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He might not be able to directly help the Great Elven King and the others fight the Gods, but someone else could.

That was the reason he shattered this bone.

Instantly, an ancient aura awakened in the west.

On the Dead Area Continent, a dark space was torn apart and a huge skeleton flew out into the sky.

As many watched in alarm, flesh grew on the skeleton.

The world became gloomier because this was a recovering Astral Beast!

Although Eric could be considered rather small for an Astral Beast, for the common people, this was already a dreadful creature as big as a mountain range.

Eric awakened from his slumber.

With his strong spiritual power, he instantly noticed the frightening changes that had taken place in Feinan.

He saw the people softly weeping all across Feinan and read the memories of some in a flash.

"So it was like this."

"What you said before, it is today?"

An indignant voice echoed in Marvin's mind.

Far in the east, Marvin slowly nodded. "I hope you can help."

"I don't seem to have anything else to do." An image of that shy youth appeared momentarily in Marvin's mind.

People looked on in confusion as the Astral Beast wrapped itself in supreme power and tore through the sky.

Eric chased after the Great Elven King and the others to reach the stage of the battle.

No one knew the origins of this Astral Beast.

He was nameless.

Like that previous time this world faced a disaster, the youth once again went to sacrifice himself in silence.

It was only thanks to this kind of person that this world could keep existing.

The Universe Magic Pool's stage was already very lively.

Nicholas and the others chose to go up because the Universe Magic Pool had yet to be destroyed!

Only one layer had been broken.

The Universe Magic Pool was built very particularly and had at least three layers.

Moreover, each layer was sturdier than the previous one.

These barriers protected Feinan from external invasions.

The Great Elven King and the others didn't leave the Universe Magic Pool's protection.

On the contrary, they relied on the Universe Magic Pool's defenses to fight the Gods.

The Universe Magic Pool had its own will.

It also knew how to resist. The appearance of the three Plane Guardians meant that it had allies now.

Although this will was quite simple, it could at least distinguish between enemies and allies.

Therefore, the appearance of the three Plane Guardians caused many of the weaker Gods' expressions to sink.

They knew that they wouldn't be the opponents of these three if they fought one-on-one.

And with the support of the Universe Magic Pool, it was very likely going to be a long battle of attrition.

Some of the Gods might even fall!

The Gods had attacked the Universe Magic Pool in order to progress!

But they cared a lot about their lives.

Thus, the appearance of the Great Elven King and the other two Plane Guardians made them slow their attacks.

Many weak Gods even began to conserve their strength.

Both sides were separated by the Universe Magic Pool as they watched each other carefully.

That central shadow was silent for a moment before saying, "What you are doing is meaningless."

"The Pool will shatter sooner or later. This continent will inevitably be ruled by Gods."

"Moreover… Don't think that you can truly restrict us. You are not Gods after all. And I am unwilling to attack a former comrade-in-arms."

The old man lifted his wine jug and laughed heartily, "Former comrade?"

"Anuba Grant. [Dawn and Protection God]. Do you still remember your previous oaths?"

"The moment you ascended, you stopped being that young shepherd protecting the weak. Your divinity swallowed your humanity. And you still have the face to calmly put on a show now?"

Anuba's face sank. As one of the three big shots of the New Gods, his Divine Power had reached a very high level. He was almost one of the most powerful existences of this universe.

"Not everyone is worth protecting. Look at those people on the ground. They are selfish, ignorant, arrogant, and greedy... they control and manipulate others for the sake of their "dreams". They lose their minds to some shallow goals, ridiculously chasing after their so-called "love". They are idle, selfish, and unrestrained. And they insist on calling that "freedom". These people don't need to exist."

"They aren't the targets of my protection. I need to purify this land, but for that, I need to get rid of these insects to make those who are truly worth protecting appear."

Anuba's voice echoed powerfully through Feinan from the distant Universe Magic Pool.

His voice seemed to carry a strange power.

Many people who had risen up to fight were now less confident.

A dispirited expression appeared on their faces.

But before they could be affected much more, a roar tore through the Universe!

"Even if you are a God, you have no right to determine the life and death of others!"

"How could you act so righteous in a war you're fighting for your own benefit?!"

"Come! Come! Let this insignificant mortal fight with you Gods!"

Eric's angry voice also spread across the entire world.

The Astral Beast's body pierced straight through the Universe Magic Pool!

He was actually attacking directly!

Tearing deep into the Gods' lines!

The Great Elven King and the other two were startled by his action. They wanted to stop him but it was too late, as Eric had already bravely rushed out!

A few weak Gods paled and hurriedly got out of the way.

The huge Astral Beast wandered on the periphery of the Universe Magic Pool!

His body spread for over a kilometer and his wings were sharp like blades as he casually travelled back and forth between the Gods!

For a moment, the entire group of Gods was in disorder!

The only ones who weren't disturbed were the three Gods in the middle.

"Foolish," a figure next to the God of Dawn and Protection said.

The next moment, the three New Gods with immense Magic Power worked together and aimed at the powerful Astral Beast, Eric!

The fight in the sky made many forget to breathe.

The battle between the Gods on one side and the Plane Guardians and the Astral Beast on the other attracted everyone's attention.

The people didn't notice that the Wizard Monsters at their sides were lessening.

Because at that split second, all the Wizards transforming into monsters heard a peaceful and calming voice.

"Those who believe in me can be saved."

"I am Dark Phoenix, the Goddess of Magic."

"In the name of the Goddess of Magic, I command the Chaos Magic Power: The followers of the Magic Goddess are not to have their wills invaded by Chaos."

A bright flame lit up in the southern part of Steel City!

Dark Phoenix's body rose slowly, her eyes wide open as they gradually turned pure white!

Marvin noticed immediately and reacted. "That woman is finally making her move!"

She chose the best timing to advance!

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