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Chapter 80: The Thieves Society

The room in the back of the blacksmith shop was surprisingly very different from the previous messy room.

It was neat, clean and tidy here. A painting was hanging from a wall, apparently cleaned very often.

There were a total of eighteen candles that were already lit. It seemed that they were always lit.

Marvin watched for a moment. Even if these candles weren’t that long, they were very resistant to fire. There were long ones, and short ones.

"As you can see, there are only eighteen Night Walkers remaining in all of Feinan, including me."

"Our numbers lessen day by day. Every time a candle is extinguished, a Night Walker has left this world." The old man’s voice was grave.

Marvin nodded. Out of the corner of his eyes, he noticed an extinguished candle standing at the edge of the eighteen lit candles.

"That was a member who died recently. I still didn’t have time to bury his candle," The old man said in a sad voice.

"I already lost my fighting abilities, or else I would avenge him."

"He was killed by the Twin Snakes Cult’s Crimson Patriarch. He was tracking these evil followers, but fell in their trap."

"If you really become a Night Walker, you’d take his position."

"Thus, you’ll kill the Crimson Patriarch. This is your fate. Understood?"

Marvin calmly nodded.

He knew that the Night Walker class wasn’t that simple.

Not only they were an organization, they apparently had some kind of mission which made them guard the continent.

Night Walkers were unusually united. They called each other "brothers".

They were the subordinates of the Night Monarch in an ancient era and they had always believed in an ancient creed.

In peacetime, they chose to live in seclusion. At some particular time, they would display their powers to the world.

Regarding Night Walkers, Marvin’s knowledge was actually lacking. During the game, he only knew that there was a short sentence when that class appeared as an update.

Night is coming.

Those three words were the maxim of the Night Walker organization. This was also a prophecy.

In short this was an unusual organization. They were leaning toward justice, but hiding in the shadows.

"Of course, the current you isn’t qualified to talk about this."

The old man’s sight moved away from the candle.

"It’s true that seers are people with outstanding potential. But not every seer can become a Night Walker."

"You need to go through some tests of your abilities, moral character, willpower, and other aspects. And in the course of the tests, you might die. Understood?"

Marvin nodded resolutely.

If he couldn’t overcome those dangers, he would make a sorry Ruler of the Night.


The old man saw Marvin’s firm attitude and praised him for the first time.

Night Walkers disregarded origins. They only pursued their creed which was to protect Feinan when the night came.

For this reason, the Night Monarch from ancient times left many treasures behind.

The old man opened a side door. The interior looked similar to a surgery room.

"Before we start the first test, I’ll give you something."

"Go in, lie down, focus. Don’t do anything else."

Marvin was somewhat nervous but still followed the old man’s command.

He laid down in that chair, as if he was patient waiting to have his tooth removed.

The old man looked for something for a while and then slowly went behind Marvin.

"No matter what you see, don’t panic," he emotionlessly said.

"Those are nothing but illusions."

The next second, everything turned dark.

A black bandage was covering his eyes.

Suddenly, a burning pain was transmitted to his eyes, and he could hear the old man chanting something beside his ear!

He felt like the world was spinning!

Marvin only felt extreme pain, he was stiff from head to foot


But he didn’t move.

He firmly clenched his teeth, moist liquid flowing from this eyes. He was unclear whether it was tears or blood!

An illusion started to appear before his eyes.

A red hot fireball kept rolling in front of his eyes. Within the fireball was a dark shadow!

That person had a cold expression and was extremely crafty. He was holding a dagger in his hand and suddenly disappeared in a ray of light.

But the shadow was still there.

Marvin saw himself and saw his own back. That shadow suddenly appeared and plunged his dagger in the middle of his back!

He felt an extreme pain in his chest!

‘It’s an illusion!’ he told himself.

But this didn’t lessen the pain. He knew that man; it was shockingly the shadow prince he was so familiar with!

The burning and the illusion alternately attacked Marvin’s nerves for no less than an hour before the old man’s whispering was over.

The bandage was removed. Marvin was covered with sweat.

"Your constitution is way too low," the old man said, dissatisfied. "You should come and learn how to forge from me."

Marvin forced a smile as he opened his eyes, only seeing a blur.

"My eyes… What happened?"

He blinked. It was blurry at first, but then everything became extremely clear.

‘Hold on!’

This was clearly still in the darkness!

"As a Night Walker, how could you not have dark vision?"

"The eyes the Night Monarch gave us are far greater than the dark vision which appeared from living in underground environments"

"You should properly experience it."

"You are well rested; it’s time for your first test."

The old man then handed a scroll to Marvin.

Marvin was looking at his surroundings, both startled and pleased!

He actually received Darksight?

He hurriedly looked at his logs.

[You accepted the Night Monarch’s blessing…]

[Illusion test in progress…]

[Pain test in progress…]

[You received Darksight!]

Darksight! Not dark vision!

What was called dark vision was nothing more than being able to see a certain distance in the darkness with the help of magic or items.

Even within the range of dark vision, it wouldn’t necessarily be clear.

But [Darksight] was different!

This was real sight. In other words, Marvin could clearly see things in the darkness as if it was daytime. And after becoming a Night Walker, he could see further and clearer.

This was a Night Walker’s strength.

In distant places, within mysterious countries, those dark elves inherently possessed infrared vision, outstanding high level fighters had the powerful [Improved Hearing] and [Blind Fighting] and other skills. But in front of Darksight, everything was subpar.

Even the darkness type blinding skill couldn’t do anything in front of darksight!

From that point on, the night couldn’t cover Marvin’s eyes.

Excited after the event, Marvin calmed himself down.

Night Walkers in the real world were apparently a lot stronger than in the game. Not just the organization, but also the inheritance of the Night Monarch itself was extremely difficult to deal with.

Not only would becoming a Night Walker advance his class, it also could let him rope in a powerful organization.

Marvin’s goals didn’t conflict with those of the Night Walker organization. Both sides could completely work together.

‘Still have to go through the Night Walker test first. I heard that Night Walker’s examination was very harsh,’ Marvin thought

He opened the scroll.

An assignment was written inside in common language. When Marvin finished reading, his expression immediately changed!

Meanwhile, in his quest menu, one more [Advancement – Night Walker] quest appeared!

This meant that every since he obtained darksight, his advancement had already begun and he couldn’t back out!

[Advancement – Night Walker]

[Mission 1: Ability Check]: Every Night Walker is an expert chosen among the elite. They work well alone, and especially during the night, the other class holders aren’t their match. To become a Night Walker, you have to display outstanding strength.

[Mission Objective: Marcus Thieves Society.]

[Mission Requirement: Kill every member of the thieves society mentioned above.]

[Time Limit: A week.]

[Mission Reward: Passing the first test – 1500 general exp.]

Below that was a detailed description regarding the mission. Marcus Thieves Society was occupying a strange barren hill in the west of Oak Town, bordering the Deathly Silent Hills.

This thieves society was made up of five members. They were all experts in solo fights. But they formed the thieves society due to having various kinds of arrest warrants.

In short, this was a group of very troublesome guys.

But the old man’s request was still for Marvin to kill these five guys in a week!

‘A bit troublesome.’

Marvin frowned, but he didn’t hesitate and directly left the blacksmith shop, taking advantage of the night to start the operation.

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