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"How could you be here?"

When the door opened, several of the Legends from the Underdark let out shocked yelps.

Because standing behind the entrance was a black-clothed woman.

That woman looked very delicate and wore an unusual brooch on her chest.

Marvin recognized that style.

It was someone with some sort of relationship with the Queen of Spiders.

Those Legends clearly knew who that woman was.

She was working for the Underdark United Council.

It was no wonder that the members of the Legend Team were so shocked. It seemed to them that Caroline, as a member of the Underdark United Council, had no reason to be in this place!

The atmosphere felt rather delicate.

Caroline seemed to be relaxed, a smile brimming on her face. "You don't need to be too surprised."

"I'm not here to cause any harm. On the contrary, I'm here with good news."

"Good news?" Distrust filled Kui's face.

She looked past Caroline. Not far away, in the wide expanse of snow, terrifying Frost Spiders were coming out one after the other.

Every one of the powerhouses there could feel that these Frost Spiders weren't ordinary creatures.

Their bodies had resonated with a strong aura of Divinity!

'It's actually the blood of the Queen of Spiders, that woman is a lunatic!' Marvin inwardly complained.

He thought that the situation had settled, but now yet another variable popped out.

This Caroline was most likely an Apostle or a Divine Servant of the Queen of Spiders. Her appearing here surely wasn't to personally help them deal with the Final Ghost Mother.

Since that was the case, Marvin had a certain guess...

Marvin looked to the side at the Fiendish Swordsman. They didn't speak a word, but killing intent flashed in his eyes.

"Definitely good news!"

Caroline lightly stepped forward and gently said, "I know you are worried about the Dark Specter Clan. In fact, there is nothing wrong with being worried. The Dark Specters really are a very frightening race. They have a destructive ability that other races can't compare to. But…"

"What if they became our allies?"

She was all smiles as she continued, "The Great Queen of Spiders has already reached an alliance agreement with the Final Ghost Mother, Morella."

"Starting today, the Dark Specter clan will never infringe upon the area east of the Great Vortex. They will only take over the surface, as long as we help them break through Rocky Mountain."

"Those formidable Dark Specters are our allies now. I actually just heard the news myself. The Queen of Spiders used a Divine Spell to let me know in order to avoid any misunderstandings that might cause trouble for our new alliance."

"Looks like I made it on time."

"As long as those in the Underdark are firm and faithful believers, the Dark Specters won't harm them. How could this not be great news?"

Caroline spoke with steady assurance, especially to the Fiendish Swordsman. She knew that he was the leader of this Legend Team.

The Fiendish Swordsman furrowed his brows, not knowing what to think.

Caroline frowned at his hesitation and suddenly turned toward Freyr. "You? Could it be that the Black Dragon God didn't tell you about it?"

"Hold on… How come there are more people in your team than before?"

Her attention shifted to Marvin and Jessica.

Freyr forced a smile. He was about to say something, when suddenly, an imposing voice echoed in his mind.


He had been waiting for that voice for a very long time!

That was the Black Dragon God's voice!

The meaning of the Black Dragon God was very clear. He and the Queen of Spiders really had settled an alliance with the Final Ghost Mother, Morella.

Was that the right thing to do? That wasn't something a mere Cleric could decide.

The only thing he needed to do was to stand up and obey his God!

He then walked over and stood next to Caroline.

The others' expressions became rather nasty.

The War Warrior, Tal, shouted, "Are you crazy?"

"Allying with the Dark Specters? How far will that madness go?"

Freyr shrugged and calmly said, "I'm different from you, I'm not that interested in the fate of the Underdark."

"I only follow my faith."

The others were left speechless.

Freyr pointed at Marvin and sneered, "Moreover, do you really think you can kill the Final Ghost Mother?"

"Especially when surface dwellers are mixed in with the team?"

Caroline's eyes shone when she heard those words, a pondering expression on her face.


"Surface dwellers?"

If Caroline's appearance had surprised everyone, and Freyr's act had angered them, then the words "surface people" were enough to make them explode!

War Warrior Tal's reaction was the fiercest.

He suddenly looked at Marvin.

No one expected a sharp voice to suddenly interject, "I know that they are from the surface, but they are our companions now."

Dark Elf Kui.

Marvin was a bit surprised.

In this tense situation, she was actually the first to step forward to speak up for him and Jessica.

Weren't Drows mortal enemies with surface dwellers? This was something known as common sense throughout the Underdark.

She glared coldly at Freyr as she chastised, "You follow your beliefs, I don't care. But the Dark Specters have to die."

"This isn't just about the Underdark. The mere idea of choosing to ally with the Dark Specters is something unconscionable."

"Even if you are now allied with the Dark Specters, you shouldn't have the qualifications to order us to cease our mission."

Caroline looked at Kui with interest. "But they are people from the surface," she reiterated. "Do you feel at ease fighting alongside them?"

Kui raised an eyebrow, apparently ready with a retort, but that time, a steady voice cut in.

"I feel at ease."

The Fiendish Swordsman gave Marvin a silent, contemplative glance before slowly adding, "Because I know that his true goal is only to kill the Final Ghost Mother."

The others had pondering expressions upon hearing this.

The Fiendish Swordsman sounded so certain that the rest of the team involuntarily felt convinced by his confidence.

They knew that the Fiendish Swordsman had certain special abilities. If he said that Marvin wasn't being two-faced, then it should definitely be the case.

It had to be known that the fame of the Fiendish Swordsman, the most powerful guardian of the Underdark, had already been spreading throughout the Underdark for a few hundred years.

He had always been an enigma, but one thing that the rumors agreed on was that he had never made an error in judgement before when he was sure about something.

Caroline's complexion became grim. "You really want to make a move against us?"

The Fiendish Swordsman looked at her and the group of Frost Spiders behind her as he slowly untied the cloth bundle behind his back.

"The Queen of Spiders represents not the will of the Underdark."

"She made a poor decision... Allow me to rectify her mistake."

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