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"Molten Archdevil…"

The atmosphere grew more anxious as Constantine got those words out of his mouth with great difficulty.

The most violent powerhouse of the Nine Hells decided to end his period of hibernation and start wreaking havoc in Feinan again. The old protectors already couldn't keep stopping the advance.

Despite O'Brien pouncing ahead, undaunted by dangers, using his body to block countless Devils...

Even though the Molten Overlord that appeared in front of Constantine's group was merely an Avatar...

It still felt hopeless.

The Nine Hells' Archdevils were all Fallen Ancient Angels. Ancient Angels had strength on par with that of the Ancient Gods.

Though, the New Gods were troublesome for them too.

"Scatter!" Constantine shouted.

The Night Walkers and the mercenaries dispersed as if it had been planned beforehand.

Only Constantine and Sophie stayed behind and faced that blazing black figure.

But before either side could attack, a whizzing sound ripped through the sky!

It was followed by a bright light.

It seemed as if an axe was tearing through the horizon as a cone of light came down from the sky, sweeping aside all the Chaos Power in the atmosphere and continuing its way down toward a certain place in Feinan!

The black flame abruptly raised its head.

Within the flames, the eye shone!

As the Eternal Frozen Spring was gradually warming, Marvin still knew nothing about the changes happening outside.

The Book of Nalu was suppressed by the runes of the Wisdom Chapter and now looked like an old page.

Agate, one of the Nine Elven Swords, seemed to have no edge.

But Marvin could feel that this simple-looking sword held frightening power.

'It seems to be melting…'

'I need to leave fast!'

He didn't have time to think too much about what had just happened. He took the two treasures and then used Endless Path to return to Jessica, who he found in the middle of a chaotic fight.

Caroline and Freyr looked at Marvin with differing expressions.

They were Legend powerhouses that had very high perception.

They had noticed that even though that guy had only disappeared for a short moment, the powerful lifeforce in the Eternal Frozen Spring had disappeared.

There was none of it left behind!

Everyone knew that the Final Ghost Mother must have died!

They were all extremely shocked.

Even the Fiendish Swordsman, who always remained calm, seemed rather startled.

He could tell that Marvin was powerful, but he hadn't thought that he was that powerful.

All alone, he managed to kill the Final Ghost Mother, who had almost destroyed the entire Underdark!

He had finished everything so quickly?

No one knew what exactly had happened in the Eternal Frozen Spring.

They just heard Marvin declaring that he would kill Morella, saw him vanish, and then witnessed him reappearing again a few minutes later.

And Morella was now dead.

Was that guy actually a God's Avatar or something like that?

The moment Marvin reappeared, the battle became meaningless.

Everyone tacitly stayed their hands.

Marvin sneered at Caroline and Freyr.

Seeing Marvin's smirk, the two Divine Servants felt worried!

It was the instinctive feeling of a prey looking at its predator.

Even though they had firm wills, they couldn't keep the fear in their hearts in check at the current moment.

Only now had they realized what kind of terrifying person they had provoked!

The other Legends stepped back one after the other.

They could see that Marvin wasn't hostile to them.

Kui had shared his true identity with the others during that chaotic battle.

Someone that could kill a God... it wasn't someone Legends like them could provoke.

Even though each of them had been at the peak, Marvin was already a realm above them.

If they wanted to use strength to compare, the current Marvin was already on the same level as the Four Plane Guardians!

With the advanced False Divine Vessel and the strength of a level 4 Ruler of the Night, his strength already reached the peak of the plane.

Those weaker than him certainly couldn't defeat him, and neither could those who were at the same level as him, let alone Caroline and Freyr, those two Divine Servants!

The group of Frost Spiders had started retreating while trembling.

The ice of the Eternal Frozen Spring began to crash down as they noticed that their surroundings were gradually melting into water.

At the speed that it was going, this would soon turn into an underground lake.

"Let's go!" Tal firmly entreated.

The Underdark United Council's Legends all retreated together.

Before leaving, only Kui stopped for a moment and glanced at Marvin with a complicated expression.

Jessica's eyes were full of fighting spirit as she brazenly asked, "One each?"

Marvin nodded.

After dealing with the Final Ghost Mother, he naturally wanted to settle the debt with the Queen of Spiders and the Black Dragon God!

Earlier, he hadn't attacked Freyr or Caroline because of the looming threat of the Final Ghost Mother.

But Final Ghost Mother Morella was dead now.

There was no way Marvin would let these two irksome Divine Servants off the hook!

"We must fight!"

Caroline and Freyr looked at each other, trying to determine who was worse, Marvin or Jessica.

But suddenly, all four of them saw a vision!

They saw Feinan's horizon being cracked apart as a conical light dropped from the sky, flying toward a location in the center of Feinan!

In Marvin's mind, the Wisdom ability started calculating the exact location!

His eyes seemed to overlook the sky as the entirety of Feinan spread before his eyes.

The East's Jewel Bay, Central's Sage Desert, the Rocky Mountain to the west, the freezing Pambo Sea, and even the Dead Area, everything appeared before his eyes.

He didn't have time to even consider how or why the Pambo Sea was turning into a sea of ice when a dazzling radiance burst from the center of the "map"!

'It's there!'

'There, in a gap in the First Mountain Range!'

'At the center of Feinan!'


'The 4th Fate Tablet!'

That information flashed through Marvin's mind in the blink of an eye.

He could see countless lights shining on Feinan and rushing toward the First Mountain Range.

There was no time!

He abruptly glared at Caroline and Freyr.

He could only let these two small fries go for now.

The 4th Fate Tablet truly had appeared after the Universe Magic Pool shattered!

This was something that hadn't happened in the game!

But thanks to the Plane Will's hint and his Wisdom, he managed to determine what that light was!

"Let's go!"

He grabbed Jessica and activated Endless Path once more.

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