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"You dare go against the Queen of Spiders' will?!"

Caroline's face sank.

She naturally knew the strength of the Fiendish Swordsman, who had been moving unhindered through the Underdark for hundreds of years.

She originally thought that the name of the Queen of Spiders would be enough to suppress them, but contrary to her expectations, the Fiendish Swordsman refused to budge.

He would rather believe in these people from the surface and was unwilling to form an alliance with the Dark Specters.

It could clearly be seen how much the Underdark's denizens had suffered from the invasion of the Dark Specters!

Perhaps in the eyes of the Queen of Spiders, the Black Dragon God, or the other Gods, the lives swallowed by the Dark Specters could be negotiated away.

But to those Legends who had always been living in the Underdark, those were real people!

They all had relatives who had died at the hands of the Dark Specters.

The feeling of seeing their loved ones turning into zombies... Those who didn't experience it couldn't understand.

Thus, in this situation, even if they knew that Marvin was from the surface, they still chose to join hands with him.

Besides Freyr, the others also defected!

More and more Frost Spiders came to surround the copper gate.

Marvin could faintly see a blue radiance coming from the group of spiders.

It was very light, only flickering faintly, but it was still enough for him to notice.

He suddenly realized something and blurted out, "She is still Cocooning!"

"No wonder the Final Ghost Mother wanted to ally with the Queen of Spiders!"

These words drew some blank expressions in the Legends' faces, while Caroline's expression turned unsightly.

She didn't know how Marvin knew about that cocoon matter.

After all, they had been careful to make sure that very little information about the Final Ghost Mother, Morella, leaked out.

Even the Underdark United Council barely knew anything about the situation.

She only learnt some secrets about the Final Ghost Mother after being informed by the Queen of Spiders at the conclusion of the negotiations.

Final Ghost Mother Morella was a being of consciousness.

She didn't have a stable body of her own. Like the Dark Specters, she was also possessing another powerful lifeform's body.

Marvin knew that when she reached Feinan, she had invaded a strange lifeform from ancient times.

It was a silkworm.

Marvin wasn't too sure about what it was called.

He only knew that this kind of creature would have several transformations. After going through a total of three forms, it would break out of its cocoon as a very formidable creature.

And the process of each transformation was called Cocooning.

In the game, the instance only opened after the third transformation, when Final Ghost Mother Morella was at her strongest.

But it was different now!

The seal over the Eternal Frozen Spring had broken earlier than before, and the timeline had shifted. This had been bad news for Marvin.

But it was also good news.

The current Final Ghost Mother shouldn't be as powerful as she was in his past life!

She was most likely in the middle of her 2nd Cocooning!

And during the process, she was at her most vulnerable!

Marvin's eyes shone and he suddenly asked the Fiendish Swordsman, "Can you hold them back?"

Surprise appeared on the Fiendish Swordsman's face, but he quickly nodded without a word.

Marvin's silhouette then disappeared, only leaving one line behind: "I'll kill her."

The others had yet to react when the bundle on the Fiendish Swordsman fully unravelled!

What he had been carrying on his back were some small, oddly shaped swords.

These small swords were different from typical one-handed swords or two-handed greatswords. Each of these small swords had a shape similar to a bowknot[1].

The swords flapped their wings and took off, surprising everyone. It was as if they were alive, as if they were creatures with minds of their own!

The swords of different colors formed a formation of multicolored light!

'Sword Spirits?' Jessica looked a bit distracted.

Fate Sorceresses tended to have very wide pools of knowledge. These swords were clearly not ordinary weapons.

Every single one of these swords was a rarely seen Sword Spirit.

The most frightening part was that the Fiendish Swordsman had actually been able to form a contract with an entire Sword Spirit tribe.

No wonder he was so powerful!

"We shall hold them off," the Fiendish Swordsman's deep voice echoed.

Then, the countless Sword Spirits pounced, storming down at the Frost Spiders.

A bloody swathe was immediately carved through the swarm of spiders.

And Caroline was blocked by Jessica when she tried to chase after Marvin.

She knew that Marvin had to be sure of himself for him to rush to attack the Final Ghost Mother on his own.

All they needed to do was to stop these enemies right here!

As they had been convinced by Kui and the Fiendish Swordsman, the rest of the group also advanced and kept Caroline, Freyr, and the Frost Spiders from pursuing Marvin!

The curtains slowly raised on a tough fight.

Behind the copper gate.

Marvin used Endless Path to hurtle ahead on his own, rushing past the countless Frost Spiders and charging for the depths of the Eternal Frozen Spring!

As he headed deeper, the temperature was dropping precipitously.

Even a Legend's resistance wouldn't be able to keep enduring it.

Marvin knew that this was because he was reaching the core of the Eternal Frozen Spring!

He was tearing through at full speed because he knew that he couldn't afford to be delayed by the Frost Spiders.

These creatures were very vicious and could restrain their targets effectively. Even a Legend Powerhouse might be bound by them.

After all, the blood of the Queen of Spiders flowed in their bodies!

It was easy for Marvin to find the direction of his target.

The Final Ghost Mother was sealed inside the Eternal Frozen Spring.

The Eternal Frozen Spring was a huge chunk of moving ice!

There was an intermittent noise within. As soon as Marvin entered the copper gate, he caught that sound!

He followed the sound through the Eternal Frozen Spring to find the place where the Final Ghost Mother was!

There was a huge, bright chrysalis!

Under a layer of ice, the bright chrysalis was continuously moving, sometimes shrinking, sometimes expanding, showing that there was life being created inside.

From time to time, a blue gleam would escape from the ice. Marvin noticed that it would appear whenever the bright chrysalis squirmed and touched the core of the Eternal Frozen Spring!

'So that's the core...'

Marvin looked more closely at the blue cube under the chrysalis.

With that blue cube at the center, countless runes seemed to be engraved in the ice.

But despite the ice flowing continuously, these runes all stayed in place.

'The seal has completely lost its effectiveness.'

Marvin frowned.

It could be seen from the color of these runes that Final Ghost Mother Morella had completely escaped the suppression of the Night Monarch.

'Serve me...'


'I'll give you eternal life.'

A compassionate voice echoed in Marvin's mind.

Suddenly, countless scenes appeared before his eyes!

[1] If you're having trouble picturing this, imagine a winged sword pointing at your face so that you can't see much of the blade. The broad wings would be like the loops of the bow.

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