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The appearance of the Fate Tablet undoubtedly had a huge impact on the current unstable Feinan.

The timing of its appearance was too strange, to the point that Divination of all Gods would have failed to predict it.

And furthermore, they were entangled with the Astral Beast.

But the other powerful existences of this Universe all noticed the descent of the Fate Tablet. Marvin knew that many who desired it were rushing toward that gap in the First Mountain Range.

Everyone was determined to win the Fate Tablet!

When considering the timeline, Marvin felt a bit startled.

When Marvin transmigrated, the Fate Tablet still had yet to appear in the game. Marvin originally thought that he had accidentally shattered the Frost Heart, but when Wayne appeared in White River Valley, Marvin had a sort of feeling about what might have caused that.

He hadn't expected his feeling to be correct.

The Fate Tablet's early appearance was related to Wayne.

In his past life, Wayne had been noticed by the Gods and was killed by one of them around the same time that the Shadow Prince killed Hathaway.

And everything afterwards followed from that.

But it was different in this life.

Under Marvin's great efforts, people who had been killed in the past were now alive, and White River Valley had become a huge variable.

Not only was his territory able to withstand the Great Calamity, but it also absorbed River Shore City, established Sword Harbor, developed the Adventurer Camp and the Sha Tribe Settlement, turning into the safest place in Feinan in this era of chaos.

In this situation, under Marvin's meticulous protection, Wayne made it through the troubled times uninjured and also matured quite fast.

Under Hathaway's tutelage, he was able to open the outstanding path of the Ancient Wizards.

After the Great Calamity arrived, Wayne left White River Valley.

At that time, he was already a Half-Legend.

He received the summons of that Shrine in the depths of the Wilds and unhesitantly went to it.

That area was the world's most mysterious location.

One had to be fated to enter, and even powerful Gods couldn't intrude.

It was the only shrine of Wizard God Lance in all of Feinan!

Marvin didn't know what happened to Wayne in Lance's Shrine.

Wayne was unable to speak about what had happened there. It was said to be Wizard God Lance's personal request.

The only thing Marvin knew was that when Wayne returned to White River Valley, he was already a Legend Wizard.

And even in the Legend Realm, he was above Marvin.

A level 6 Legend Wizard!

When Marvin noticed Wayne's level, he almost spat blood.

'Why are they called Seers?'

'Wouldn't Cheats fit them better?'

'Who is the one with an exaggerated levelling speed?'


'I can't even compare with my little brother!'

'And he is only 10 years old!'

'Given time, how outstanding would he be?'

But what worried Marvin wasn't Wayne's refusal to say anything about the Shrine in the Wilds, but rather, Lance's goal.

Seers and Fate Sorceresses were actually the same kinds of people. They had a very deep connection with the Plane.

They were people who were treasured by Feinan's Plane Will, even if it was shown in different ways.

Marvin also didn't understand the details.

His understanding of the Seers was far from equal to his understanding of the Fate Sorceresses.

However, faction-wise, regardless of what happened, Wayne should belong to the side supporting Feinan's Will's side.

If it was just as the Truth Goddess had speculated and Lance was preparing to destroy this world, then he and Feinan's Will were actually enemies.

In this case, why did he summon Wayne, a Seer, to his Shrine in the Wilds?

This was a huge question, and Marvin had no clue as to what the answer could be.

In short, under Lance's guidance, Wayne seemed to have found the Wizard Path left behind by a civilization from a long-lost era.

He obtained almost all of the inheritances of the Wizard God.

And in that shrine in the Wilds, he had probably practiced for a long time until he reached the level of Plane Guardian.

But because of an accident, he had to leave the shrine in advance.

That accident was the Fate Tablet.

The Wilds' Shrine was a very mystical place. After Wayne left there, he forgot almost everything about it.

He only remembered Lance's Avatar teaching him the path of the Ancient Wizards.

Until he made a mistake and the 4th Fate Tablet got out of the shackles that had been keeping it sealed, allowing it to escape from the shrine.

It caused all of Feinan to shake.

"I have to return it."

"This is my responsibility and my mission," Wayne conscientiously said. "The 4th Fate Tablet is very important… I don't have the details, but I definitely cannot let it fall into the hands of any others!"

"Others?" Marvin frowned.

Wayne nodded and clarified, "Everyone besides me!"

After saying this, he looked at Marvin with burning eyes, "Brother, will you help me?"

Marvin remained silent for a bit before nodding with some difficulty.

He didn't know why, but he had a bad feeling about all this.

There was something about his little brother that he couldn't quite grasp.

He hadn't changed... but there seemed to be something more to him now.

His thirst for the Fate Tablet was so strong that Marvin even began to have some suspicions...

But he quickly suppressed these ideas.

In any case, Wayne was his younger brother.

Regardless of how bad the situation was, he was the dear brother standing behind Marvin that he needed to help and protect.

Since he wanted the Fate Tablet, Marvin would help him get it.

Despite that path being full of thorns and him not knowing how many people were lusting after that tablet that could change the entire structure of the Universe, Marvin was still confident. As long as it was in Feinan, he would have his ways to get it!

"Rest first, I'll make some preparations."

"The Fate Tablet should be in the First Mountain Range. You can try using Arcane Positioning to determine the direction. It would be the best if you are able to open a Long Distance Teleportation Door."

Marvin knew that at his level, Wayne should certainly have long-distance displacement abilities.

But he didn't know if Wayne had learnt the relevant spells.

Shortly after, he left the study.

This time, he returned to White River Valley because of something important.

In the Eternal Frozen Spring, Marvin found the sixth page of the Book of Nalu whose pages he had been collecting for half a year.

Before leaving for the First Mountain Range to fight over the Fate Tablet, he decided to completely merge with the 6th Page.

The runes of the Wisdom Chapter let him know that it would be likely for some unpredictable things to happen when six pages of the Book of Nalu merged.

Marvin was looking forward to what this Artifact would bring him.

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