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Outside Feinan, the group of Gods was in chaos.

Eric used the Astral Beast's body to attack crazily because he knew he was on a time limit.

He would soon disappear now that he had been awakened by Marvin.

Before his soul faded, he would use his last breath to make the greatest contribution he could.

Although that smaller Astral Beast wasn't the kind of frightening existence that could destroy the entire plane, its strength was considerable.

Especially since Eric was completely disregarding his life. Many Gods were worrying.

The Divine Spells the Gods were most proficient at had little effect on the Astral Beast. With Eric's immense resistance, he actually came out undaunted from the Divine Spells of the three strongest Gods. This Astral Beast had been very powerful at its peak, to an extent that was truly shocking.

But many Gods could see that Eric was already an arrow at the end of its flight. As long as they could withstand his last throes, they should be fine.

What kept them on guard were the three Plane Guardians.

They were more cautious than Eric and used the Universe Magic Pool as cover.

With the protection of the Universe Magic Pool, they could safely sneak attack the weak Gods fleeing from Eric. A few Gods didn't notice and were almost ended by the Three Plane Guardians. But Gods were Gods after all. Each of them had gone through the tumultuous times of the 3rd Era.

They had enough life-saving tricks, and although the scene was very fierce and some were brought to a life and death crisis, none fell.

But during the battle, a frightening aura spread across Feinan, making everyone somewhat distracted.

"Someone is ascending?"

"At such a time… Such good timing."

"Isn't it? She waited for so many years before making a move."

The Gods all had different expressions.

Clearly, a part of them knew about Dark Phoenix and had fought against or with Dark Phoenix in the 3rd Era.

The New Gods all had different attitudes toward Dark Phoenix, but most of them couldn't help feeling disgruntled with her taking such a good opportunity to ascend.

"Magic Goddess… hehe, such a frightening God Domain."

"If she is successful, wouldn't there be another God with very high Divine Power?"

The thoughts of a few Gods with bad intentions spread out.

The three Great Gods were expressionless.

They didn't even care much about what happened in Feinan but were instead more focused on the depths of the Universe Magic Pool.

The 4th Fate Tablet was there, calmly waiting for their arrival.

In their eyes, this was the only valuable thing in all of Feinan.

Three Fate Tablets appeared in succession in the 3rd Era, and they were all shattered. Only two thirds were obtained by people. Those people went through the ritual to ascend and become immortal Gods. In this attempt to ascend, half of them failed.

These fragments also disappeared during the rituals.

The remaining third of the fragments wandered throughout the universe, turning into all kinds of strange things.

Like Fortune Fairy Ding, who was once the [Fortune] fragment of the Fate Tablet.

It could be said that the 3rd Era's Fate Tablet Fragments changed the whole structure of the world.

Nowadays, in the God Realms, the Ancient Gods were retreating, disappearing, or maybe resting in slumber. The New Gods were basically prevailing. And this was closely related to the large burst of Gods in the 3rd Era.

But the key to these people becoming Gods rested in the Fate Tablet fragments.

A small fragment was enough for a peak Legend to ascend to Godhood, so how could they not be interested?

And according to the prophecy, the 4th Fate Tablet was hidden by Wizard God Lance. It was in the Universe Magic Pool, and it was complete!

This was a complete Fate Tablet. What kind of power would it bring to those who were already Gods? This was what they longed to know.

Particularly the three Great Gods.

There were already few in the Universe that could match their power. They weren't interested in the appearances of Dark Phoenix and Eric.

They only focused on the 4th Fate Tablet.

And anyone blocking their path would be ruthlessly crushed.

"Hurry up, I don't want to waste too much time."

The Dawn and Protection God raised his hand and Divine Power condensed into a spear. It viciously flew through space at Eric!

The spear was extremely fierce and pierced the Astral Beast's body, and shockingly, Eric was nailed onto the 2nd layer of the Universe Magic Pool!


The Universe Magic Pool shook violently.

The Gods immediately pounced on Eric, covering him in attacks!


It was a world of suffering.

Apart from the locations protected by the Sources of Fire's Order, people kept dying at the hands of the Wizard Monsters.

But the moment Dark Phoenix started her ascension ritual, all the Wizard Monsters stopped.

Their eyes seemed to regain clarity.

The Wizards that were 3rd rank or higher took advantage of this opportunity to break their amulets.

In an instant, a layer of Divine Power wrapped around their bodies.

A gentle voice echoed in their minds, "Serve me and I'll grant you glory."

"Heed my name and I'll grant you magic."

"I am the Magic Goddess, Dark Phoenix."

Hearing this, all the Wizards were shocked!

They hadn't thought that they would sink into such a situation.

They saw their own bloodstained hands and a portion of the Wizards immediately went crazy. Some were calmer, while others shuddered!

What had they done?

After Chaos invaded their minds, they killed everyone at their sides almost instantly!

Some even killed their beloved wives, their close companions, and their own children!

They were in great pain.

And Dark Phoenix's voice began to take advantage of their pain. "Serve me and I'll soothe your pain."

"You'll forget everything and become the supreme servants of the Magic Goddess."

"After today, the Magic Goddess' Servants will become the most respected existences in Feinan."

Some Wizards began to contemplate, some making their decisions...

As time slowly moved forward, a huge shadow slowly appeared in the southern part of Steel City.

The Divine Fire in the center began to shine increasingly stronger!

Because she had made the most suitable preparations, she was able to smoothly pass the most dangerous part of the ascension.

At that moment, the minds of all those Wizards connected with her Divine Power.

Because those Wizards had yet to believe in her, she had to provide amulets with Divine Power to communicate with them and try to convince them.

She had spent a millennium preparing for this day!

Now, it was about to be successful.

In her consciousness, numerous threads shone brightly.

Those were the Wizards accepting her radiance and becoming her first followers!

Their belief would give her some Divine Power to help deal with the early stages of the ascension.

And in return, she would use her own Divinity to protect these followers and not let the Chaos invade their minds.

Because she had yet to become the Magic Goddess, she had no way to completely control the Chaos invading her followers' minds, and she was at her weakest.

If no followers gave her Divine Power, she wouldn't be able to keep protecting them and the ones she had just linked up to would immediately collapse.

And everything she had done before would be a waste.

Protecting all of their minds was extremely taxing on her Magic Power, so doing so much was a big risk.

If she succeeded, with the position of Magic Goddess as well as a powerful Domain and a large amount of followers, it was highly likely that she would become one of the most powerful Gods!

Lying low and then suddenly soaring in the sky.

This was Dark Phoenix's principle.

After a millennium of enduring patiently, the outburst of power was very frightening.

The entirety of Feinan was filled with Wizard Monsters. These Wizards had been in the spotlight for so long and now suddenly had such a bitter experience. They were at their weakest.

She took advantage of this to gain their trust.

With the way the things were going, she would at most need three days before her ascension ceremony was successful!

As long as no one disturbed her midway.

But that would be too perfect. Dark Phoenix herself knew that she had many enemies.

Although the most troublesome ones had already gone to fight the Gods, there were still people who could pose a threat in Feinan!

White River Valley's group for example!

But Dark Phoenix had already made plans for that!

White River Valley had already been caught in a huge crisis.

The second the Divine Fire burst out, Marvin assembled everyone and wanted to hurry to Steel City and stop Dark Phoenix's ascension.

This was the best opportunity to kill her, and the other Legends also understood that.

They couldn't follow the Great Elven King to fight those Gods, but getting rid of an ascending God in Feinan was good too.

But unfortunately, Dark Phoenix's arrangements were so fast that even Marvin was nearly caught off guard!

A dark mass appeared in the surroundings of White River Valley!

It consisted of more than 5000 low level Wizard Monsters that had set off from Jewel Bay and crossed over the Shrieking Mountain Range.

The Source of Fire's Order could disperse the Chaos Magic, but it couldn't directly harm the Wizard Monsters.

These Wizards Monsters had clearly been discarded by Dark Phoenix. She bewitched them and manipulated them to attack White River Valley!

With the added effects of the Chaos Magic, these Wizard Monsters were very frightening!

When the first batch of enemies appeared near the northern mine, the flame of Order gave an early warning.

Even if Marvin was prepared, he was startled by the staggering amount of Wizard Monsters.

5000 2nd rank Wizard Monsters!

Wasn't this number too frightening? Dark Phoenix really made good preparations.

She knew the importance of White River Valley to Marvin and thus gathered the unsuspecting 2nd Rank Wizards in the southern part of Jewel Bay shortly before the disaster.

And this move was critical at this time.

Marvin had no choice but to face this ordeal first!

How should he stop such a dense army of Wizard Monsters?

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