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The two cautiously walked toward the Holy Grail’s location.

They stayed focused and kept a pace that was neither too fast nor too slow.

They weren’t idiots; this might be Marvin’s trap, all calculated.

They arrived in front of a bush without meeting any dangers on the way.

This kind of situation made them feel that something was wrong.

"According to the map, that Holy Grail should be hidden in front of us."

The guardian took a look at the map before closing it and firmly holding his shield.

"Hiding in the bush?" White sneered.

He naturally knew of the signature ranger skill, Hide.

But he still needed to use detection to make sure!

He didn’t move and used a magic ring!

[Detect Life]!

The next instant, an extremely small red dot appeared in his sight.

This meant that there was one living creature in the bush that could threaten them!

‘It should be that level 5 ranger.’

"He shouldn’t have guessed that we were in the surroundings. A rest is indeed required after such a long run.

"This is such a great opportunity to kill him first, and then we can kill his brother!" White showed a hint of a cruel smile.

He then took out a magic staff and began chanting!

1st-circle spell, Hand of the Fire God!

Thick smoke spread out as the raging fire ignited the bush, spreading quickly. A fire spell indeed.

White coldly watched the bush. ‘That kind of conflagration is enough to force him out, right?’

The killing would then follow.

He knew that there were a lot of people watching the match through special magic screens.

His method might be a bit cruel, but he didn’t care.

He had been holding back his anger these past few days. He must kill these brothers to vent!

But he soon felt that something was wrong.

Why was there no reaction after the bush caught on fire?

‘There is an issue?’ White reacted extremely quickly, suddenly taking a step back.

The guardian’s timing was extremely on point. He directly rushed forward.

At this time, the earth slightly trembled, and a sharp shriek could be heard from the bush!

"Fuck!" White cursed.

A huge head could be seen rushing out of the fire, its long tongue lashing about!.

The audience was in absolute silence.

In fact, they had started scolding him in their hearts when Marvin started his plan!

This Baron Marvin was very vicious, wasn’t he?

He had actually tied the Holy Grail to a rabbit, and then thrown that pitiful rabbit to a huge monster!

Specifically, a very large boa resting in a bush by the waterside!

When he found it, his brain immediately thought of this plan.

Waiting for an opportunity? Impossible.

White had overlooked this, or maybe this was because he didn’t have any better choice; they were slower after all! As long as the Holy Grail was in Marvin’s hand, he had the initiative.

Marvin fully making use of this initiative was the same as waiting for an opportunity!

After the boa had woken and swallowed the rabbit, he lazily laid down in the bush.

This beast looked a bit sleepy.

And when White and his man rushed, Marvin had already hidden himself.

‘Whether it’s detect life or another detection spell, they would all detect on the same plane, at the same height as the caster!’

‘However, 2nd rank spells could do a spatial scan. Unfortunately for him, he hadn’t ranked up yet!’

Marvin calmly watched from above.

He was now hiding on the highest branch of a big tree, with the help of his Hide skill.

White hadn’t noticed that Marvin had in fact hidden himself above his own head!

This was the second mistake. This mistake was especially deadly.

He might not have any more time to pay attention to this because of the large forest boa rushing toward them.

The large forest boa was very fast!

It weighed at least 5 tons!

Thus, even if it was only a 1st rank monster, with its build and his speed, the impact wouldn’t be something an ordinary class holder would be able to take on.

But a guardian could!

"We kill it!" White bellowed.

He knew he had fallen into a trap, but there was nothing he could do about it.

They had already angered this large forest boa by putting his resting place on fire. It was definitely angry, and probably nearly crazy with fury.

He also didn’t know how Marvin hid the Holy Grail in the large forest boa’s belly!

He was sure Marvin was in the vicinity, waiting for a chance to attack!

But they had no other way. They had to take care of the large forest boa first!

"I’ll block it!" The guardian firmly said.

He then erected his shield and shouted.

[Iron Bastion¹]!

1st rank guardian’s most powerful skill!

His whole body seemed to turn into a fort, and a weird light emerged on his shield!


The large forest boa’s head ruthlessly knocked into the guardian’s shield.


The shield was slightly bent.

‘Good shield,’ Marvin thought, surprised.

Worthy of someone from the Unicorn clan, truly wealthy. This shield’s quality was actually very good. If it was an adventurer’s, it would have broken down from the boa’s charge!

Despite this, it was still hard to take for the guardian. He stumbled back two steps, the arm holding the shield apparently going limp.

‘A fracture.’ Marvin noticed the weak point.

‘It’s about time.’


After being blocked by the guardian’s Iron Bastion, the forest boa was also a little stunned.

It flicked its tongue, about to launch its second attack.

But at this time, a very accurate Ray of Frost ruthlessly pierced the boa’s forked tongue!

Tiny holes appeared on the large boa’s tongue. But that wasn’t all; its tongue began freezing, before it was finally covered in a layer of frost!

It painfully moved in circle, apparently losing its sense of direction!

The guardian let out a sigh of relief while White was coldly looking at that large forest boa.

He was the 13th heir of the Unicorn clan. He wasn’t a fool!

As long as it was still of the first rank, a snake’s tongue was the most important organ as it was used to perceive the surroundings.

It would lock onto an enemy by sensing the changes in temperature and odor.

Only upon reaching 2nd rank would infrared vision or spiritual awareness skills be gained. A powerful large boa at first rank would completely lose its sense of direction once its tongue was frozen!

The audience couldn’t help but have a whole new level of respect for White when they saw this scene.

This boy was very smart. His ability to adapt to the unexpected was very worthy of praise.

But they then instantly began to worry about this Unicorn clan’s heir!

Because that vicious Marvin was about to make his move!

White’s critical hit made the large forest boa lose its sense of direction. At that instant, the guardian let out a sigh of relief.

But in that split second, Marvin made his move.

He directly jumped from the top of the tree!

The audience was startled. Jumping from this height, even if he didn’t die, he would still surely break his legs!

Only those with excellent eyesight noticed the rope tied to Marvin’s body!

Wishful Rope!

Marvin’s body fell at great speed, without making a sound. He fell in an instant, dropping behind the guardian!

His jump was extremely accurate. White’s eyes widened, caught unprepared!

He hadn’t expected Marvin to appear like this.

When he noticed Marvin, it was already too late.

The guardian only had one weak point and it was the back of the neck.

He had unknowingly revealed exposed the back of his neck earlier when he was withstanding the large forest boa’s attack.

Once the effects of the Iron Bastion wore off, he became somewhat weak.

This was a big flaw. Marvin instantly made a decision when he noticed that and then made his move.

This required the ability to grasp the opportunity and decisively act!

Fang unsheathed! A cold ray of light!


This slash directly cut the back of the guardian’s neck!

"Die!" White shouted.

He aimed his magic staff at Marvin.

However, not waiting for Marvin to land, the wishful rope suddenly began to shrink. As he chanted the incantation, he was brought back to the top of the tree in an instant.

The top of the tree was out of range of magic spells.

White angrily stomped his feet, eyes wide from anger.

The guardian collapsed. He was wearing a stunned expression under his helmet.

He didn’t even know how he died!

Up till now, Marvin had only used his daggers once.

The audience was speechless. This move was too exquisite. It didn’t look like a move a 14 year old could make.

It would be too far-fetched to call it a lucky strike.

The guardian died, only White was left.

After Marvin returned to the top of the tree, he untied the rope and made some nimble jumps between trees, hidden from White’s view.

The large forest boa was still moving in circles.

The fight was not over.

White calmed down.

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