steady.

He looked at the gates of the imperial city and his mind was filled with thoughts.

At this time, he was already sixteen years old and could be considered an adult. Furthermore, he was a martial artist at the seventh level Martial Body realm!

He finally reversed his fate and returned to the Tian Qin Empire!

"Empress Ye, I will definitely attend your son's engagement ceremony!" Qin Yun clenched his fist and walked quickly towards the city gate.

He wore a grey robe and a conical bamboo hat and he did not look like he was going anywhere. His eyes were firm and resolute and his mature composure made it impossible for others to see that he was a sixteen year old youth. Only people who were very familiar with him would be able to recognize him at a glance.

As Qin Yun entered the city gates, he felt that it was still very familiar. However, the atmosphere was somewhat different. Although it was more lively than before, it seemed somewhat nervous.

He had asked around on the streets and found out what had happened in the past few months!

Especially the Xiao Yue Mei that he was most concerned about, she had actually become a murderous evil woman!

Nearly a hundred disciples from the Blue Spirit West Palace and many aristocrats from the Tian Xiao Empire were killed by her, and a few small families were even annihilated. These families all had a good relationship with Xiao Yanglong!

Furthermore, Xiao Yue Mei had also successfully killed more than ten eighth level Martial Body cultivators. For the Tian Xiao Empire, this was an extremely painful loss.

Tian Xuan Martial School wasn't spared either. Every three days, a student would be injured and crippled!

For the past few months, the people of the Tian Xuan Martial School, Tian Xiao Empire and Blue Spirit Western Palace were all enveloped in the fear of Xiao Yue Mei.

However, a few days ago, a shocking piece of news suddenly came!

Xiao Yue Mei had been captured by the Tian Xiao Empire and would be locked up in the Tian Qin Empire's imperial city but they didn't know how to deal with her.

"Yue Mei has been caught, she's in the Tian Qin Empire city!" When Qin Yun heard the news, he frowned deeply with a solemn expression.

Xiao Yue Mei had been captured and brought to the Tian Qin Imperial City. It was obvious that he had other plans. It was highly possible that he was trying to put pressure on Xiao Yuelan, her big sister, so that she would obediently cooperate with the engagement!

Xiao Yuelan seemed cold and heartless but she was extremely good to her little sister. Now that her sister had killed so many people and got caught, she would most likely be sentenced to death.

If she cooperated with the Tian Xiao Empire and married honestly, then her little sister might live.

"I want to save Yue Mei!" Qin Yun immediately made the decision to save Xiao Yue Mei at any cost!

The people Xiao Yue Mei was killing everywhere were either the treacherous old officials of the Tian Xiao Empire or the disciples of the Blue Spirit Star Palace and the Tian Xuan Martial School. After she killed those people, many people cheered.

Furthermore, she had killed someone to avenge Qin Yun!

Qin Yun had also learned that the betrothal ceremony between Xiao Yuelan and Qin Zhengfeng would be held in about twenty days.

In the next few days, all the nobles, teachers and students from different kingdoms would arrive one after another at the Emperor's Palace.

Apart from this, there was another shocking piece of news. Xiao Yuelan's martial spirit had been made public. It was a purple gold fire dragon, a legendary martial soul!

When Qin Yun heard this news, he was much more astonished than the vast majority of people. This was because he knew that besides having the purple gold fire dragon martial spirit, Xiao Yue Lan also had another mental force martial spirit!

However, her little sister Xiao Yue Mei once said that she couldn't use her own Mirror Martial Spirit to duplicate her big sister's powerful Martial Spirit!

The purple gold fire dragon martial spirit was a purple gold grade martial spirit, Xiao Yue Mei's mirror could completely duplicate it, it would definitely be stored inside her mirror martial spirit and then she copied Xiao Yue Lan's mental force martial spirit!

In other words, Xiao Yuelan had a third martial spirit and it was so strong that even her little sister's Mirror Martial Spirit couldn't replicate it!

"The dragon martial spirit belongs to the beast spirit and the dragon is a Divine Beast. Xiao Yue Lan possesse a purple gold ranked Divine Spirit, as well as a mysterious black coloured Martial Spirit. Could it be that she got such a fortuitous encounter because of the Immortal Graveyard Diagram?"

Qin Yun thought of himself. His Nine Suns Divine Spirit was from the Immortal Graveyard Diagram, so he had obtained an extremely terrifying Martial Spirit!

"Little Mei Lian's martial spirit is definitely not simple! I hope she can hide it well!"

He walked out of the teahouse and saw two big men walk in from the entrance. One of the big men said, "That One-armed Swordsman is really scary. He actually defeated a level eight beast!"

"He is at the seventh level Martial Body realm and his Life Divine Sword is very powerful!"

"He killed such a vicious beast and even carried it himself to sell!"

When Qin Yun heard their conversation, he hurriedly asked, "Brothers, is the one-armed swordsman you spoke of in this imperial city?"

"Mm, he's selling that eighth level beast at the Divine Inscription Palace!"

When Qin Yun heard that, he immediately thanked him and quickly headed to the west side of the imperial city to rush to the Divine Inscription palace.

He was not surprised that Xie Wufeng had managed to step into the seventh level Martial Body realm.

When he was in the Three Xuan Academy, Xie Wufeng's cultivation was at the peak of the 6th level Martial Body. After entering the Star Xuan Wu Academy, he was nurtured by Hou Xingfeng so he could quickly break through.

Qin Yun was extremely familiar with the Imperial City's Divine Inscription palace. On his way here, he had seen many people discussing how Xie Wufeng had killed a Class 8 demonic beast.

On the west side of the Imperial City, the relatively remote Divine Inscription Palace had become much more lively during this period. In normal times, the Divine Inscription Palace would not hold any general assembly and the entire villa would be extremely quiet.

When Qin Yun arrived at the hall, he saw Duan Qian, who was about to leave.

He immediately sent a sound transmission over and shouted, "Grandpa Duan!"

Startled, Duan Qian turned to look at the door only to see a tall young man wearing a bamboo hat and a grey robe with a smile on his face.

It was Qin Yun!

Duan Qian was instantly stunned. Although Qin Yun had changed greatly, the determination between his brows had not changed at all.

With the forbidden area destroyed, everyone believed Qin Yun to be completely dead. Duan Qian thought so as well. He had felt sad for a period of time.

As Duan Qian was stunned, Qin Yun had already walked in front of him.

Duan Qian grabbed Qin Yun's hand. After feeling the warm blood essence, he confirmed that it was a living person. He whispered, "Let's speak inside!"

He pulled Qin Yun into a secret chamber!

"Grandpa Duan, I'm still alive!" Qin Yun took off his bamboo hat and stuck out his tongue playfully.

When he entered the city, he heard someone mention him with great regret.

"You brat, your life is so tough!" Duan Qian pinched Qin Yun's arm and said with a hearty laugh, "You are taller and stronger than before!"

Back then, he was the one who sent Qin Yun to the Three Profound Academy. Who knew that so many things would happen after that?

"Grandpa Duan, did Boss Xie come looking for you?" Qin Yun asked.

Duan Qian stopped smiling and said seriously: "En! Xie Wufeng, Murong and Huo Zhong have all been here before. They sold me the carcass of a vicious beast in exchange for crystal coins to save Xiao Yue Mei. They are really your good friends!"

Qin Yun hurriedly said, "Grandpa Duan, Yue Mei is definitely facing death. You have to help me bring her out. I will definitely repay you in the future!"

Duan Qian laughed, "Since you call me Grandpa Duan, can I not help you? Don't even mention being unable to repay me, I'll be extremely happy as long as you're still alive!"

"I have an appointment with Xie Wufeng. We'll meet here tonight! If nothing unexpected happens, when it gets dark, the people I sent out to investigate will return. At that time, we will know the details of Xiao Yue Mei's imprisonment."

Qin Yun had initially thought that he would have to act alone. Now that he knew that Xie Wufeng and company were helping him, he was much more at ease. He did not feel that much pressure.

Duan Qian said, "Qin Yun, there will definitely be cultivators at the Martial Dao realm among the people guarding Xiao Yuelan. With your current strength, you will definitely not be able to contend against them. And when the time comes, I will be unable to do anything due to my identity. But I will give you clues to help you make a good plan."

"Un, I know! Right now, all sorts of powers were gathering within the imperial city. If there was too much commotion, it would definitely attract a large number of experts! We can only sneak in." Qin Yun nodded. He knew that it would be difficult.

Duan Qian laughed, "With your inherent skill in inscriptions, using talismans or other inscriptions will be much easier. Moreover, you can break the formation, so you don't have to worry too much."

"Right, how did you survive?"

Qin Yun had entered the Heavenly Phenomenon Forbidden Area and survived.

If Duan Qian had not personally witnessed the living Qin Yun, he would never have believed it. That was because surviving that situation was impossible.

Qin Yun whispered, "It's all due to luck. Grandpa Duan, please keep my survival a secret!"

"I will keep this a secret! However, you need to be prepared to face the difficulties of all sides. They will definitely think of the matter of you and the Soul Refining Demon." Duan Qian also had some knowledge about the history of the Soul Refining Demon, so there were some related records in the Divine Inscription Palace.

Qin Yun nodded and said, "I will take care of it!"

Duan Qian told Qin Yun to rest first and when Xie Wufeng and company arrived, they would go inform him.

Living in the Divine Inscription Palace was very safe and he wasn't afraid of anyone spreading the news.

Qin Yun stayed in his familiar suite as he sat on a chair in the living room. He could not help but recall the time Yang Shiyue had guided him in his cultivation of the Six Style Forging Dragon.

As he thought about it, he closed his eyes and began to sleep.

It was dark when someone knocked on the door.

When Qin Yun opened the door, he saw an elder. The elder had brought a message for him to go to the secret chamber.

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