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The appearance of the 4th Fate Tablet caused a huge stir all over Feinan.

All the peak Legend powerhouses felt something in the back of their minds.

It was like a call of Destiny!

Fate Tablets were really too significant.

From Marvin's point of view, it shouldn't have appeared yet.

In the game, the Fate Tablet still hadn't appeared even years after the Great Calamity.

The players thought that the information obtained by the Gods that predicted the imminent descent of the fate tablet was wrong.

But in this life, too many things had changed.

Marvin didn't know where the long-lost Fate Tablet had come from, but he knew that it was way more important than the lives of these two clowns!

He immediately disregarded what had happened in the Eternal Frozen Spring and grabbed Jessica, pulling her along with him!

Obviously, Jessica also saw that scene, so she understood Marvin's goal.

She used her Fate Power to amplify Marvin's ability using the connection between their Fate Power Imprints.

With Jessica's help, she and Marvin forcibly returned to Hope City from the Underdark!

When Marvin and Jessica arrived beside the Source of Fire's Order, they were startled by Kate's emaciated appearance.

"You also saw it?"

She quickly understood why Jessica and Marvin had returned to the Surface in such a hurry.

The two nodded.

"I need to see Ding. The 4th Fate Tablet appeared, and she used to be a fragment of Fate Tablet, so no one should be able to understand Fate Tablets more than her!" Kate worried anxiously.

Marvin and Jessica looked at each other and grimaced.

They had no idea where Ding had gone off to.

But since nothing had happened to Kate through their link, the Fortune Fairy shouldn't be in any danger.

The 4th Fate Tablet was extremely important. Now that the dangers from the Eternal Frozen Spring matter had been wrapped up, Hope City's crisis should also peter out soon.

"The 4th Fate Tablet fell into a gap in the First Mountain Range. It's near Lavis Dukedom."

"Although I'm sure Daniela will head for it first, I'm worried that getting it might not be that simple."

"I saw many Divine Servants on Feinan. Although those Gods are still busy fighting the Astral Beast, they can send some of their followers to fight over the Fate Tablet."

Marvin explained all this very quickly.

"I'll return to White River Valley and then hurry over."

"I have a feeling that a war is unavoidable."

Jessica nodded.

Clearly, the Three Sisters couldn't ignore something like a Fate Tablet descending.

Rocky Mountain would definitely send some forces to participate in this matter, despite the trials they had recently undergone.

As for the details, they definitely needed to talk it over.

And it was still crucially important to find Ding.

Once this was determined, Marvin used the long-distance Teleportation Array and returned to White River Valley.

Ten seconds later, a fleshy silhouette suddenly appeared on the city wall.

"Marvin! You sure came back to Hope City really fast!"

"There is a certain Eastern Dragon cursing you, he said you aren't keeping your word… Eh? Marvin?"

Ding looked around, seeming a bit bewildered.

Kate helplessly patted her pet's head.

Jessica didn't hold back as she grabbed Ding, unceremoniously pinching her cheeks. "Where did you go?"

"Doing some naughty misdeed behind our backs?"

"Why are you looking for Marvin as soon as you got back, is it because you don't see anything useful in us?"

Ding wept tearlessly for a bit before suddenly offering three tears.

Jessica and Kate opened their eyes wide in astonishment.

White River Valley.

Marvin's return didn't cause any significant ripples.

Under the effective management of Anna and Madeline, White River Valley was currently the land with the best order in all of Feinan.

With the successful transaction with Arborea, food was no longer an issue.

People's livelihoods were gradually recovering to what it was before the Calamity, and although the economy was not making very rapid progress, there were already many courageous people who took their families with them and broke away from the Sanctuary to start clearing land outside of it.

After all, since the hunting squads had been hunting in White River Valley's vicinity for so long, the Monsters near White River Valley had almost been eradicated.

Marvin felt very gratified about this, but also a bit awkward.

It seemed like his territory no longer needed its Overlord around to run smoothly.

As long as he was still alive and kept showing off his strength around the world, the territory would become more powerful, and more people would keep being drawn to settle there.

But when he saw Anna's pale and thin figure in his study, he felt a sharp pain in his heart.

There were a lot of things that should have been handled by him, but ended up getting left in the hands of this butler.

"Young Master Marvin!" Anna was joyfully surprised when she noticed Marvin.

Marvin smiled, about to say something, when suddenly, a light voice echoed from the side:


Marvin stopped and had a slight shudder.

After slowly turning his body, Wayne's young face appeared in his sight.

After the start of the Great Calamity, Wayne had silently left White River Valley, only leaving a single letter behind for Marvin.

He had said that he wanted to leave for the Wilds. There was something calling him there.

Marvin had chosen to trust him.

He knew how strong his little brother was. As an incredible Seer, he had talent not inferior to that of Fate Sorceresses.

The previous Seer, Hathaway, had already proven to be the reincarnation of the Witch Queen.

Wayne was bound to have great accomplishments since he survived his ordeal during the Great Calamity.

He was back now.

Marvin could feel the abundance of the Chaos Magic Power in his body, along with an overwhelming amount of Order Power!

The two powers were cleverly mixed together. Although he still looked like a youth of only ten years of age, his expression told Marvin that he was a lot more mature than an ordinary person.


The two hugged.

After a long time, Marvin emotionally let go.

Despite being confident that Wayne wouldn't encounter any problems during his trip to the Wilds, he still felt very happy seeing his younger brother again.

That feeling from their blood ties was something that no one on this world could erase.

The brothers' feelings wouldn't fade because of time... They would deepen.

Even if Marvin was a transmigrator, the memories and the promise left behind by the body's owner had been integrated with him.

He had to guard his younger brother with his life.

No one could change this.

The brothers were naturally quite overjoyed to see each other.

But Marvin didn't expect Wayne's next words to be so shocking:

"I'm the one who released the Fate Tablet."

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