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Adventurers had always been lawless, but they were rarely untrustworthy.

Because most adventurers relied on their fame to make a living. Even if the means of communication were rather undeveloped in this world, there were very few adventurers that would breach the most basic rules.

Abruptly asking for a raise before the fight even began for example.

Anna was angrily looking at that group of six.

White River Valley’s garrison of twenty already gathered behind her. Andre’s face was also red, and if it weren’t for Anna stopping him, he would have already argued with these adventurers.

The other nine adventurers, the Bramble team and those three solo guys, chose to watch.

They seemed to be following the rules… But Anna knew that if she was unable to restrain the other small team, she would have to compromise.

In that case, they would also request a raise.

This was reasonable.

"We already discussed the contract." Anna tried to stay as calm as possible when talking to them. "You already signed it, you would lose reputation if you breach the contract."

That troublemaking group was the second team along the Bramble team. That team rose up in the past half-year but they still had a decent reputation as they had completed a lot of missions.

Anna was extremely angry; they suddenly wanted to alter the contract and get a bigger reward!

And twice the amount on top of that!

This was unimaginable. Low level adventurers wouldn’t do something like this. Anna was not an idiot. She already felt that there was something wrong.

The purpose of that adventurer team wasn’t that simple.

‘Seems like they want to slow down this operation.’

Anna felt it from this [Lynx] team’s leader eyes.

‘Could there be someone operating in the shadows? Deliberately making them accept our task? And then breaking the contract and not doing it, influencing White River Valley’s recovery?’ Anna was thinking.


"Miss Anna, our Lynx team is trustworthy."

Lynx team’s leader was a ranger with serious albinism and his looks were extremely bad, but his skills were quite exceptional.

That guy was called Verne, but everyone called him Cat.

He was the leader of the entire Lynx team.

He narrowed his eyes and calmly said, "We didn’t have any objections toward the previous contract."

"Then why do you want want to breach the contract?" Anna coldly asked.

"Because we recently learned that the contract was actually unreasonable," said Cat. "A friend came to me with some information. He said that there was a shaman in the pack of gnolls occupying White River Valley!"

"Doubling the reward when dealing with a caster is quite normal, right? Miss Anna? Thus, I suggest that we cancel the previous contract and sign a new one."

Anna angrily said, "Impossible!"

Cat narrowed his eyes. The living room atmosphere turned stiff.


At that time, Bramble team’s captain started to talk and , "If there is a caster, re-doing the contract is the general rule. However, I do not know if this information is verified. So the Bramble team won’t pick a side for the time being."

"My only requirement is that my team pay would also be doubled if Lynx team pay is doubled. Is this fine?"

The other three adventurers had the same stance.

If Lynx’s team fees doubled, their own pay should also be increased.

Else it wouldn’t be enough to motivate them.

Anna took a deep breath, a smile suddenly appeared on her face.

In fact, even if she was annoyed when the Lynx team asked for a raise, she wasn’t surprised. Young Lord had already guessed it would happen.

Marvin had guessed earlier that an adventurer might use this opportunity to cause troubles.

The Lynx team and the Bramble team were both good teams. If the Bramble team’s motive was their leader’s child falling ill, they couldn’t help but take this contract. But what was the reason for the newly rising Lynx team?

Marvin thought of this and made ample preparations.

Thinking of it, she said, "That’s right, there is a shaman in that pack of gnolls occupying White River Valley. And it’s a level 2 Shaman!"

The Lynx team couldn’t help but show a proud smile.

‘This woman is compromising?‘ Cat’s pupils were still dilated and few people could understand what he was thinking from his expression.

"Since that is the case, let’s discuss our new contract, shall we?"

As he was talking, he sneered inwardly, ‘New contract? We didn’t take this mission for the money.’

In the process of drafting a new contract, they had to return to River Shore City. This would take a lot of time.

That Sir told them that they just had to do that and they would get a huge amount of money without doing anything

A smiling expression could be seen in Cat’s eyes.


"New contract?"

Anna coldly laughed, "Sorry! We don’t plan on signing a new contract."

"If your Lynx team wants to do a breach of contract, you’ll have to pay the penalty fee."


Everyone in the Lynx team was shocked.

‘She is actually keeping up a unyielding attitude?’

Even the Bramble team captain couldn’t help but stand up and say, "Miss Anna, if there is a shaman, the mission difficulty increased substantially. I think it’s necessary to discuss re-discuss it."

He didn’t want to cause troubles, but as a leader, he had to take responsibility for his own subordinates’ lives.

As an experienced adventurer, he knew that casters were difficult to deal with, even if it was a gnoll.

Anna said, "It’s like this. The gnolls’ leader is indeed a shaman. But we invited an expert to deal with this shaman."

"Everyone would receive their commission only to clear up the other gnolls, that’s all!"

An expert?

Cat suddenly had a bad feeling.

This was far from what he had expected.

At that time, a thin silhouette slowly approached.

He was wearing a thick mask, twin daggers on his belt.

"Sorry, I’m late." Marvin said in a deep voice.

Masked Twin Blades!

The atmosphere in the living room immediately turned violent.


Marvin calmly stood there, silent, yet intimidating!

The adventurers stood up one by one looking grave.

They were all 1st rank adventurers, they obviously knew that Masked Twin Blades, who was capable of eliminating the Acheron gang, was a lot more terrifying.

Acheron gang’s leader was in fact a true 2nd rank expert.

And he was also linked to the Miller family elimination.

Killing in the wealthy district, who knew how difficult this was.

But this guy astonishingly had accomplished it!

That Masked Twin Blades already turned into an influential figure in River Shore City.

Marvin didn’t say anything. Anna coldly said, "That shaman will be Masked Twin Blades’ target. You’ll handle the other gnolls, do you still have a problem with the contract?"

Anna stared at Cat, her tone quite overbearing.

The Lynx team was left speechless

They thought that excuse was the best excuse.

But the appearance of Masked Twin Blades ruined everything.

Cat was sweating, thinking hard.


"Someone put a high price on your head." At that time, one of the solo adventurers was pondering. "You still dare to move with us?"

It was that boxer. He had a sturdy build and was armed with knuckles and seemed extremely fierce.

His nickname was "The Rock". It didn’t mean that he had an amazing defense. It was because no matter how hard the stone was, he could shatter it.

"Try me."

Marvin didn’t just target him, he checked everyone.

He looked at the few members of the Lynx team for a bit longer.

The mood turned ice cold.

"This being the case, our Bramble team doesn’t have any objection." The Bramble team leader took the lead and said, "Since we aren’t dealing with the caster, the price on the contract is quite fair."

He glanced at Marvin and added, "Also, we aren’t interested in your head sir. We only want to finish the mission."

"I have an objection!" Seeing the Bramble captain taking his stance, Cat couldn’t sit still.

He sneered, "Can he handle a 2nd rank shaman? If he failed to succeed, wouldn’t we have to face a 2nd rank shaman?"

The pugilist Rock also displayed an evil smile, "Yes! Masked Twin Blades reputation is really great, but what about his strength?

His tone suddenly changed, "Sir Verne, wouldn’t it be better to have your people check it?"

"I heard that your team’s mister Green is also a dagger user, it would be better to let them compare notes and check Mister Masked Twin Blades strength. To see if it’s as good as in the rumors?"

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