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Everyone was shocked by this scene.

The Great Elven King's fighting strength had already shocked all of Feinan for a long time, but most Humans thought that this cold-hearted king was only concerned about the Wood Elves.

He had always been known for using his Iron Guards against Humans.

The Elven Iron Guards had been personally trained by Nicholas.

Thousand Leaves Forest could definitely protect themselves during these troubled times, and in fact, in the game, the Great Elven King chose to ignite the Source of Fire's Order and seal Thousand Leaves Forest to maintain their strength.

But a lot had changed in this world.

At the crucial time, Nicholas actually stepped forward onto a path of no return while Ivan took over the Source of Fire's Order!

Everyone was confused by this scene, a bit unclear as to why he would do this.

In the sky, that old man carrying a jug of wine stood next to the Great Elven King.

Compared to the famous Nicholas, the old man seemed rather unremarkable.

Even in the North, not many people knew of him.

Only the tribe that the Legend Barbarian protected looked at that old man in shock.

Wasn't that guy the old man that always ate without paying?

If it weren't for the Barbarians having a great sense of family, they would have already thrown out that waste.

Who knew that during a matter of life and death for all the inhabitants of the plane, he would reveal a different appearance from his usual self!

Many people inferred that this old man surely had impressive strength just from being able to stand alongside the Great Elven King!

The two of them looked at each other indifferently, as if they were meeting for the first time.

"Turns out the [North Guardian] hasn't died."

After a long time, the Great Elven King asked, "You hid for so many years, so why are you coming out now?"

The old man gave a hollow laugh and sipped some wine, his face reddening from intoxication. "Same as you. I've lived for too long."

"Don't look at me like that, I'm so much more fortunate than you. I became the [North Guardian] in the middle of the 3rd Era. It's already enough to have lived for so long. Aside from watching that one in my later years, there was nothing much to do."

"Now, taking a few Gods down with me before dying would be quite a worthy way to go."

The old man's voice was very gentle, but for some reason, it reached the ears of everyone on Feinan.

In fact, their dialogue had the strength to reach people's hearts.

Marvin knew that this wasn't from the two powerhouses deliberately showing off their strength.

But rather, it was the will of the plane.

It was normal for the two people's voices to be heard by the onlookers since they were Guardians of the Plane.

As for the title of Guardian of the Plane, very few knew much about it. Even Marvin had barely heard some things about it. It apparently was connected with some very incredible people.

For example, the East Guardian was Anthony, who had already died.

And the South Guardian was clearly the Great Elven King.

Marvin's heart sank when he heard the old man's words.

He understood why the Great Elven King was so decisive.

He didn't have long to live anymore.

When he had gone to the Decaying Plateau, the Gods had plotted against him and the Divine Fire inflicted a serious injury on his corporeal body. Perhaps it really was incurable.

Thus, he could only make this extreme decision.

Otherwise, with his lifespan and potential, his current power would be far greater!

Unfortunately… Marvin's own arrival had changed everything.

Some people's fates improved, but others seemed to have greatly worsened.

Marvin's heart sank.

If he hadn't been so rash, Nicholas wouldn't have suffered such a heavy loss.

Ivan was taking the throne of the Thousand Leaves Forest much earlier now. Everything had changed!

After the Great Calamity, Marvin couldn't rely on his own experience of what would happen to make decisions.

This was a completely new world!

After the Great Elven King and the old man spoke a few sentences to each other, a shadow flew from the west.

He came from the far west and looked very elegant, with clouds condensing under his feet as he easily walked through the sky!

The Dead Area's Cloud Monk!

Many Monks' eyes reddened!

This was one of the highest states that could be reached through training, a level that many were tirelessly pursuing.

The Cloud Monk rushed to their sides.

He looked very young, but his eyebrows were pure white.

"Looks like I'm not alone." The Cloud Monk smiled gently. He lowered his head and looked at the chaotic continent below, before asking, "What are we waiting for? Shall we go?"

"The West Guardian… Turns out it's you." The old man muttered regretfully, "It's a pity... if all four of us linked to the plane were here, we might have been able to drag many Gods down!"

The Cloud Monk commented, "I thought the same, so I originally hesitated to act. But since you stood up, it would be boring of me to hide."

The Great Elven King looked at them with a complex expression. "But you already reached immortality."

"If you enter a Sanctuary, you can also reach immortality. But what's the point of immortality alone?" the Cloud Monk asked rhetorically.

"Let's make a move, take advantage of them not knowing the changes of the plane during the past millennium…"

After saying this, he set foot on the clouds and flew out, with the Great Elven King and the North Guardian following closely behind!

The three of them calmly ascended.

At the end were the high and mighty Gods.

Their gazes were indifferent and the Judgement Declaration rang in everyone's ears.

Yet these three exceptional powerhouses approached them as if they hadn't heard the Gods' warning.

Many people couldn't help but have their eyes redden as tears started forming.

Even when knowing that they couldn't defeat their enemies, they still moved forward.

Though they didn't know the reasons for that, everyone could feel the determination of the three Plane Guardians!

They progressed steadily and decisively.

They were calm and collected.

Gradually, their mood made many people below feel at loss.

They clenched their fists and instead of kneeling and praying, they got up and stood tall!

There were still many transformed Wizards wreaking havoc everywhere, but from this moment on, the surviving humans no longer submitted to the Gods.

They chose to fight.

Emotions were such wonderful feelings, able to influence the will of the masses.

The actions of the three astounding powerhouses influenced everything happening in every corner of Feinan.

Even the people considered weak actually burst forth with the greatest courage at this instant.

Many people who had been resigning themselves to their fates stood up to stand against this frightening disaster. As for the Gods, this was the last thing they wanted to see.

They wanted the humans to sink into despair and look to the Gods for help.

But they were disappointed.

What they saw was unyielding courage.

These three Guardians of the Plane gradually disappeared into the sky.

On the peak in White River Valley, Marvin let out a heavy breath.

He knew why they would do so much.

They were sacrificing themselves to boost the morale of all the inhabitants below. This was definitely not a choice that anyone could make easily.

Especially for the strongest powerhouses of the world like them.

They could have lived longer than anyone else.

But this battle would be extremely fierce, and it was a path of no return.

Marvin wanted to go and help, but because of his strength, he simply couldn't.

The Plane Guardians were on another level.

Even Inheim couldn't leave Feinan to fight with the Great Elven King.

O'Brien had formidable strength, but he had barely reached the entrance. In his own words, he would simply be throwing away his life. It would be better to stay behind and exterminate many Wizard Monsters.

In this respect, he was not overestimating himself.

Feinan needed to have some people remaining to protect the things that the Great Elven King once protected.

This would be a war of attrition.

The Gods originally needed a month to shatter the Universe Magic Pool.

But now, Marvin estimated that they shouldn't be able to succeed within two months.

This extra time was due to the three Plane Guardians sacrificing themselves to bolster and gain time for the beings of Feinan!

This time was too valuable. He had to make full use of it to increase his strength.

Legends, in this terrible era, barely had the ability to step on the stage.

Ruler of the Night was a very powerful class during peaceful times, but at this juncture, it was far from enough.

Thinking of this, Marvin took a deep breath and eventually shattered a bone.

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