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The audience was absolutely silent.

They weren’t silent because of the end of the competition but because Marvin really killed White!

A barrier’s strength was finite in the end. It had already became fragile after hitting the silver thread.

Marvin cut off White’s head in front of a such a large audience.

After a while, the audience burst into an uproar.

"Is this guy really unafraid of the Unicorn clan’s retaliation?"

"That person’s killing nature is so dominating… So frightening."

"White River Valley is only a small territory in the border. How can it be compared to the Unicorn clan? Even if he was only one among many heirs, the Unicorn clan would definitely not let it go."

"This youth is really too impulsive, isn’t he? The Ninth Month Medal will be unable to save him!"

Their expressions were very grave.

The Unicorn clan was among the top five wizard clans on the East Coast. They had two 3rd rank wizards and a multitude of 2nd rank wizards.

Their headquarters was at Crystal Island on the edge of the Sword Sea. Even if it was a little far from the South, if they wanted to send troops it would be enough to eliminate a small place like White River Valley. They would have to go through Jewel Bay and then through River Shore City.

The way they saw it, Marvin’s way of handling things wasn’t smart. He definitely could have knocked out White and then won the competition.

If they won the competition, White would have only bore grudges against Marvin, nothing more.

White’s death would incite the Unicorn’s clan anger!

With White’s death, the competition was already over. Because it was a competition and not a life or death duel, Marvin didn’t have the right to loot White’s body. This was the only thing Marvin felt pity about.

This guy had a lot of good things on him.

When he left the competition area, Wayne walked over and excitedly gave Marvin a strong hug!

Hanzer’s face was ashen.

"Why did you kill him?" He asked.

"I won’t say the reason a second time." Marvin smiled. "I made inquiries these past few days. White is one of the members of the Blue Morphine. Isn’t that true?"

Hanzer sighed, "But doing this would put you in a very dangerous spot. The Unicorn clan is a behemoth."

A behemoth?

Marvin smiled. He didn’t think so.

Crystal Island on the edge of the Sword Sea was close to Jewel Bay and it was even closer to that volcanic island.

In at most half a month, that ancient red dragon would be awoken by an earthquake. He would wreak havoc through the entire East Coast. Without Anthony, the East Coast had no legend to contend against it.

And the Unicorn clan’s Crystal Palace would be the first target of its plunder due to its close proximity!

Marvin remembered this clearly. The Unicorn clan, this once glorious wizard clan, was almost completely destroyed before the biggest disaster even arrived.

Due the ancient red dragon tearing apart everything, only a pitiful few clansmen who were wandering outside survived and started rebuilding their clan.

Obviously, that ancient red dragon didn’t have a good time either. It was said that the Unicorn clan had used everything they had and forced the red dragon to withdraw.

Thus, that dragon was silent for more than half a year, and only after the calamity did he resume wreaking havoc.

After White’s death, the clan might of course send a small part of their strength to deal with White River Valley.

But it was more probable that an assassin might try to hunt down Marvin.

After all, due to the location, sending a part of their army to the distant White River Valley was truly not worth it.

As for Wayne, as long as he stayed in the Three Ring Towers territory, he would be very safe.

‘If they dispatch a hitman, I’ll actually look forward to it!’

Marvin was waiting for it.

Because he would rank up soon!

Just as they were ready to leave, a wizard wearing a purple qipao gown¹ suddenly appeared in front of them.

(1 - Clothes of someone in an official position.)

"Baron Marvin, a higher-up wants to meet you."

Hanzer’s expression had a slight change.

He was a member of the Ashes Tower, so he obviously understood the meaning of the purple clothed wizard!

A purple qipao gown, this was something that only members of the top wizard regiment could wear!

Their actions represented the Ashes Tower’s Master, Hathaway’s decisions.

Naturally, that higher-up he mentioned was most likely Hathaway.

Hanzer looked at Marvin, his expression suddenly changing into a "I knew it, you had a relation with Dame Hathaway" look.


Marvin calmly said, "Go on ahead. I’ll follow you to see that higher-up."

The top floor of the Ashes Tower.

Clean brown wooden floor, wine red sofa, milky white curtains.

The three colors formed a strong visual attack.

A green parrot was calmly standing there. A lazy woman was lying down on the sofa.

She was blonde, wearing thin pajamas covering her body. Her fair white thighs were exposed, dazzling Marvin’s eyes.

"White River Valley’s Marvin pays respect to Dame Countess."

Marvin focused and greeted with a noble etiquette.

In the South Wizard Alliance’s system, Ashes Tower’s Master, Hathaway, had the title of countess. And if she reached legend rank, she would establish her own territory far in the wilderness and immediately become a Marquess. As for a Dukedom, there was no dukedom in the whole East Coast. This was related with the fact that Feinan continent was vast and had a crazy amount of monsters between cities.

The formation of many powerful forces wasn’t an empire, it was an alliance.

"You don’t have to be too polite Baron Marvin, you and I both know that titles are absurd things and that only strength matters."

Hathaway said in a low voice, her two pretty eyes suddenly paying attention to Marvin. "You recognized me that day?"

Marvin was silent for an instant and then said, "I have a rather peculiar perception skill…"

"Lies," Hathaway sneered.

"Your perception is very average, in this regard you aren’t particularly gifted."

"Well," Marvin shrugged, "Not too long ago, I had a very long dream. There were many people in the dream and a lot of things. Forgive my boldness, I met many outstanding people in my dream… You were among them."

"Dream?" Hathaway was suddenly full of energy.

"What kind of dream?"

"This is very difficult to describe. But it thoroughly changed me." Marvin tried to stay as vague as possible.

He couldn’t say that he transmigrated, could he?

"I understand."

Hathaway didn’t question, displaying an understanding expression instead. "You really are a [Seer]."



Marvin’s expression didn’t change but he was startled inwardly. He had expected Hathaway to wait for him to explain, but unexpectedly she instead justified it for him.

He immediately took the opportunity to ask, "Seer? What does this mean?"

Hathaway stopped and deeply looked at Marvin. "Some people can see different things."

"Some people are blessed by Fate and become able to see the terrible events that have yet to happen."

"[Seer]s have many different ways of looking in the future, dreaming is one of them."

"I’m also an Seer, thus I looked for you today."

Marvin frowned.

"Could you let me know what you saw?"

Hathaway didn’t hide it. Instead, she stared at Marvin. "I saw the destruction."

"Destruction?" Marvin smile was a little stiff.

"The East was covered in flames, monsters were rampaging, cities were ruined from tides of monsters."

"The Era of the Wizard Rule ended. Some lofty figures entered Feinan. They were uncontested. I also saw too many deaths."

"Including… My own."

"There was a shadow approaching me. And I couldn’t do anything against its strength."

A cold gust of wind blew. The top floor of the Ashes Tower had suddenly turned ice-cold.

Hearing Hathaway’s story, Marvin was somewhat stunned. In the end, did he truly transmigrate, or was earth just a dream?

Could he remember those things because he was also a Seer?

Was that previous life just an illusion?

‘Wrong! Seers and such have no relation with me! I am Marvin, Marvin from Earth!’

He suddenly shook his head, startled into a cold sweat.

Hathaway’s words had almost made his soul waver.

He wiped his sweat and focused. In a hoarse voice he asked, "Why telling me this?"

Hathaway stood up from the sofa. She was a bit taller than Marvin who hadn’t fully grown yet.

She lightly pulled Marvin’s hand and pulled him to a table.

The way I foresee the future is through this crystal ball."

"I’ve been looking at my future since a long time ago, but every time I look at my fate, I would sink in more despair. Because I’ve always been unable to get rid of this shadow. I was fated to die."

"But a few days earlier, after you showed up in the Three Ring Towers, I took another look. But this time, I saw a different outcome."

Hathaway softly lifted the white cloth on the crystal ball.

A few chaotic scenes were flickering inside the crystal ball.

The last scene stopped on the image of a man. That man had twin daggers on his belt and was holding a scroll in his hand.

A shadow was lying in front of him.

"This is…" Marvin mouth suddenly dried up.

"You killed him."

Hathaway pointed at that shadow and said, "Not long ago, this man killed Anthony."

"But in the fate I saw, you kill him."

"This is the reason I was looking for you."

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