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Chapter 82: Assassination

Black Bear was sitting on the bed, enjoying the ministrations of the kneeling woman.

How could he have imagined that a loud "Bang!" would suddenly echo from under the bed?

Black Bear didn’t mind and commented, "Your beds aren’t very sturdy."

His words hadn’t even left his mouth when Marvin broke one of the bed slats!

That slat had been cracked by Marvin earlier. He gently hit it and the bed immediately collapsed!

Black Bear was caught off guard and fell backward, awkwardly landing on his butt.

At the same time, Marvin rolled out from under the bed before throwing himself at Black Bear.

Under the gaze of the shocked woman, the curved dagger in Marvin’s hand was already dancing on Black Bear’s neck!


"Pff!" Blood flew everywhere!

Black Bear had still not reacted yet when his life was ended by Marvin!

A large quantity of blood splattered on the woman’s face.


Her scream was stuck in her throat. Marvin went to loot Black Bear’s body and snatched a heavy money pouch. He took out a wizard gold coin from the pouch and silently gave it to the woman.

He had been wearing a dark face mask all along.

The woman received it while shivering.

He also casually grabbed a towel .

"Wipe your face," said Marvin kindheartedly. "Sorry for startling you."

He then directly jumped out from the 2nd floor window. The woman, shaking all over, stood up and rushed to the window.

Unfortunately, Marvin had already disappeared into the darkness!

She grasped that wizard gold, unaware of what to think.

After a while, her scream could be heard coming from the room.

Marvin was speeding through the darkness.

Black Bear was only the first target. The other two also had to be eliminated tonight.

Downtown, a small shadow continuously threaded through the crowd, eyes constantly darting around.

It seemed to be a rather shrewd guy.

He looked like he was just taking a walk, bored. But his pouch was constantly jingling.

This guy was definitely a proficient thief.


Marvin took a quick glance at him.

The old blacksmith gave him the targets and also portraits of some of them, including Black Bear and Monkey. There was another man called Stag.

Marvin could recognize those three, even if they used a simple disguise.

If Black Bear’s weakness was women, Monkey’s weakness was his itchy hands. 

This guy was a very outstanding thief with top class stealth abilities.

If Marvin fought him on a relatively complex field and let him Sneak, he would have to use a few tricks.

‘But right now, the enemy is in the light while I’m in the shadows.’

This was a great opportunity.

Marvin changed his clothes and put a few heavy pouches on his belt.

‘Time to pretend to be a wealthy person. Wait a moment... As a noble, compared to people of lower standing, I’m already a wealthy person!

He didn’t need a disguise since he was already perfectly suited for the task.

Marvin then walked over.

The downtown stalls were very noisy at night.

They sold specialties and all sorts of interesting toys from the Thousand Leaves Forest.

Marvin stood in front of a small shop for a long time.

There were quite a lot of people there, making it the easiest place for Monkey to move.

Out of the corner of his eyes, he noticed that familiar face coming over.

‘Baiting him was too easy,’ Marvin sneered.

Monkey approached him, apparently looking at the shop’s accessories.

Marvin didn’t hesitate and started walking with a fast pace.

He took large steps, making the two purses on his waist extremely eye-catching as they jostled around.

Monkey immediately followed.

He was fond of this kind of squanderer. He only needed a slight bump and he could walk with the other side’s wallets.

He hadn’t been lacking money ever since he became a member of the Thieves Society, but he still cherished the feeling of making a living in the marketplace.

The thrill of stealing from others for himself, nobody else could understand.

Therefore, even if his brain urged him countless times, he still couldn’t change his instincts.

When his hands itched, stealing something would make him feel better.

As he was thinking, he was gradually getting closer to that youth in front of him.

In Monkey’s eyes, Marvin was a typical young noble. Some money in his pockets, a bit rebellious, and no guard. He had probably secretly gone out.

‘This brat had better go back to his family tattered castle.’

‘Once I steal his money, his father should thank me for sending his son back home early.’

At that point, Monkey rushed forward, trying to bump against Marvin’s back.

How could he have expected that Marvin would suddenly be attracted by a voice on another street? He turned toward a small alley and started walking toward it.


A fire rose in Monkey’s mind. This brat’s luck was very good, wasn’t it?

He unwillingly followed him in.

The small alley had very faint lighting. Monkey suddenly felt something wrong.

‘What about the footsteps?’

His perception was quite outstanding. He should definitely be able to hear the other side’s footsteps!

His eyes widened as he realized that not only had the footsteps disappeared, but that youth’s silhouette had too.

‘What the hell?’ he thought, shivering.

A hand rushed out from the shadows and covered his mouth.

‘Fuck!’ Monkey’s body curved forward. As a thief, he naturally knew what this hand meant!

The next trick was cutthroat!

His reaction was very fast. A hand immediately pressed onto his neck, ready to block that ice-cold blade.

He felt a fierce pain from the palm of his hand. Monkey felt cold all over, but he still thought he was lucky.

‘Good thing I reacted fast!’

‘Otherwise I would be dead already.’

‘Damnit! That guy is an assassin!’

But fortunately, he was also experienced in dealing with killers. He immediately gathered strength in his right foot, ready to use his assailant’s momentum to viciously counterattack!

It’s a pity that Marvin didn’t give him a chance to see that happen.

If it was the previous common curved dagger, perhaps this sneak attack would truly fail!

But this was the extremely sharp [Fang]!

A real uncommon item!

Marvin exerted some strength and the piercing characteristic of Fang was vividly displayed. The curved dagger cut Monkey’s palm in two in an instant.

Before Monkey could react, the curved dagger already cut through his throat!

His right foot was pressing onto Marvin’s, before going limp.

Only a little more… A tiny bit more and he would have been able to avoid Marvin’s fatal injury.

But in this life and death struggle, a little bit of speed, time, or leeway, would be the difference between life and death!

Marvin was once again victorious.

But this was a dangerous victory.

In fact, he had been startled into a cold sweat.

Monkey’s reaction was much faster than Black Bear’s. This guy’s counterattack was very sharp. If not for Fang’s blows being so deadly, they would have fought for real!

Marvin would have had some problems killing him.

After moving Monkey’s dead body Marvin was quite tired.

‘There is still one more.’

He took a deep breath and went to strike again.

The smell of blood slowly spread through the darkness of Oak Town.

The third target was Stag.

The Marcus Thieves Society’s five members all had animal codenames. The boss was Wolf. The other three men were Black Bear, Monkey and Stag. As for the relatively mysterious woman, her codename was Kitten.

Marvin’s information about Black Bear, Monkey and Stag was relatively accurate and complete. He hadn’t spent a wizard gold in vain.

Without that information, it would have been very difficult to successfully kill Black Bear and Monkey. These two had the strength of a peak 1st rank class holder after all, respectively a level 5 fighter and a level 5 thief.

It was the same for Stag. This guy was a level 5 fighter with a huge craving for alcohol.

Although Marvin was pondering why a dwarven fighter would be named Stag, such a strange codename, he still didn’t do anything unnecessary and efficiently accomplished his task.

Disguising as a barman wasn’t too difficult for Marvin. He had found a bottle of colorless poison in the Night Walkers’ stash.

It’s just that this thing’s value was very high. Making enough to kill someone would cost roughly 2 wizard gold.

Even if Marvin was very decisive, he still hesitated for a long time deciding between assassinating and poisoning.

He chose to poison Stag’s wine in the end. A dwarven fighter’s vitality was very high after all. His cutthroat might not be able to instantly kill him. If he made a mistake, both sides would be entangled in a mess. And Marvin’s class was considered disadvantaged against Stag’s. Their defensive power was very powerful, so rangers would find it very difficult to get close to them.

After killing Stag, Marvin let out a sigh of relief.

He intended to take a day off to rest, before taking care of the rest.

The other two guys were both mysterious and even Sean didn’t have a portrait. This was the hardest part of the mission.

But as he left the tavern and arrived in an empty alley, he suddenly felt a burst of killing intent!

"Woosh!" An arrow flew at him from behind!

Marvin was suddenly startled and rolled, barely dodging the arrow.

Someone tried to murder him!


Marvin’s twin daggers were unsheathed, and he quickly turned to face his enemy head-on!

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