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Chapter 76: Flesh Removal

The fight really wasn’t over.

White was still alive and the Holy Grail was still inside the stomach of that large forest boa. Marvin couldn’t leave.

He had planned on getting rid of both White and his guardian earlier.

But White’s abilities exceeded Marvin’s predictions.

Not all wizards were wastes that only knew how to study spells. Obviously, White was able to reach the level of having real aptitude.

He displayed very impressive abilities in front of the large forest boa. If not for that accurate Ray of Frost, he might have already died.

Indeed, Marvin originally wanted to kill the wizard while they were fighting the boa, making it easier to kill the guardian.

But the large forest boa lost its sense of direction after getting hit, forcing Marvin to find another way.

So he just killed one first, and went on from there.

It was now a one versus one.

Marvin hid in the shadow of a pine tree, coldly watching White through a small hole between the leaves..

The other side had retreated a bit but hadn’t left.

He was still thinking about the Holy Grail in the large forest boa’s stomach. As long as he got ahold of the Holy Grail, Marvin would have no hope of winning.

‘He wants to lure me by playing mind games?’ Marvin thought.

White was also cunning. He didn’t feel disheartened or angry due to the guardian’s death. He had quickly calmed down.

He watched the crazy forest boa, ready to mortally wound it at any time.

Even if the large forest boa was fierce, it was a monster, nothing more. White had many ways to take care of it.

The reason he hadn’t done anything yet was because he was still afraid of Marvin mounting a sneak attack at any time.

This was a psychological battle.

White’s detection spells were almost all used up, and he didn’t dare to gamble. What if Marvin was hiding on top of a tree again?

That was just wasting magic power.

‘This damned forest zone!’ White scolded inwardly.

The advantage of a ranger in a forest area was too great, especially for someone with experience like Marvin.

He could come and go like the wind while wizards and guardians couldn’t.

Ten minutes later, the large forest boa stopped running amok. Its tongue broke free from the frost.

It helplessly laid down on the ground, slowly squirming.

Marvin squinted. ‘About to attack?’

Sure enough, White no longer hesitated.

He quickly dashed forward and stopped in the a relatively spacious zone!

In this zone, even if Marvin wanted to sneak attack, White would quickly notice him.

His magic staff aimed at that large forest boa. He began to chant a spell in a loud voice!

His magic staff was different; the tip was twisted and ended in a Unicorn’s family emblem.

‘Not a 1st circle spell!’ Marvin shivered!

A 1st circle spell didn’t have such a long casting time!

It was that magic staff!

It was a spell attached to the magic staff.

‘Worthy of an influential clan. Rich and overbearing indeed.’ Marvin thought. White’s spell wasn’t something he was capable of himself. It was actually activating a spell attached to his magic staff.

This way of chanting looked like the Paladin (Guardian Knight) activating the enchanted Divine spells on his sword.

White didn’t need 2nd rank strength to use the 2nd circle spell!

Soon, a blood-like scarlet ray shot from the tip of White’s magic staff. It completely covered the large forest boa!

2nd circle spell [Flesh Removal]!

This was a very cruel spell. It could forcefully remove the flesh of an animal. Even a sturdy monster hit by this spell would still die painfully.

The large forest boa was but a mere 1st rank monster. It was unable to resist this kind of frightening spell.

Soon, under the scarlet mist, the large forest boa’s flesh began to fall in pieces.

It was as if it

had rotten, displaying its thin skeleton.

The large forest boa struggled for a bit where it lay before finally dying.

White coldly looked at the scene. At that moment, a golden light flashed in front of him.

It was something similar to a little bell, hanging from the large forest boa’s corpse.

The Holy Grail!

White’s eyes shone.

He didn’t move however. He knew Marvin was definitely hiding in the surroundings. Seeing the Holy Grail, the other side would definitely be unable to hold back!

As long as Marvin showed himself, White’s spell would immediately take care of him!

Once his spell hit, everything would be over.

‘Wizards are this world’s most powerful class. A ranger is but a waste class.’

White coldly observed the surroundings for any change.

He didn’t feel a bit of worry. The Holy Grail was before his eyes and he was patient.

What’s more, he knew that Flesh Removal was spell that sent a powerful energy. That energy didn’t scatter after killing the large forest boa.

Five minutes were needed before they could safely approach the large forest boa’s corpse, otherwise, the remaining magic power could tear off their flesh.

White would be very willing to watch Marvin try to steal that Holy Grail in those five minutes.

If this happened, he would suffer a very miserable death.

‘Focus! The forest area is the best area for rangers.’

‘I must win!’

White took a long breath, his eyes darting everywhere.

But suddenly, a shadow flashed in front of him!

Marvin had appeared!

Marvin indeed made his move.

The wishful rope was still tied to his waist, pulling him by shrinking at an incredible speed, making Marvin fly through the open space from the east toward the west!

In the middle of the open space was the corpse of the large forest boa.

White sneered and aimed at Marvin with his magic staff.

However, he was immediately stunned.

‘Hold on… This is weird!’

He’s too far!

Marvin was a bit too high. White’s spells were almost unable to target him!

‘What’s going on? Could he only have wanted to show his face? And didn’t plan to take the Holy Grail?’ White was a bit confused.

Based on Marvin’s current elevation and flying height, he would be unable to reach the Holy Grail.

He could only fly past the body of the large forest boa.

He could only reach it if his arm was at least 2 - 3 meters long.

‘What is this guy thinking?’

White was at a loss.

As Marvin’s body quickly streaked across the sky, it soon reached it’s lowest height!

This was exactly at the location of the forest boa corpse. There were still dangerous red lights fluttering on it.

It was the remaining magic power.

Marvin laughed and suddenly extended his right hand, quickly chanting a strange-sounding incantation.

[Vine Metamorphosis]!

This was the spell he earned from Mad Lich Fidel. It finally came in handy!

Marvin’s hand instantly turned into a slender vine and crazily grew. In the blink of an eye, it exceeded 4 meters!

The vine passed through the red magic power and could easily reach the Holy Grail.

The vine grew and coiled around the Holy Grail before quickly withdrawing!

"Woosh! Woosh!" Marvin’s shadow was quickly dragged to the other side by the wishful rope.

Furthermore, it was in the direction of the set location.


Marvin nimbly landed on a thick and solid branch.

His hand immediately returned to its original state, the Holy Grail safely held within. Marvin lifted the Holy Grail and turned toward White, a grin on his face.

"My apologies. I need to leave first."

The next instant, he suddenly disappeared in the forest!


White instantly got angry!

He didn’t expect Marvin to possess Vine Metamorphosis, this rarely seen spell! Wasn’t this a spell of the northern druids?

Vines are plants, they aren’t affected by the Flesh Removal Spell!

Thus, Marvin was able to easily take away the Holy Grail.

White’s face was ashen. But his reaction was very fast. He immediately cast a Haste on himself and rushed after Marvin, extremely mad.

Even though he might not catch up, he still had to try!

‘How can I let that little bastard beat me!?’ He shouted inwardly, to the extent that his originally delicate face became twisted!

He rushed through the woods, Marvin’s silhouette apparently flickering in the distance!

He clenched his teeth and madly sprinted. Suddenly, he noticed a silvery light from the corner of his eyes!

"Hold on…"

Unable to react, his neck was about to hit something!

That was a silver thread coiled between two trees!

Due to his speed, White directly crashed into it. The silver thread directly hit White’s neck!

This resulted in a frightening cutting strength.

Fortunately, he always kept a barrier spell activated, or else he would have lost his head!

Because of the barrier, only a bloody line appeared on his neck!

White’s face was ashen; he felt the threat of death for the first time!

But suddenly, a shadow dropped down without a sound and landed behind him!

"Do you really think I would let someone that went after my younger brother’s life easily leave like that?" Marvin whispered.

His dagger already turned bloody.

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