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This basement was a few times smaller and apparently only had one exit.

The plague envoy stood on a raised platform, his back facing the silver light knights.

"You knew I would chase?" Gordian wasn’t an idiot.

He also felt that something was wrong.

But he didn’t retreat.

This came from his unwavering confidence in his own strength. It also was because he firmly believed that he had the favor of the silver god.

Divine grace wasn’t a skill every silver light knight could have.

Not to mention the long sword in his hand which possessed a bit of divinity and had been blessed by a high level silver god priest.

This bit of divinity turned his originally good long sword into a weapon able to endure stronger enchantments!

Its attributes were very fierce.

As a result, Gordian was fearless.

Even if this plague envoy had some plans, he would still be unable to escape.

He had already chased this plague envoy several times after all, and he always needed just a bit more to catch him. This made him quite annoyed. He didn’t want to lose this chance.

He put his left hand on the hilt of his long sword.

"Evasive man, I, as a captain of River Shore City’s patrol, will enact justice and capture you!"

His voice was full of righteousness.

The plague envoy slowly turned his body, his face full of deceit.

"Ha ha ha, Gordian, you are so full of yourself."

‘This silver light knight is quite smart.’

‘If he killed or banished that plague envoy in the name of the silver church, it might lead to the plague god being resentful. Even if the silver god didn’t fear the plague god, it would be troublesome to handle.’

‘This guy took advantage of his position as a River Shore City guard. This way, even if the plague envoy was killed by him, the plague god wouldn’t be able to say anything.’

Marvin, still following behind, heard Gordian’s pretext and couldn’t help but have a whole new level of respect for him.

A silver church guy indeed. Every single one of them was a businessman; they clearly knew what kind of strategic decision would maximize their benefits.

Even this manly guy was no exception.

Gordian sneered. "You only invited a few helpers, I’m not worried."

He took a step forward after talking, but at that moment, two shadows suddenly jumped from both sides!


Both of the 2nd rank!

Marvin squinted his eyes, thinking, ‘Not good.’

‘Gordian has too much self confidence right?’ Facing such an obvious trap, he actually didn’t try to probe and just walked right on it.

But thinking about it, Guardian Knight perception wasn’t that high. Missing assassins in stealth was normal. It would be quite difficult to notice stealthed assassins without using a detection Divine Spell after all!

‘Hold on!’

‘Black Jack isn’t one of them.’

‘Shit! Both are using [Desperate Strike]!’

Marvin nearly rushed out from his hiding place in the shadows!

If Gordian was one-shotted, staying here would be quite dangerous.

Two advanced assassins’ desperate strikes!

This time, the plague envoy spent a lot in order to get rid of Gordian. Not only did he hire a shadow spider hitman, he also paid for two 2nd rank assassins.

As the two shadows were about to hit Gordian, the silver light knight suddenly drew his sword!

He was left-handed, but his posture was still exceptionally smooth!

In that split second, the sword lit up, and a silver mark condensed in a flash!

[Divine Grace – Silver Protection]!

Seeing this Divine Spell being used, Marvin immediately felt relieved.

Gordian was indeed not an ordinary guardian knight. This guy was definitely an elite Guardian Knight!

In an instant, some kind of silver liquid flew out from that silver mark and wrapped, layer upon layer, around Gordian.

The two assassins’ desperate strikes did hit the target, they truly hit Gordian with the skill!


Silver Protection’s effect made him immune to damage for three seconds!

Desperate strike was a skill with high priority, but it was only a mortal skill after all. Most of those came from the elves in the old eras.

But Silver Protection was a Divine Spell. It came from someone directly under the protection of the silver god.

The two assassins used all of their strength to attack, entering a near death state, but Gordian came out unscathed due to the protection!

He looked like a silver statue, standing there, motionless, as if nothing could knock him down. 

The silvery light disappeared three seconds later, and Gordian disdainfully kicked away the two assassins at his feet, walking toward the plague envoy.

"I see you still have some tricks!"

He laughed. "Desperate strike doesn’t work on me!"

Although he said that, Marvin noticed that one of the three kinds of light surrounding the sword in Gordian’s hand had actually disappeared.

‘It had three Divine Spells attached?’

‘He already used one of them.’

Marvin knew a bit more about the situation. The plague envoy’s strongest card to deal with Gordian should be that dark murderer!

As expected, Black Jack appeared at this time.

Even if dark murderer was an advanced stealthy class, it wasn’t an assassin, so his stealth effect was average.

He simply swaggered in front of Gordian.

"Shadow spider’s man?" Gordian frowned, displaying a serious expression for the first time.

He could feel that this guy was quite strong.

"Got paid for the work." This time, Black Jack surprisingly looked quite professional.

He didn’t say much and attacked!

The twin daggers in his hands were extremely sharp, like a storm. Even his normal attacks would leave afterimages!

‘He must have a personal or class specialty increasing his attack speed!’ Marvin speculated.

Marvin knew a few decent trained specialties, and among those was one that he must definitely get.

And this dark murderer displayed a fast attack speed. It indicated that he must have a specialty that raised attack speed. This was something Marvin needed the most.

Gordian was indeed strong. At least stronger than Marvin by a whole lot.

Facing the dark murderer’s attacks, he used his sword to block and was also able to counterattack.

‘In a duel, Gordian has more chances to win!’

‘It’s a pity that this fight is not a duel.’

Just as Marvin had this thought, the plague envoy joined the battlefield.

He didn’t have a lot of divine spells, but they were all deadly and had to be used carefully.

His presence was the most threatening to Gordian, because if he were hit by some curse, it would change the course of his fight with Black Jack.

As expected, the plague envoy found an opportunity and under the cover of the dark murderer, a Weakness spell hit Gordian!

His speed and strength were reduced by at least 30%.

Although Gordian immediately used a Divine spell, Weakness Immunity, he was a guardian knight, not a priest.

He could only use a few divine spells. He had already used Mind Blast, Detect Trail, Silver Protection and Immunity. Even with the divine skills added to the sword, he shouldn’t be able to use more than three spells.

And the plague envoy was prepared.

He even took out two powered magic staves, made in the Southern Wizard Alliance. Even though it was a consumable item, its price was astonishingly high, and its effect was outstanding!

Gordian’s situation was far from good!

Black Jack laughed nastily. Taking advantage of Gordian dodging a divine spell, he launched a fierce blade technique!

Rushing Thunder Slash!

‘Can’t wait anymore!’

Marvin no longer hesitated. Still in stealth, he rushed out.

But this time, he craftily removed Masked Twin Blades’s mask and put on a mouth mask!

He was still using twin blades, but there were many people using twin blades. Who would imagine that he was Masked Twin Blades?

"Give me a hand, we have a common enemy."

Marvin rushed out from the shadows and said one sentence to Gordian before rushing back toward the plague envoy!

The plague envoy paled. He immediately whispered something and a stone wall appeared in front of Marvin.


Marvin sneered as he rushed on the vertical stone wall and took a few steps on it!

Anti-gravity steps!

On the other side, Gordian sneakily threw a ring of light over there.

[Divine Spell – Divine Gift]!

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