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The business district was still thriving in the dark of night.

A youth mysteriously left the Black Dragon Tavern from the back.

In the shadows nearby, Marvin was quietly waiting.

"This is the information you asked for." The youth seemed somewhat afraid, but he still walked over and delivered something to Marvin.

Marvin quickly checked it to see whether there was any sign of forgery. He then straightforwardly threw a wizard gold coin to the youth.

The youth’s eyes displayed a hint of greed.

He hurriedly took the gold coin and bit it, and then awkwardly hid it in his boot.

"You know how it will end if there is any issue with the information," said Marvin emotionlessly.

"I swear there are definitely no problems! These guys frequently gather at our place, I even think our boss is working with them."

The youth continued in a whisper, "In any case, I’ll resign in two days. This information is absolutely accurate."

"Also, you aren’t the first buyer. The number of bounty hunters after those guys isn’t small."

"But they are very crafty. I can only guarantee that the information is correct, but I can’t guarantee that you’ll succeed."

Marvin nodded. He suddenly moved toward that youth.

The pitiful barman wasn’t able to react as Marvin hit the back of his neck with the side of his palm.

He fainted.

"I’m very sorry. It’s not that I don’t trust you, but before I verify the authenticity of the information, I’m afraid that you’ll have to sleep," Marvin softly said.

Under the cover of the night, Marvin dragged the body of the barman in the shadows.

Regardless of the situation, information is key.

Especially in an assassination.

The Markus Thieves Society’s headquarters was in the Wild Hill. Marvin might not be able to find a path to their headquarters.

Humans had all sorts of needs, and the Marcus Thieves Society wasn’t an exception. They usually disguised themselves to enter Oak Town. The discipline there was very lax, so sometimes news would be leaked very fast.

For instance, Marvin was a stranger that had just arrived yet he could get "information" from this barman.

This totally ran against common sense.

People in the information business would usually be very cautious.

‘The information might be genuine. If it was fake, those previous bounty hunters might have already killed him.’

‘But there is another possibility. Those bounty hunters didn’t come back.’

‘They are all dead.’

Marvin thought very quickly.

This barman could be giving information to both sides. It looked like he betrayed the Marcus Thieves Society and gave information to the bounty hunters, but he might in fact be working for the Thieves Society.

Regardless, Marvin wouldn’t give him the chance to tell on him.

After entering a small warehouse belonging to the Night Walker organization, Marvin started planning his operation.

The old blacksmith was called Sean. He was the former leader of the Night Walkers. He had suffered a serious injury and thus had to live in seclusion in Oak Town.

Old Sean was very generous. Marvin could use many resources belonging to the Night Walkers inside Oak Town during the examination.

For instance, in that old man’s home, Marvin could take any kinds of concoctions he wanted.

Poison, opiates, hallucinogens… There was a lot of that type of stuff.

Marvin was a decisive person, and he thirsted for success. He was also realistic. Why would you attack someone when you could poison him?

Old Sean gave him a week, but Marvin didn’t intend to use such a long period of time.

Because he had to advance as a Night Walker and return to the Three Ring Towers within two weeks for the start of the true Battle of the Holy Grail!

Therefore, he had to speed up.

The Marcus Thieves Society was made up of five people. Four men and one woman, all extremely fierce. Their boss was known as Wolf, and the others also had various code names.

They mainly made a living by hijacking goods heading from various cities to the West Desert’s Gold Country. Oak Town was a good place to avoid the desert cavalry.

According to the information, there were at least three of them in Oak Town tonight.

And luckily, these three all seemed to have a weakness!

‘They probably had a big job recently and needed to vent.’

‘This is quite convenient. I’ll take care of them one by one,’ Marvin calmly analyzed.

He then put on a mask and some clothes for the night before leaving the warehouse.

Flowing Oriole Street.

(A/N: The following part of the story has been severely censored to comply with "CleanNet" policies. Here is a summary of what happened:)

Marvin sneaked into a courtyard and found the Black Bear’s paramour. He gave some money and hid under the bed.

(Since the rest isn’t in accordance with the [male and female can only hold hands], this kind of thing, It can only be deleted.)

Marvin was inwardly sneering. Through a small crack, he could see Black Bear gasping and resting while the woman was kneeling, trying to energize him.

This was the best opportunity!

Marvin took two curved daggers from the void conch and moved!

(T/N: Wish I had the original chapter, before the deletion.)

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