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The Book of Nalu.

The most mysterious Artifact in the world of Feinan.

At the same time, to many, this was a very frightening item, an Artifact filled with destruction.

The God of Deception used what remained of his Divine Power to write a book before his downfall.

It was said that Feinan's future destiny could be seen in that book.

But the book went through a very twisted path.

A powerful God once read it, and it led to his entire God Realm exploding.

It could confuse people, but it could also point the path ahead. It could give you strength while also corrupting your soul.

Originally, even though that thing was powerful, Marvin wouldn't dare to use it without extreme circumstances.

But the Wisdom Chapter gave him confidence.

Especially after the fight in the Eternal Frozen Spring. Those runes seemed to have regained their glow.

When Marvin got hold of the page of the Book of Nalu in the Eternal Frozen Spring, those runes kept rearranging themselves.

A message appeared in Marvin's mind.

He had to synthesize these six pages of the Book of Nalu!

He now had four pages of the Book of Nalu in hand:

[6th Page - Rebirth]: From Thousand Leaves Forest.

[11th Page - Reincarnation]: From the Dragon Library.

[2nd Page - Prosperity]: From Black Knight Sangore.

[8th Page - Captivity]: From the Eternal Frozen Spring.

Of the other two, one was hidden in Hathaway's Ashes Plain.

Marvin quickly travelled to the Ashes Plain through the Teleportation Array.

At that time, Hathaway temporarily hid that page of the book of Nalu for a good reason. She was afraid that Marvin wouldn't be able to handle the power of the 3rd Page, Destruction.

Thus, she set up a small mechanism in a certain floor of the Ashes Tower.

The current Marvin had incredible willpower, and furthermore, he had the Wisdom Chapter protecting him. In less than 20 minutes, he managed to retrieve that page of the Book of Nalu.

Only the one in the Underground Palace of the Night Walkers was left.

To enter the Night Walker Underground Palace, Marvin needed to ask for permission from the Leader of the Night Walkers.

Marvin hadn't heard any news of O'Brien, and so he could only head back to White River Valley to seek out the old blacksmith, Sean.

In the beginning, it was this old blacksmith living in seclusion in Oak Town who led Marvin on the path of the Night Walker.

As the inheritor of the Night Monarch's will, he would most likely one day become the next leader.

But that would be left up to the future, which was always full of vicissitude.

For now, he needed the key to enter the Underground Palace.

But when Marvin found the blacksmith, the old man who normally was always at his furnace forging was sitting surprisingly silently.

His daughter, Jane, was accompanying him, a worried expression on her face.

"You came."

Sean's voice was deep, carrying untold meaning.

Marvin couldn't help feeling guilty when he saw the blacksmith's face filled with wrinkles.

He had been very busy with the matters of the territory and the rest of Feinan recently. It seemed that he hadn't visited his old mentor in a long time.

Even though he had already turned into a Ruler of the Night, without Sean's guidance, he wouldn't have been able to advance so smoothly.


Marvin didn't get to finish his sentence before Old Sean cut in while bitterly shaking his head. "Don't worry, kid, I have no intention to blame you."

"You have done a lot for this territory, for this world. I've seen it."

"Everything you did is what the Night Walkers should do, you are very capable. I am proud of you."

Marvin scratched his head, a bit surprised.

"Well, what do you need my help for?" the old man calmly asked.

Marvin didn't beat around the bush and directly told him what he needed.

The old blacksmith was silent for a moment before finally saying, "I can give you the key to the Underground Palace… In fact, it's time to hand it over to you."

"It's just that, after you come back from the Underground Palace, you have to promise me to do something."

Marvin nodded. "What is it?"

Old Sean took a deep breath and said, "Kill the Molten Archdevil!"

Marvin felt that something was amiss.

Shortly after Old Sean desolately sighed:

"O'Brien… He died."

O'Brien was dead.

When Marvin heard this, he was left completely dumbstruck!

He had never thought of the possibility.

He had never expected this could happen.


'A powerhouse second only to the Plane Guardians!'

'How could he die?'

'He was someone that could easily crush the Molten Lord and force the Eight Headed Azure Matriarch into submission.'

Even if the two hadn't been in contact for long, O'Brien was the kind of person that gave others a feeling of trust.

As long as you stood beside him, you could depend on him to support you.

Even if there were thousands of enemies in front of him, he wouldn't even frown.

He was the Leader of the Night Walkers, one of the strongest in all of Feinan!

When Marvin fell from the World Tree, O'Brien had angrily rushed south, destroying the Twin Snakes Cult and beating the Azure Matriarch to a bloody pulp despite her undying body!

When the Great Calamity began, he also held off countless Wizard Monsters by himself.

He also helped Marvin stop Tidomas' avatar!

He was such a reliable leader.

He was usually silent, but he was a paragon of the idea that actions speak louder than words.

He died like this?

Marvin couldn't accept it!

"What happened?" Marvin's voice quivered a bit.

Before he left the Supreme Jungle, he only knew that O'Brien and Constantine had headed north together. There had apparently been an issue with the Night Walker stronghold to the north.

At that time, he hadn't even considered that the two of them might not be able to resolve the issue in the stronghold despite joining hands.

Old Sean shook his head. "I don't know."

"I only know that he died at the hands of the Molten Archdevil. It is all related to the Molten Archdevil."

"After the Universe Magic Pool shattered, the Molten Archdevil was one of the first to invade. The northern stronghold already fell."

"O'Brien died. Constantine and Sophie are still on the run."

"This key is the permanent key to the Night Walker's Underground Palace. I am now giving it to you."

"There is no time to hold complicated ceremonies."

"From today on, you, Marvin Cridland, are the Night Walker Leader."

Old Sean solemnly finished, "You have some matters to deal with!"

Marvin clenched his teeth, quickly taking that key.

"I will."

He didn't remain with the old blacksmith for too long.

He was already short on time.

Constantine and the other Night Walkers were being chased down by the Molten Archdevil's avatar. According to the Night Walkers' information, they were fleeing south, and their path should take them near the location where the Fate Tablet had fallen.

Marvin could only have Wayne go first.

He had to take a trip to Thousand Leaves Forest on his own.

The Underground Palace was there.

Butterfly was also there.

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