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Marvin moved very carefully.

Ever since he entered the church, every single movement of his was reaching the pinnacle.

But he was still somewhat worried; after all, ranger stealth couldn’t be compared to a thief’s. It had a 40% penalty inside the city. If this cleric’s perception was rather high, his sneak attack would fail and it could turn into a tough fight.

Marvin wasn’t really worried of being forced into a tough fight. He had quite the advantage in this kind of narrow place.

He was more fearful of the black clothed man’s spells. Plague envoy spells, though they were few, weren’t easy to deal with.

That kind of spell wasn’t deadly, but they were able to throw a curse that would weaken the target’s attributes substantially. Even if it was temporary, it would still be quite troublesome.

Killing in one blow would definitely be for the best.

Marvin slowed down and then stopped where he was..

The youth was restrained on the ground ten steps away. As long as the plague envoy took a few steps forward, he would enter Marvin’s attack range.

‘Using Hide might be safer!’

Marvin forced his body to stop moving and then used hide.

His body stuck close to a seat in an empty row, like a cat crouched but ready to jump out at any time.

This kind of posture was quite straining, but it would give the best guarantee to do a sneak attack.

The plague envoy approached.

His eyes were focused on that youth all along!

To every sect, non-believers passing themselves as followers was something they were unable to tolerate. Kind gods might forgive them, but the plague god had never been one of those!

He had to show his might.

The silk fabric in his hand was an uncommon item, known as suffering silk, bestowed upon him by the High Priest. Once that silk fabric was tied to the youth’s body, he would shortly begin to suffer all the pain in the world.

In the end, he would try every method to kill himself.... In front of the other followers.

He had experienced this kind of cruel scene many times in the past, but it was the first time he would be the one carrying it out. He felt somewhat excited.

‘One more step.’

Marvin was silently gripping his curved dagger, his right foot prepared to kick the ground at any time!

But the plague envoy suddenly came to a halt at that moment.

A shadow had suddenly appeared in the basement passage!

"You’re late!" The plague envoy looked at that person and said, dissatisfied.

Marvin’s pupils shrunk!

‘Damn, he surprisingly stopped at that time.’

As long as that plague envoy took one more step forward, Marvin would only need one breath to take him away!

But this one step made Marvin’s situation extremely awkward, if the cleric reacted, it would be quite troublesome.

‘Fuck! Who was it?’

Marvin was angry. He turned his head to take a look.

That man had a thin figure and his footwork was quite fast. He seemed to have come in from another passage.

He quickly arrived in front of the plague envoy, indifferently saying, "It’s not that late. Those stupid knights are already on their way."

"Are you going to leave your young followers?"


Marvin was stunned but before he could react, he saw the man’s face!

That man’s appearance seemed somewhat twisted under the light of the torch, but Marvin still remembered it perfectly.

‘Enemies are bound to meet on a narrow road…’

Marvin bitterly smiled.

It was that shadow spider assassin!

River Shore was so big yet he actually met this guy three times in such a short period of time!

The first time was in the Deathly Silent Hills. At that time, the other side let him off the hook with a warning for some reason Marvin didn’t know.

The second time was outside Miller’s house. If at that time Marvin hadn’t tricked the other side, he might have ended up in a tricky situation!

This time during the plague god’s follower ceremony was the third meeting!

‘Not good! This guy has an extremely high perception!’

‘If he notices me…’

Marvin’s heart skipped a beat. His hiding skill had already been seen through in the wilderness!

This assassin had an advanced thief class, [Dark Murderer], which had a high perception and dexterity. His blade skills were also exceptionally vicious.

If he joined hands with the plague envoy, Marvin might eat a big loss this time!

He definitely didn’t dare to move!

Stealth was inferior to Hide, so if he remained motionless, he might be able to stay hidden. If he moved, there was a 99% chance that he would be found by that dark murderer!

‘Why did it turn out like this!’

Marvin inwardly shook his head. He already began his preparations. Even though taking dragon strength once again was quite extravagant, his life was more important.

"Don’t worry, I’ve already decided."

The plague envoy squinted as he said, "Apart from two seedlings with especially firm beliefs, the rest, humphf…"

The dark murderer obviously understood his plan. The other followers would become sacrifices.

He shrugged and took a step forward, seemingly wanting to say something.

But his shoulder suddenly shook!

This was an incredibly small movement!

But this move was seen by Marvin who had been watching each of his actions attentively!


This was the movement of unsheathing a blade. When Marvin was hiding under that tree, he had carefully watched that guy skinning the brown bear alive. Marvin also noticed a few things concerning his dagger skills.

Nothing could be done about it; since he was discovered, he could only fight!

In a split second, Marvin’s shadow burst out from his hiding spot, throwing himself at the plague envoy.

At that same time, the dark murderer’s body also turned into a quick and powerful shadow, ruthlessly rushing forward!


The dark murderer’s blade slashed down at the empty seat, breaking a few pieces of chair!

Surprise was apparent on his face, "Eh?"

That sneaky guy was actually able to foresee his attack.

‘Isn’t this extremely complicated?’

And at that moment, Marvin had already arrived in front of the plague envoy. The latter was briefly startled, but wasn’t flustered!

The envoy was obviously an experienced fighter too.

Because that one step of distance gave him enough room to leave!

But he didn’t retreat. Instead, he used a simple Putrefaction Whirlpool!

Marvin squinted as he helplessly jumped to the side, both legs gracefully landing on a chair, getting out of the way of that rotating mass of gas!

[Putrefaction Whirlpool] was a 1st circle cleric’s spell, specifically magic of the plague god’s clerics. The effects were quite outstanding. If the Putrefaction Whirlpool came into contact with skin, it would start to fester.

This kind of festering wouldn’t be deadly, and a tough person would recover in two or three days.

But it would severely affect Marvin’s fighting strength in the short term!

He had no choice but to dodge it!

But dodging this made the plague envoy safer. The distance between them grew larger.

Marvin gracefully landed on the other side.

"It’s you? Masked Twin Blades?!" The dark murderer shouted, startled and pleased.

He excitedly looked at Marvin, adding, "I am very pleasantly surprised."

"I remember our last meeting, I’ll definitely chop you into minced meat today… Oh, no. Remember that pitiful brown bear? You’ll share the same fate!"

On the other side, the plague envoy was also watching him like a tiger eyeing its prey.

"Trying to sneak attack me? Who told you to do so?"

Marvin frowned.

A new foe added to the old foe, this was truly troublesome.

The two completely surrounded him. It would be quite difficult for Marvin to break out of the encirclement in a short amount of time.

Not to mention, these two guys were 2nd rank class holders and Marvin was only a level 5 ranger.

Even one on one, these guys were enough for Marvin after he drank the potion.

"Hand this guy over to me!" The killer said, looking around. "I have a past enmity with him!"

The plague envoy frowned and said, "Get it done quickly, we don’t have much time."

"Rest assured, since I received your money, I’ll certainly settle your matter! I, Black Jack, always do what I promised."

As Black Jack’s voice stopped, his body burst forwards like an artillery shell!

Excellent speed!

Marvin was almost not able to keep up with his speed!


He barely managed to block a slash with his common curved dagger!

As a result, severe pain spread through his wrist. Even though the other side’s strength didn’t crush him, it wasn’t far from the doing so!

Both of them were using twin daggers, but Black Jack’s mastery of his twin daggers was at least [Master] level!

And Marvin was only at the [Beginner] level!

This weapon proficiency took time to master and couldn’t be improved overnight. It could only be tempered over time. Even though Marvin was very familiar with twin daggers in his past life, that experience could only be displayed by fine control and dagger skills, nothing more.

One should know that the difference between Master level curved dagger mastery and beginner level dagger mastery, was enough to completely crush him!

"Clang! Clang!"

Marvin struggled to block the other side’s ruthless attacks. He rolled a few times in the process, dodging the attacks.

But at this time, the plague envoy suddenly took a step forward, as if he wanted to take care of it!

"Shitty luck!" Marvin gloomily said.

The situation could hardly get more difficult!

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