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"What are you doing? Stop!"

Just as Marvin was worrying that that plague envoy would join in, Black Jack suddenly shouted, "He is mine!"

Dissatisfied, the plague envoy replied, "I only wanted to help you…"

"Many thanks, but no need!"

Black Jack sneered, "I can take care of him by myself!"

"You had better go take care of your group of followers!"

The plague envoy stomped his feet angrily. He then moved toward that group of youths.

‘A chance appeared!’ Marvin felt lucky.

Even if he wasn’t Black Jack’s opponent in a one on one, he should be able to flee.

Facing the latter’s rain of attacks, Marvin began consciously dodging.

He would end up in a difficult situation at every move.

It looked like he would be cut down by that dagger each time, but he would always make a dangerous dodge!

Furthermore, each dodge would reduce the distance to the exit.

Marvin’s idea was quite simple: if you are no match then run. Even if his own dexterity was lower than Black Jack’s, in this kind of complex terrain, the difference wouldn’t amount to much.

Without the plague envoy’s obstruction, as long as he found an opportunity, he would be able to flee!

He might even be able to reverse the tides and kill this guy!

Marvin possessed a Ring of Prayers.

Rainbow Jet was the strongest 1st-circle spell, and was one of Marvin’s trump cards. But it was very likely that Black Jack would dodge it thanks to his high dexterity if Marvin forcefully used it in front of him.

So Marvin had to find the perfect timing.


A black curved dagger smashed onto the wooden floor, cutting a strand of Marvin’s hair on the way!

This was another close dodge!

The dark murderer displayed a sinister smile. He already seemed weary of this chase. Both of his shoulders slightly adjusted!

‘Damn it, this guy actually mastered a kind of [Blade Technique] skill!’

‘From his posture, it shouldn’t be [Whirlwind Blade], it looks like [Rushing Thunder Slash]!’

Marvin’s face became pale. This time he was really in trouble.

He could withstand normal attacks. But this blade technique, with his current abilities and that common curved dagger, he definitely wouldn’t be able to withstand it.

He clearly understood at that time.

Black Jack had already seen through his intentions!

This frightening guy, he knew that Marvin wanted to take advantage of the situation to flee, but he still pretended to be unaware.

He was playing with his prey!

Destroying Marvin’s confidence in one move.

After all, in front of that devastating skill, even if the escape passage was close, Marvin wouldn’t be able to make it!

"Hopeless I presume, Masked Twin Blades."

"After killing you, I’ll take off your mask and finally see what you look like!"


While the dark murderer was crazily laughing, a strange light appeared on his blade.

This was the sign of the use of the blade skill.

Escaping was useless, blade techniques were special skills and usually had a quite large range. Especially used by a powerhouse like a dark murderer. If Marvin had the [Flicker] specialty, he would have been able to dodge it

But now, the dragon strength effect had already ended, so those temporary stats also faded away.

Marvin already had nowhere to go. He could only meet it with force!

Thinking this far, he suddenly raised his curved dagger, pretending to block!

But in reality he had already begun chanting the incantation, the ring of prayers already aiming at the rushing dark murderer.

[Blade Technique – Rushing Thunder Slash]!

The dark murderer shouted out. His curved dagger was like a shadow, it’s tip aiming at Marvin!

Rushing Thunder Slash had a total of six moves, each known for their speed.

This blade technique could increase someone’s attack speed three times.

For example, if Black Jack could normally attack five times in one second, after using it, he would be able to attack fifteen times in one second!

Marvin couldn’t block this sort of abnormal attack speed because he wasn’t able to keep up.

He could only meet force with force!

He was hoping for rainbow jet’s [Repel] effect.

This was Marvin’s only chance to turn defeat into victory!

This guy didn’t even give Marvin time to drink medicine!

He deserved being called an elite hitman of the Shadow Spider.

The blade tip was like a shadow, rushing to cut down Marvin. And Marvin’s rainbow jet was also about to be released.

But at this moment, the sound of the ground being leveled echoed!

A huge hole surprisingly appeared above the two men’s head.

Countless pieces of broken rocks fell and both of their skills were forcefully canceled!

Not because of the falling rocks, but because of that roar!

In the corner, Marvin took the opportunity to hide and check his battle log.

His skill was interrupted by a skill called [Divine Grace – Mind Blast]!

Someone used this [Mind Blast] skill through the whole basement. This was an intimidation type skill with large area of effect range, able to interrupt most skills.

‘Who is it?’

In the corner, Marvin saw the silhouette of a tall person jumping down the hole!

That person was blonde and looked upright. He was carrying a sharp sword and wore a silver badge on his abdomen!

[Silver Light]!

‘Turns out to be the silver light knight!’

‘Knight? Hold on, hold on.. They previously talked about a knight, could it be him?’

Marvin recognized him. This guy was one of the most famous knights in River Shore City. As one of the Silver Church’s guardians, he would often appear in public.

Because Silver Church and River Shore City had reached some agreements, they had to dispatch some guardian knights to join River Shore City’s patrols.

This Gordian guy was one of them.

He was in charge of the wealthy district patrol.

The day Marvin wanted to kill Miller, he sent the patrol away. It included Gordian, this powerful 2nd rank silver light knight.

"Plague God’s follower, die for me!"

Gordian stood above the ruins, coldly looking at the scene in the basement.

But everything had disappeared from the surroundings, leaving no one behind, aside from those few lost youths.

The dark murderer and plague envoy seemed to have disappeared.

Marvin’s heart tightened; he smelled a hint of conspiracy.

After all, based on the earlier conversation between that dark murderer and plague envoy, they were aware that this silver knight was coming.

‘However, it seems that the silver church is also not easy to deal with. They profited from the plague god followers by charging high rent while also sending their own knights to catch them… Just not too greedy,’ Marvin guessed.

Afterwards, a few men following Gordian took those youths away.

Yet Gordian was still standing there, his eyes sweeping the surroundings. He suddenly took a step forward.

The area was empty.

But Marvin knew that a class like Guardian Knight also had some detection type spells.

Finding traces of the plague envoy shouldn’t be too hard.

As expected, Gordian sneered, "Want to escape me? Dream on!"

He rushed into the darkness, alone.

There was actually a hidden passage in that spot!

The destination was unknown, but it should definitely lead somewhere in this city.

‘I got it!’

Marvin, hidden in the corner, was massaging a place that had gotten hit by a falling stone, suddenly enlightened.

This was a trap. The aim was precisely to lure Gordian into chasing that plague envoy alone.

This Silver Light Knight had probably caught a lot of plague god followers recently, making the plague envoy very angry.

Thus, he simply invited the shadow spider assassin to set up a trap. With both of them acting together, they would kill Gordian.

But the plague envoy and the assassin hadn’t expected to meet this [Masked Twin Blades] halfway through the operation.

‘Truly interesting.’

Marvin smiled.

‘You just forced me into a miserable state. I won’t let go of the opportunity this time. I’m very sorry, Black jack.’

‘But I have to be careful this time, as even if the silver light knight clearly hates the plague envoy, I also have an arrest warrant.’

‘Anyway, time to follow and take a look.’

Marvin quietly used Stealth and remained far behind Gordian.

Two men, one in front and one behind went through the passage, finally reaching another basement.

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