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Marvin's vision and his mind were overwhelmed by these scenes!

Fortunately, he had grown used to processing the data from the Essence Absorption System, so his mind already had a certain amount of resistance toward this sort of flow of information. Otherwise, under the impact of that frightening surge of information, his brain might have been damaged!

He did feel a bit of weakness as his limbs lost their strength.

He saw countless Dark Specters flying out of the huge cocoon and diving at him.

Marvin clenched his teeth and drew on the remainder of his strength to tear the Ghost Barrier Scrolls one after the other!

The precious scrolls left behind by the Snake Witch were coming in handy now.

Marvin's surroundings began to change.

The layers of illusions felt like a three-dimensional maze surrounding him, completely trapping him inside.

The illusions felt so real. Streets from his previous life, his thrilling adventures in Feinan.

Despite Marvin knowing that all of this was fake, the feeling of the lifelike scenes flooded his five senses and his mind.

If he couldn't resist it with his exceptionally firm will, he might lose himself in this three-dimensional maze.

He had some understanding of the Final Ghost Mother, Morella. He knew that her strength lay in her ability to manipulate the mind.

She could invade and control the minds of countless lifeforms at once, so it was quite normal for that monster to be able to create illusions.

But these illusions were still caused by an external source.

As long as someone that was dragged into an illusion could remain calm and keep firm control of their mind, they wouldn't have too much trouble.

It was the same type of power as that of the Dream God. The only difference was that it was easier for the Dream God to have people fall in, particularly if the target was already sleeping. And as long as a Legend had enough willpower, they would be able to put up some sort of resistance.

Since Marvin had planned it out, he shouldn't have any issues dealing with the illusion.

He had a lot of confidence in his own willpower.

Even after he used the Magic Addict Shape to survive, his willpower still exceeded that of most Gods. Since the Night Monarch's group could resist the illusion of the Final Ghost Mother and seal her, he should also be able to.

But he had to admit that he had somewhat underestimated the Final Ghost Mother.

She didn't throw Marvin into just one illusion, or even a few of them, but actually established a three-dimensional maze of them.

Whenever Marvin made his way out of an illusion, there would be another one waiting for him.

On a few occasions, even the surroundings of the Eternal Frozen Spring appeared as an illusion. It almost tricked Marvin the first time, making him think that he'd finally struggled his way out of the illusions, but after he realized what it was, he only saw the scene of himself kneeling down in front of the Final Ghost Mother, serving her.

At that moment, even his eyes blurred.

It was also at that time that the Wisdom Chapter in his mind burst out once again with a flood of powerful force.

A lot of the willpower that Marvin was so confident in originated from the Wisdom Chapter.

After all, that thing was a treasure from the Dragon Library. It was said to be an Artifact that had been left behind by the Ancient Wisdom God that was even able to suppress a frightening Artifact like the Book of Nalu. Although Marvin had yet to discover a specific way of activating the Wisdom Chapter and he also still didn't know the meaning of the strange runes, as long as he had it, it would be the most powerful defensive charm!

The Wisdom Chapter's runes were roused, and Marvin noticed with surprise that the Ancient Runes were actually floating out on their own.

The group of silvery white runes gathered together and ultimately formed something like a magic carpet, wrapping around Marvin's body.

The illusion surrounding him became blurry.

That originally indifferent voice now sounded alarmed. "What's this?"

"Why haven't you lost yourself?"

Morella's voice was frightened, even a bit distorted.

Marvin wasn't sure exactly what had happened either.

He only stared blankly at the silvery white runes as they forcibly tore apart the Final Ghost Mother's maze of illusions.

At that time, a voice that he had heard before echoed once again:

"There are outsiders."

Marvin was startled. This was his second time hearing the Will of Feinan Plane speak to him!

The previous time was after he absorbed Fate Power, startling the Plane Will. Could this time be because of the Child of the Plane aura? Or did those floating runes attract the Plane Will's attention?


The Plane Will once again conveyed another word to Marvin with a dull and imposing voice.

The next second, all the illusions collapsed!

As Morella let out a sharp shriek, Marvin opened his eyes and saw that those scrolls were still bursting with a deep blue radiance.

The Ghost Barriers were still in effect. Countless Dark Specters were trying to attack, but they melted like snow in front of his protection.

And not far behind them, Morella, who had suffered from the spirit attack, ended up in a withered state!

The huge, bright chrysalis seemed to have deflated, and more than half of it had collapsed.

Marvin was surprised. He had thought that he would go through a lot more trouble when fighting Morella.

'Could it be that the Plane Will intervened directly? Or was it the Wisdom Chapter's runes?'

As he had those thoughts, he took note that the runes became a lot dimmer.

After the Plane Will collapsed the maze of illusions, the voice didn't speak again.

Marvin had a lot of doubts about the situation, but he knew that now was the best time to finish off Morella!

From its appearance, the monster's Cocooning seem to have failed!

[Endless Path]!

Marvin disregarded the stamina consumption and directly went below the ice!

Fate Power burst all around, and at the same time, he took out the Demon Subduing Sword!

The huge chrysalis kept squirming, wanting to get away from Marvin's incoming slash. But at this time, nothing could stop Marvin from killing the Final Ghost Mother!

It looked like a simple downward slash from the Demon Subduing Sword, but that squirming chrysalis was easily cut in half.


At this moment, countless howls echoed beside Marvin's ears!

They came from the souls that had been swallowed by these Dark Specters over several thousand years, all finally being released.

If not for those dimmed runes still protecting Marvin, he might have suffered some injuries from the cries of all the souls pouring out.

He might even have gone deaf!

The bright chrysalis crumbled into fragments after being split in two and began floating upward.

While Marvin watched, the fragments gathered together into a blinding light and soared straight up, splitting through the Underdark's ceiling and flying into some distant part of the starry sky!

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